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Samsung SM-G970F Galaxy S10e Exynos - Informal firmware

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Samsung SM-G970F Galaxy S10e Exynos - Informal firmware
PictureSM-G970F, codenamed beyond0lte
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Important information!
Upon receipt of root / installation of a custom counter rekaveri KNOX tiknet and enters into a state of 0x1! This means that you will not be able to use some proprietary applications, Samsung (Samsung Pay, protected folder)
Drivers and Utilities
Odin - for flashing Samsung devices (useful for firmware recovery)
Kies- a multifunctional program for Samsung devices, it will automatically install all the necessary drivers on your PC
Samfirm- program for downloading and checking firmware for Samsung devices



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Technical post

Rep: (117)
Lineage OS 17.1
A source:XDA
Status: Stable
What does not work
VoLTE and VoWi-Fi

Make sure you are on firmware BSKO or BSL4
Flash TWRP according to the instructions in the header
Format DATA
Reboot device
Sew LineageOS through TWRP
Set franca if needed
Reboot device


To install magisk simply sewn through TWRP core, which can be downloaded here, along with the firmware

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Installation instructions TWRP on Samsung Galaxy S10e Exynos
    Attention! The following manipulations result in the deletion of all data from the device. We strongly recommend making a backup of all important information.
  • Go to the settings for developers and include the unlocking of the bootloader
  • Turn off the phone, hold Bixby and gromkost- button, then connect the cable connected to the computer
  • Once we got into the Download mode, we press the volume + button and unlock the boot loader (This will erase all data from your phone)
  • After unlocking include loader device, wherein it must be connected to the Internet so that it does not tiknulo rmm prenormal
  • We go through the initial setup of the installation by passing the Google Account
  • Turn off device is translated in Download mode, run Odin, then we go onLINK, We choose our device and our version of the firmware, download the .img file, rename it to recovery.img, pack it in a .tar archive.
  • In Odin activate point AP and indicate our resulting .tar archive
  • Click Start, connect the device to your computer and sewed until TWRP click the Volume + button and Bixby, yet find ourselves in TWRP
  • Once you put in rekaveri format the Data
  • Also in rekaveri install Multi-disabler
  • Done! You can be loaded into the system.

Attached files

Attached filemultidisabler-samsung-2.2.zip(3.26 KB)

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Beyond ROM

Features of the firmware:
  • Select installation type: Full Erase / installation over the old one.
  • Based on Android 10
  • CSC functions (camera sound menu, call recording, displaying the connection speed of the camera during a call, and other buns)
  • Deleted KNOX, AppLock
  • Tweaks build.prop: multiplayer mode, the call delay correction SHealth, bluetooth remembering passwords
  • Tweak to use two SIM-cards + SD-card
  • Ability to choose pre-installed applications
  • Ability to delete warnings unlocked bootloader
  • Many other useful buns

A link to the archive (GDrive)
A source
Firmware stable, smooth, enjoyed himself, works well

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Remove the warning unlocked bootloader when the phone is switched

Your device must be rutirovannym
  • Download the file from the attachment raspokovyvaem and throw it into the root of the internal memory
  • Run any terminal emulator and enter the following commands:
    dd if = / sdcard / up_param.bin of = / dev / block / platform / 13d60000.ufs / by-name / up_param
  • Is done.

Attached files

Attached fileup_param.zip(1.02 MB)

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I hope to add hadesROM and detailed installation instructions.

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Current TWRP can always be found here:
Link to XDA
We set the image as the IMG in the already established rekaveri or sewn through one renamed in recovery.img and packaged in .tar archive

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samsung Multidisabler

When installed on multiblokirator device will temporarily disable a number of functions and services to protect devices that are critical for devices with unofficial firmware. Some pose a threat to the state of the root device. Multiblokirator will work to re-flashing via Odin. Therefore, you will need to reflash multiblokirovschik every time you perform a firmware update system-wide.

The following functions are disabled multiblokiratorom:
FBE (file-encryption): until then, until it is turned off, most versions of TWRP - all for Exynos devices and many of Qualcomm - can not read / data files (section userdata). You must format / data after FBE off. Make a backup of your data first!
Vaultkeeper: Magisk now dynamically disables it at boot time, but if you boot without Magisk then everything will be very bad.
Authentication Process (proca): this service must be disabled to use unofficial kernel without problems. All devices use TWRP custom kernel for Android, because Magisk shared this kernel to boot the system.
Automatic recovery of the standard recovery: In some cases, your device automatically restores the recovery partition by overwriting a custom recovery (TWRP). Magisk now also provides a dynamic defense against this, but it will not save you if you boot without Magisk.
wsm: Android-10, this service does not allow intelligent clock connected to the Samsung application Galaxy Wearable.

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Attached filemultidisabler-samsung-2.2.zip(3.26 KB)

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Yuruz @ 02.02.20, 10:46*
Remove the warning about the locked bootloader when the phone is switched

And how now include three buttons that have been Ruth?
I figured out after vibration to wait a moment and let go of all buttons

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* ViktorRASA,
I do not advise to put yet Hades. The author is clearly working on a new version and the old with almost all the disks removed

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Good utro.Na Ambasalii 1.4 turned out to put RC.Vse working smartly is no any deterioration.

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* sergey +,
Good, that in RC?

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* sergey +,
Good day! Twrp stitched through with formatting system?
You Photo 9 or 10 have moved?

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Yes RC is a more custom-sewn by setting TWRP. He moved with Beyonda /

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* sergey +,
And tell me the topic Ambasadii firmware, according to what is strictly for s10 and s10 +. You s10e on set?

Rep: (117)
* imtex1973 I put myself, starting with a resolution of the problem, the display size is not beaten

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* Yuruz,
Clear. It is a pity a good rum. I used another Galaxy S7 Edge

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Yuruz @ 11.02.20, 08:21*
And tell me the topic Ambasadii firmware, according to what is strictly for s10 and s10 +. You s10e on set?

I have set. 3 days - normal flight.

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* fraddy , Take a screenshot in paragraph please change resolution

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* fraddy Like setting Screen Resolution (do not remember exactly, he is now on the line)

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