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CustoMIUIzer | Modifications of MIUI firmware functionality

Rep: (1320)
Version: 2.2.1

Last update of the program in the header:21.04.2020

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Short description:
Xposed module containing a set of mods for MIUI firmware

Xposed CustoMIUIzer module contains mods that improve many aspects of your device with MIUI firmware.
For the operation of the module is requiredXposed FrameworkorEdxposed framework(Android 8-10, if the official does not work) .

The module primarily for Android 9-10 / MIUI 10-11, work on all other versions available, but not guaranteed.
Most mods can work on lower versions of Android, but not on lower versions of MIUI.
Restriction on the installation of the APK module of Android 7+.
If the module is supposed to use in the Application list view (black / white list, app list mode), the unit should not be installed from Google Play, where version is less compatible with the regime.

How to use?
To installXposed FrameworkorEdxposed framework.
After that, install and activate CustoMIUIzer module (Ed) Xposed Installer / Manager, configure the required mode and press the 'Fast Reboot' in the menu to apply the changes.

Mod List
Auto generated list based on latest files from git repo:
Russian Х Ukrainian Х English

CustoMIUIzer supports saving and restoring settings using a local backup to a memory card (internal memory). The item is in the menu on the main screen.
Also supported by the automatic Google cloud backup (Android Backup Service).

Known bugs

Problem solving
You can send a detailed report with a description of the problem directly from CustoMIUIzer or create a new entry onproblem tracker.

offer fashion
Requests for the addition of these mods will be ignored:
  • Camera mods
  • fashion forecast
  • Fashion associated with mobile Internet functionality
  • Modifications of the dialer
  • Hours left / right / center, or any other provision of any other elements of the status bar
  • state the contents of line size
  • AOD fashion (Always on display, ambient display)
  • Modes associated with the recess (fringe, drop, monobrov etc.).

Android required: 7.0-10.0
Russian interface: Yes

Developer: Mikanoshi
Homepage: https://code.highspec.ru/Mikanoshi/CustoMIUIzer
Google Play Web: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=name.mikanoshi.customiuizer

Changes in version 2.2.1
[New] Disabling the emergency call on the lock-screen buttons
[Improved] [Configuration screen shots] option to select an arbitrary save folder
[Improved] [Additional Items pop-up message] Disable native add the application name to the Chinese firmwares
[Improved] [Expanded menu notice] Displays all icons in a row in the notification of minimum importance, they climbed to the height when the notification is minimized
[Fixed] [Colorize header notification] is not applied to a stylized media notifications
[Fixed] [delay before turning off the screen blocking] Mod also influenced by the delay lock screen is
Corrections interface module settings

Version: 2.2.1 Attached fileCustoMIUIzer_2.2.1.apk (1.38 MB)

Past versions
Attached fileCustoMIUIzer_2.2.0.apk(1.32 MB)

Changes in version 2.2.0
[New] Use the list of the last native applications instead of a list of desktop MIUI
[Improved] [Album Cover wallpaper] option to convert the cover in black and white image
[Improved] [Show charging current] Option for adding values вАЛвАЛafter / before / newline
[Fixed] [Custom actions on lokskrine] Action to swipe left and right replacement icons: compatibility with the latest beta firmware
[Fixed] [Custom actions Safety Widget] Compatibility with the list of recent applications from the desktop MIUI
[Fixed] [Remove the clear button] Compatible with the list of recent applications from the desktop MIUI
[Fixed] [Remove unlock animation] Compatible with the latest beta firmware; also disables animation attenuation / reduction lock screen
[Fixed] [Use old startup animation] Compatible with the latest alpha versions of Desktop MIUI
[Fixed] [Correct animation desktop] Compatible with the latest versions of desktop alpha MIUI
[Fixed] [Information about the application during installation] Compatible with the latest version of MIUI Package Installer
[Fixed] [Time display a pop-up screen shot] Compatible with the latest beta firmware
Displays the main menu on all pages of the module settings
New anti-festive design вШ£пЄП

Attached fileCustoMIUIzer_2.1.5.apk(1.24 MB)

