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FAQ of general instructions and recommendations for Xiaomi devices

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FAQ of general instructions and recommendations for Xiaomi devices
PictureMi, Mi Max, Mi Mix, Mi Note, Mi Pad, Redmi, Redmi Note, Pocophone
Catalog of models | Bootloader unlocking » | Mi Account » | General guidelines and recommendations »

Mini F.A.Q.

Drivers and Utilities
savagemessiahzine.com | QDLoader HS-USB Driver | 32/64-bit
savagemessiahzine.com | ADB / Fastboot Driver 1.4.3 | 32/64-bit
savagemessiahzine.com | ADB Driver Lite | 32/64-bit
AFH | Minimal ADB and Fastboot | 1.4.2 | Setup
MiFlash (MIUI ROM Flashing Tool) - Of site MiFlash Pro QPST (Qualcomm Product Support Tools) SP Flash Tool (for MTK devices) Adb / fastboot miscellanea
About firmware
useful links

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Install official firmware on the device with a locked bootloader
using XiaoMiTool or XiaomiADB
Method 1 - XMT
It is necessary:
  • XiaoMiTool program - Attached fileXMT_0.5.2.zip (87.67 MB)
  • The device in the mode:Recovery - Sonnect with MiAssistant

  • Download and install the program
  • Go to the folder with the program and run a shortcutFastFlash
    Attached Image

  • In the flash selection is formulated as follows:
    • The first two paragraphs are putting firmware type (eg Global Stable and Global Developer)
    • The third point - None
    • The fourth item - None
    Attached Image

    Chinese firmware oftenNOTfinds!

  • PushSelect
  • Connect the device by selecting the item rekaveriMi assistant
  • Once the device is determined automatically will download process and install the selected firmware
    Attached Image

  • At the end of a successful firmware upgrade, the device will reboot.
Method 2 - XADB
The main difference from the previous method, it is possible to sew already downloaded the firmware. But still passes validation servers.

  • Xiaomi ADB -Attached fileXiaomiADB.zip(1.11 MB)
  • Official firmware forRecovery \ System
  • The device in the mode:Recovery - Mi Assistant

  • Download Xiaomi ADB and unpack on drive C;
  • In the same folder to put the firmware archive;
  • Connect the device in the modeSonnect with MiAssistant(Boot into rekaveri and select third paragraph);
  • Drag the file with the firmware on XiaomiADB.exeoropen the console (in a folder to hold Shift and click the RMB, select "Open Command Window") anddial:
    xiaomiadb sideload_miui nazvanie_arhiva.zip
    Attached Image

  • When finished, the device will reboot;

In case of any errors after installation, it is recommended to format data, the command:
xiaomiadb format-data

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Installing firmware with TWRP
(only for unlocked bootloader)

  • TWRP image from renamerecovery.img , Throw in a folder images firmware, replacing the stock rekaveri.
  • The necessarybat file make changes to the text editor, a better Notepad ++ ( Besidesflash_all_lock.bat and flash_all_lock_crc.bat Or you will get a brick):
    flash_all.bat- clean install
    flash_all_except_storage.bat- rewrite data preservation
  • Open a text editor, and in the end find a line like this:
    fastboot% * reboot

  • Replaced by:
    fastboot% * boot% ~ dp0images \ recovery.img || @echo "Boot error" && exit / B 1

  • Save changes.
  • Flash modefastboot a command line or MiFlash.
  • After closure, the apparatusautomatically reboot into TWRP , For its further use - in particular for installing the patch or kernel obtain Root.

