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DJI Mavic Mini - Discussion
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Device photos
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Device description
Mavic Mini - a compact and high-tech companion on your creative journey. Make special moments of your life, remembering them from the air. Enjoy your flight and get unusual shots with intuitive application DJI Fly.
  • Ultra-lightweight: 249 g
  • Max. Flight time: 30 minutes
  • HD video transmission: 2 km
  • Vision sensors + accurate hang on GPS
  • 3-axis stabilizer filming 2.7K
  • Easy Shooting and Editing

Presentation video
Device characteristics
  • takeoff weight: 249 g;
  • dimensions when folded: 140 Г— 82 Г— 57 mm (L Г— W Г— V);
  • sizes in the unfolded state: 160 Г— 202 Г— 55 mm (L Г— W Г— V);
  • dimensions in the spread state (with propellers): 245 Г— 290 Г— 55 mm (L Г— W Г— V);
  • diagonal size: 213 mm;
  • maximum climb speed: 4 m / s (S mode), m 2 / s (P mode), 1.5 m / s (C mode);
  • maximum descent speed: 3 m / s (S mode), 1.8 m / s (P mode), 1 m / s (C mode);
  • maximum rate (at sea level in calm): 46.8 km / h (S mode), 28.8 km / h (P mode), 14.4 km / h (C mode);
  • maximum flight altitude of 3000 m;
  • maximum flight time: 30 minutes (at a speed of 14 km / h without wind);
  • maximum hang time (in calm): up to 20 minutes;
  • maximum allowable wind speed is 8 m / s (four on the Beaufort scale);
  • maximum inclination angle: 30 В° (S mode), 20 В° (P mode), 20 В° (C mode);
  • maximum angular velocity of 150 В° / a (S mode), 130 В° / a (P mode) 30 В° / a (C mode);
  • Operating temperature range 0 ~ 40 В° C;
  • Frequency range - Model MT1SD25: 2,4-2,4835 GHz;
  • Transmit Power (EIRP) - MT1SD25 Model: 2.4 GHz:<19 dBm (MIC / CE);
  • Satellite positioning systems - GPS + GLONASS;
  • The positioning accuracy in the vertical plane: В± 0.1 m (visual positioning), В± 0.5 m (satellite positioning);
  • The accuracy of positioning in the horizontal plane: В± 0.1 m (visual positioning), В± 1.5 m (satellite positioning).
  • Matrix: 1 / 2.3 "CMOS;
  • Angle 83 В° 35 mm (equivalent to 24 mm format);
  • aperture: f / 2.8;
  • focus from 1 m to в€ћ;
  • ISO range:
    • Video - 100 - 3200 (auto)
    • photo: 100 - 1600 (auto), 100 - 3200 (manual);
  • exposure (shutter speed): 4 - 1/8000 seconds;
  • Max. image size: 4: 3 - 4000 Г— 3000, 16: 9 - 4000 Г— 2250;
  • photography modes:
    • Single,
    • interval: 2/3/5/7/10/15/20/30/60 with;
  • video resolution:
    • 2.7K: 25 2720 Г— 1530 / 30p,
    • FHD: 1920 Г— 1080 25/30/50 / 60p;
  • Max. video bit rate - 40 Mbit / s;
  • Supported file systems - FAT32 (≤ 32 GB), exFAT (>32 GB);
  • Photo format - JPEG;
  • video formats - MP4 (H.264 / MPEG-4 AVC).
Types of memory card- UHS-1 speed class 3 or higher.
  • Compatible cards: 16 GB: SanDisk Extreme, Lexar 633x, 32 GB: Samsung Pro Endurance, Samsung Evo Plus, SanDisk Industrial, SanDisk Extreme V30 A1, SanDisk Extreme Pro V30 A1, Lexar 633x, Lexar 667x, 64 GB: Samsung Pro Endurance, samsung Evo Plus, SanDisk Extreme V30 A1, Lexar 633x, Lexar 667x, Lexar 1000x, Toshiba EXCERIA M303 V30 A1, Netac Pro V30 A1, 128GB: samsung Pro Plus, samsung Evo Plus, SanDisk Extreme V30 A1, SanDisk Extreme Plus V30 A1 , Lexar 633x, Lexar 667x, Lexar 1000x, Toshiba EXCERIA M303 V30 A1, Netac Pro V30 A1, 256 GB: Sandisk Extreme V30 A1.
  • Lower - Operating range: 0.5-10 m
  • Operating conditions:
    • Flying over the non-reflective surface recognizable,
    • Diffuse reflection (> 20%)
    • Adequate lighting (>15 lux)
  • Mechanical tilt rotation angle range: -110 В° ... 35 В°;
  • Roll: -35 В° ... 35 В°;
  • Rotation: -20 В° ... 20 В°;
  • Work tilt rotation angle range: -90 В° ... 0 В° (the default), -90 В° ... + 20 В° (enhanced mode);
  • Stabilization: On 3 axes (transverse, longitudinal and vertical);
  • Max. Controlled speed (tilt): 120 В° / s;
  • The range of angular vibrations: В± 0.01 В° [.
  • capacity of 2400 mAh
  • voltage: 7.2 V;
  • Max. charging voltage: 8.4 V;
  • Type: LiPo 2S,
  • Energy: 8.36 Wh;
  • Net weight: 50 g;
  • charging temperature range: +5 ~ +40 в„ѓ;
  • Max. Charging power: 18 watts.
  • bandwidth: MR1SD25 Model: 2,4-2,4835 GHz;
  • Max. signal transmission range (in an open space, no interference): Model MR1SD25: 2,4 GHz: 2000m (MIC / CE);
  • operating temperature range: 0 В° ... + 40;
  • transmitter power (EIRP) Model MR1SD25 2,4 GHz:<19 dBm (MIC / CE);
