iPhone 8 Plus heats up | Apple iPhone 7 Plus

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iPhone 8 Plus heats

Apple iPhone 7 Plus
Firmware: 13.3.1

Jailbreak : Not
Description of the problem:
Hello to all
Guys such a problem, a new phone, a couple of months. The third day I notice that when active use Facebook began to heat up in the area of ​​the chamber and quickly discharged.
What did: updated iOS and reinstalled Facebook.
As I will complement the description.

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And the application of the liquid, ever worked normally?)) This is normal. Not normal to use it, it is better to go to the liquid through the safari.

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Black666-666 @ 17.03.20, 19:57*
And the application of the liquid, ever worked normally?

It always worked normally, and in Europe all use it.

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* ScorpionAK47, And the argument "everyone uses," says that the application is "normal"?!))) It says, only about how much a large amount to the developers, and people do not care, what they applied, such a hacktur .
Land applications never normally worked.

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* ScorpionAK47,
Applications Mordobuki and Insta - Some of the most terrible stories. The bulk of the gap with the devices is associated with them. There are no wonders here.

The heating of the device (if it is originally correct) is associated with high energyflow. The same Mordobuk, as an example, madly loads the memory and performs unnecessarily many requests to the network and geolocation. You need to add a big load on the schedule (they are too lazy to optimize everything on the server)

The developments themselves, judging by the product, test the software only on the most recent models.

Actually - the result

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Hello, guys, I have an iPhone 8, a year ago my bodies gave me a beat, it was so I took the bodies in my hands and sfotkal a picture with an iPhone 5C, removed my eight on the sofa, I decided to call my eight, while I decided to call it, click on the button Hom tel only vibrates But I do not turn on in ahue further, he began to heat the back cover from the camera, after 5 minutes he was heated to approx 70-80 Agraduus himself what to do, I took the button at the same time, the button was touched, then I put a button, then removed the windowsill after 15 minutes I go to the NIMA, it is already cold, I turn on his charging 1%, I put it on the charge then iPhone 8 turned on! What was it? Please tell me the guys thanks.

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* rafeil,
Are you interested in the problem of one year old ago?
These are the symptoms of the power controller failure. After rebooting, the problem disappeared. All OK
The problem is not rare, and if it is eliminated by the reboot - everything is OK.
Not just the same in the devices there is protection against overheating

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Thank you for your reply! T.r.O.N.

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