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1AliCent | Buy goods for a cent and coins before anyone else on AliExpress

Rep: (194)
version: 1.3.5
Last update of the program in the header:01.07.2020

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Short description:
Buy goods for a cent and coins before anyone else, find promotions and discounts, participate in the "Carpe Diem". Is free!

We accumulated a lot of coins, but do not have time to buy goods for a cent on AliExpress? You want to keep abreast of the current discounts, promotions and sales AliEkspress?
AliCent application allows daily and free to participate in sweepstakes catalog for $ 0.01 - we know how to have time to buy a product for 1 cent!
AliTsent also help in drawing Seize the moment to find profitable products to buy Ali and instantly notifies significant discount.

• Spend a lot of time to choose the order parameters of a coin? 1AliCent knows the complete set of goods 24 hours before the draw - you will have time to think (a lot of time :)
• There is still time to try to open the goods on the clock to buy products for $ 0.01? in the application time is synchronized to within thousandths of a second, the payment page is opened fully automatically in Ali app!
• Do not want to enter a username and password from the account in the third-party applications? AliCent can use without entering credentials!
• Also available tabs with goods sold at a low price, and discounts with customizable push notifications for a suitable rating.
• And most importantly: the freebie should be a freebie. We have no "credit" and mandatory payments - use free of charge.
Download and vote for yourself!)

Android required: 5.0
Russian interface: Yes
Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ru.foxyowl.alicent

Version: 1.3.5: 1AliCent (Post Foxyowl # 97873529)

Past versions

Important information!
According to the decision of the administrationsavagemessiahzine.comtopic under supervision.
Contact developers can be on the terminals on the Settings tab in the application.
Prohibited flood, offtopic experience, successful or unsuccessful, "hunting" for goods and other messages, not directly related to the program 1AliCent discussion.

Warning в„–1: 1AliCent (Post iMiKED # 91614856)
Warning в„–2: 1AliCent (Post gar_alex # 93611237)
The publication of any modified versionsis prohibited, The developer is present in the subject:Foxyowl (profile onsavagemessiahzine.com)

Post has been editedFoxyowl - 01.07.20, 23:36
Reason for editing: New version: 1.3.5

Rep: (2187)
At the moment, not all countries available for installation from the Play Market.
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Rep: (19)
What kind of bug: why this program is a commodity for a cent in large numbers for tomorrow, for example, belts 108sht and the original Ali or in another program for coins and cents of this product is no longer.

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Rep: (677)
* VitaliySA ,
If the cache in the device does not have enough then obviously it is necessary to clean or change the application.
Others have
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Rep: (29)
Well, who checked on his shady dealings?

Rep: (933)
all. who lavish 10 - otmolchatsya ..

Rep: (2187)
brutus-som @ 14.07.19, 8:03*
all. who lavish 10 - otmolchatsya ..

Bought Cable (10pcs per lot was)
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Rep: (88)
brutus-som @ 14.07.19, 12:03*
who at 10 stint
Belt took them 108 were: D

Rep: (393)
* TheCh1,
Automatic payment was or had to press a button
Or the goods had already been ordered and not paying hung?

Post has been editednoyhay - 14.07.19, 11:58

Rep: (2187)
noyhay @ 14.07.19, 9:57*
Automatic payment was or had to press a button

We had to push. Page button payment appeared instantly.

Rep: (393)
* TheCh1, Thank you, that would not pay for it in itself is thrown)

Rep: (2187)
noyhay @ 14.07.19, 10:00*
Now it would not pay for itself in the thrown)

To do this, there is another application)

Rep: (27)
Everything worked, choose a belt))), the push came, pushed, spread to the payment, sorry did not have time, run out of the straps .... tupnul lad)))), and a working application, phone xiaomi redmi 4x from China, was surprised that the program all resolutions put itself in the auto mode, only the lock on her hung

Rep: (51)
I is not suitable auto-tuning and cleaning and rebooted. Are there any steps that makes this auto-tuning to be done manually.
P.s. shut up in my opinion to the default actions

Rep: (194)
I decided to register on the forum, to allay the fears of some members of the forum. Fear, as they say, big eyes.
Saw a screenshot where the program was accused of debiting the bank Tinkoff! I declare that this is complete nonsense)
The program is physically no code to do this. On the contrary, as the asking higher payment button is pressed automatically in part because to not be able to harm the user and leave the decision to purchase a product (and payment) exclusively for them.
Without going through a tuning program polls the server about goods and coupons and receives a notification of the selected campaigns.
With the passage of auto-tuning program puts itself the default for opening alishnyh links and allows for a job in the background (on some modified firmware manufacturers) to ensure delivery of push notifications and launch the appropriate services to the raffle. After that there is the possibility to choose the products for coins and participate in the sweepstakes. noAccount access Ali, passwords, etc. yavkam the program does not!
Free lunch, of course, only in a mousetrap, but like many other "helpers" for purchases main monetization strategy - keshbeki user orders. And of course the design takes into account that if you activate keshbek own, he will get to you and only you.
If you have questions - ask, I'll try to answer.

Rep: (2187)
Foxyowl @ 14.07.19, 11:26*
If you have questions - ask, I'll try to answer.

I think there will be an update to spread, but would like to be updated from a GP. Open the EU to install from the Market? You can only Portugal)

Post has been editedTheCh1 - 14.07.19, 13:37

Rep: (142)
* TheCh1 In Pleymarkete appeared update program.

Rep: (2187)
ximik283339 @ 14.07.19, 11:39*
Pleymarkete appeared in the program update.

"Not available in your country"
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Rep: (142)
* TheCh1 , Today I failed to buy the goods, there were 5 pieces graters. When all install the application, chances are, as in manual mode, where I won a lot of lots, even when it was 1 pc.

Rep: (6)
Sony Xperia z5 runoff 7.1.1, Redmi note 7 is not a Chinese version - the program does not work.
PS as well as the belt, in the amount of 108 pieces, picked up a pen, but damn for the delivery of a little more than 2 bucks (((.
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Post has been editedCh00J0y - 14.07.19, 13:51
Reason for editing: PS

Rep: (2187)
ximik283339 @ 14.07.19, 11:45*
When all install the application, chances are, as in manual mode, where I won a lot of lots

Will steer devaysa speed and user response. All the same, it installs the application will be less than those who are trying to catch the handles with a timer .. Accordingly, unnecessary movements smaller and more chances.

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