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1AliCent | Buy goods for a cent and coins before anyone else on AliExpress

Rep: (204)
Version: 1.3.10
Last update of the program in the header:10.01.2021

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Short description:
Buy goods for a cent and coins before anyone else, find promotions and discounts, participate in the "Carpe Diem". Is free!

We accumulated a lot of coins, but do not have time to buy goods for a cent on AliExpress? You want to keep abreast of the current discounts, promotions and sales AliEkspress?
AliCent application allows daily and free to participate in sweepstakes catalog for $ 0.01 - we know how to have time to buy a product for 1 cent!
AliTsent also help in drawing Seize the moment to find profitable products to buy Ali and instantly notifies significant discount.

• Spend a lot of time to choose the order parameters of a coin? 1AliCent knows the complete set of goods 24 hours before the draw - you will have time to think (a lot of time :)
• There is still time to try to open the goods on the clock to buy products for $ 0.01? in the application time is synchronized to within thousandths of a second, the payment page is opened fully automatically in Ali app!
• Do not want to enter a username and password from the account in the third-party applications? AliCent can use without entering credentials!
• Also available tabs with goods sold at a low price, and discounts with customizable push notifications for a suitable rating.
• And most importantly: the freebie should be a freebie. We have no "credit" and mandatory payments - use free of charge.
Download and vote for yourself!)

Android required: 5.0
Russian interface: Yes
Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ru.foxyowl.alicent

Version: 1.3.10: 1ALICENT (post lvware # 103245342)

Past versions
Version: 1.3.91: 1ALICENT (Roma Post2912 # 102190973)
Version: 1.3.8 (NEW): 1ALICENT (post Foxyowl # 101242644)
Version: 1.3.7 (NEW 2): 1ALICENT (post foxyowl # 99879152)
Version: 1.3.7 (NEW): 1ALICENT (post Foxyowl # 99720286)
Version: 1.3.7: 1ALICENT (post foxyowl # 99538786)
Version: 1.3.6 (NEW): 1ALICENT (post Foxyowl # 99313740)
Version: 1.3.6: 1ALICENT (post Foxyowl # 99000995)
Version: 1.3.5: 1AliCent (Post Foxyowl # 97873529)
Version: 1.3.4: 1AliCent (Post Foxyowl # 97603188)
Version: 1.3.3: 1AliCent (Post Foxyowl # 97388510)
Version: 1.3.2: 1AliCent (Post Foxyowl # 96946130)
Version: 1.3.1: 1AliCent (Post Foxyowl # 96668688)
Version: 1.3.0 (new 2): 1AliCent (Post Foxyowl # 96178796)
Version: 1.2.9: 1AliCent (Post Foxyowl # 95188052)
Version: 1.2.8: 1AliCent (Post Foxyowl # 94781265)
Version: 1.2.7 1AliCent (Post Foxyowl # 93885438)
Version: 1.2.6 1AliCent (Foxyowl)
Version: 1.2.5 1AliCent (Foxyowl)
Version: 1.2.4 Post в„–2656, author Foxyowl
Version: 1.2.3 1AliCent (Post Foxyowl # 91612062) [/ b]
Version: 1.2.2 1AliCent (Post Foxyowl # 91162487)
Version: 1.2.1 1AliCent (Post Foxyowl # 90933661)
Version: 1.2 1AliCent (Post Foxyowl # 90662129)
Version: 1.1.3 1AliCent (Post fedsv71 # 89048589)
Version: 1.1.2 1AliCent (Post Foxyowl # 88807433)
1.0.8 1AliCent (Post And_RU # 87578569)
1.0.7 1AliCent (Post Foxyowl # 87457566)
1AliCent (Post TheCh1 # 87259565)
1.0.4 1AliCent (Post Foxyowl # 87234298)
1.0.3 1AliCent (Post ilooli # 87176952)
1.0.2 1AliCent (Post ilooli # 87032865)Attached file1AliCent_1.0.1.apk(4.62 MB)

Important information!
savagemessiahzine.comNot an official 1ALICENT support channel, your questions, please ask contacts on the Settings tab in the application.

Contact developers can be on the terminals on the Settings tab in the application.