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How to create a backup of applications and data through ADB
(Ruth works without rights)

Is required
  • Platform-Tools
  • USB debugging
  • ADB drivers
Creating a backup
  • Download Platform-Tools and unpack at the example of the path C: / adb
  • connect the device
  • Open a command prompt and type to be scanned (when a window with a request to allow connection):
    adb devices

  • It turns out about the answer
    Attached Image

  • Next, enter the command to create a backup:
    In this case, backup application, the data cache in the OBB, application data on a memory card
    adb backup -apk -all -shared -obb -f c: \ adb \ data.ab
    In this case, backup application, the data for iskyucheniem system applications, the cache in the OBB, application data on a memory card
    adb backup -apk -all -shared -obb -nosystem -f c: \ adb \ data.ab
    In this case, only the data backup
    adb backup -all -f c: \ adb \ data.ab

  • After that, the command line appears, that is required to unlock the screen of the device and confirm the backup. We allow.
    Attached Image

  • After graduating from the file's backup will be based on the specified path.
    Attached Image
adb restore c: \ adb \ data.ab
Adb run
All this can be done utility ADB Run -https://androidp1.ru/s...roid-i-vosstanovlenie/

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Saving and restoring IMEI via QPST (Qualcomm)

Is required
I did everything without any Root rights.
Attached Image

  • Established QPST
  • USB debugging
  • Platform tools
  • Translating device in the diagnostic mode
    Attached ImageAttached Image
    adb devices
    # Check the connection
    adb shell
    # terminal
    setprop sys.usb.config diag, adb
    # Translation device in diagnostic mode
    setprop sys.usb.config rndis, diag, adb
    # Translation device in diagnostic mode

  • Run QPST Configuration
    Attached Image

  • If the device does not appear automatically, manually add: pressAdd New Port ... , Remove the check mark " Show Serial and USB / QC Diagnostic ports only "In two fields we register our COM-port, then click OK
    Attached Image
    Attached Image
    Attached Image

  • FurtherStart Clients -> Software Download
    Attached Image

  • In the window that opens, select the tabBackuppushBrowse, Specify a folder to save, as well as the type of stored files (xqcnorqcn)
    Attached Image

  • PushStart, Will the backup process. After which will beMemory Backup Completed
    Attached Image
    Attached Image

  • backup created
  • Open the tabRestore, Specify the backup file
    Attached Image

  • PushStartand wait for the end of the process
    Attached Image
Recovery, if there is no backup
This will require a donor file qcn your model, though with zeroed IMEI
And a small utility to change -Attached fileQualcommIMEIRebuilder.zip(550.19 KB)
Editor xQCN files -Attached fileXQCN_Editor_1.02.zip(280.37 KB)

  • Run the utility and open the file * .qcn
    Attached Image
    Attached Image
    Attached Image

  • Instead of zero (or what there will be) their value is entered and pressRebuild
    Attached Image

  • Save the new file
  • Restoring through QPST

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Rep: (4910)
QCN files to restore IMEI
(IMEI zeroed)

Mi Max
Mi Mix
Mi Note
Mi A
Redmi note

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The transition between the lock global firmware loader
(Example: with firmwareRuonMI)
It is recommended to use the utility version9.8.7

A couple of words
Personally tested on devices Redmi Note 5 and Xiaomi Mi 9T, also works on other models.
Because three points of transition between global firmware is not possible, then there is an alternative method, without unlocking,at the time of writing the post.
During flashing, the process can "hang out" at 4.99% and 90.49%, do not worry.
In the last version of the program need to unlock the bootloader, but as the owner of the unsubscribed RN 9S, he turned to flash using 9.8.7
Is required
  • Download, install, run the program. Choose your region. (I chose the natural Russia).
  • Connect your phone, select an item to the operating device.
    Attached Image

  • When scanning in the case of the connection to allow the request. After that, the device appears in the list of found.
    Attached Image
    Attached Image

  • After that, the device is handled in Fatsboot mode for reading the information required.
    Attached Image

  • Next boot rekaveri, which will have to selectConnect with MiAssistant
    Attached Image

  • In the next step, select "Official firmware Xiaomi", will search for available.
    Attached Image
    Attached Image

  • Select the point with the necessary globalkoy, in this case, MI. Also there is an option to select already downloaded file.
    Attached Image

  • Warning thatdata will be deleted .
    Attached Image

  • Downloading firmware.
    Attached Image

  • By the end of the download, reboot rekaveri and connection modeConnect with MiAssistant To start the firmware installation process.
    Attached Image
    Attached Image

  • Following which, greeting appears. And the device will boot with the new firmware.
    Attached Image

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Fastboot "Press any key to shutdown"

Such a mistake is very common in the new "iron" PC. And work with fastboot mode becomes almost impossible due to the constant "off" device.
If you encounter this error, it will install USB 3.0 controller via the PCI-E interface. USB Hub is not always able to solve the problem.
For example
Attached Image

Thanks to the distinguishednamin78

Another option
how to unsubscribeDemonikDHe helped to install driversfrom here.

