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FAQ of general instructions and recommendations for Xiaomi devices

Rep: (4905)
FAQ of general instructions and recommendations for Xiaomi devices
PictureMi, Mi Max, Mi Mix, Mi Note, Mi Pad, Redmi, Redmi Note, Pocophone
Catalog of models | Bootloader unlocking » | Mi Account » | General guidelines and recommendations »

Mini F.A.Q.

Drivers and Utilities
savagemessiahzine.com | QDLoader HS-USB Driver | 32/64-bit
savagemessiahzine.com | ADB / Fastboot Driver 1.4.3 | 32/64-bit
savagemessiahzine.com | ADB Driver Lite | 32/64-bit
AFH | Minimal ADB and Fastboot | 1.4.2 | Setup
MiFlash (MIUI ROM Flashing Tool) - Of site MiFlash Pro QPST (Qualcomm Product Support Tools) SP Flash Tool (for MTK devices) Adb / fastboot miscellanea
About firmware
useful links

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Xiaomi Device Code Names

How to find out?
Checked fastboot command:
fastboot getvar product

MI Pad
  • MI Pad 1 - mocha
  • MI Pad 2 - latte
  • MI Pad 3 - cappu
  • MI Pad 4 - clover
  • MI Pad 4 Plus - nope

  • MI 2 / 2s - aries
  • MI 2A - taurus_beta
  • MI 3W / 4W - cancro
  • MI 3TD - pisces
  • MI 4i - ferrari
  • MI 4c - libra
  • MI 4s - aqua
  • MI 5 / 5Pro - gemini
  • MI 5s - capricorn
  • MI 5s + - natrium
  • MI5c - song
  • MI 5x - tiffany
  • MI 6 - sagit
  • MI 6x - wayne
  • MI 8 Pro - Equuleus
  • MI 8 SE - sirius
  • MI 8 EE - ursa
  • MI 8 - dipper
  • MI 8 Lite - platina
  • MI 9 - cepheus
  • MI 9 SE - grus
  • MI 9 Pro 5G - crux
  • Mi 9 Lite - pyxis
  • MI 9T / Redmi K20 - davinci
  • MI 9T Pro / Redmi K20 Pro - raphael
  • MI CC9 - pyxis
  • MI CC9e - laurus
  • MI CC9 Meitu Edition - vela
  • Mi CC9 Pro / Mi Note 10 - tucana
  • Mi Play - lotus
  • Mi 10 - umi
  • Mi 10 Pro - cmi
  • Mi 10 Lite - vangogh
  • MI A1 - tissot, tissot_sprout
  • MI A2 - jasmine
  • MI A2 Lite - daisy_sprout
  • MI A3 - laurel_sprout
MI Max
  • MI Max - hydrogen
  • MI Max Pro - helium
  • MI Max 2 - oxygen
  • MI Max 3 - nitrogen
MI Mix
  • MI Mix - lithium
  • MI Mix 2 - chiron
  • MI Mix 2S - polaris
  • MI Mix 3 - perseus
  • Mi MIX 3 5G - andromeda
MI Note
  • MI Note - virgo
  • MI Note LTE - virgo_lte_ct
  • MI Note Pro - leo
  • MI Note 2 - scorpio
  • MI Note 3 - jason
  • Mi Note 10 - tucana
  • Mi Note 10 Lite - toco
  • Redmi 1 TD - HM2013022
  • Redmi 1 W - HM2013023
  • Redmi 1S 4G - HM2014501
  • Redmi 1S TD - HM2014011
  • Redmi 1S W - armani
  • Redmi 2 Pro T - wt86047
  • Redmi 2 Pro - wt88047
  • Redmi 2 TD - HM2014813
  • Redmi 2 W - HM2014811
  • Redmi 2A lte26007
  • Redmi 3 / 3Pro - ido
  • Redmi 3S / 3X - land
  • Redmi 4 - prada
  • Redmi 4A - rolex
  • Redmi 4X - santoni
  • Redmi 4 Pro - markw
  • Redmi 5 - rosy
  • Redmi 5A - riva
  • Redmi 5 Plus - vince
  • Redmi 6 - cereus
  • Redmi 6A - cactus
  • Redmi 6 Pro - sakura
  • Redmi 7 - onclite
  • Redmi 7A - pine
  • Redmi 8 - olive
  • Redmi 8A - olivelite
  • Redmi 10X - atom
  • Redmi 10X 4G - merlin
  • Redmi 10X Pro - bomb
  • Redmi Go - tiare
  • Redmi K20 - davinci
  • Redmi K20 Pro - raphael
  • Redmi K20 Pro Premium Edition - raphaels
  • Redmi K30 4G - phoenix
  • Redmi K30 5G - picasso
  • Redmi K30 Pro - lmi
  • Redmi Pro - omega
  • Redmi S2 - ysl
  • Redmi Y3 - onc
Redmi note
  • Redmi Note 1 4G - dior
  • Redmi Note 1S 4G - gucci
  • Redmi Note 1 W - lcsh92_wet_jb9
  • Redmi Note 1TD - lcsh92_wet_tdd
  • Redmi Note 2 - hermes
  • Redmi Note 3 - hennessy
  • Redmi Note 3 Pro - kenzo
  • Redmi Note 3 Pro SE - kate
  • Redmi Note 4 MTK - nikel
  • Redmi Note 4 SD - mido
  • Redmi Note 5A Lite - ugglite
  • Redmi Note 5A Prime - ugg
  • Redmi Note 5/5 Pro - whyred
  • Redmi Note 6 Pro - tulip
  • Redmi Note 7 - lavender
  • Redmi Note 7 Pro - violet
  • Redmi Note 8 - ginkgo
  • Redmi Note 8 Pro - begonia
  • Redmi Note 8T - willow
  • Redmi Note 9 - merlin
  • Redmi Note 9S - curtana
  • Redmi Note 9 Pro - joyeuse
  • Pocophone F1 - beryllium
  • Pocophone F2 Pro - lmi
  • Pocophone X2 - phoenix