The experience of a successful or unsuccessful "hunt" is prohibited here for goods and other messages that are not directly related to the 1ALICENT program.
For free communication is open1alicent club

Warning в„–1: 1AliCent (Post iMiKED # 91614856)
Warning в„–2: 1AliCent (Post gar_alex # 93611237)and1ALICENT (post gar_alex # 101599044)
Publication of modified versions of the applicationis prohibited, The developer is present in the subject:Foxyowl (profile onsavagemessiahzine.com)

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Rep: (0)
And why it became written that at such a time the 90 Ali coins are spiked, but in essence 50 put. So how much will they take?

Rep: (3)
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What about the server? You can not choose the goods.

Rep: (0)
I support the wishes about adding the favorites function. It is very difficult to track the desired lots when their hundreds ...

And it would be nice to the story of Alikov - when how much it was added, when how much was outlived, otherwise, sometimes neopsy arise ..

And also puzzled by bets on 100 thousands of Alikov. Workers, admit, are you or cheaters? ;)

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Attached Image

Post has been edited! 4p - 06.09.20, 16:51

Rep: (204)
A new version1ALICENT - 1.3.7 (NEW) !

What's new?
- Important corrections and improvements

Download: Attached file1ALICENT_1.3.7_new.apk. (4.34 MB)

Rep: (56)
Foxyowl @ 09.09.20, 20:07*
Important corrections and improvements

So this version was already why build does not change already any time?

Rep: (2208)
Nichicon @ 11.09.20, 19:14*
Do Aliki return if the seller has not sent the goods? And the order is closed, and the refund is made. A?

Do not return. With your Aliki, you have taken a position in the car park. You did not send the goods, but could send to another person who had a chance for. This is a fee for success, rather than getting a product.

Rep: (2208)
Nichicon @ 11.09.20, 19:19*
I have not taken anything to anyone! This seller is guilty.

You did not understand. You paid Alika for a place in the auto park. These places are limited. If you were not sent, then this is not the fault of the application. The application is created to increase the chances of buying goods, but does not guarantee 100% delivery of it.
In the slot of the car could be another person and he could have been sent. Why do you return Aliki if you have already had a successful purchase? It is unfair to other users who, because of the successful purchase (as you), decreased the number of alikes.

Post has been editedTheCh - 11.09.20, 21:25

Rep: (2721)
* nichicon ,
Submit a complaint to the UN: D, there are no other options.

Rep: (2208)
Nichicon @ 11.09.20, 19:26*
It would be fair to lay out the screenshot that the goods were not sent, but from the developers to return Aliki. I'm wrong?
Thech @ 11.09.20, 19:22*
It is unfair to other users who, because of the successful purchase (as you), decreased the number of alikes.

Post has been editedTheCh - 11.09.20, 21:27

Rep: (2721)
Nichicon @ 11.09.20, 20:26*
It would be fair

Justice and rules establishes the author of the program. We still have to rejoice as we can use the program to freeze :)

Rep: (2208)
Alik-11 @ 11.09.20, 19:35*
We can rejoice

One hundred percent.

Rep: (2721)
Nichicon @ 11.09.20, 20:40*
They are on our freebies in gold go! Or are you naive everyone think that in this world something else is without compensated? : lol:

Well, use the program as if nobody forces ..

Rep: (48)
Only with the playmarket application downloaded more than 10 times. The developer has nothing more to do than to sit in days and study the screenshots of users to accuracy and find out the problems of delivering goods. Where is 1ALICENT? The developer is so every day bombed in a personal with questionnaires on working capacity on different models of smartphones, etc.

Rep: (5)
* nichicon , I returned with 50 Alikov yesterday.

Rep: (519)
Nichicon @ 14.09.20, 17:54*
Write to them in the cart, here they do not appear every week.

Rep: (357)
AMIGOSTEAM @ 14.09.20, 17:46*
Write to them in the cart, here they do not appear every week.
There is no point in writing, for the unlocking, Aliki is not returned by the rules.

Rep: (6)
The application works fine, but the second day of a consecutive sellers on the autotropkupplication seal paid delivery.

Rep: (204)
A new version1ALICENT - 1.3.7 (NEW 2) !

What's new?
- Error correction

Download: Attached file1ALICENT_1.3.7_New2.apk. (4.34 MB)

Rep: (1)
* nichicon , no one will return anything, I have every 4 purchase, such nonsense

Post has been editedvalkanmaxim - 16.09.20, 09:40

Rep: (0)
Maybe someone knows, the auto park is already 12 times in a row zero.

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