Changes in version 2.1.5
[New] To complicate PIN in Defense Applications
[New] Displays current value of the charging current in the lower region of the lock screen
[Improved] [Battery indicator strip] The option to only display in the notification tray and lock the screen
[Improved] [Manager deferred updates] Option for untimely disconnection notification (until the next reboot)
[Fixed] [Manager pending the notification] The correct time to resume the deferred notification

Attached fileCustoMIUIzer_2.1.4.apk(1.22 MB)

Changes in version 2.1.4
[New] Delay Changes to hide the floating window with just a screen snapshot
[New] Unlimited number of icons in the desktop dock
[Improved] [Battery indicator strip] Align the bottom (the indicator will also be at the bottom of the screen in the notification bar and on the lock screen)
[Fixed] [Use entire width of folder] Clipped animation icon when closing folders

Attached fileCustoMIUIzer_2.1.3.apk(1.16 MB)

Changes in version 2.1.3
[New] Hide overlays for screen capture
[New] Support inverse portrait orientation desk
[Improved] [Dynamic LED Display] option to display only in the edit mode
[Improved] [Limits Auto Brightness] Option to switch to a non-linear scale for older versions of Android (used if events sets the incorrect percentages)
[Improved] [Clean menu "Open with"] Hiding application from the menu based on the type of content being opened
[Improved] [Visualizing music] Option to display imaging only in the presence of media controller (normally created audio player notification from the control buttons)
[Fixed] [Visualize music] Visualization did not appear at the opening of the shutter

Attached fileCustoMIUIzer_2.1.2.apk(1.15 MB)

Changes in version 2.1.2
[New] [Hide icons] Hide icon VoWiFi
[New] [Desk MIUI] Remove unlock animation
[NEW] [Desk MIUI] Use old animation start
[Improved] [Display luminance level] Reduced update frequency to avoid chaotic change the values
[Fixed] [Hide warning of low battery] Compatibility with some firmware
[Fixed] [Clear all recent application] compatibility with Android 10
Correction departures module interface

Attached fileCustoMIUIzer_2.1.1.apk(1.15 MB)

Changes in version 2.1.1
[New] Do not show dialog when the unsafe volume
[New] Do not show dialog on low battery
[New] Disable screenshot to simultaneously pressing the power button and volume reduction
[New] Do not switch the screen when you press the scanner, if not specified prints
[New] Start unlocking device by pressing the lower region of the lock screen
[New] [Hide icons] Hide icon Wi-Fi
[Improved] [Auto Brightness Range] The minimum and maximum value Auto Brightness Percentage
[Improved] [Visualize music] Faster rendering in some cases; option to select the rendering method
[Fixed] [Colorize notification header] Compatible with Android 10

Attached fileCustoMIUIzer_2.1.0.apk(1.14 MB)

Changes in version 2.1.0
[Improved] [Expanded menu notice] Always open the page with information about the application in the style of MIUI
[Improved] [Android 9+] Application Support list mode (black / whitelist) (some fashion still can not work, so the warning remains)
[Fix] Do not vibrate when fingerprint authentication fails
[Fixed] Flight to pending notification list
[Fixed] [Reminder missed call] Stop playing the ringtone when you delete a missed call notification
[Fixed] [Compact notice] Incorrect height of the action buttons in certain notifications
[Fixed] [Manage gestures in the status bar] Maud was broken on older Android versions after the recent changes
New celebratory design
Compatible with Android 10:
  • Do not include the screen when charging / headphones are connected
  • Do not require a password after booting
  • disable lock
  • Securing orientation
  • Slider media position
  • Disable excessive scrolling
  • Hide in recent
  • Time display pop-up messages
  • [Authorization imprint] Vibration success vibration shutdown on failure, switching the screen when failure

Attached fileCustoMIUIzer_2.0.10.apk(1.09 MB)

