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Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4 - Accessories
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All your wishes for the organization of hats readyhear out topic curator - HazyGolfSuper !

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* zoomer211 ,
No scratch, there is soft like paralon pasted.
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People, let Referring to Ali, at the bracelet / strap on the arm of the child, for the girls, and the original very large and uncomfortable. THX.

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* Bibiagekul,
Bend the second, 3 months ushatalsya, fell out of the plastic insert strap on another burst oval buckle on the strap. So it is not so difficult it ushatat.)))

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hyuuu @ 22.08.19, 0:19*
Py.sy. OMG has 1300+ orders. When I bought a week ago, I was a little more than 100.
on one of the coupon sites recently laid her. I just found out from there and also ordered. So, perhaps, and from there came the orders

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* pinchermen , not easy to glue

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* perforatorshik And the third band not ushatalsya year. So, a couple of cats tsarapok) bought three in August 2018, clung, clung to the cat paws and nothing alive, intact), even now at the 4 band put on 3 to newcomer in the country are not dirty)))

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Pascale @ 21.07.19, 20:56*
Clothespin-ordered charge with Ali, will come in a month. We distance between + \ - 3.5 mm, found suitable, then unsubscribe here

Charging come, all is well, the main charges. To enter the contacts in the capsule on the strap with inner zipper, we must try, as the elastic strap closes part of their :)

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Maybe someone need film for 10 cents.
True, one on the ACC
6.10 rub. 91% DISCOUNT | For Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Protective Film for Screen Xiaomi Mi Band 4 smart bracelet accessories fullscreen permeable film

Another item that is selling. Also one in the ACC.
6.10 rub. 91% DISCOUNT | For Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Protective Film for Screen Xiaomi Mi Band 4 smart bracelet accessories fullscreen permeable film

Total two-10

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* Pascale ,
Quote: Pascale @ 21.07.19, 20:56 Charge-Ordered clothespin with Ali, will come in a month. We distance between + \ - 3.5 mm, found suitable, then accomplish your goal here.
Charging come, all is well, the main charges.

How many days shipping out?
Throw Seller link.

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* permihail, month, AliExpress saver shipping, had to pay for shipping, I do not like the delivery chainao or how it got there)

234.29 rubles. -50% | 2-pin 3,5 or 4 mm Clamp type, charging cable support smart bracelet watch Smart charging via USB emergency backup battery charger

But laid out a cheaper charge last page when I was looking for did not find cheaper.

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Something a lot of people have problems with the films, commissioned films at random, came the third time stuck on the principle of "the wet": leaned edge under the film the spray of water, lined neatly and drove out the excess water. a month the film holds no bubble or peel off the edge, clings to clothing, wear in the hall, in the water, too, does not come unstuck. Price paltry, a good film. Delivery in Ukraine about 2 weeks + -. On a dry gluing it useless, then crooked, it bubbles.

Suddenly someone useful.

https: //ru.aliexpress....311.0.0.274233edjuDSvt

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Another onecharging.

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* ibanezjr , That this general top

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Price is also a top ...

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Who wants to seal the glass film - can be purchased at auto shops protective transparent film.
They have quite a few options, including very thin.
In the automobile major films have always, here and now.

I tape the bracelet glass, but stuck to the glass of another device.
If there is any way of direct hands - can be cut to fit anything.
The more so that the film can be 100 re-buy half a meter meter, do nemeryannom samples, and in addition the bracelet to seal everything.

Stick this tape is very easy, no spetsmetodov not required, just neatly pasted without bubbles.

But this film is usually a feature.
After sticking it becomes perfectly clear immediately.
First, under the film can be seen some unevenness, causing distortion, but in three days-four everything becomes OK.

This film is removed quite easily, but she sure did not become unglued.


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* Troll,
The normal price, I think. Without kolhozinga (with all due respect to Komrad, do exercises).

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Charger-prischepka..est difference for NFSi without him?

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* barbalyga , Of course not. Capsules identical in both versions of the bracelet

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Today I finally got the same charge-clothespin. All super runs. It falls on good contacts and does not subside with them even when moving from place to place. Now you can be calm for the latch on the metal bracelet.
https: //ru.aliexpress....311.0.0.274233edl1vYNX

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* SeriousX , How much this beauty?)

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