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Install TWRP in the presence of root-rights

  • Install the application and run
  • We agree with the points
    Attached Image

  • ChooseTWRP Flash , Giving Ruth rights, etc. Select a file to flash .. and specify the desired image rekaveri
    Attached Image
    Attached Image
    Attached Image
    Attached Image

  • Stitching
    Attached Image
    Attached Image
    Attached Image
    Attached Image

  • After installation can be overloaded in rekaveri
    Attached Image
    Attached Image
    Attached Image
    Attached Image
  • Install the app and launch, giving Ruth rights
  • ChooseRecovery Image , Further Choose a file and specify the desired image rekaveri
    Attached Image
    Attached Image

  • Stitching
    Attached Image
    Attached Image

  • After installation can be overloaded in rekaveri
    Attached Image

Rep: (4910)
Brief guide to unlocking the bootloader

Minimum requirements
  • MI account to link your phone number and and the presence of a SIM card with that same number
  • Internet connection, both the sim card and the PC.
  • Official utility to unlock
  • Driver (if there is a folder with MiUnlock)
  • On the device, activate the Developer menu (Settings - About phone - several times Tapan MIUI Version). Go to the section.
    Attached Image
    Attached Image
    Attached Image

  • Choose "Status Mi Unlock "
    Attached Image
    Attached Image

  • WITHenabled mobile internet click "Link account with the device"
    Attached Image
    Attached Image
    Attached Image
    When you try to link via WiFi you will receive the following
    Attached Image

  • The idea from this point will the so-called "Counter" to unlock. To be sure, put the device in fastboot mode, connect to a PC and run MiUnlock.

  • In the utility agree and enter your account information (phone number or e-mail, or ID). Go check the resolution, which by the way have all accounts.
    Attached Image
    Attached Image
    Attached Image

  • Check identification device. If not detected, go to put the driver, change the ports, etc .. Also, see a warning about resetting the information on the model if it is.
    Attached Image
    Then two more.
    Attached Image
    Attached Image

  • Will unlock process
    Attached Image
    Attached Image
    Attached Image
If on99%get an error, it is usually a counter after which it will be possible to unlock:
  • Binding time is too short, Less than XX hours
  • After XX hours of trying to unlock the device
  • Please unlock XX hours later. Use your device actively while you're waiting

Rep: (4910)
Run GPay on unlocked bootloader

Actions performed on Mi 9T withglobal firmware, An unlocked bootloader, TWRP, Magisk.

  • Install the patch from MiRoom -Attached fileGooglePay_fix.zip(126.12 KB)
  • The NFC settings expose "HCE Purse"
    Attached Image
  • In Magisk hide Ruth for GPay, Google Services, and banking applications
    Attached Image

In principle, everything. GPay card adds, payment runs, the transaction is displayed.
Attached ImageAttached Image

Rep: (4910)
Assistant while working with ADB, Fastboot, TWRP

A couple of words
Written small skriptik multiple manipulations in various modes. I hope it will be updated and supplemented.
For all suggestions, questions, etc. write in the QMS.This topicNOTfor discussion .
Attached Image
  • Checking the connected devices, with the ability to restart in different modes.
  • Also translated into diagnostic mode. 2 embodiment, since on the latest models has changed the team.
  • connected device
  • Check the code name of the device
  • Various information about the boot loader, status for unlocked or not.
  • ARB status check
  • Flashing different images, such as the nucleus, rekaveri, regions, modems, splash. The folder structure I think it is clear that for nothing. For each item, with the image available to choose from the list. Rekaveri For example: in the appropriate folder, you can throw a few images (if your model is required to sew vbmeta.img, then he, too, put in a folder), and in the proposed list, select the desired image.
  • So far, only possible to work with sideload mode to flash different files, also with a choice from the list.
  • Saving, partition recovery Persisti EFS
  • Mounting partitions
  • Removing password lock screen
v 1.1
- after installing TWRP not everyone worked as a team to restart in rekaveri. Now, when an error occurs the launch image.