Changes in version 2.0.10
[New] More options Time and manager of pending notifications
[New] Close all running applications when you click on the clear button in the list of recent applications
[New] Remove slider luminance or make it only for display
[Improved] [Modifier volume steps] Multiplier up to 5x
[Improved] [Quick flashlight] Temporarily disable awakening when taking in hand, if the flashlight is active
[Improved] [gesture control in the status bar] shows the percentage change of brightness if included mod "indicates the percentage of brightness"
[Fixed] [Time display pop-up messages] Compatibility with some firmware
[Fixed] [All Android 7] Departure in some applications list

Attached fileCustoMIUIzer_2.0.9.apk(1.06 MB)

Changes in version 2.0.9
[New] Time display pop-up messages
[New] Do not show the vertical divider between time and speed indicator on devices with cut-drop
[New] Allow add widgets and applications on any screen MIUI desktop to tablets
[NEW] [Additional buttons navbara] The option for increasing the distance from the screen buttons brim
[New] [Disable lock] Tasker's plug-in to force on / off lock
[Improved] [Disable Lock] option for mandatory authentication after a reboot
[Improved] [Disable lock] Change lock immediately when changing the status of connections Bluetooth
[Fixed] [Action invert colors] Restore color scheme / write mode after disconnecting the inverting
[Fixed] [Visualize music] Determination of the status of playing music on some firmware; and visualization will now be active while playing any music, not just the one that has the media notice

Attached fileCustoMIUIzer_2.0.8.1.apk(1.05 MB)

Changes in version
[Fixed] [Call Management imprint] Error activation mode, which also affects the performance of other mods

Changes in version 2.0.8
[New] Set the format, quality, and save screenshots folder
[New] Accepting or rejecting incoming calls, and termination of the current call with a fingerprint scanner
[New] Indentation dock bottom lancher
[New] [Bug fixes desktop] Always open the application data in the MIUI style of long press menu
[Improved] [Grid Quick Settings] Up to 7 columns
[Improved] [Custom shortcuts lokskrine] Allow display of all applications completely on the lock screen, not just a single activity
[Improved] [Custom shortcuts lokskrine] Home Run applications Mi and Mi panel without unlocking, if the appropriate option for labels
[Fixed] [Separate volume settings] depart in the sound settings
[Fixed] [Hide icons] Hide charging icon inside the battery icon
The holiday comes to us! вЭДпЄП

Attached fileCustoMIUIzer_2.0.7.apk(1000.51 KB)

Changes in version 2.0.7
[NEW] [Correction bugs desktop] Application zooming animation duration values вАЛвАЛto some animations lancher
[Improved] [All Orientations] option to enable or disable
[Improved] [Close folder automatically] option to enable or disable
[Improved] [Separate volume settings] New icons in Settings for sliders volume of notifications and system sounds
[Improved] [Control gestures in the status bar] Best slip processing method with adjustable sensitivity
[Fixed] [Switch action Rotate] Incorrect orientation in some cases,
[Fixed] [Custom shortcuts lokskrine] Compatible with the latest firmware

Attached fileCustoMIUIzer_2.0.6.apk(994.39 KB)

Changes in version 2.0.6
[New] Free resize any widget (except for some MIUI widgets)
[New] Displaying the time of the next alarm on the lock screen
[NEW] [Control gestures in the status bar] Adjusting the brightness or loudness sliding fingers 1 or 2; action on double-click
[Improved] [cursor control input] Blacklist
[Fixed] [Height status bar] Update indentation top launcher to match the changed state of line height
[Fixed] [Minimum Auto-Brightness] Compatibility with some firmware for Android 8

Attached fileCustoMIUIzer_2.0.5.apk(982.91 KB)

Changes in version 2.0.5
[New] Reducing the vibration intensity (strength or duration) to said clock
[NEW] [Full-screen navigation gestures] actuation region width gesture Back
[Improved] [Custom shortcuts lokskrine] Unlimited number of shortcuts to the app icons and the alignment of the top / bottom
[Improved] [Modification of the application name] Support cloned applications
Selecting a language
Improving the interface module: maintaining the current status when changing the configuration; the right size of checkboxes in a dark mode

Attached fileCustoMIUIzer_2.0.4.apk(974.96 KB)