  • Battery capacity 2600 mAh;
  • working voltage / current 1200 mA / 3.6 (Android), 700 mA / 3.6 (iOS)
  • Compatible device size: max. length: 160 mm, thickness: 6.5 - 8.5 mm;
  • types of USB-connector: Lightning, Micro USB (Type-B), USB Type-C;
  • Broadcast quality: 720p at 30 frames / s
  • Max. bitrate: 4 Mb / s
  • The signal delay (depending on the site conditions and mobile device): 170-240 ms
  • input of 100-240 V, 50-60 Hz, 0.5 A;
  • yield: 12 V 1.5 A / 9 2 A / 5 B 3A;
  • rated power: 18 watts.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • Why weight Mavic Mini is just 249 grams?
    Mavic Mini weighs 249 grams, t. To. It allows you to include it in the category of lighter and safer drones that do not need to register in many countries.
  • What is the maximum speed Mavic Mini?
    In mode S the maximum speed reaches 13m / s.
  • Why can not I turn on Mavic Mini immediately after unpacking?
    To ensure safe transportation of Mavic Mini battery is transferred to prior to shipment standby. Simply connect the drone to the charger to activate the battery, then it can be used.
  • How to activate Mavic Mini?
    Connect the remote control to the mobile device, and then to the Mavic Mini DJI Fly through the app. Follow the instructions to activate in the application.
  • The control unit is sold with Mavic Mini?
    Yes. The control panel is being sold together with the drone Mavic Mini. His sticks are removable for easy transport and storage.
  • In what colors sell Mavic Mini?
    At the moment, only in light gray. However, in the set design for the hull has stickers and colored markers to color the drone as you want. It can be purchased with a set of В«Fly MoreВ» or separately.
  • How to expand the Mavic Mini-rays?
    First lay the front drone rays, and then the rear.
  • Is there a Mavic Mini internal memory?
    No. To save photos and videos you want to microSD card.
  • What memory cards are recommended for Mavic Mini?
    Approved memory cards microSD:
    • 16 GB: SanDisk Extreme, Lexar 633x
    • 32 GB: Samsung Pro Endurance, Samsung EVO Plus, SanDisk Industrial, SanDisk Extreme V30 A1, SanDisk Extreme Pro V30 A1, Lexar 633x, Lexar 667x
    • 64 GB: Samsung Pro Endurance, Samsung EVO Plus, SanDisk Extreme V30 A1, Lexar 633x, Lexar 667x, Lexar 1000x, Toshiba Exceria M303 V30 A1, Netac PRO V30 A1
    • 128GB: Samsung Pro Plus, Samsung EVO Plus, SanDisk Extreme V30 A1, SanDisk Extreme Plus V30 A1, Lexar 633x, Lexar 667x, Lexar 1000x, Toshiba Exceria M303 V30 A1, Netac PRO V30 A1
    • 256GB: Sandisk Extreme V30 A1
  • Can I take pictures or shoot video without a memory card?
    No. It is strongly recommended that you purchase a microSD memory card for Mavic Mini.
  • Is Mavic Mini waterproof?
  • Does Mavic Mini obstacle detection?
    No. To protect the propellers and improving safety levels using Mavic Mini-protected 360 В°.
  • Does Mavic Mini automatic return home?
    Yes. Install a height function return home to flying over the objects around you when it is activated the drone.
  • Is there a Mavic Mini modes fast shooting?
    Yes. Annex DJI Fly has modes "Droni", "circle", "Spiral" and "Rocket". Work fast shooting algorithm requires a large number of mobile phone power. The type of mobile device that you use may affect the performance of the application. It is recommended to close all unnecessary programs and applications running in the background, before using the Quick Shot mode.
  • Can Mavic Mini track objects automatically?
  • What applications work Mavic Mini?
    Mavic Mini works only with DJI Fly application that provides intuitive control of the flight. Use the guidance and advice in the application to enhance flight safety.
  • Can I download recorded using Mavic Mini 2.7K video format to your mobile device?
  • Can I use protection for propellers 360 В° together with the adapter with buttons?
    this is not recommended.
  • How to download an application DJI Fly?
    The application can be found in the App Store or scan the QR-code on the DJI website.
  • When you turn on the restriction of the parameters of height and / or Mavic Mini flight distance?
    1. In the beginner mode, the height and distance of the flight is limited to 30 meters.
    2. The maximum height and distance can be set manually in the application DJI Fly.
    3. A weak signal GPS altitude drone flight will be limited.
    4. When you are flying near the restricted zones or zones with GEO height restrictions.