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Rep: (4905)
Explanation of code archives and indexes firmware

Marking the firmware archive

  • whyred_global_images - the code name of the model and the locale (in Chinese only codename)
  • V10.0.6.0.OEIMIFH - Firmware index
  • 20181127.0000.00 - build date
  • 8.1 - Android version
  • global - locale (in Chinese cn)
  • 8fdb6af8d8 - the first 10 characters file checksum

  • miui_HMNote5HMNote5ProGlobal - the model designation and locale
  • V10.0.6.0.OEIMIFH - Firmware index
  • 3043c65cbb - the first 10 characters file checksum
  • 8.1 - Android version
Alphanumeric codes firmware
Stable (stable)
digital index

  • 10 - version of MIUI
  • 0 - subversion MIUI
  • x.h - change with the release of new updates.

alphabetic index

First letter - Android version
Q - Android 10
P - Pie
O - Oreo
N - Nougat
M - Marshmallow
L - Lollipop

2nd and 3rd - model
4th and 5th - the type of firmware
  • MI - Global firmware
  • Ru - Global firmware released for Russia
  • EU (EEA) - Global firmware
  • IN - For India
  • ID - Indonesia
  • CN - China

6th and 7th - changes as we update MIUI
Developer (Weekly)
MIUI 10 8.12.6
MIUI 10 - version of the shell
8 - year (18)
12 - per month (December)
6 - number

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How to check the status of the loader via fastboot

  • DownloadPlatform-tools (adb / fastboot) and unpack the contents of a single folder;
  • We transfer the smartphone to the modefastboot (On the clamp device is turned off and Gr- Nutrition, forward appearance pictures hare) .;
  • Connect it to your PC / laptop;
  • In the folder with adb / fastboot files stifleShiftand by pressing the right mouse button, select Open Command Window or the Windows PowerShell (depending on your operating system)
  • In the console window that opens, sequentially type the commands
    Command line
    fastboot devices
    fastboot oem device-info
    ./fastboot devices
    ./fastboot oem device-info

  • And look:
    Device unlocked:true - loader unlocked
    Device unlocked:false - loader blocked by

Rep: (4905)
Installation Instructions official firmware via Fastboot
(only for unlocked bootloader)

Is required
  • Official firmware forMiFlash \ fastboot . Download and unzip on drive C ;
    Attached Image

  • MiFlash;
  • Driver (also installed with MiFlash, if the installation version) -;
  • For the method to the console -Platform-tools (adb / fastboot);
Description bat-files
flash_all.bat - flashing with removing all data on the device without locking the loader.
flash_all_except_storage.bat - flashing retaining all data on the device without blocking loader.
flash_all_lock.bat - flashing with removing all device data and loader lock.If you have a Chinese version of the device firmware and the global sewn, it is impossible to block.
flash_all_lock_crc.bat - flashing with removing all data on the device, with boot block and memory encryption.
With the help of MiFlash
Attached Image
  • run Miflash;
  • We connect our device modefastboot;
  • Specify the path to the folder with the firmware:
    Attached ImageAttached Image

  • Select the desired type of flashing (1):
    clean all(Flash_all.bat) - completely rewrite
    save user data(Flash_all_except_storage.bat) - retentive
    clean all lock(Flash_all_lock.bat) - completely locked bootloader !!!

