Not displayed backups ICloud | Apple iPhone 7 Plus

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Backup iCloud backups are not displayed.

Apple iPhone 7 Plus
Firmware: 13.4

Jailbreak : Not
Description of the problem:
I died iPhone 6s, took XR. Copies in Aiklaud for 6C were made automatically.
XR activated through WiFi without a PC, when it comes from where to recover - chose Aikeood, it recovered, but not completely. There are no photos, WhatsApp recovered from a backup in general from another phone (SE, with which temporarily walked after 6s breakdown).
I really need to restore whatsapp data.

In iTunes, the "Restore from ICloud" button is inactive, although ICLOUD is seen that the backup is (size 11 GB)
How can I recover from this backup?

At 6s there was a profile for a beta version, but as far as I remember there were 13.4 final, as well as on XR, so it is unlikely that I can hardly recover due to the incompatibility of the firmware versions.

There have been actions:
I tried to download DR. Fone, no copy is displayed there at all.

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Hello, if you erase the data from iPhone 8 then the data will restore via iCloud, for example, the application, games and so on, or not?

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* rafeil,
Yes, restore.

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