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Automatic clicker | Simple and convenient autoclicer, swipe

Rep: (150)
Automatic Clicker
Version: 4.8.11

Last update of the program in the header:23.09.2020

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Short description:
Simple and convenient autoclicer, swipe

Automatic clicker is guaranteed to click, clicks or will spend at any time of the screen with any selected interval.

Automatic clicker does not require root access and works in full-screen applications!

If you have ever had to keep up the activity in the game, constantly press the same button, touch the screen as quickly as possible ... We can help you.

Our team SimpleHat promises that all functions will remain free. We always give the opportunity to get rid of advertising for a small fee and try to make advertising as intrusive as possible.

Program features:
• Each click point is fully programmable.
• Several ways to adjust the stop time. Select the time of day or stop after the specified time period.
• Easy to save and load any configuration you make.
• Support randomization! You can set and randomize clicks and coordinates.
• And many other features ...
• All our features are provided free of charge from the start!

Android required: 7.0+
Russian interface: Yes

Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=simplehat.clicker
YouTube videos: https://youtu.be/h8ydfl2bsou.

Version: 4.8.11 Pro (denrusvrn)
Version: 4.8.10 Automatic clicker (razalina)
Version: 4.8.6 Automatic clicker (razalina)
version: 4.8.0 Attached fileAutomatic-Clicker-4-8-0.apk (2.48 MB)

Past versions

Post has been editediMiKED - 16.12.20, 16:37
Reason for editing: Update: Modification 8.4.11 Dark topic.

Rep: (0)
Tell me what I'm doing wrong.
Clicks do not launch, nor in a single multipurpose regime.
Android 9, Huawei Nova 3. No root (Does it work without root?).
The resolution was given.

Rep: (259)
JokerCoi @ 05.10.20, 00:07*
Some kind of permission

That's exactly what ", maybe not that?!
Without root - works.
There at least 2 permissions need.

Rep: (0)
semen1970 @ 05.10.20, 10:53*
That's exactly what ", maybe not that?!
Without root - works.
There at least 2 permissions need.

I figured out ... Bentally needed to restart the phone.

Rep: (259)
JokerCoi @ 05.10.20, 22:23*
Bentally needed to restart the phone.

Strange. This is usually not necessary, on 7.1, 8.1 and 9.0 never needed to reload.

Rep: (18)
I have Redmi 9. The clicker works only if you restart the phone. No matter how I pressed two volume buttons, it does not work. All the time turns on the window with the start button. I reboot the phone, then it works. What can be done?

Rep: (4)
The same story, permits it seems. But the program does not get it, it seems.
After the reboot works only once before closing
Further resolution does not work again
Miui 12

Rep: (0)
And under android 6.0 this program is not? :from

Rep: (49)
* semen1970 , sorry for offtopic. Tell me, please, such a clicker to work on 6 android without root. Thanks!

Rep: (6)
Can someone answer this clicker? Is it possible to configure under instagram for subscriptions? So that clicking on the subscription leafed down. I quickly clicks and runs in general it is incomprehensible how to use

Rep: (0)
Tell me, and how to do not click, namely swipe? Well, too, pressing in one place, stretch to a certain point and let go?

Rep: (10)
Does not click on Aliexpress games} -)

Rep: (259)
Dreamkz @ 02.11.20, 16:17*
Tell me, please, such a clicker to work on 6 android without root. Thank you!

read herefrom hereAnd a little further.
Please note that the person did not provide a video proof, so all his arguments are in principle unfounded.
She downloadedthisMaud.
Somewhere in the MOD APK club clarified that the program will not work below the 7th Andryukha, but I do not want to search for me.
Only on Android 7.0+ appeared suitable permissions for the operation of autoclickers. Or do you seriously think that the workers would not start this application on Android below 7.0?

Post has been editedsemen1970 - 09.11.20, 23:07

Rep: (0)
Advise the same application to the computer

Rep: (4)
The autoclicer pop-up panel disappears when entering the phone settings. How to fix it? It's important to me!
Firmware version: A205FNXXU8BTG
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Attached Image

Post has been editedANFOR? - 27.11.20, 11:23

Rep: (0)
Stewarded the constant cleaning of the application and re-issuing rights. Who can say about what happens?

Attached images
Attached Image

Post has been editedHeiwen34. - 14.11.20, 19:20

Rep: (259)
Heiwen34 @ 11/14/20, 19:19*
Stewarded the constant cleaning of the application and re-issuing rights.

If you strongly stuck and constantly use, put autorun to sabzh - it should help.
Well, accordingly, the mode - without restrictions.

Post has been editedsemen1970 - 15.11.20, 08:28

Rep: (120)
* Alex.Strannik For some reason it does not work at all. I tried a different time click. Probably probably 5th autoclicer trying, for some reason they stopped working at Smarton at all, although I give permission all. What could be the reason?

Post has been editedKevin21 - 18.11.20, 19:28

Rep: (14364)
* Kevin21 , I will surely believe. But I'm not a developer of this product

Rep: (2)
Good time of day!

There is a more detailed instruction or video demonstration how to use?

Post has been editedZhakeKZ - 27.11.20, 06:53

Rep: (259)
Kevin21 @ 11/18/20, 19:27*
What could be the reason?

In your Android system.
We are trying to be cool, buying the newest (well, or almost the newest) gadgets and only then understand that in pursuit of the new we become hostages of Google policy.
Do not think for oftop.
Try this clicker if it does not go - the system.

Posted on 11/27/2020, 10:01:

Anfor? @ 11.11.20, 12:58*
it's important to me!

It is important to learn to write without errors. And you clearly kill the application. Examine your system.

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Attached fileAUTO CLICKER 1.3.8 PROS.APK(4.83 MB)

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