  • Pushrefresh (2)
  • We see our device (3)
  • If everything is set up, then pressflash, Will the firmware installation process!
  • At the end of a successful processthe device will automatically reboot;
through the console
  • Archive contentadbunpack in the root folder of the firmware
    Attached Image

  • Connect the device in the modefastboot
    Attached Image

  • Start the desired bat-file;
  • At the end of a successful processthe device will automatically reboot;

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Instructions for installing the official firmware via MiFlash in EDL mode

Is required
  • MiFlash (Driver, set with the program)
  • Apparatus mode in EDL . On older operating pushbutton method, flash cable, the command transfer from fastboot mode. Only in the new test point. If the boot loader is unlocked, it is possible from the fastboot.
    Attached Image

  • Official firmware for MiFlash \ fastboot. Download and unzip.
    Attached Image

  • On Windows 8 / 8.1 / 10 to disable digital signature verification drivers.
Attached ImageAttached ImageAttached Image

  • Start MiFlash, specify the path to the firmware
  • update (Refresh ) The list of devices and verify that it appears in its ( 1, 2 )
  • Select (3 ) (Saving is possible only if the firmware in fastboot): Flash all - flash with clearance all device data
  • Press the Flash button (4) will flash process

After a successful firmware EDL clamp On / Off button and hold until the first vibration!

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Rep: (4905)
Regions on Xiaomi devices

For the presence of regions in the firmware section is responsibleCust At the root of the entire system. On older models (such as Mi3, Mi4) regions are located in the section data, and sewn together with userdata.img.

Established region can relate to some of the features embedded in the firmware. For example, in one region, there is the function when changing to another, it disappears. Or adjust the sound, on some louder, others softer.

Also present there (cust \ app \ customized) some pre-installed applications for a particular region. And if you set such as "India", then the customization of the application prescribed in the settings of the region.

The regions themselves are incust \ cust \ **
** - the folder to a specific region.

The system is in the range of:Settings - Advanced Settings - Region
I'm trying to go to the section of the region, but throws me back
So this section is empty. Accordingly, it is necessary to flash image cust.img . It is located in the archive with the firmware for fastboot. The firmware for rekaveri he is absent. Sewn on the team:
fastboot flash cust cust.img

Or installed through TWRP, if custom rekaveri supports this section.
Flies region. What to do? Or how to change manually.
At first, a few words. When configuring the system, the exposed region is written to the filecust_variant along the way \ Data \ miui \ . Sometimes even the same file exists in the most cust folder, it should not be there, this is pure crutch!
If flies region, but the folders in place, you can do the following:
  • In foldercust remove cust_variant
  • In folderdata \ miui open cust_variant If for example there is written cn , Then change to your!
I have no points Region
In localized firmware authors tend to hide this item and the presence of the regions it does not affect . You can get there if the search type Region . Or activate it by not challenging Diversifies system application "Settings". Instruction is in the theme of manual modifications MIUI.
regions patch
Patch regions for installation through TWRP - Attached fileAllReg_Install.zip (389.05 KB)

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Rep: (4905)
Dependence on official firmware version of the device

It applies only to devicesblocked loader. On unlocked does not apply.
In view of the changes in policy Xiaomei, now the choice of-the firmware depends on the version of the device.
As for the models produced at the end of 2017, there is a list below. Please, prompt as possible, for all models does not follow!
china Version
Models work only at the office Chinese firmware (CN).
If you install a global, permanent butlup in rekaveri, where it will be written at the bottom:
This miui version can not be installed on this device
If in front of you with a Chinese version of a global firmware on board, with a locked bootloader, it is the so-called "Vietnamese" firmware.
Global version
Global official firmware: MI / EU / RU (MI 9T, MI8 and RN5 as tested, and work on the Chinese firmware, and I think others too.)

A list of devices on the Chinese version of which you can not block the bootloader if you have installed a global firmware

  • Mi Max 3
  • Mi Mix 2S
  • Mi 8
  • Mi 8 Explorer
  • Mi 8 Pro
  • Mi 9
  • Mi 9 SE
    and later the Chinese version for the models that have a global firmware

  • Redmi 5
  • Redmi 5A
  • Redmi 5 Plus
  • Redmi 6
  • Redmi 6A
  • Redmi 6 Pro
  • Redmi 7
  • Redmi s2
  • Redmi K20 / K20 Pro
    and later the Chinese version for the models that have a global firmware

Redmi note
  • Redmi note 5
  • Redmi Note 5A Lite
  • Redmi Note 5A Prime
  • Redmi Note 6 Pro
  • Redmi note 7
    and later the Chinese version for the models that have a global firmware

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Rep: (4905)
Recovery section Persist (Qualcomm)

A couple of words
This section is responsible for the various sensors the equipment including and for the operation of the camera!