Stabilizer and camera
  • What are the main characteristics of the camera Mavic Mini?
    Mavic Mini is equipped with 1 / 2.3 inch CMOS matrix with 12 million effective pixels.
  • What is the maximum resolution photos and video supports Mavic Mini?
    Photo resolution
    • 4:3: 4000×3000
    • 16:9: 4000×2250
    Video resolution
    • 2.7K: 25 2720 Г— 1530 / 30p
    • FHD: 1920 Г— 1080 25/30/50 / 60p
  • Is there a Mavic Mini camera zoom?
  • What are the modes of the photo is in the Mavic Mini?
    Single-shot and interval shooting.
  • How to improve the operation of the stabilizer?
    The camera is stabilized by the tilt axes, tilt and rotation.

Remote Control
  • On what frequencies if the remote control?
    MR1SD25 model supports frequencies 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz, and MR1SS5 model - only 5.8 GHz.
  • Which mobile devices support remote management?
    Mobile devices 6.5-8.5 mm and a length of not more than 160 mm without problems of fit in the remote control holder. We strongly recommend that you remove the protective film before installing the mobile phone. Devices beyond these parameters are not supported.
  • Whether compatible remote control with built-in USB-A?
    No. This connection requires a Micro USB OTG cable.
  • Is it possible to connect the remote control to the iPad mini?
    Yes. However, a standard cable length may be insufficient. If necessary, purchase a cable Micro USB OTG.
  • Does Mavic Mini management for Wi-Fi?
    No. Manage drones can only be with the remote.
  • Which interface supports Mavic Mini and its remote control?
    Mavic Mini, remote control and multi-function charging hub interface support Micro USB.
  • Do the control panel is equipped with an HDMI connector?

Power point
  • What is the maximum time Mavic Mini in flight?
    Mavic Mini Flight time is 30 minutes when fully charged.
  • Do I need to shoot a drone propellers for transportation or storage?
  • How often should I replace the propellers Mavic Mini?
    Before each flight the propellers should be checked for cracks, wear, deformation, corrosion and loose screws. If at least one of the above conditions is detected, replace the propeller. To replace them, follow the instructions in the manual.
  • How to replace propellers Mavic Mini?
    Use a screwdriver to replace the propeller and follow the instructions. Disconnect the two blades and the screws of the motor, install new propellers and the screws of appropriate packaging. Attach the propellers tagged with labels to the motors and propellers without labels to motors without labels. Before each flight, necessary to verify the correctness and reliability of the installation of propellers and engines.
  • Things to remember before installing protection for the propellers 360 В°?
    1. After setting for protecting propellers 360 В° allowable flight altitude decreases to 1500 m in order to ensure safety when flying at high altitude.
    2. After setting for protecting propellers 360 В° for safety the maximum speed is limited to 8 m / s and the flying height - up to 120 meters. Flight distance will be limited to 100 meters. Be careful and always keep the machine in sight.
    3. After setting for protecting propellers 360 В° and takeoff drone stop in the air, six seconds will go off payload and sends the user alerts. If the system does not detect the accessory activate payload mode manually in the application DJI Fly.
    4. After setting for protecting propellers 360 В° drone weight exceeds 250 grams. This means that some countries will need a license to fly. Check local laws before the flight, and always follow them.
  • Wind power can withstand a Mavic Mini?
    Mavic Mini can provide stable positioning at a wind speed of 8 m / s.
  • What is the maximum altitude Mavic Mini?
    3000 m.

