Power consumption (autonomy) Xiaomi Pocophone F1 | Energy talk, tips and cost saving solutions

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Power consumption and autonomy Xiaomi Pocophone F1

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  • In this topic, we discuss the power consumption of Xiaomi Pocophone F1 on different firmware and with a different set of software!
  • When writing a message, be sure to indicate the Android version, firmware (custom / official) and its version, the main installed software and a detailed description of the problem.
  • Before posting screenshots, read the topicWorking with Images on the forum
  • Messages that are not related to the topic of discussion (offtopic) are deleted without warning.
  • Before you write, readTips to improve power saving devices on Android OS

General tips:
Do not delete, but disable (freeze) system applications.
  • Remove extra widgets from desktop
  • Turn off live wallpapers
  • Settings ->wi-fi ->additional functions ->wi-fi in sleep mode - only when powered from the network
  • Settings ->wi-fi ->additional functions ->uncheck - "always search for networks"
  • Location - disable "Sending geodata".
  • Disable unnecessary syncs
  • Disable automatic updates and update notifications on Google Play.
  • In Google Now, leave only the search, that is, do not activate Assistant
  • Disable Push and notification of social networks.
  • Do not use task killers
  • Do not use programs and widgets for monitoring in the daily operation of the smartphone.
  • Disable push messages from the operator
  • If LTE network connection quality is poor, switch “Network Type” to 3G or 2G
  • Use a different browser instead of Chrome.
  • Viber (wi-fi is always on) - disable
  • Disable services- For those who are interested in what services in Android can be disabled to save the battery
  • Tips for setting up the phone (photo instruction)
  • Disable unused services
  • Removing system applications
  • Why you should not use Task Killers on Android
  • Lithium Batteries - Operating Rules
  • Can tryWipe the cache in the recovery.
  • In extreme cases, you can reset to factory settings.

Useful software (ROOT rights required):
The results of the battery
  • ...

Ways to Calculate Energy Consumer
Please, before describing the essence of your problem, perform non-following actions:
  • Lay out screenshots of the Settings menu - Battery and a detailed discharge schedule from there too.
  • PutWakelock detectorand figure out which system process is eating (it’s also advisable to upload screenshots) (it doesn’t work on MIUI)
  • Go to the section For developers and look at the process statistics (how to open the section for developers: go to settings - about the phone, and click on the "Build number" 5 times, then go to the settings again and find this item)
  • Dial * # * # 4636 # * # *, click "Usage Statistics", see which program works as much (sort it in advance by the time of use, launch, and trace it).
  • Go to settings - about phone - build number - press 5 times. Then the settings — for developers — show the CPU load. And there to see what is in the first places, and whether it is constantly.
  • Getting extensive battery statistics without the need for root access for Android 5.0 and higher

How to quickly get quality assistance in this topic?
We kindly request that you use this form so that you do not have to write 10 posts each, pulling information out of you with ticks.
1. Firmware (name and version), as well as Gapps (if installed).
2. Kernel (name and version)
3. Network type (2G / 3G / LTE), or auto. Reception quality?
4. If WiFi, bluetooth, NFC was used, indicate this, and you should also indicate the reception quality and operation time.
5. What system software is removed \ disabled.
6. Launcher, the presence of widgets.
7. List all the modified kernel settings, you can use screenshots.
8. Screen brightness: the ratio of% brightness and brightness time \ auto brightness (adaptive) (with a custom auto brightness, a screenshot is desirable) Specify the backlight_dimer value if using.
9. Screen operation, total phone operation time:
10. Voice calls:
11.% left
12. Sync and Google Now, data backup:
13. What programs reduced power consumption? (including autostart limiters, snuffers, taskkilers, network mode management, antiviruses, ad blockers) If you have used something similar from the built-in firmware functionality, also indicate.
15. Indicate how many months you have been using the device or if you changed the acb, then indicate how much time has passed after the replacement. If the battery is not standard, indicate this. How many full charge-discharge cycles have occurred since the installation of the custom kernel (custom firmware with a built-in core) - 1 cycle, 2 cycles,>2 cycles.
16. Describe what they did during the measurements (in free form).

Observations and solutions to problems with low autonomy from our users
  • ...

What is the most energy efficient firmware?
If you were waiting here to see a specific title or link, then I hurry to disappoint you.
Many factors affect energy consumption:
  • soft
  • kernel and its settings
  • gps / wifi / mobile network / bluetooth / nfs signal quality
  • manner of use
  • screen brightness
  • sync push
Of course, firmware has an effect on power consumption, but compared to all the above, it is minimal. (Exceptions are firmware curves)
Poll results

There is no curator in the subject. For questions about filling the caps, please contact the section moderators via the buttonA complaint under the messages to which you want to add links.