Consider three ways:
  • through ADB (custom rekaveri or Debug)
  • using TWRP to support, as appropriate;
  • terminal (in the absence of PC at hand)

  • Download and unzip the file for adb (put image Persist in the unpacked folder) -Attached fileFlash_Persist_Xiaomi.zip(1.04 MB)
  • connect the devicein adb mode
  • Launchflash_persist.bat
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
  • Persist throw the image to the device. Take in the firmware for fastbut.
  • To install - choose to install from an image - Specify the way we - noted section Persist - Flash
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Terminal in TWRP
  • Copy the image to the internal memory of the device
  • Open a terminal and type:
    simg2img /sdcard/persist.img /sdcard/persist_EXT4.img

  • The following command to stitch the image to the appropriate section:
    dd if = / sdcard / persist_EXT4.img of = / dev / block / bootdevice / by-name / persist
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image

If the image size of 32 or 64 MB in total size of the partition, then sew the right one, it is not necessary to convert the team.
simg2img /sdcard/persist.img / dev / block / bootdevice / by-name / persist

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Rep: (4905)
Updating the firmware in the presence of an official TWRP (FullOTA)
(If you are upgrading: Ruth, patches, fashion flies !!! reset.)

  • Download the complete firmware
    Preferably through a computer, and then throw in a phone \ memory card. It is also a direct link with the phone. If you want to download the full three points, after the end of the download immediately reboot in rekaveri, otherwise the firmware will start to unpack and install TWRP through you'll get an error.

  • Reboot into TWRP.
  • Wipe optional (desirable Dalvik cache Cache and). These will remain in place.
  • Installing the firmware archive.
  • After updating the firmware, you will need to patch your kernel, please protect the patch or to obtain Root privileges to run the system and tvrp remained in place (on RN5 if not patched, the system will still boot, but rekaveri will drain).
    patch protection

    SuperSU Android does not support 8 and above, put Magisk!

  • If you forget to patch the phone and hung on the logo MI (splash logo), then overload the back rekaveri and patch boot. The modified TWRP, usually the patch already sewn to install.
  • Reboot to the system.

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Rep: (4905)
FAQ on the main sections in TWRP

general information
  • Boot - Boot kernel.
  • Recovery - Recover.
  • System - System.
  • System Image (system.img) - The system image in img format. It is not recommended to backup, And even more to restore,bootlapoften.
  • Data - Custom application data, system settings (usually does not include the internal memory).
  • Cache - Cash.
  • Internal Storage - Inner memory.
  • Modem - Modem (Us).
  • Cust - Section responsible for the regions.
  • EFS - IMEI, MAC-address, SN device ( mostly backups once and for all, until the phone on hands ).
  • Persist - Various device sensors, also related to MI Account.
  • Bootloader (aboot) - loader.
  • Splash - Boot logo.
  • Firmware - the loader and its components, splash, and modems.
  • Vendor - so let's say the driver
  • Vendor image - Vendor look
Forums for Backup and restore system settings and applications
Oreo and above
  • Boot, System, Data, Vendor
Nougat and below
  • Boot, System, Data

If your model when switching from one Android version to another, changing the Firmware, then it is also added to the list of topics for backup.

Rep: (4905)
Point Test (Test Point) Xiaomi
(EDL - Emergency Download Mode)