Changes in version 2.0.4
[New] background blur Options folder (requires MIUI Working table with support background blur in folders)
[Improved] [Show percentage brightness] Customizable top margin
[Improved] [color overlay on the background of folders] Customizable level dimming / brightening; a smooth change in the transparency of the overlay when you open a folder
[Improved] [Clean menu "Open with"] Hides applications that can open links with the protocols http, https and vnd.youtube
[Improved] [Modification of the application name] Change the names of the full application list
[Improved] [Additional buttons navbara] A little more than the distance between the original buttons, full-screen mode button is shifted to the right to prevent the circumcision
[Fixed] [Actions to long press the volume keys] Support Screen option enabled with a single pressing
[Fixed] [Custom shortcuts lokskrine] Compatible with the latest firmware

Attached fileCustoMIUIzer_2.0.3.apk(967.64 KB)

Changes in version 2.0.3
[New] [Number of columns in folders] Use the full width of the folder
[Improved] [background blur volume of dialogue] Disable background shading with active blur
[Fixed] [Action on the labels in the latest list of applications] There were no names of some actions
[Fixed] [Compatibility Mode launcher] Now really works
[Fixed] [Show percentage brightness] Compatibility with some firmware
Improved support for the design, interface fixes

Attached fileCustoMIUIzer_2.0.2.apk(965.69 KB)

Changes in version 2.0.2
[New] Allow any notification from MIUI applications displayed on the screen and lock in a popup
[New] Hide panel quick setting and brightness slider in deployed mode notification screen on the lock
[New] Remove background notification bar on the lock screen
[New] actions run on double pressing the power button
[Improved] [Number of columns in folders] Option reduce lateral indentation for 4 or more columns
[Improved] [Show names in the dock] Extra indentation bottom dock with full screen gestures (for MIUI launcher)
[Improved] [Disable signature verification] Skipping checks MIUI Installer
[Improved] [Show seconds] regular intervals updates
[Improved] [Background Folder] Use white color for light wallpaper
[Fixed] [Slider media items] Compatibility with some firmware
Long press on the search bar shows the list of new mods
Scroll to found fashion and highlight its beautiful :)
Checkboxes in style MIUI MIUI on 11 lists
The adaptive module icon

Attached fileCustoMIUIzer_2.0.1.apk(938.41 KB)

Changes in version 2.0.1
[New] Show names of the applications in the dock launcher
[New] Enable recording video and screenshots in all applications
[New] Blurring the background minimized and maximized volume dialogues
[Improved] [Unlock the size of the grid] Grid launcher to 8x8
[Improved] [Album Cover wallpaper] Cover Zoom
Compatibility mode for all mod launcher
Corrections interface module settings

Attached fileCustoMIUIzer_2.0.0.apk(930.72 KB)

Changes in version 2.0.0
[New] Alternative Back button icon input mode
[New] Replace the ribbon widgets on Google Discover in MIUI launcher
[New] Use MIUI Package Installer by default and allow him to update the system applications
[Improved] [Slider media position] option to switch to the system style slider
[Improved] [Information about the application during installation] MIUI Support Package Installer
[Improved] [Monitor the status of the application] Ability to disable more applications (System desktop, device search, etc.)
[Fixed] [Duration blackout] Compatibility with some firmware is now configured as a percentage of the screen off delay
[Fixed] [Custom actions on lokskrine] Run actions assigned to shortcuts
[Fixed] [Actions navbara] Media action when you long press the main button
Compatible with MIUI 11:
  • shortcut icon
  • Additional elements of pop-up notifications
  • unlock launcher
  • Slider media position
  • opening the Action menu

Attached fileCustoMIUIzer_1.8.1.apk(922.35 KB)

Changes in version 1.8.1
[New] Switch dark regime in Quick Setup
[New] Hide name applications launcher
[New] Horizontal indentation grid lancher
[New] Offset grid on top of the launcher
[NEW] The height indicator pages lancher
[New] Display brightness level in percent brightness when changing slider
[Improved] [Number of rows in the panel quick setting] Option 2 BN series with reduced height
[Fixed] [font size for titles in the launcher] do not apply to the header size of an open folder
[Fixed] [Custom actions on lokskrine] Replacement icons and text on the right; Starting sink camera if the action is not specified polzovatelkoy
[Fixed] [Advanced Power Menu] Reset Interface (System UI)
Minor corrections module interface