video Transmission
  • What video transmission system is used Mavic Mini?
    The amplified signal is Wi-Fi.
  • What is the maximum transmission distance of video Mavic Mini?
    model MR1SS5
    • 5.8 GHz
    • FCC: 4.000 m
    • SRRC: 2500m
    model MR1SD25
    • 2.4 GHz
    • MIC: 2000 m
    • CE: 2000 m
    • 5.8 GHz
    • CE: 500 m
  • What is the maximum resolution for video transmission with Mavic Mini?
    720p / 30 frames / sec.
  • What is the delay of the signal Mavic Mini?
    170-240 ms (depending on the environment and the mobile device).
  • What to do in the event of a significant delay signal Mavic Mini?
    1. It is recommended to fly in an open area without interference.
    2. Close the programs running on your mobile device in the background.
    3. Pay attention to the direction of the antenna, make sure that they are aimed at a drone in flight.

  • How to Charge Mavic Mini?
    Connect the charger to the drone directly via Micro USB cable. Use multi-charging hub for charging three batteries in series.
  • What are the functions of multi-function charger hub?
    1. Consistent charging three batteries.
    2. Automatic charging the connected external device after a full charge of the battery.
    3. Mapping battery charge level.
    4. When the device is not charging the battery, it can be used as an external battery for charging the mobile devices.
  • As a multifunctional charging hub is charged and discharged batteries and devices?
    Battery charge
    The battery with the highest charge level to be charged first, followed by all other sequentially according to their charge levels. If you install a new battery charging sequence will be recalculated and adjusted accordingly.
    When discharging the battery with the lowest charge level is discharged first. If you install a new battery charging sequence will be recalculated and adjusted accordingly.
  • What are the functions of the power button?
    1. Short pressing and holding the press +: on / off drone.
    2. Short press: checking the battery level drone.
    3. Press and hold for three seconds: interfacing with a remote control.
  • Does Mavic Mini fast charging?
    Yes. Fast charging В«Quick Charge 2.0В» 18 watts.
  • Which battery supports Mavic Mini?
    Battery Intelligent Flight drone Mavic, which is a lithium-ion battery 2S 1100 mAh.
  • How to update your software Battery Mavic Mini?
    Insert the battery into the drone and turn it on. Connect the application to the drone DJI Fly or DJI Assistant 2. If the battery version and drones do not match, a notification appears.
  • How long the battery is charging?
    Full charge of the battery charger via USB device В«Quick Charge 2.0В» W 18 takes 90 minutes (50 minutes for a 1100 mAh battery).
  • How often should charge and discharge the battery?
    It is recommended to do this once every three months. Before storage it is recommended to charge the battery to a level of 60%.
  • What temperature charging and Mavic Mini batteries and the remote control?
    The operating temperature for the drone and the battery is in the range of from 0 В° to + 40 В° C. Battery charging temperature Intelligent Flight Battery drone Mavic Mini is 0 В° ... + 40 В° C, the control unit charging temperature: 0 В° ... + 45 В° C. In the case of the use of the aircraft in a cold look at the messages that appear on the screen and displays the status of the drone before takeoff.
  • What are the values ​​of capacity, charging time, and the remote control battery life Mavic Mini?
    Battery capacity Mavic Mini is 2600 mAh battery. Its rechargeable via the USB charger DJI 18W takes approximately 120 minutes. About two hours when connected to a device based on Android, and around six - on the basis of iOS.

  • Can I use other applications while updating DJI Fly app?
    No. This will lead to update failures. You will have to re-download and install the updated software.
  • Can I turn off the Internet after the completion of downloading the software?
  • What should I do if an aircraft batteries and different versions of the software?
    Connect to the application Mavic Mini DJI Fly. Then, the application will automatically start checking software compatibility. The updates can be made in accordance with the instruction.
  • Which can lead to failure to install updates?
    1. Low battery before installing updates ensure that the battery level is at least 50%.
    2. Shutting down the drone or the control panel during installation of the update. In this case, you must restart the Mavic Mini and the control panel and start the installation of the update process.
    3. Interrupting an Internet connection during the software download (software).
    4. If the problem persists, or to establish a connection between the remote control and the drone, perhaps there is a discrepancy between software versions installed on devices. In this case, upgrade the drones and the control panel to the latest version separately with DJI Assistant 2 on your computer. During the update, the drone will reboot several times, and will turn off automatically after completing the upgrade.

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Overview of Kaya

Rep: (171)
Noticed the main drawback for me is the lack of Active Track.

Rep: (6)
lubsan81 @ 31.10.19, 01:36*
Noticed the main drawback for me is the lack of Active Track.