Mi 2
Attached Image
Mi 3
Attached Image
Mi 4
Attached Image
Mi 4i
Attached Image
Mi 5
Attached Image
Mi 5S
Attached Image
Mi 5S Plus
Attached Image
Mi 5X
Attached Image
Mi 6
Attached Image
Mi 6X
Attached Image
Mi 8
Attached Image
Mi 8 Lite
Attached Image
Mi 8 EE
Attached Image
Mi 8 SE
Attached Image
Mi 9
Attached Image
Mi 9 SE
Attached Image
Mi 9X
Attached Image
Mi 9T / Redmi K20
Attached Image
Mi 9T Pro / Redmi K20 Pro
Attached Image
Attached Image
Mi 10
Attached Image
Mi Max
Mi Max
Attached Image
Mi Max 2
Attached Image
Mi Max 3
Attached Image
Mi Mix
Mi Mix
Attached Image
Mi Mix 2
Attached Image
Mi Mix 2S
Attached Image
Mi Note
Mi Note 2
Attached Image
Mi Note 3
Attached Image
Mi pad
Mi Pad 4
Attached Image
Mi A
Mi A1
Attached Image
Mi A2
Attached Image
Mi A2 Lite
Attached Image
Mi A3
Attached Image
Pocophone F1
Attached Image
Redmi pro
Attached Image
Redmi 1s
Attached Image
Redmi 2
Attached Image
Redmi 3/3 Pro
Attached Image
Redmi 3S / 3X
Attached Image
Redmi 4A
Attached Image
Redmi 4
Attached Image
Redmi 4 Pro (Prime)
Attached Image
Redmi 4x
Attached Image
Redmi 5A
Attached Image
Redmi 5
Attached Image
Redmi 5 Plus
Attached Image
Redmi 6A
Attached Image
Redmi 6 Pro
Attached Image
redmi 7A
Attached Image
Redmi 7
Attached Image
redmi 8A
Attached Image
Redmi 8
Attached Image
Redmi go
Attached Image
Redmi s2
Attached Image
redmi Y1
Attached Image
redmi Y2
Attached Image
Redmi note
Redmi Note 4G
Attached Image
Redmi Note 3 Pro (kenzo)
Attached Image
Redmi Note 4 / 4x Snapdragon
Attached Image
Redmi Note 5A Prime
Attached Image
Redmi Note 5A Lite
Attached Image
Redmi note 5
Attached Image
Redmi Note 6 Pro
Attached Image
Redmi Note 7/7 Pro
Attached Image
Redmi note 8
Attached Image

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Rep: (4905)
Mini F.A.Q.

What is the ARB (Anti-RollBack)?
ARB - the so-called mechanism antiotkata concerning bootloader version, and introduced primarily for safety.
When you upgrade the boot loader, you can not install the firmware with the boot loader version below.But in one loader can be put Luba firmware, though on the increase, at least for a fall! downgrade concerns only version of ARB, and no firmware !

Check your bootloader status with the command:
fastboot getvar anti

Anti3 - you have an older version of the boot loader
Anti4 - an updated bootloader with antiotkatom

On some models (e.g. 6 Redmi Pro) verified
fastboot getvar all
string (bootloader) rollback ver:X

If in the product (s) response (s) missing index (figure) loader, then your model is not concerned!
What threatens to downgrade the bootloader?
"Well," such a brick. : Comando:
Which can be restored only through the EDL mode, using an authorized account who has permission to re-flash in this mode! On some models, there are detours account!

boot modes
  • On the unit is turned off:to clampGr + and Nutrition . After the appearance of the logo, the power button can be released;
  • From the "Update" application:three points - Reboot into Recovery ;
  • If set to an extended restart menu: selectRecovery

  • On the unit is turned off:to clampGr- and Nutrition ;
  • Of of a custom rekaveri (TWRP):Reboot - Loader ;
  • If set to an extended restart menu: selectFastboot

Unlocking and locking the bootloader
Does data reset when you unlock?
Yes, the new models the data is reset as the program and will alert a few times!
If such notice is not, therefore, will not be reset.
How much is counter to unlock?
7 days or 168 hours.
Threw hours when trying to unlock
If reserved 7 days have passed, but when you try to unlock the program writes that "wait" for another 100, 200, 300, etc. hours, just try older versions MiUnlock, the minimum version 3.3.418.37
If the Unlock the bootloader, whether coming updates?
Will. The state of the loader does not affect the OTA!
Is it possible to lock the bootloader on a global firmware if the device is the Chinese version?
Limitations on models describedhere.

What are the types of firmware
Firmware are divided into formal and informal (localized):


  • China - China Stable (With index " CN ") & China Developer (Beta) ;
  • Global - Global stable (With index " MI ") & Global Developer (Beta) ;
  • Russia - firmware with index Ru ", based Global stable ;
  • EEA - firmware with index EU "
  • India - firmware with index IN "
  • Firmware, usually on the basis of Chinese, translated and with the addition of various kinds of modifications;

Numbering firmware:
  • Stable - from 4 numbers example: (where the first number indicates the version shell MIUI)
  • Weekly - 3-numbers: 8.8.30 e.g. (Year - Month - Number of released EEPROM)
What iOS device will come?
Important for the Chinese version of the device.
Firmware may be different, depending probably on the "honesty" of the seller.
  • Chinese official firmware.
  • Global official firmware, with unlocked loader, which confirms the verification through fastboot. Everything looks quite official!

