How to make backup, at least unload pictures hanging iPhone7 A1778 | Apple iPhone 7.

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How to make backup, at least unload pictures hanging iPhone7 A1778

Apple iPhone 7
Firmware: Unknown.

Jailbreak : Not
Description of the problem:
After updating the firmware (version is not known), the iPhone7 A1778 stopped connecting to Wi-Fi, the password does not boil, check for 10 times, the right password.
After rebooting hoves on the screen with an apple.
Hard cuts with connections to charging does not help. iTunes device does not see.
When connecting to iTunes in Recovery Mode the ability to make backup no, only update or recovery.
I do not want to risk data loss when updating. Also, the update is asked to update the current 10.9 to 10.11.4, while there is no possibility.

There are computers on Windows7 and 8. OSX 10.10 on an external disk. OSX in extreme cases will be updated, maximum up to 10.12, then our MacBook does not support. Flash drive with Linux is possible.
I read about itools3, but I do not understand whether it works with the iPhone without jailbreak.

How to make backup, at least unload photos hanging like this now iPhone7 A1778?

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Most likely - in no way. At least I do not know a suitable way. Shake in DFU mode your device and data store in ICloud (photo and so on).

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Well, for a photo of many and third-party services: Milea cloud, Yandex, Dropbox, Flicre. Just just sometimes sync

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FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery 7.1.0 on Win 8 with the latest ITunes 12.3 does not see the phone when the apple screen. In Recovery Mode sees, reporting an emergency state for work and who offers to re-write problems, and who will return a regular state, but does not see the return again.
FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery 7.1.0 for OSX iPhone Will, but reports that iTunes need to be updated to 12.3, and on the current version of the axis 10.9 it is not possible.

Wondershare Dr.Fone on Win8 and Wondershare Dr.Fone 8.6.1 on OSX 10.9 Offers Press the TRUSTED button on the smart screen, which is natural, everything is also an apple. In Recovery Mode, the smartphone is also not accepted.

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It became clear that you need to dig in the direction of more serious software used for mobile forensics.

The only thing that was able to find from the easier mortal is ElcomSoft IOS Forensic Toolkit.
And I have exactly one option with him. Put the jailbreak, with the probability of about 70% of the successful installation, and remove the archive with the file system with incomplete access. In which may be part of the photos. There is no access to files in the DCIM folder with the ability to copy them. Only a list of folder content. Some photos in the analytical software from the filmed archive with an incomplete file system can be removed, something will find something there.
That is, I can not find solutions that will allow you to remove a full-fledged backup in iTunes style that would work with him. Only such a version of Before First Unlock.

Immediately there is a question 1:
1. When the iPhone is in such a hanging condition - the screen entry is not available, is it possible to somehow exit the unlock stage, pass the passcode to the device, what would the device be a stage before the Before First Unlock stage?
Thus, expand the possibilities for removing full-fledged archives.

Another option, I am not affordable, it is to register an Apple ID in a software developer program for $ 99, and then the software gives more opportunities to extract data.

Another modern software available for free, which works with the iPhone 7 with the current IOS installed, I could not find.
I accumulated several software names or manufacturers, which leads to question 2:
2. Where can I download the Suitable Solutions of BlackBox, CelleBrite, Oxygen, GrayKey, Mobile Personalist, Mobilyze, Susteen, Axiom, Mobiledit Forensic?

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* Lance_B,
We return to the sources again.
1. The listed software on 99.9% is fakes, which I can the same as a tuna
2. Because All software uses the tuna driver, then no developer certificates and other dancing with tambourous here will help
3. Start checking from the main one. In this state, the device appears in the list of USB devices (as standard or service device). If not - then no other television leads to anything. UDB drivers on the phone did not start.

And a little theory. There is no DCIM folder on iOS at all. It is emulated by the system at the moment when the device is connected to the computer and the safety check is passed (the computer can be trusted)

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* t.r.o.n.,
Thanks for the information!

1.2. OK. Apparently, the biggest thing is available, ElcomSoft, and there is a 0.1% different from the tuna. I am with this software, at least in such a patient in a state of coma, I can drive jailbrek and even pull something, which is allowed in the Before First Unlock mode.
Eh, if there was a folder with photos, and knowing Passcode could unlock it / decrypt .. Dreams.
After all, I know Passcode from Smart. And if there is some software in which this passcode can be driven and decrypt the encrypted part of the downloaded system.
3. Here is deaf. Smart is not visible. Maximum can be achieved to update the system or restore.

T.r.O.N. @ 11.05.20, 10:21*
And a little theory. There is no DCIM folder on iOS at all. It is emulated by the system at the moment when the device is connected to the computer and the safety check is passed (the computer can be trusted)

Oh, then it is more clear how these analyzers find part of the photos. I thought they were all in an encrypted DCIM folder initially, and wondered where the photo analyzer finds. I thought it was in the caches of the applications that had access to photos.

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Hello, guys as you can save music on iPhone 8 or after a complete scorch to return back, through what can this procedure can be done, as well as the game not scorched form? Tell me please!

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* rafeil,
Make a backup on the computer, and then restore from this copy
But why do the reset do if you need to return a lot after it?

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With the hanging body, it is not to pull out the data. Fact! When the tuna firmware, if you drive a body in DFU there are two variables to update (according to the theory, the data is not erased) and everything in the same DFU is restored through the tuna. In DFU, neither recovery for no update is trying 3utools'om but then the data is exactly khan

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