Discussion camera Xiaomi Mi 9

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Discussion camera Xiaomi Mi 9
Xiaomi Mi 9, sepheus
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Camera specifications
Triple main camera :
Main module : 48 MP, f / 1.75, eq. focal length 27mm, 1/2 "IMX 586 sensor, 0.8Вµm pixels (effectively 1.6Вµm 12 MP using Quad Bayer 4-in-1).
Televik : 12 MP, f / 2.2, eq. focal length 54mm (x2 optical zoom), 1 / 3.6 "Samsung S5K3M5 sensor, 1.0Вµm pixels.
Wide angle : 16 MP, f / 2.2, eq. focal length 17mm (x0.6 optical zoom), sensor 1 / 3.0 "Sony IMX 481, pixels 1.0Вµm
Features :
Dual-LED flash, HDR, Laser / PDAF autofocus.
Video: 2160p @ 30 / 60fps, 1080p @ 30/120 / 240fps, 1080p @ 960fps (interpolation with 240fps).
EIS at 2160p @ 30fps, 1080p @ 30fps, 720p @ 30fps.
OIS is missing. EIS at 60fps is missing.

Selfie camera :
Single 20 MP, f / 2.0, 1 / 3.1 "Samsung S5K3T1 sensor (no accurate data), 0.9Вµm pixels (effectively 1.8Вµm 5 MP using Tetracell 4-in-1).
There is HDR and beauty test.
Shooting video 1080p @ 30fps.
Autofocus no fixed focus at a distance of approx. 40 cm.
(Source and photo tests:Dxomark(107 points DxOMark Mobile))
Photo examples
useful links

Attention! If you want to share your examples of photos, please do it throughGoogle driveorYandex.Disk.
There the photos are not compressed, they load faster and they are much more convenient to watch, Thank you!

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Reason for editing: Several config based on the basic version for specific gkam

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As you Astrofoto? : D I nuzzled (camera) into the black cloth on the table and did not expect that would work, and it won Che worked. He writes: I am looking for a star fixed. Voila. Those who did not start this mode. I'll set off telegrams PMGC_7.0.009_Full_Version_V8.apk works "out of the box." That's just no stars in the sky. A few days all the rain and overcast figachit. But there is also a rag maaalenkie asterisk. : D

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* sandely
It is not the stars. This hot pixels, or something like that

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Well, a stable global 10kA out. We are waiting for the cameras from the authors)

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* Man1zzz ,
We wait, I already updated.

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* SIE,
Like repaired yank record drain chamber.

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Dimix_ @ 29.10.19, 21:37*
It is not the stars. This hot pixels, or something like that

: D Yes? And I think from where rag stars? : D

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* Man1zzz ,
I do not know until you tried it.
Have you checked it?

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* Man1zzz ,
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* Burj.K ,

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* CET Strange why I have not yet arrived.
Well, as it should be updated?

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* Burj.K ,
Well, as you say, I renewed on time will tell.
Here is a list of changes

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If it is still interesting to ask I will answer what I can.
Just then we said that as a 11 camera will immediately make under it, she left will be waiting.

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I would like to know (and even better link).
On gcam to Shirikov also worked well, more or less all the settings have been exposed as it should.
In general, working gcam, which themselves polzuyutech and others would be advised.
Thank you in advance

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* Lazoot,
And hello to you. INa hatnecessary infa there and is periodically updated.

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I noticed a thing.
In the native application on the main (middle unit), and the camera shoots in the mode 2, but should switch to a telephoto (upper unit). The fisheye mode is switched to the lower module.
Annex GCam when choosing a telephoto switch to the upper module.
I caught it by accident. Modet who know what is the reason? Firmware globalka 10.2.14, rue No bootloader is not unlocked.

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* plovman , The camera automatically switches to the primary module in dim light. Or the subject is too close.

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* plovman , At drain in low light instead telephoto is cropped from the main chamber, and GCam, if not mistaken, forces the telephoto under all lighting conditions.

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Guys who are not hard and who Miu 11.
Send your proposal in a support so that these buttons are increased the more complaints the better.
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Posted 30/10/2019, 8:41:

I personally often misses and eventually focus straying to the bottom of the screen.

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* anton161161 And you do not press and svaypayte .. Just swipe your finger towards the desired zoom for Tim numbers. In the beginning, too, poking and spitting, and with which the firmware noticed that svayp solves the problem. On miroom 9.10.24 works perfectly all

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* oleg0774 ,

Posted 30/10/2019, 8:53:

* oleg0774 In charge of my hand curves: D thr not svaypaetsa

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* plovman Already discussed, the telephoto switch to basic in low light

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