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Pocket Downloader | Manager download files (Free)

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Pocket downloader
Current version 2.02

Attached Image

Small program - download a file manager from the Internet, wmDA alternative.

- multi-threaded download
- injection into the desired folder
- downloads through proxy
- indicates kilobytes downloaded each section
- avtostiranie loaded addresses
- high speed

Homepage: http://pocketdl.sf.net

Version 2.00 CAB: Attached filePocketDownloader_2.0.cab (198.98 KB)

Version 2.02 CAB: Attached filePocketDownloader_2.02.cab (225.96 KB)

Translate can "restaurateur", there is not a lot of resources.

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And you can do what would in winCE 5.0 also start?

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skazochnik85 @ 15.5.2010, 22:27*
And integration with UCWEB and Opera Mobile 10 on when it is planned?

UCWEB have very good built-in chair, why use something sided ..

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It does not allow you add a new injection to insert the address in the URL field from the clipboard.
Interception of links from the Opera Mobile 10 is not working.

PS. Had to use VGAKey, where there is a combination of Ctrl + V, then it is possible to insert the URL.

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This program works with Operoy5 mini?
In general, what can work with Minko ??

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prar0k @ 18.09.2010, 17:55*
This program works with Operoy5 mini?

It does not work for me.

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Everything works fine anyway on my Samsung'e I740.Pust and does not catch download from Opera 10, but it poprovimo: choose file to download further copy to the same browser to http address, turn off the browser open davloader push new injection IRS opa link here as here below, click "YES", and so kachaem.Ya gigobayt 10 probably downloaded it :)
PS:??? I do not understand one of the Th floor molasses What to do with them Increase or leave as is Explain please.

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Sazonov I 740 @ 05-10-2010, 13:30*
PS:??? I do not understand one of the Th floor molasses What to do with them Increase or leave as is Explain please.

Upload files can be divided into several parts - flows. And while some of these parts and can be pumped. And then automatically glued.

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At the expense of molasses clear, thanks razyasnili.A essli they increase the rate of increase, or what?

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People are just not in the subject (((tried this program simpatichnenko, but I have a question! put WMDA zakachik I worked all intercepted but there is always a fly in the ointment is why when kachaesh c wmDA files broken whether it is video or cab through pap you test writes surprise end of the archive (((how to cure a dance with a tambourine necessary statsevat?
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p. 4.18. You have voiced your problem in the relevant subject, that's enough, wait for an answer there. No need to duplicate the position of all topics in a row.

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