Posted in TWRP:
- mount partitions
- removal of the lock screen passwords
Past versions

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Dear Sirs!
Locked for discussion. If you wish to add any instructions or add to existing ones, use the buttonPicture

Rep: (4910)
Replace the dialer, contacts, messages from Google on MIUI

By tradition, a couple of words
It will be important for global firmware on devices ranging from Mi 9T Pro, from which pre-dialer and go Google.
Requiredunlocked bootloader, TWRP , Well, maybe Ruth, if someone changes hands.
Sami miushnye applications can be taken from the Indian firmware for your device (if any), or for example with Mi 9T, where the default has been on the MIUI and operate the APC on the other models. But of course it is desirable to comply with the version of android, and then you never know what.
Who loves modules Magisk (: rabbi:), then maybe this way add dialer, contacts and messages.

Because will need to slightly modify the system a couple of APC, then you will need some tools: PC goBatch ApkToolBut can be directly edited and apparatus, usingВ® MT Manager.
little guide
  • Edit will Telecom.apk and TeleService.apk, are both in the system \ priv-app. And editing will affect only the resource, respectively, with no difference what firmware, or The Code deodeks.
    Replacement packages on behalf of MIUI
    In Telecom \ res \ values ​​\strings.xml find the following lines:
    <string name = "dialer_default_class">com.google.android.dialer.extensions.GoogleDialtactsActivity</ string>
    <string name = "ui_default_package">com.google.android.dialer</ string>
    <string name = "ui_default_package_dialer">com.google.android.dialer</ string>

    ANDreplace of the following, respectively:
    <string name = "dialer_default_class">com.android.contacts.activities.TwelveKeyDialer</ string>
    <string name = "ui_default_package">com.android.incallui</ string>
    <string name = "ui_default_package_dialer">com.android.contacts</ string>
    Call Record Activation
    TeleService \ res \ values ​​\bools.xml
    Find the line:
    <bool name = "config_call_recording">false</ bool>

    ANDfalse change to true

  • Now you can throw miushnye applications, namely as follows:
    system_root \ system \ priv-app \ Contacts \ Contacts.apk
    system_root \ system \ priv-app \ ContactsProvider \ ContactsProvider.apk
    system_root \ system \ priv-app \ InCallUI \ InCallUI.apk
    system_root \ system \ priv-app \ Mms \ Mms.apk
    system_root \ system \ priv-app \ MmsService \ MmsService.apk (the substitute)

  • Google release at will remove. They are located in the following paths:
    Who 10 Android out of the box
    product \ app \ GoogleContacts
    product \ app \ Messages
    product \ priv-app \ GoogleDialer
    For models that came with the 9th android
    system_root \ system \ product \ app \ GoogleContacts
    system_root \ system \ product \ app \ Messages
    system_root \ system \ product \ priv-app \ GoogleDialer

  • In principle, all ...

Rep: (4910)
Aroma script for selective removal of Xiaomi and Google applications

Only works on devices whose rekaveri support this very AROMA!
The script of the latest models tested for RN7, for which many thanks Mrag
On various issues can contact me in the QMS
Emergency Information
Yellow Pages
tape widget
Local backup
Mi Market
Component Update
Public alert
regional applications
Reservation in MiCloud
Advertising applications
Services and Contact Us
standard themes
Sim Menu
Quick Apps
Others (Facebook, various unnecessary services)

partner offers
Sync calendar
Contact Sync
A photo
Ok google
Others (news, easter eggs, and various reports)
example pavedhere
For system_root (ie 9th android from the box) -Attached fileDelete_X_and_G_Apps_Aroma_system_root.zip(3.73 MB)
For system -Attached fileDelete_X_and_G_Apps_Aroma_system.zip(3.73 MB)

Rep: (4910)
firehose files to flash through the EDL without authorization

All actions at your own risk!
Replace the file / files in the unpacked firmware previously rename as needed.
MI Max
MI Mix
MI Pad
Redmi note

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