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DiscussionWorld Vision Foros Ultra / Foros Combo T2 / S2
TV Box Satellite Receiver
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General characteristics

Type: digital TV-tuner

Execution: External

Connection Type: self

Video Capture: No

FM-tuner: no

video Features

Support HD: 720p, 1080i, 1080p

Progressive Scan: Yes

The format of the output video 4: 3, 16: 9

Digital standards: DVB-C, DVB-S, DVB-S2, DVB-T, DVB-T2

Inputs and Outputs

Outputs: HDMI, Composite

USB 2.0: there

Ethernet interface is (only foros ultra)

Other features and functions

Display Availability:

Teletext: yes

Recording Timer: yes

Timeshift: There is


Remote control: yes

Components: Receiver; Remote control with batteries; Cable 3.5 mm (mini-jack) - 3 RCA; Power Supply; User's manual

Dimensions (WxHxD): 130x30h65 mm

Features: 4 MB Flash and 64 MB of RAM memory

Life: 3 years

Warranty: 1 Year
A photo
Attached Image
Attached Image
Firmware under Cardsharing and Conditional Access
Warning This receiver has 2 versions, one version of Russia it is sold in the territory of the Russian Federation, and the second version of Ukraine it is sold in Ukraine so if you have a problem and before you ask for it always include the version of your receiver to find out what your version receiver you need to look on the box, if the box is written in Russian that you Russian version but if the Ukrainian accordingly Ukraine

Attention all users of World Vision Foros Combo T2 / S2 and World Vision Foros Ultra, who the receiver of the new party, namely the serial number WV202001 ******* do not update the software earlier versions before the release of November 23, 2019 version of which is official website, otherwise your receiver will turn into bricks. If this problem happens, use the manual disaster recovery file renaming software gx6605s_4M_Combo_Ukraine_Official_191123.bin gx6605s_all.bin

Firmware Russian Version is fully compatible with the receiver Ukraine Version and vice versa, the only difference data firmware is the default language in the Russian Version he is Russian and Ukrainian Ukraine Version it but it can be changed in the receiver settings,
Where to buy:
World Vision Foros Ultra - Unreliable (a lot of marriage)
Tsifranta - Reliable
Of Yandex.Market (former. - Pay attention to who is the seller (if the seller is Tsifranta you can take, if the seller is it is better to refrain from buying)

World Vision Foros Combo T2 / S2 - Unreliable (a lot of marriage)
Of Yandex.Market (former. - Pay attention to who is the seller (if the seller is Tsifranta you can take, if the seller is it is better to refrain from buying)

Remote for World Vision Foros Ultra / Foros Combo T2 / S2

Of Yandex.Market (former. - Unreliable (a lot of marriage)

The power supply 12V / 2A

Of Yandex.Market (former.

World Vision Foros Ultra - When you purchase goods online, or pay it to the card Privat, if you pay for the goods upon receipt you will pay a fee for the transfer of funds by the company's tariffs - the carrier, delivery of goods recommend to book through the new mail delivery time of goods new mail is 1 day.

World Vision Foros Combo T2 / S2 - When you purchase goods online, or pay it to the card Privat, if you pay for the goods upon receipt you will pay a fee for the transfer of funds by the company's tariffs - the carrier, delivery of goods recommend to book through the new mail delivery time of goods new mail is 1 day.

Block 12V / 2A Meal - When you purchase goods online, or pay it to the card Privat, if you pay for the goods upon receipt you will pay a fee for the transfer of funds by the company's tariffs - the carrier, delivery of goods recommend to book through the new mail delivery time of goods new mail is 1 day.

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Type of: A new version
Version: 200304
Short description: Russian + Ukraine version
What's new:
Added function to update the software on the Internet.
Changes in the emulator.
Updated language localization of the GUI.
Increased stability.
Other changes

Attention! At the moment, when updating online database settings are cleared, so I recommend making a backup of a previous version of your channel list and after the update to roll your database!