The so-called "Flops":
  • Global firmware, updated over the air. In the "Status of the boot loader" unlocked, locked in fact! On this firmware can not be unlocked bootloader . Way - is to sew through an EDL, the Chinese official, together with section Persist .
  • Global firmware, updated over the air. In the "Status of the boot loader" blocked, blocked in fact! On such an insertion is possible to unlock the bootloader.
  • Global firmware , The designation of the version which consists of 5 digits, for example: . by air NOT updated, just because of these designations. "Bootloader Status" can be as in the previous "flip-flops", respectively, and the same developments.
Which firmware can be placed according to the version of the device?
on unlocked any loader without lowering the loader version.
Onblockedthere are limitations:
Chinese version - Of the Chinese firmware
Global version - Global and Chinese of-the firmware (as tested on RN5 and Mi8)
Some had to upgrade, but I do not. What's wrong?
After releasing an update, it does not come to all, and selectively. This is for testing. As they are, if not found critical bugs, the firmware waits for release, placement in the pages of downloads. And then she'll be available to everyone at the PTA. Just wait. Well, or download already lined with whom a file and then restore themselves.
How best to ask across the fastboot or Miflash?
Fastboot (fastbut) - this mode boot device, and not rewriting method. Accordingly wrong to think, what is the difference between installing the firmware through fastbut and miflesh.

That's right, it's a console / command line (someone says adb) and miflesh. After all, here and there, this mode is applied.

What is the difference between the command line and miflesh?
In fact nothing, both of these methods use the same bat files. Unless miflesh has a graphical interface on which way one way or another need some resources and libraries.
What method can be sewn with a locked bootloader?
  • Built-in program "Update" (three points). Moving only within one location official firmware. Eg Stable "MI" in the Developer, and vice versa. But as a rule between the latest firmware!
  • After a test point and EDL
Do not:
  • Through Fastboot (this is only for an unlocked bootloader)
How to activate the menu "For Developers"?
Go to Settings - About phone and tap on the "MIUI version" a few times. The partition appears in the Advanced settings.
If the Chinese version of the device firmware to flash the global, whether coming updates?
Yes, of course it will be. A version for PTA is not affected. As well as the state of the loader!
How to flash through firmware update? (three dots)
Download the archive with the official firmware for Recovery \ System, throw your phone or on a memory card, the application "Update", click the "three dots" ->Select the firmware file and specify the path to the file. The transition from stable to developerskuyu (weekly) and going back to the data reset!
If "Select firmware file" is not available, it is necessary to tapnut several times by the logo "10" and open the hidden items.
How do I return to the MIUI custom firmware?
You want to eliminate possible bugs? The only completely through fastboot!
How do I upgrade to the localized firmware?
The destination must be a full wipe, but rather Format Data! To avoid any problems during the installation and use of a future firmware! Also, carefully review the instructions assembly of authors and teams!
No item "Select firmware file"
If "Select firmware file" is not available, it is necessary to tapnut several times by the logo "10" and open the hidden items.
Select "Download the firmware"
  • In the absence of updates, download that firmwarewhich is mounted on the device at the moment .
  • If there is an update, it will be downloaded the new firmware.

If you press this button there is a window to the inability to download, then most likely this firmware is so-called cap. It is found on the firmware that are still in the testing phase. After release, the download will be available. In a word, they are not in the public domain!

TWRP & Root
Is Ruth flies when you upgrade?
Yes, it flies. Bet again.
How to update the firmware in the presence of TWRP?
Can useby this method.
"Archive damaged" error when updating the firmware
If rocked by three points and the full firmware slowed to reboot in rekaveri, the firmware started the process of "unpacking" and similar error while installing. Therefore, if and swing through three points, then after downloading, immediately transferred into TWRP for its installation. Or download the direct link from the phone \ PC.
When you update the firmware bug with Lucky Patcher
Checking for installed LP is present in TWRP from the Red Wolf. It's either clean the tails under \ data, in addition to removing Lucky. Or put another custom rekaveri.
What happens if renewed three points during a TWRP and Root?
If you update via three points, in addition to Ruth, it flies off and TWRP. But here's the OTA update file will not work if your custom rekaveri not support OTA, full backups only.
What you need to know before creating a backup
Before you create a backup, you have to remove the lock screen passwords and fingerprints. Because in the recovery, they will not work.
The internal memory is displayed with some sort of strange symbols
This means that the encrypted data. To decrypt the required Format Data.
If rekaveri changed, and the new folder to become a set of characters, as an option to return old TWRP.
If you install a file or get out "Error 1"
Due to the unstable \ improper handling of the script, there is no unmounting System section. Therefore, if such an error pops up (eg when installing Magisk, after flashing) need to manually unmount a system partition.
Mounting - and uncheck the section.
Error 1 when installed Magisk, instead SuperSU
Important for devices with android seventh, when you try to install Magisk, if before it was SuperSU. You must first return the stock kernel, then install Magisk. What is actually written on the screen.
After recovery from backup device continually reloading in Fatsboot
After recovery requires more time to patch your kernel, please archive//savagemessiahzine.com/forum/d...ty-opt-encrypt-6.0.zip