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* Rayan Your screens are not govoroyat schГ«tom absolutely nothing, truth firmware will not tell,
You do not even bother to tell at what brightness you use your phone, for example, I disabled the Auto-Brightness because of the fact that I have my own brightness curve, I am often quite minimal, where the system selects 20-30% and insufficient brightness where the system selects a minimum ...
In the header, described how to oormit post.

* elephant65 , There are generally kakby unclear, for example in my game very much zhrГ«t battery even in the background ... And close eГ« does not make sense, so I can go back in neГ« a minute or an hour ...
Besides being unclear or brightness of the screen or any application eschГ« rabotabt, and the actual costs of applications may be consuming them small but they are not allowed to sleep the phone?

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* MirotvorezPerm ,
MirotvorezPerm @ 27.05.20, 0:42 *
elephant65, there kakby are not clear at all, for example, I play very zhrГ«t battery even in the background ... And close eГ« does not make sense, so I can go back in neГ« a minute or an hour ...
Besides being unclear or brightness of the screen or any application eschГ« rabotabt, and the actual costs of applications may be consuming them small but they are not allowed to sleep the phone?

Where in my answer there contradictions?
Re-read my post.
"Whether your a software that sits down the battery, or the battery dies."
And it is precisely the essence is clear as day.
In just a few hours and 50% in the rest is ... oops. I agree?

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I look at the ports, based on MIUI 12, for information on the battery spending, there is a strange "zhrun" - Other. There's a large battery consumption. I have a 10% to 18%.
Who knows that so many uses, and how it is possible to restrain it?

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* elephant65 , Nanan any contradiction ... I just said that your response is a response to the fortune-teller ... You do not have the original dannvh you are trying to find out what the problem telepath user ...

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Prompt, our smart Poco f1 will also hold a charge (about 7 hours of screen) when compared to Redmi note 9S? Poco f1 or in any case would be worse to keep because of the powerful CPU?

Rep: (57)
* muzuk91,
In any case, due to worse proca

Rep: (151)
muzuk91 @ 28.05.20, 20:16*
Prompt, our smart Poco f1 will also hold a charge (about 7 hours of screen) when compared to Redmi note 9S? Poco f1 or in any case would be worse to keep because of the powerful CPU?
Worse or not - I do not know, but 7:00 of the screen will be exact. And with the Custom kernels can generally 11-12ch squeeze.

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- = RaZoR = - @ 29.05.20, 1:24*
11-12ch squeeze.
I do not know, do not know a long time since I have not seen such a flow rate at even nuclei in battery mode. You can get 8-9 hours. Phone where the year and especially not in the game play, Bluetooth and GPS enabled in order to constantly work amazfit bip. Only the firmware is often changing, maximum a month is not the same. Now I am looking for that unique bundle of core + firmware with which it will be possible to squeeze the maximum.

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* Adriann , Well, most things resursoГ«mkie permanently enabled, you eschГ« tell that pubg nonstop kata and why the pipe is only enough for 4 hours ...

Rep: (146)
* MirotvorezPerm , Well, I'm saying that I do not play games, and even if you turn off GPS and Bluetooth still will not have me 11-12 hours screen.

Rep: (91)
* Adriann Indeed, 11-12 hours, it's something out of science fiction! Actually I can not imagine how people get this!
I like that especially at 20.2.6. test without games onlysavagemessiahzine.com, Youtube, minimum calls, music, and at the same time more than 8 hours does not go ever.
I have now on port 12 with the MIUI custom kernel for about 7 hours and I think this is a good indicator, but to 11 hours.
Hard for me to believe this !!!

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* Bobby007cool In the old days when there was no 10 android I also survived with pokofona on custom firmware and custom kernel 10 hours. And each time, even without playing and with an average brightness of the screen. In MIUI never did succeed.

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muzuk91 @ 28.05.20, 20:16*
Prompt, our smart Poco f1 will also hold a charge (about 7 hours of screen) when compared to Redmi note 9S? Poco f1 or in any case would be worse to keep because of the powerful CPU?

The mode of use depends. I remember last year when just bought looked for two days on a single charge with a series of minimum brightness of the screen (in low light is normal), as many as 14 hours left of the screen. All disabled was on the phone, one sim card, without the Internet, and that in 2G mode. No stick, 128GB model, I do not need more. All energosberegalki included applications are suffocated (notifications are turned off, leaving only permit those without which do not run at all). Just as little was all applications on the phone, almost runoff, even a single messenger not standing.