Attached fileCustoMIUIzer_1.8.0.apk(899.13 KB)

Changes in version 1.8.0
[New] Action: Switch the control mode with one hand
[New] Displaying data about the application is installed in the installer window
[New] Disabling excessive scrolling in lists
[New] Font size for titles in the launcher
[New] Top inset for names in the launcher
[New] Support cloned applications in the modes:
- protection applications
- Hidden applications
- Cleaning "Share" menu
- Cleaning the menu "Open with"
- Extras. information about the application
- Advanced notification menu
- Application shortcuts / clock / calendar in the notification bar
- Launch the application and run the component
[Improved] [Number of columns in folders launcher] The increased width of the grid in folders
[Improved] [Configuration USB default] Do not show dialog when connecting automatically to the latest firmware
[Improved] [Visualizing music] Customizable dynamic color change interval
[Fixed] [Minimum Auto-Brightness] Compatibility with some firmware
[Fixed] [Hide the type of mobile network] Compatibility with some firmware
[Fixed] [Custom actions on lokskrine] Compatible with the latest firmware
[Fixed] [Remove hidden folder] Compatible with the latest firmware
[Fixed] [number of columns in a rolled the Quick Settings] Compatible with the latest firmware
Compression detailed reports to save valuable traffic

Attached fileCustoMIUIzer_1.7.5.apk(884.33 KB)

Changes in version 1.7.5
[New] How to disable APK signatures when updating applications
[New] The duration of blackout before automatically turning off screen
[Improved] [Visualize music] dynamic color option (changes color at random every 10 seconds)
[Fixed] [Modification of application names] Compatible with the latest alpha versions of launcher
[Fixed] [the USB Configuration Default] Default Incorrect
[Fixed] [Minimum Auto-Brightness] Compatibility with some firmware
[Fixed] [Advanced notification menu] Compatibility with some firmware
Determine what set TaiChi application, and not complain about the lack of Xposed

Attached fileCustoMIUIzer_1.7.4.apk(879.6 KB)

Changes in version 1.7.4
[New] To change the volume of the media at the first press of a button
[New] Do not vibrate when switching to "Silent", and when the vibration in this mode
[Improved] [Battery indicator strip] Zero height strips
[Improved] [Visualize music] Setting the duration of the animation to change the speed of visualization of renovation
[Fixed] [Zoom icon launcher] Scale marks on the application icon
[Fixed] [Clean menu "Open with" and "Share"] Compatibility with some firmware
[Fixed] Circle to select a color does not draw on some devices
[Fixed] Departures module interface

Attached fileCustoMIUIzer_1.7.3.apk(811.6 KB)

Changes in version 1.7.3
[New] Action: Keyboard selection
[New] Do not show warning about the dynamics of the closed area
[New] Hide upper unit to lock the screen with the clock, the date and other data
[New] Customizable sound, vibration and interval reminders for missed calls
[New] Switching between dark / light / auto interface mode (does the same as the Dark mode in Settings, the option to turn off the main mode in the dark firmware buyout do not support it)
[NEW] [Hiding icon] Hiding icons in the status bar VoLTE
[Fixed] [Display light levels] Visual bug icon right on the slider when the brightness changes
[Fixed] [Zoom icon launcher] Scale widgets shortcuts MIUI
[Fixed] [Modification of application names] name change without rebooting on the latest versions of the launcher
[Fixed] [Min Auto-Brightness] Compatibility with some devices
[Fixed] [Custom shortcuts lokskrine] Compatibility with some firmware
[Fixed] [Detailed speed indicator compound] A distance between the rates in the absence of indicator icons
[Fixed] Dark Mode

Attached fileCustoMIUIzer_1.7.2.apk(803.82 KB)