FRP Reset Patch
Attached fileRemove_FRP.zip(362.2 KB)
Available internal memory. What to do?
If memory is not displayed in the system, it is required to makeFormat Data .
Storage damaged your device is under threat
Sew Persist.
Do not operate the camera and sensors
If you do not operate the sensors and camera, then most likely the Persist jammed section, usually making it through Wipe TWRP.
When you install apps, Play Market writes, "is not supported on your device"
Clean Play Market data applications
How to change / flash modem?
The file is called modem NON-HLOS.bin . The firmware for rekaveri is in firmware-update . For fastbut in folder images .
Via fastboot:
fastboot flash modem NON-HLOS.bin
How to remove the password lock screen?
Eg recovered from a backup and now does not accept the password. Remove easily can through TWRP.
The modified custom rekaveri this option is selected for installation, it is inAdditionally or Advanced - Tools
For official TWRP, as in the other, you can usepatches .
How to make advanced screenshot
  • Do normal screenshot (swipe with three fingers or Gr and Power)
  • Click on the thumbnail
  • At the bottom of the first button "Scroll"
  • Go page scrolling.
  • We wait until the end or in the correct location, click "Stop"
How to disable digital signature of the drivers

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Rep: (4905)
Flashing through the built-in program "Update" (three points)

By tradition, a couple of words
  • The transition from Stable on the Developer and vice versa, regardless of the state of the loader, there is a data dump! As part of the latest version officially laid out. In the transition to the firmware with Android above, the most likely first need to install the latest at the current, then update to the extreme.
  • You can also conversely revert to the previous firmware, with or without cleaning the data. If the firmware is older, then the check will get an error and set it will not work.
    Attached Image

  • Flashing across the three points available within one location:
    CN ->CN Stable / Developer
    MI ->MI Stable / Developer
    RU ->Ru
    EU ->EU
Select "Download the firmware"
  • In the absence of updates, download that firmwarewhich is mounted on the device at the moment .
  • If there is an update, it will be downloaded the new firmware.

If you press this button there is a window to the inability to download, then most likely this firmware is so-called cap. It is found on the firmware that are still in the testing phase. After release, the download will be available. In a word, they are not in the public domain!
If you do not see "Select firmware file"
A few times (about ten), tap on the logo.
Attached Image
  • Download the firmware archive forRecovery . You can take in the subject device or Of resource
  • View "Update" ->"three dots" ->Select firmware file
    Attached Image
    Attached Image
    Attached Image

  • Agree on data cleanup and click the "Update"
    Attached Image

  • After flashing device boot process with the new system.
Lowering (Stable for example)
  • Download the firmware archive forRecovery . You can take in the subject device or Of resource
  • View "Update" ->"three dots" ->Select firmware file
    Attached Image
    Attached Image

  • When the downgrade will be asked to leave or clear data
    Attached Image

  • Beg.

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Rep: (4905)
Installation images through TWRP

Images and Sections
Some sections may not be dependent on rekaveri
  • boot (kernel) - Boot
  • cust - Cust
    Attached Image

  • Modem - Modem
    modem file rename, prescribing expansion img. For instance:
    It was NON-HLOS.bin
    I became NON-HLOS.img

  • persist - Persist
  • recovery (rekaveri / TWRP) - Recovery
  • vendor (vendor) - Vendor
  • splash - Splash (boot logo)
  • Throw the image file to the device / memory card / OTG
  • Boot into custom rekaveri
  • "Set" ->Right below "Setting img" (may be called differently)
    Attached Image
    Attached Image

  • Select the file and section
    Attached Image
    Attached Image

  • Swipe to the firmware image

Rep: (4905)
Install TWRP
(Written for the officially unlocked bootloader)

  • Download the Platform-tools (adb / fastboot) and unpack on drive C. Downloading image rekaveri,of site.
  • In the resulting folder, copy the image rekaveri. For simplicity, we rename it twrp.img
  • Reboot the device into Fastboot mode and connect to a PC \ notebook
  • We go to our directoryhold Shift and click the RMB (Right mouse button), select the context menu "Open Command Window"
    Attached Image

