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Selection and comparison of vacuums

The theme is designed to facilitate the search and help in choosing the robot vacuum cleaners.

10 simple questions on the selection of the robot vacuum cleaner
All topics on the vacuum cleaner. and other utility

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Previously, to assist in the selection of future owners of the robot vacuum cleaner answering 10 simple questions on the selection of the robot vacuum cleaner for a specific apartment, but now almost everyone can choose their own reading robot specifications. Those to whom it may be too lazy to answer as before on these issues.
10 simple questions
1. The area of ​​the apartment?
2. Number of rooms?
3. The area of ​​the largest room space or united?
4. The composition of the coating?
5. The presence of the animals and what?
6. The presence of long-haired with long hair more than 25 cm?
7. Who will service robot (clean, empty the waste bin, monitor)?
8. How do you imagine the robot work?
9. Are you prepared to adjust the apartment for a robotic cleaning?
10. Budget?

In any case, all local topics about robots.

Any signs of comparison robots from different vendors and testers.
comparison table
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You can distribute in the subject model, tie them to specific makes and models.

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So, I hike in the theme you got the answers below, you need a robot Xiaomei in the ecosystem to work in mainland China without dancing with a tambourine and installing third-party applications mihom and dop.pereproshivkoy. Just bought it, I took out, set it and forget. Only need dry cleaning, but if the latest versions of pylikov Pts cool, I can buy the latest and just probably will not use a damp (it is not an important criterion in the selection)

1. The area of ​​the apartment? -70
2. Number of rooms? -2
3. The area of ​​the largest room space or united? -20
4. The composition of the coating? laminate flooring, a flat floor, a single circuit
5. The presence of the animals and what? - cats
6. The presence of long-haired with long hair more than 25 cm? Yes
7. Who will service robot (clean, empty the waste bin, monitor)? I
8. How do you imagine the robot work? E202 was hiaova, died
9. Are you prepared to adjust the apartment for a robotic cleaning? not
10. Budget? desirable to 20k, I am willing to wait to China

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* xaramburum
Your 202 worked fine? the apartment held a snake and returned confidence to the base?

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Sometimes something was missing, I think due to lack of lidar, ie I reached some etapap and left leaving a corridor not shelled at what he exactly nothing could stop to go further.

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* xaramburum
Then yes, it is worth taking a lidar, enough of the first version, but to no problem in China now is a bad fit, the robot must be a Chinese name plate from the bottom and the Chinese default voice, the latest releases of robots are already protected against use in other regions and what is firmware purchased your robot is not known what the dance with tambourines will be needed, and all can dock without problems. While the Chinese in the China region, working almost without any problems.

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Ripe still buy a robot vacuum cleaner, please tell me what is best to choose: Rumba 676 or Mi vacuum 1st generation? Price range is the same, I sit looking at them, I'm afraid to make a mistake) Disappointed that the rumba is no topic Or look at the 3-generation Mi vacuum, which in 3000 is more expensive, whether it is in what used to overpay?
1. 32 sq.m.
2. 1 bedroom.
3 17 sq.m.
4. Everywhere linoleum. The plans of the carpet in the hall.
5. Smooth cat.
6. None.
7. Only myself.
8. Dust, fine hairs .. wet cleaning would be a plus.
9. Yes, ready. (I have a minimalistic, single - kitten toys lying around)
10. It would be nice to meet the 15t. (Region up to 20t).

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* Steals_xxx,
it all depends on the priorities, if you need reliability and trouble-free the rumba, if necessary navigation and control it from your smartphone Xiaomei, Xiaomei first have worked for more than 3 years, Avito massively dohlyachkov not sell new stand from 13-14t.r. about Rumba can be read onXobotebut there is now nothing to write - Rumba just works, and the top models are not available for the majority of people. But the 6-7 series Rumba complete on Avito only change the battery from 3000r. there is much squeezed: yes2:.

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Who can tell us about genio deluxe 500? Elected by the reviews and assessments on YaMarkete.

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* Morik10,
This is the usual Chinese OEM robot, many of them under various trade names, about the life of 2-3 years depending on the conditions OPERATE, after 2.5 years, dramatically increasing the cost of maintenance - the wheels fall off, the payment will be covered, the fan Die unfortunately it is not always begins after this period is that much earlier. As the first robot well, nothing, it means that appreciated robouborka accustomed, and I started to break down - thrown out and bought the same class or the next, or anything more advanced. Very little reliable robots, this immediately raises the price or have to devote a lot of time to prolong life.