Changes in version 1.7.2
[New] Show the value of ambient light in lux inside the brightness slider
[New] Slider position in media notifications
[New] Turning on the screen after unsuccessful fingerprint authorization
[New] LTE icon instead of 4G
[New] Show incoming call interface instead of notification
[New] Adjustable screen brightness during a call
[New] Scale system animation from x0 to x10 in increments of 0.1x
[New] Scale of icons and folders in the lancer
[New] [Hide icons] Hide icons of the work profile and lack of SIM in the status bar
[Improved] [Volume Step Multiplier] Step in 0.25x
[Deleted] [In Pocket Mode] The mod consumed the battery during sleep, receiving values вАЛвАЛfrom the proximity sensor once per second; ultrasonic sensors are unreliable in such situations, because only after 1 second start to return correct values
[Fixed] [Advanced notification menu] Vertical position when the mode is off Compact notifications
[Fixed] [Custom actions on the lockscreen] Restore the original camera image on the right if no action is selected in the mod; Better compatibility with some firmware
[Fixed] [Hide delete button] Compatibility with new firmware
[Fixed] [Android 7] Replacement of images in resources did not work (affected several mods)
[Fixed] Single application selection lists in module settings
[Improved] Categorization of mod settings

Attached fileCustoMIUIzer_1.7.1.apk(739.43 KB)

Changes in version 1.7.1
[Fixed] [Status bar height, Navigation bar height] Incomplete change in height, slow loading, bootlops
[Fixed] [User actions on the lock screen] Hiding the icon on the left when disabling swipe to the right; Better compatibility with some firmware
[Fixed] [Quick flashlight, Actions for a long press of the volume buttons] Compatible with AOD mode ("The screen is always active")

Attached fileCustoMIUIzer_1.7.0.apk(739.11 KB)

Changes in version 1.7.0
[New] Disabling any notifications, including system
[New] Customizable actions on shortcuts and gestures on the lock screen
[New] [Hide icons] Hide VPN and mobile access point icons in the status bar
[Improved] [Separate volume settings] The notification slider in the expanded volume panel is now optional
[Fixed] [Advanced notification menu] Vertical position
[Fixed] [Hide the delete button, USB default configuration, Actions for a long press of the navbar buttons] Compatibility with some firmware
[Fixed] [Application status monitoring, Add. application details] Compatibility with the latest versions of the application Security
Support for resource replacement in the Xposed framework is no longer required for the module to work

Attached fileCustoMIUIzer_1.6.7.apk(714.41 KB)

Changes in version 1.6.7
[New] Customizable battery strip
[New] Hide status bar icons
[New] Show the alarm icon only for the specified number of hours before it sounds
[New] Hide the Bluetooth icon when there are no connected devices
[New] Prohibit standard MIUI action by force to close specified applications
[New] Actions: Starting any component from any installed application
[New] [Android 9+] Show magnifying glass when selecting text (only for elements based on TextView)
[Improved] Color selection in module settings (support for dark colors and landscape mode)
[Fixed] [Alarm compatibility] Incorrect response time was displayed
[Fixed] Interface bugs

Attached fileCustoMIUIzer_1.6.6.apk(756.95 KB)

Changes in version 1.6.6
[New] Allow all screen orientations
[New] Vibration response with successful authentication
[New] Remove vibration response when authentication fails
[New] Clearing the "Open with" menu
[New] USB default configuration when connected to other devices
[New] [Music visualization] Option that adds a glow
[New] [Detailed connection speed indicator] Optionally, make the indicator translucent if both speeds are zero
[New] Option to mark new mods a certain number of days after the update or always
[Improved] [Vibration response when switching settings] Option to ignore disabling vibration response in system settings
[Improved] [Separate volume settings] Adding a notification slider to the opened volume dialog
[Improved] [Add. application details] Opening the application in the Play Store, copying the name of the APK and the data path to the clipboard
[Fixed] [Music visualization] Rainbow colors horizontally on Android versions below 9
[Fixed] Actions on security widget shortcuts in the list of recent applications

Attached fileCustoMIUIzer_1.6.5.apk(687.63 KB)

