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DiscussionMECOOL K6 DVB S2-T2-C Android 7,0 TV Box
Tv box
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The operating system is Android 7,0
Hisilicon HI3798M processor, quad-core, ARM Cortex-A53
Mali-450 GPU, Penta-core, 750 MHz
DDR3 2GB RAM + 16 GB Integrated memory
Dual-band WiFi 2,4 GHz 5 GHz +
100 Mbps Ethernet
Supports the display image 4 K ultra HD
Support for H.265 decoding
A photo
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Link to video review MECOOL K6

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What the topic was here, her place in the section, DVB receivers, is a full-fledged DVB receiver as KIII-KII-KI Pro DVB-S2 / T2, I use it for about a month, impressions until positive prekrastno work with satellites, digital channels (cable not tested) and multimedia applications, the temperature sensor is not present, the touch is heated to 50 degrees, put all the fan, powered by its USB TV, from consoles did not dare, because in off state to a USB connector is present tension in 1c.

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Yes it is probably one yet for all these devices 20190403 192521test.
here is a link to other resources to the discussion and the ability to download Oskam

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Why ask about the version, two nedli I received this prefix and the first days of a problem there. Let's watch what channel do not be in a DVB-T2
2-3 minutes prefix flies to the main screen. With such a view there is a constant periodicity, sometimes by itself restarts the console. This assumption
that crooked installed firmware as well, too 20190403 192521test. You can on your set-top box to backup the firmware and put it here or e-mail Mr.
to try to flash?

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To begin, try to reset to factory via menu, with backups have to wait for the more advanced, there is a reset button, look here, there is a photo and devaysa kpopka
reset, the second photo in front of USB, DTV can send, I myself made the right backup.

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And how are you with the temperature to the touch, read on the topic of KIII pro.chto reload from the high temperatures of the CPU, so many put ventilyator.Ya put myself too, though including NTV + 4K temperature of 47-50 degrees, took it for a finger with the cover removed.

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At the touch of a finger on the body slightly warm. In it a radiator factory there? I open the housing there by snap all likely? That opened lower or upper part?

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The radiator is on hot melt adhesives, the size of 2.5 to 2.5 approximately 2 screws under the rubber bands on the legs, one under seal and latches, remove the top cover, gently, I like the two extremes are not tried yet broken off, but they pulled screws.

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On the iron if it is an analog box uClan Ustym 4K PRO? But uClan Ustym 4K PRO installed Linux Enigma2, but write that developers are working on the installation of the android.

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Link to prshivku uClan Ustym 4K PRO

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Different in iron, after months of testing I enigma already worthlessness, switching between satellites through daysik instant, the motor with a bang (in the enigma worse than it was), in between the aunt just rustling, the transition between S2 and T2 second, just have everything correctly set up, the type of application, hdbox and dr.rabotayut without key problems, IPTV works connected
Mecool G10 Air Mouse, set google app voice search rabotaet.Da impossible to change the launcher, yes, okay, I'm used to it, may not have enough different kinds of decorations, both on the enigma, it is not fatal, the main thing that functionality worked.

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Link to the firmware linukssat:

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Colleagues! All the good days!
Came K6. A few questions:
- have a working, proplachennaya Tricolor Card, see the side of the gap under it - which side to insert? Chip up or down?
- pas similar to conditional access CI + DVB adapter that is inserted into the TV - how to see it on the K6? Or not at all?
- pzhl, perezaleyte android satbox. supercam-Hi3798MV200-V3.apk to enable smart data work in the menu.
- completely green in the topic card sharringa ... what to do with smart data work? For example, NTV + like to see?

Thank you all in advance!

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Card Tricolor, supported only recommended equipment from the Tricolor, to see the Tricolor on other devices, you need a conditional access module and the card receiver for this module, with the support of the license of the standard, which is not supported by your device, due to the lack of such , hardware.
Only Aunt Shura.

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Attached fileth_dtv.apk(4.29 MB)

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Everio @ 02.07.19, 14:13*
Came K6. A few questions: - have a working, proplachennaya Tricolor Card, see the side of the gap under it - which side to insert? Chip up or down - pas similar to conditional access CI + DVB adapter that is inserted into the TV - how to see it on the K6? Or not at all?

Do not understand the criterion chosen devaysa, if you look across the map, then there are recommended equipment b \ y, they overwhelmed with all trading platforms in the internet, aunt you use do not know how, and even easier to learn to use Aunt Shura on a conventional receiver with Linux.

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* valeriy.bbk Colleague! Thank you for the files. 7 min. and set up the ball)

Posted on 07/02/2019, 22:05:

valeriy.bbk @ 2.07.19, 21:52*
I do not understand the criterion chosen devaysa
Yes I have a lot of them) decided on the full moon pyuzat)

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and DTV native why, or I do not understand.

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valeriy.bbk @ 2.07.19, 22:09*
and why native DTV
DTV is not set, only supercam to activate the card sharing. By the way, the Tricolor card also saw the device, insert the necessary chip up) but does not decode the signal ... and sorry

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What are your impressions of the box, which are using in conjunction tv, my Samsung plasma E series that would normally appear on any program to choose 16 * 9, if you choose a car, then not everywhere korektno aspect ratio.

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