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Question on the topic, we need a simple robot pyletsosky without useless damp cleaning of the budget rangeTR 15-25
It is important to control from your smartphone on the Russian (to play me), and then do the cleaning visibility of how it goes.

Questionnaire will help if:
1.40-50 m2 - Area cleaning
2. 2-3 rooms + hall, kitchen - Number of rooms. It can be limited to the kitchen, hallway, bathroom
3. 15 meters - the largest area of ​​a room or space united?
4. Linoleum / carpet 2 - The composition of the coating?
5. Only a person - Availability of animals and what?
6. Only a person who is not present - The presence of long-haired with long hair more than 25 cm?
7. old fart - Who will service robot (clean, empty the waste bin, monitor)?
8. rolling on the floor, entertain guests, clean small dirt from the street - How do you imagine the robot work?
9. without fanaticism - Are you ready to adjust the apartment for a robotic cleaning?
10. $200-$450 - Budget?

Pre nakidal to a list in 15-17t.r range. :
Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner / 1s - with crap service and setting
Ecovacs DeeBot D500 - a new and cheap, with a decent view from the manufacturer, but without any comments
iRobot Roomba 676 - HS for pensinerov, apparently so.

While you want something more interesting, at the turn of 21-27t.r. :
Again iRobot (~ 695), again Ecovacs (~ D700), Xiaomi again (damn leg break)
It looks Clever & Clean AQUA-S, is also interesting but useless damp cloth. Of the benefits such as a quiet, neat to furniture and with support in Russia, but it removes the bad and incomprehensible support for smartphones.

Someone might like:
Weissgauff, iLife (it also Chuwi) and a dozen more.

Greatly alarmed model:
Okami / Panda, iClebo

But those from whom I was waiting for something reliable, seemingly obsolete, although I could be wrong:
Samsung - very expensive, for the weak performance of models
Hundai / LG / - nothing interesting we have not seen, probably looked.
Siemens / Tefal - and this does sound like surrender. Even apps on the smartphone not.

Personally, I need to choose the beginning of November. But your eyes and really run away .. I thought it would be easier.

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* Outrate,
for seniors simpler the better, on the Rumba is great, the area is small.
ButXiaomei 1,He closes his eyes for all of your and territorial and price ranges.

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Hello! Anybody considering to buy pylik Xiaomi Viomi V2. Separate threads found on it

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* Den_ka,
yet few of them, made a little worse than roborok somewhat lighter version, as this robot from Viomi -partnora Xiaomei. Now lidar robots became a lot, even though it is connected to Mihomu yet the masses of users.

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Medtesh @ 12.10.19, 19:39*
thrown out and buy any of the same class

iRobot Roomba 676

Do I understand correctly, it is a good workhorse, on the basis of price / quality, or better still Mi? Just buy one year / one and a half, a new vacuum cleaner is not very much like)

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* Medtesh,
and if somewhere a post dedicated to the differences 3 versions pylekov Xiaomei? to see whether it makes sense to take 2u or third version if wet cleaning is not interested

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I join the question!

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* Medtesh , Well and functional characteristics better than the 1 and 2 Generation

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* Morik10,
if you could answer 10 simple questions, you could say that you are better suited, it all depends on your environment.
For my kopeck piece with old carpet and cat Rumba 2008 release partially podrihtovannaya to 6xx series perfect option when there is no one to clean up more - it works.

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* bumbastic85,
no, in the internet is full of all sorts of comparisons and reviews on this subject, but the differences only fishechkami smartphone and opportunities robot parcels in specific scheduled cleaning places with different fan capacity, the number of times within the established limits, the technical characteristics are identical, the fans are the same frequency the rotation of the side brush is the same, the size of the main brush is the same, even the batteries are the same, a set of components for developing a model one, the rest is just all in.
You can of course endlessly discuss that in S6 has a water supply switch with 2 positions, and in S1 all the container with water is not that S1 can not send a robot to quickly delineated area for the local harvest, but that everything can change a check delivered by the producer in MiHome or plugin specific robot.
Better or worse than a specific robot? it is very difficult to say, this can only assume that in your specific conditions which then will clean better - which is better - to collect a certain number of garbage that is on the floor on a daily basis. The more you run the robot cleaner will be on the floor.

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