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Type of: Instruction
Short description: Software Update
1) To perform the software update is required to prepare:

a) Download the firmware file World Vision Foros Combo T2 / S2

b) unzip the firmware file with a resolution of the .bin file .rar

c) To prepare a USB storage device with the FAT 32 file system and move to the root directory of the drive firmware file with extension .bin

d) Insert the USB drive into the USB port located in the housing on the front panel
Next, go to the graphical menu items: Menu - Tools - Update - Update via USB
- renovation Type - Update USB (If you select a dump, you can create your individual backup).
- Section - All To update the software leaves all (to update all software partitions), as other types: application (update embedded Internet applications), the Data (Update user settings, only for a partial software update, User DB (list database channels), key DB (database keys satellite).
- Path to file - press OK and set the path to the file name must match the update file that you put on the USB flash drive, .bin extension
- Start by highlighting this line (again make sure you have all the items are correctly selected) - Press the remote OK to confirm the start of an update.
Get warning: Wait ... Do not power off!
Further postponing the remote control aside and expect to complete the process of updating the software, updates the progress can be monitored on the TV screen.
During the update, never remove or disable the receiver from the mains and remove the USB drive until the upgrade is complete!
Will begin the update process, the progress line will increase and the completion of filling top box spontaneously reboot.
Information about the installed version is on the way the GUI menu: Menu - Utilities System Information

2) Backup Software (Dump)
To back up the need to go to Menu - Utilities - see Software Update, select the type of update<>not update via USB, and dump.

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Type of: Instruction
Short description: Activation of Conditional Access
  1. Install software for Cardsharing and Conditional Access (if installed then skip this paragraph)
  2. Connect the receiver to the Internet via cable or wi-fi adapter (optional but without the Internet you will not work Cardsharing and will not be automatically updated decryption keys)
  3. Follow the activation of the decoder to do this, go to the menu, choose the<>utility item and enter the password: 2778, after the activation of the decoder available Item: Conditional Access

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Type of: Instruction
Short description: install YouTube API key
In January 2019 Google Inc. reduced limit API quota to 10 000 points, then the problems started with the YouTube app removed from the network in the set-top box World Vision Foros Combo T2 / S2 and World Vision Foros Ultra, is not important producer of all the cause of the same is given a quota of 10 000 units per day, up to January 2019 API-keys was given a quota of one million pieces per day, and here we have this as a result, what we have. The way out is not exactly easy, but it is there and you can use it to obtain your own or you can still tell personal API key that you will use on your set-top box, load it in the set-top box is simple and is performed with a USB flash drive.
An important condition to generate an API key, you must have Google Account record, if there is none, then we register an account and start already to implement the followingrecommendations to obtain personal API keyIf you are on the territory of the Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol is to generate API key you need a VPN.

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Type of: Instruction
Short description: Setting up a local iptv and iptv_server
Alternative viewing and easier in realization of the connection is of courseIPTVaccess, especially now that almost the majority of providers have immediately offer their television services, if there are no services from a provider that is free playlists that can be found on the Internet.
First and foremost, it is a stable internet channel and preferably not lower than the rate of - 8 Mbit / s, the higher the speed of your channel, the less likely disruptions view.
The second priority will be the source of the broadcast, in which case the user the right to choose what will look a few options, this could be your Internet service provider, a popular service Edem IPTV or the cheapest option to self-renew playlist freely available on the Internet. To connect the wireless network to the Internet set-top box World Vision Foros Combo T2 / S2 you need USB Wi-Fi adapter, fit the following models: on-chip MT7601 or Ralink RT5370
IPTV Player application is in the Menu - Utilities - IPTV.

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Updated Russian version of conditional access, but nothing happens with the introduction of code. On the Ukrainian has access, but does not establish the right weather, only Ukrainian.

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Zdravstvuyte.Resiver World vision Foros Ultra, firmware on 04/03/2020 UA.Kogda listen, put your ear to the receiver, you can hear a strange sound, the creak of Toli, Toli pisk.U all the way or only menya.Tyuner new, five days

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after the upgrade does not work av vyhod.hdmi it works factory settings helped.

