The robot cleaner Xiaomi Viomi Cleaning Robot V-RVCLM21B and Xiaomi Mijia Robot Vacuum STYJ02YM | robot vacuum cleaner
Updating the vacuum cleaner
Successfully updated if your vacuum cleaner Mijia to firmware 3.5.3_0045
Yes, the update was successful (the original application Mi Home) [ 252 ] ** [74,56%]
Yes, the update was successful (modes of vevs Mi Home) [ 50 ] ** [14,79%]
No vacuum cleaner stopped working, slowly blinking backlight button, there is no response to any combination (Mi Home original application) [ 30 ] ** [8,88%]
No vacuum cleaner stopped working, slowly blinking backlight button, there is no response to any combination (modes of vevs Mi Home) [ 6 ] ** [1,78%]
Total votes: 338

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The robot cleaner Xiaomi Viomi Cleaning Robot V-RVCLM21B and Xiaomi Mijia Robot Vacuum STYJ02YM
Discussion | Selection and comparison of vacuums

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Device description
The robot cleaner Xiaomi Viomi Cleaning Robot V-RVCLM21B
Type: robot vacuum cleaner
Type of cleaning: dry, wet
Battery volume (mAh): 3200
Autonomy time: 180 min
Pressure 2150 PA
Charging time: 1.5 hours
Suction power: 33 W
Filter: HEPA
Dust Collector: 0.6 L
Water tank capacity: 560ml
Material: plastic
The main brush; Side brush; Two microfiber cloths
Weight: 3.3
Dimensions: 350 Г— 350 Г— 94.5mm

Xiaomi Mijia Robot Vacuum Cleaner LDS Version STYJ02YM Black
Power: 33 W
The suction force of 2100 Pa
Dry / wet cleaning
Wireless connectivity: Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n, 2.4 GHz
Mobile app engagement: Mi Home
Battery Type: Li-Ion
Battery capacity: 3200 mAh
Operating time: 110 min.
Service area: 180 mВІ
Dust Collector: 560 ml
Water tank capacity: 450 ml
Size: 350 x 350 x 94.5 mm
Material: Plastic
Robot vacuum cleaner with LDS navigation and two cleaning modes: dry and wet. On the upper part of the vacuum cleaner has two buttons - the start / stop of cleaning and return home. There is also a tower with a laser sensor LDS. On the underside of the surface: the main rotational brush, brush one small selection of debris and dust and brush to change the direction. Around the body on the side and bottom edges are 12 sensors that help the robot to effectively perform cleaning in the house without any extra battery power costs.

Quad-core Cortex-A7 in combination with the LDS laser navigation system enables the robot to be guided at a distance of 8 meters, which helped to achieve high accuracy with a deviation of less than 2%.

the robot is controlled by a Mi Home application. Here you can set the frequency of cleaning, as well as select mode. On the map, you will create a robot in cleaning time, you can draw the forbidden line and additional settings. In addition, you can specify which portion of the room in which to clean up mode.

Useful information


For these models of vacuum cleaners do not have Russian audio packets

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Reason for editing: What should I do if the vacuum cleaner does not see the cloth for cleaning

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Tell me whether it is possible to flash it into Russian?

Rep: (693)
* LosAltos,
necessary to specify which model

Rep: (2)
16.10.19 mi home refreshed and viomi firmware. Now a program in Russian, but found the layout of the power, and time of day programming.

Rep: (105)
* Seed11 Pull from the bottom to the top.

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Thank! Thank you! Now tell me how to copy the name of someone to answer.

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Seed11 @ 18.10.19, 22:13*
Now tell me how to copy the name of someone to answer.

Button "NAME" under the message the person to whom you answer;)

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Someone has put Russian voice acting on it? I can not find anywhere

Rep: (140)
Viomi have no voice packets, you can set. You can choose only that in the firmware - Chinese or English.

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* ValeryTim, Thank you

Rep: (14)
Hello! Tell me, please, what is better to take the version - with which mi home runs or viomi robot?

Rep: (2)
viomi robot seems to have not supported, at least evrovariant. I pylik release late August, the euro, and there in the quick start viomi robot is not even mentioned, only mi home.

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Good day!
It is one and the same vacuum cleaner? Which is better to take?

Rep: (693)
* mulyukov,
They are very similar, just look at the container with water, just Viomi probably will roll his version is now, and will do for the Xiaomei MiHoma though Viomi is also a smart home devices and a pile for China, but they agree with Xiaomei difficult to predict. It should take into account that the sellers do not care what to trade, as long as the goods are not stale.

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Who knows how to connect to Alice? I tried the region, Russia and China, reports added to 0 devices. As I understand viomi need to take care of support, although they probably do not care considering how long they have updated wrote. How to Alyx turned sale, thought is completely to score.

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Hello everyone. On Wednesday I will take him out of the store.
I understand that now after the update, you can choose in the Russian Mi Home?

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* Mishany777 , Yes.

Rep: (2)
And yet, as a programmed specific time job? There is a section automation, but it is not active.

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Hello everyone. I have a cleaner version viomi application. On the Internet I read that someone was able to flash it for application in E home writing in support viomi on facebook. I append to them. And they responded. Responded that the discontinued devices support (like mine) and firmware update is not possible. Here's how to be xs conductive. And so I wanted. There are craftsmen who can do something like this? In the vacuum cleaner has a micro yusb, but nothing appears when you connect. Maybe someone knows? Or sell it? Version with mihoum even added in the Chinese region.

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* Poison_17,
worth asking \ to search for those people who are allowed to \ gave the address to which you can upgrade to work with MiHomom, maybe it will help.
Now the robot work? Viomovskoe card app shows? the robot can be controlled through the application Viomi?

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* Medtesh,
the robot works. To him the claim is not clearly works. With the app periodically trouble. It does not see a robot that does not show the cleaning. I was not ios 13. Updates. I was then removed from the robot application and back zakonektit not get it. Androjda had to add, and then on your phone to your account to enter.

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