I agree, it is a pity. Although the video review shows that while he flies Quick Shots per property.

Rep: (9)
undz @ 31.10.19, 09:33*
Although the video review shows that while he flies Quick Shots per property.

the object is stationary.
it performs the 4 types of recording in this mode, when a stationary object.
he can not follow the subject if its motion.
for you it will not fly if the run or go.

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It will work with Mavic Mini DJI FPV?

Rep: (0)

I did not find the information about the maximum flight distance by remote control.

Someone knows?

Rep: (18)
geefok @ 31.10.19, 10:43*
I did not find the information about the maximum flight distance by remote control.

There are 2 versions of the console. Depending on the frequency - the difference in the distances. Origin according to the specification - 2.4 and 5.8GGts second - 5.8GGts. Both allow to fly in a radius of 4 km. The first allows you to fly up to 2 km in 2.4GHz mode, depending on the selected country. Guaranteed radius of 4 km. - a second type of control panel, with controls on the 5.8GGts frequency. Therefore, for Russia, and others like them need remote control of the first version (2.4 + 5.8GGts). Because until hacked app - fly at 5.8 GHz, you will be able to far. Accordingly, the maximum distance is 2 km.
Detailed x-ki - on off. Online and in the FAQ topic.

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Shpunt73 @ 31.10.19, 09:03*
the object is stationary.
it performs the 4 types of recording in this mode, when a stationary object.
he can not follow the subject if its motion.
for you it will not fly if the run or go.

You're wrong.

Here's a video -

Even it does not have active track feature, it still can track you during trickshots. It is not just locking your initial position, but actuallytracking you during the trickshot .

Rep: (9)
* undz,
as something incomprehensible
drone went in a spiral and people made 4 step aside.
Yes, he kept it in focus.
and what will happen in other modes - is unclear.
track, as such - no while no one.

Rep: (43)
StingBe2 @ 31.10.19, 10:14*
It will work with Mavic Mini DJI FPV?


Rep: (1)
lubsan81 @ 31.10.19, 02:36*
this lack of Active Track.

And what do not realize? he camera and the software keeps track of my Chinese drone for 2k is even doing. This sensor must be not
on any elektrostabilizatorah also have Active track (well like) when you walk, it turns out for you, works on any phone, and they do not have special sensors on it - all through prilozhuhu. just drive brain to follow the object in the chamber and all
Here is an example:

By the way, for IIC, pre-order here for flymore 36990
So Aliekspress can deliver cigarettes and go to a special place - aside

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In general, delighted with the announcement of the drone. Have twisted the original video with him pictures, but alerted that some were JPEG,without DNGshek

I decided to find out in the technical specifications only jpeg, learned in the technical support service, and the truth is not declared support dng.

Hmm, so he's a dirty trick, negates all the other advantages.

Attached Image

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* quartzrus , The following error will have to keep an eye on the obstacles stumbled without sensors.

Posted on 31/10/2019, 13:30:

* Bormot , Certain unit owners Mavic Air constantly uses RAW with a drone. New drone designed for a mass audience, which needs a picture for social networks here and now.

Rep: (1)
winmustdie @ 31.10.19, 13:53*
Ukraine - Order directly from the calculation DJI site (usainua):

In Ukraine there is no suppliers chtoli?
In Russia, the price of about $ 580 to get off.magazine. in neoff. should be even lower

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The curator of the topic is appointedOleg Vereshchagin . Please love and respect!

Rep: (-1)
Do I understand that in the raw photo there?

Rep: (116)
* metr @ There is no Rabbi.
There's nothing there, no intellektualnvh regimes or security or 4k, Max bitrate of 60 mgbt even propellers screws to fasten it is necessary for the management of its softina separate. Positioned as beginner level as me bezsmyslenno thing. Definitely better considering the price tag .... Air pony for a filling. Waiting to take a second thought but yet again buy Air.

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Rep: (18)
Cinot @ 31.10.19, 23:21*
What I missed, which is why everything is so that await quadrocopter?

Small, lightweight, pocket-sized, flying away with a decent video and photos.

Rep: (6)
Add more important (to me, but probably not only) factor - price. To "shoot for myself" and spend an apparatus for these simple (non-commercial) purposes 50+ cr I did not ready, but I hope in a couple of months Minicom will be around 25-30, it is possible to make yourself a nice gift to ng)
By the way, the question is about the operating temperature range, it is claimed from 0 to + 40 В°, then this does not mean that in sub-zero operation is not possible? As I understand it, just work with the CRA are unpredictable and the manufacturer does not want to give any warranties in this operation possible, right?

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