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Type of: Information
Short description: the connections to the Internet

Beginning with the software version of 30.11.2018g. Receiver World Vision Foros Combo T2 / S2 began to support the network card USB to LAN on chips Asix 88,772, Corechip sr9700, Corechip sr9800, Realtek RTL8152, Asix MCS9900, respectively, now you can connect the receiver via a wired Internet network, thus there is an alternative USB support Wi- Fi adapters on chips Ralink RT5370, Ralink RT3370, Ralink RT3070 and Mediatek 7601, so there is a possibility to connect the receiver to the internet via 3G / 4G modem Huawei E150
Huawei E153, Huawei E303
Huawei E160G, E1750, E171, Huawei E173, Huawei E1550, HUAWEI EC306, E3372h, E1550, Huawei e3131, ZTE Mf190s, ZTE MF190A,

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Good afternoon. The prefix ultra Foros. Firmware under Cardsharing last. When viewing the T2 signal and specifically channel Belarus 5, image and sound are about 2 minutes, then the picture begins to Freese and freezes. The sound goes on. Switching to a different channel and back to save the day for exactly the same amount of time. Signal 100%. Do not prompt where to drip?
Channels from satellite and ground-based but simply T are amazing ...

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Reason for editing: Corrections

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* xvids, and on what kind of scale signal 100%? if on the scale of the intensity of the signal, the scale says about the power and watch the level of signal you need to scale the quality of the signal it is responsible for the quality of the image

Posted on 08/06/2020, 14:15:

* fomche, most likely you have a set-top box factory marriage

Posted on 08/06/2020, 14:15:

* Oka30, I have everything working quietly without any squeaks

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* Sha03kal, It's strange, I do all right with regard to the weather, I live in Sevastopol, and I have is firmware Russian Version settings weather I have is the city of Sevastopol, Ukraine, and everything is normal is displayed so that the weather does not depend on the firmware version is likely in your console manufacturing defects

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Topic moved to subsection« Digital Receivers »

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After flashing 2020.03 software codec H264 sound fine, and the H265 codec, audio only. I do not understand what was going on.
With the old firmware, these channels are not watched. Signal T2. TV Samsung UE40C7000WW

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* puan And where it is written that the receiver supports the H.265 / HEVC codec? These codecs are on devices designed to play video in 4K format, the receiver does not support 4K so when you try to play a video in 4K format or codec H.265 / HEVC you will play audio only and instead of the image will be a black screen as well as being inscription encoded channel (if the channel is a satellite, by cable or digital terrestrial TV)

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* koctik-2017 ,
koctik-2017 @ 29/06/20, 3:03 *
Codecs have on devices intended for video playback at 4K format
Not only 4k.Naprimer uClan denys h265 pro combo supports this kodek.Imeyu in the presence of both of the above upomyanutyh.No world vision foros ultra precisely does not support the 265 h

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* igor50002 ,
Well firstly please tell me from what party this console from the old (wv201811) or new (wv202001), secondly av works on any firmware, try to stick to videorazem the TV white or red wire, if it does not help then connect the set-top box through the av connector to a modern TV and try to change the screen resolution in the set-top box settings if this does not work it is likely that you have a factory defect, so the same, try to ring cable Testori, if Testori no connect the cable connector jack 3.5 to powered speakers (not completely) , set the volume to maximum and turns touch each center pin connector rca (cinch)

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Pinout cable jack 3.5 4pin to rca x3
Randomly I figured out the correct pinout of the cable that comes in the kit, on the Internet, I found a table with cable pinout and said desired pinout.

Attached Image

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* koctik-2017,
Revision of old, the council helped with cables, tin. Channels are simple T (not T2) did not want to find the area until Ukraine is not set. Too weird. Now with the satellite I will understand.

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Prompt please pinout RCA cord

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