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Funcl Al aptX TWS Bluetooth Earphones
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Ordered on INDIEGOGO.
It is clear that he did not listen, according to the descriptions-characteristics-reviews-appearance-form factor-price decided to take a chance.
The application is already available in the Market -FUNCL.

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Also ordered Ai version, bribed form factor. The first time I ordered with igg, how can I track it there now?

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Yesterday a letter arrived in the mail, in which it is written:
- we apologize for the delay in informing after the last notification of 11/28/18, in which we promised to start shipping 30/11/18
- shipment of the first batch is postponed due to the lack of agreements with a logistics partner
- shipment to the Russian Federation, Ukraine, Belarus, Thailand, Hong Kong and Korea is delayed for an even longer period due to standard procedures for delivery to the free trade zone.
- the first shipment is scheduled for December 10, 188 (but I see that these plans are not supported by anything)
- the logistics partner assumes that the delivery time to the addressee will be 7-12 days after receiving the track number

Conclusion: Russians should not wait for their ears this year (and I thought so from the very beginning), and in January, too, with a probability of 60%.

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What version of headphones sold by the Chinese on JD, pre-release or final? Can we expect the same price in a couple of months or will it grow sharply?

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Airdots did not work, I ordered the older model funcl ai, I hope everything will be fine here.

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Similarly. Canceled an order for Airdots, ordered Funcl AI.
Although, I'm afraid, will have to wait even more ..
The first delivery has already left at least someone, it will not reach Russia for a long time
I put on February ..

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Entered yesterday, too, in the squad wait, for $ 49 + $ 10 delivery

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* l2oma, Can I link to funcl on jd? did not find ... maybe ticpods meant?

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* lamer_5 , they are only in the Chinese version of the site
Bluetooth-headset-Headphones-Hands-Free-Speakers, Select. (Post Dyusha # 78993769)

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Also ordered for 49 + 10, it seems like the aptx support is declared, it already pleases), mi airdots was tired of waiting, I've been waiting for sending for a month

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* PalychRv , money for Ali was returned) but yes, you can already write to the waiting guru)) does not really burn, well that funcl saw aptx is definitely needed !! two ears are wireless, full-sized for sports, the difference with aptx and without it is palpable

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Interesting, and you can cancel the order without any problems?

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1st shipment
Most packages in the 1st batch list were shipped with tracking numbers. However, as in the previous update, some packages will still be in the list of queues waiting to be processed:

The plan for delivery to Canada, France and South Africa was postponed by mail strike. Our logistics partner is working on an alternative plan, but said that it will most likely be completed in January 2019.
Orders from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Thailand, Hong Kong and Korea will be postponed to a later date due to the delivery of SOP to the free trade zone.
There is a strict format requirement for global delivery information that is difficult to double check on the Indiegogo system. We contacted sponsors who provided incomplete or incompatible information to clarify information for our logistics partner.

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Who thinks that will be sent soon?

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Apparently, it is not worth waiting for shipment before February ((A colleague has a similar situation with an order from Alik. They also refer to restrictions on free trade and order pending ((Oh, and hoped to ride in Sochi in January with those ears = (

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* Ko_OT ,
And what does restricting free trade mean?

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It's funny by the way, but you can’t cancel the order and do not respond to the letters))

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Greetings happy headset data owners! I'm also thinking about buying Funcl Ai, but before that I would really like to try them on, since most wireless headphones look awful to me. If there are those who already use Funcl Ai and will be able to cross with me in Moscow or Moscow region (Lyubertsy district), I would quickly measure them and decide, I have chocolate! :)

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Worthfrom hereorder?

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* Yakov5890,
Do you see them having there?

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