Now after a year are not repeated feats, but happened on the day played Vampirs Fall: Origin 5-7 hours, and about 2-3 hours of video through MX Player in 720P. It takes from 90 to 20% charge. 7-9 hours screen. But again, I do not update the system, still use Ru as well as more than a year ago. There is one reason, autonomy satisfied! And yet, to firmware was some kind of, I on it even less charge melted. Well, I have all applications in the same little set up and slaughtered all of the Human. The screen brightness is only slightly added. Let some of them can not believe in such consumption, but in the subject somewhere in my old position was with the screen where the screen was 14 hours. A conductive certainly felt that the battery runs low, interest on 30. Or maybe just any set or updated applications that began to eat more. It's a pity I did not have at the time of purchase USB tester. SchA would compare how much it was and how much was at capacity. And the fact that I'm somewhere in half a year or a year and measured the capacity was around 2900-3200 on the tester already does not speak about anything, because I do not know how it was with a new one.

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So, promonitorit, ate 8% of the battery (surfing the Internet and included youtube music) for 40 minutes, have an idea how to check who eats so much? Auto brightness.
Power mode is enabled.
Adguard I have a program that is only responsible for the browser
Miui global stable

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Rayan @ 05/31/20, 7:22*
Thus, promonitorit for 40 minutes ate 8% akb

Yet we must note that when the charge is about 60% falls, consumption is less usual. Even if all energosberegayki included. And if a 100% start to use, the device is more likely to consume the battery. In any case, I like that.

Rep: (146)
* muzuk91, 845 snap voracious and likes to bask

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Firmware: romKTpro-POCOF1-V12-20.5.29-MR-10
Core: stock
From 100% to 4%6 hours 6 minutes. The backlight on the car, 3 hours was on the mobile Internet, of which 40 minutes YouTube. And so in general it can be seen on the screenshot than much enjoyed as a percentage. The games do not play. These 6 hours for me is a good indicator, it was up to 5 h 16 m. 100 to 4%.

Indicators, which they say people here are never reached. In the subject firmware now I have written(Post deleted likely Moder, had time to read)That under such a regime should be 6 and 8:00, but 8:00 for me something mysterious and incomprehensible ..

Attached Image

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* VTR,
Yesterday, before going to work in the night, the phone has charged up to 90% on the time it was played and watched soap operas. As a result, the screen turned 6ch11m and still have at the moment 51%. Phone of the year about 1.5. I sit on the old firmware version (ru), are not updated due to the fact that the autonomy of love and do not want it to be lower.
On your phone, a sim card, and no memory card. Sim works in 2G mode. Internet is not so. Energy Efficiency worth profile, all applications for permits further possible strangled. With new recall squeezed out of the phone from 100% to 1% charge 14 hours screen (two series looked shift, the phone is not charged between shifts). Now the course of 14 hours will not work.
Screens attached. The truth is not lecturing a list of applications that have been active for them for some reason, the main consumer MXPlayer Pro was not, and it is through his TV shows and watched.
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image

It turns on the old firmware higher energy efficiency. While it may just new firmware some schools arise from the old user data and settings that would not hurt to delete and re-adjust (without any backups) before use.
For example, I waited a long time when the corrected schools with Russian tags in Mi Musik - Update application from time to time, and nothing has changed. Then he decided to clean the cache and data, restart the application - well, everything as it should earned! But I counted it a long time after that should be the default update to fix it - not all the same guess reset accumulated data and settings of the old version of the application.

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* AL22 , Well, it turns out the device for TV series, if everything is so smothered, no internet and the old firmware)
I love the new features, a new look and sit on the old can not. In my case, I think 5:00 is normal. The truth is now the kernel has changed, see what happens.

Rep: (69)
VTR @ 05.06.20, 17:25*
Well, it turns out the device for TV series, if everything is so smothered, no internet and the old firmware

That's right, more like a toy to play, on the chosen phone processor pomoschnee. Although I do not play in any papgi mostly emulators of old consoles, although heavy games also come across. For new interfaces do not chase, old beautiful too). I photograph too by the way not often social. networks on the phone do not use, instant messengers, too, on this and no internet.
Though if I ever work schedule remains are now working, I can be even Simcoe second under the Internet has acquired, and so how often in the five-day work, and the phone just in the drawer rolls (ushatayu if you do not take away), meaning I do not see Internet spend. I have to work 10 minutes on foot, the house all their business online and do).
I prefer the way the PC Win 7, for the top 10 hate, especially the interface and policy updates. She kadoy bastard with a new version of the approach to turn off updates require another. Previously, it was enough just turn off the update service, and then we had to climb a security policy, and now they say if you turn off the back can all be involved. Well its nafig shorter. And my system is relatively good i7 8700k + 16gb DDR4 3200 + GTX 1080 - and yet I chose Windows 7. Win7 for me it is beautiful, comfortable and familiar! And above all work with the proper setup but UWP applications are purely under Win 10 made and distributed through their duratsky app store.

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