  • At the command prompt in turn recruit the following:
    1. Checking device
    2. Installation rekaveri
    3. Load the rekaveri
    fastboot devices
    fastboot flash recovery twrp.img
    fastboot boot twrp.img
    Windows PowerShell
    If the Windows PowerShell shortcut menu, the command will be as follows:
    ./fastboot devices
    ./fastboot flash recovery twrp.img
    ./fastboot boot twrp.img

Rep: (4905)
How to make a backup in TWRP

What you should know before you create a backup
Before creating a backup you want to remove the password lock screen, or after restoration, will not accept his system.
If you ask for a password and does not accept, you can use the patch to remove it -Attached fileDelete_Pass.zip(935 bytes)

  • Boot into custom rekaveri
  • "Backup"
    Attached Image

  • Mark the necessary partitions
    Attached Image
    Attached Image

  • Select the drive. In addition, the settings you can set compression, skip the MD5 verification.
    Attached Image
    Attached Image

  • Svaypnut to start creating backup

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Rep: (4905)
Installing firmware through QFIL

Is required
Brief manual
  • Unpack firmware disk C. (preferably)
  • Install and run QFIL, switch toFlat build
    Attached Image

  • Click "Browse "And indicates our firehose, in mbn format.
    Attached Image
    Attached Image

  • Next, select the installation xml files. To do this, click "Load xml "And note alternately rawprogram0.xml and patch0.xml
    Attached Image
    Attached Image
    Attached Image

  • We make sure that our device is defined in the program and click "Download "
    Attached Image

  • At the end of the process of flashing the device disconnect and overload long hold the power button

Rep: (4905)
Installing firmware via TWRP

  1. Boot into custom rekaveri
  2. Data format or wipe (Preferably through format data, especially of-firmware)
    Data format
    Attention! The internal memory will also be cleared !!! At the same time, and memory Decode.
    Select "Cleaning" ->Format data ->yes
    Wipe (Wipe)
    "Cleaning" ->"Selective cleaning" ->choose:
    • Dalvik / ART Cache
    • Cache
    • Data
    • System
    • Vendor
    • Optionally - Internal memory (Internal Storage)
    Attached Image
    Attached Image
    Attached Image
    Also, if there is a memory card, it is desirable to remove the internal memory and Android, MIUI folder.

  3. Restart of rekaveri in rekaveri
    Attached Image
    Attached Image

  4. Connect the device to your PC and copy the firmware file to the internal memory or memory card, if it is not there. Or use OTG.
  5. To install -> select the drive -> We find and select the firmware archive -> Swipe to install
    Attached Image
    Attached Image
    Attached Image
    For official firmware
    It is necessary to patch the kernel to rewrite the TWRP not drain rekaveri. Install the kernel patch or Root.
    For localized firmware
    Additionally, do not have to patch anything.

  6. Reboot to the system.

Rep: (4905)
How to get Root rights

What is needed
Brief manual
  • DownloadMagisk or SuperSU and throw the file on the device.
  • Reboot into TWRP.
  • The custom rekaveri click "Install".
    Attached Image

  • Select the file and flash it.
    Attached Image
    Attached Image
    Attached Image

  • Optionally, you can clear the Dalvik \ cache.
  • Reboot the system.
  • To control the route-rights used Magisk Manager or SuperSU.
    Attached Image
    Attached Image

  • Root rights are obtained.
    Attached Image
    Attached Image

Rep: (4905)
Installing the official firmware via MiFlash Pro
(Lock and unlock the boot loader)

A couple of words
This is a program-processor for Xiaomi device that can search, download the firmware, with their subsequent installation. Also in addition to this, you can sew and have separately downloaded archive.
But still below the permitted flash does not work, because Checking.
How to download firmware
  • Run a program, open a section of ROM Packages, then from the list select your model and displays a list of the latest firmware. Top right Settings, to specify the download folder.
    Attached Image
    Attached Image

  • Next to the necessary firmware tick and click Download.
    Attached Image
    Attached Image

  • Will the download process.
  • Run the program
  • On your device, to boot into rekaveri, select "Sonnect with MiAssistant" (an image device with a cable will appear) and connect to the PC
    Attached Image

  • In MiFlash Pro to open the Recovery tab, which displays information about the device (IMEI, the installed firmware, and the latest available)
    Attached Image

  • Click the "three dots" and specify the firmware archive. Go check it.
    Attached Image
    Attached Image

  • Click "Flash . "Begins the process of unpacking and installing the firmware, with overlapping on the screen.
    Attached Image
    Attached Image

  • At the end of the installation will automatically reboot.
    Attached Image

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