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Type: DVB2IP streamer network DVB-receiver.
Modification: XTi-3442 and XTi-3452 - the same thing.
OS: Linux
Network: 100 Megabit
Number of tuners: 2
Applicable standards: DVB-T / DVB-T2 / DVB-C
The device is compatible: Kodi (a plugin), Plex. Upnp / dlna, direct m3u / m3u8.
USB: 2.0
Support the SMB protocol to connect to the network storage.
RF: 1 F-type connector
Included: The device, power supply, power cable, an adapter with a normal antenna connector on F-type screw, a brief description.
A photo
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There are applications:
https: //play.google.co...software.vbox_recorder- Alternative application from a third-party developer.
(The ability to search for the transfer and m:https://github.com/mej.../blob/master/README.md )

https: //play.google.co...s/details id = com.vbox2?- Official from producer.
https: //play.google.co...ps/details id = com.vbox?- official, but outdated and no longer supported.
https: //play.google.co...oxcomm.android.tvinput- Official for Android TV

They also have on Apple's iOS platform.

The apparatus is a network tuner. In fact, DVB receiver network.
It is able to distribute digital TV as an essential and open cable to LAN or the Internet in accordance with the standards.


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Applications also have for Apple devices.

For those who have already played around with a bunch of dvb-usb whistle and such tv-headend + xupnpd:
In general, the device is capable of complete ready to distribute and record digital terrestrial / cable tv (not encoded), in various guises, from the mobile device to the media player in Telecom.
A similar functionality in the devices was from World Vision Premium (but on a very elementary level), or satellite units such as Dreambox (the price tag and the sharpening of the satellite).

The device has 2 tuners, which means that it can broadcast from two different multiplexes, any number of channels to any number of users actually far enough network port.

To understand the air of the Russian Federation (the same federal multiplexes) chase channels at a rate of about 3 megabits.
Also, there is even a commercial multiplexes, such as Tatarstan and Khanty-Mansiysk District:
http://radiotelecom-rt.ru/- 6 local HD channels, two multiplex.
http://ctv-region.ru/- This is true almost anything.

Posted on 22/12/2019, 16:36:

Regarding the price tags.
On the one hand it is certainly not the prefix for 1000 rubles.
On the other hand the manufacturer often all sorts of discounts on these units, the largest on the Black Friday in November.

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In general, a device laid interim firmware. Releases arrive OTA.
Basically perevykladyvanie it has done in the add channel Telegram.
Most often, this fixes from technical support as found bugs.

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Alternative application updated.
It turned out that an official of the Russian Federation and multiplex STV there can be no transfer of title to such application has not been done.
So dark theme for fans.

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Maybe someone will come in handy on the digital cable home ru deyvas turned sees not all the channels.
Blew with a TV channel list, which identified frequency broadcasts domra.
List for an example (Kazan domra) here:


In the beginning, it turns out to be different in predzapisannoy grid devaysa, poetovu scans, dvb-c may need to select Manual Scan mode, and a little tweak frequency grid.
She is very sensitive there is not the same at the beginning of the range, from which the tubular device can skip a bit.

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Video unpacking:

Text subtitles.

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Video from the original setting.

Not to say that right very difficult, but also not to say that intuitively without opening the manual.
Although my version differs slightly from the manufacturer's suggested path.

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In English subtitles corrected typos.
So far, everything is normal, the device is stable.

The developer created a third-party application support:

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Well, in the embodiment with ethereal signal, periodic recordings apparatus has uptime 20+ days.
Compared with what it was before progress.
Soon zaposchu in cable version dvb-c.

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Then quietly slipped the news that since August 2020 Russian digital broadcasting is to h265 format.
In theory, this unit is all it needs to survive without any problems.
The whole question to a TV set and the player whether they will be able to flow with hevc from it or not.

Regarding the analogies about the devices, if someone found a VCR, it's a sort of reincarnation of the KMK.

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According uptime:
One on efirke 42+ days.
The other on the cable 25+ days.

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The most interesting thing is forgotten:
Found that the device sits with lokalink ipv6 address.
Moreover, it responds with its web api.
But the tape drive (.

In general poltsenno if anyone can potestit your device with ipv6 would be great.

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Well Well, at 35+ days surrendered device works with DVB-C.
During the start-stop recording it was "korezhit" and he stopped to respond to the command specified.

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At the manufacturer's next skidosiki.
Not so great, nona entire lineup means that century:

According uptime:
The ethereal 65+ days.
Cable until 12+.

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* mesb,
Indeed, the device is well digested H265, only fully able to browse through VLC on the laptop

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* AiD81,
If your broadcast h265 have different audiodorog, please try povybirat them through Streaming - Manage Channels.
It is interesting whether the choice audiodorog work when working with 265 codec.

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* mesb,
No, there is no possibility to select a track.

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According uptime:
efirka 76+
Kabelkov 24+

PS This then is written to the historical understanding of how stable Linux version of the plow.

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Let's go further:
Ether: 82+
Cable: 30+

If the cable will die again, it will clearly be the next rake.

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Good news, everyone!

The ethereal 89+
cable 37+

While working fine.

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INTO somewhere something has changed and the cable on one of the channels turned out - no sound.
Switching tracks did not help.
Zanogo to search channels, the box does not reboot.
I suspect that sometimes cable operator domra something changes, this is how it affects the device.

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