Changes in version 1.6.5
[New] In the selected applications, correctly show the time of the next alarm set by the standard MIUI clock application
[New] Force selected applications to ignore incoming calls and continue playing audio
[New] Improved version of the Application Protection feature that allows you to block any installed application
[New] Endless scrolling in MIUI / POCO lanchers - allows you to switch from the last screen to the first and vice versa
[New] Auto-hide screen indicator in MIUI lancer
[New] [Fingerprint actions] Option to disable actions with an active call
[Improved] The action of opening a volume dialogue opens a dialogue that adjusts the correct volume when an active call
[Fixed] [Music visualization] Rendering dotted stripes and circles on Android versions below 9
[Fixed] Other minor bugs and crashes

Attached fileCustoMIUIzer_1.6.4.apk(649.47 KB)

Changes in version 1.6.4
[New] [Music visualization] Option to draw visualization on top of a third-party lock screen
[Improved] [Music visualization] Draw a visualization on top of the background from a theme in the notification panel
[Fixed] [Album cover on wallpaper] Disabling on third-party lock screens
[Fixed] [Separate volume settings] Maintain system volume between reboots
[Fixed] Hiding switch labels in Quick Settings
[Fixed again] Detailed connection speed indicator

Attached fileCustoMIUIzer_1.6.3.apk(647.92 KB)

Changes in version 1.6.3
[New] Hide navigation bar
[New] Visualization of music on the lock screen and in the notification panel
[New] [Detailed connection speed indicator] Font size selection
[Fixed] Detailed indicator of connection speed
[Fixed] On some devices, turning off the screen made it impossible to turn it back on
[Fixed] [Cleaning the "Share" menu] Removing SMS applications led to their inoperability
[Improved] [Do not hide notifications] Compatibility with new firmware
[Improved] Opening EdXposed Manager from the menu in the module settings

Attached fileCustoMIUIzer_1.6.2.apk(574.1 KB)

Changes in version 1.6.2
[New] Navigation Bar Height
[New] Minimum Auto Brightness Value
[New] Do not block applications when the device is locked (when the option to block after closing is selected)
[New] Changing the interval between closing an application and blocking it
[Fixed] [Cleaning the Share Menu] Not all applications were available for removal.
[Fixed] [Quick Access Icon] Improved compatibility, added position selection in the list

Attached fileCustoMIUIzer_1.6.1.apk(566.44 KB)

Changes in version 1.6.1
[New] Longer intervals for silent and do not disturb timers
[New] Remove apps from Share menu
[New] Prevent selected apps from showing pop-up messages
[New] A darker shadow for the names of applications in the lancher
[New] Remove restrictions on third-party lanchers on Chinese firmware
[New] Actions for 4 shortcuts in the security widget in the list of recent applications
[New] Double click action on empty place in lancher
[New] Actions: Open Menu, Open Volume Panel, Increase Volume, Volume Down
[New] Label to unlock credentials (long press on the CustoMIUIzer icon in lanchers supporting similar labels)
[New] Mod search function in module settings
[Fixed] Disabling gestures in the launcher in edit mode
[Improved] [Detailed connection speed indicator] Compatible with new firmware

Attached fileCustoMIUIzer_1.6.0.apk(526.88 KB)

Changes in version 1.6.0
[New] POCO Launcher support for some mods
[New] Support MIUI Launcher to version 4.9.5-dev
[New] Correction of the color of the content of the status bar depending on the light / dark wallpaper on the version of the lunch for developers
[New] Same background color of the status bar and action bar of the application, where possible
[New] Selection of applications that will run when you tap on the clock, date and icon above the battery in the header of the open notification panel
[New] Action: Back
[New] Dark mode support for module settings (the text color in some dialogs is incorrect, it cannot be corrected yet :))
[Improved] [Extras. buttons on the navigation bar] The left and right buttons appear independently of each other

Attached fileCustoMIUIzer_1.5.7.apk(469.7 KB)

Changes in version 1.5.7
[Fixed] [Advanced Power Menu] Shutdown Button Animation Bug
[Fixed] [Advanced Power Menu] Localization
[Fixed] Unlock credentials
[Improved] Error Handling and Logging

Attached fileCustoMIUIzer_1.5.6.apk(464.3 KB)

Changes in version 1.5.6
[New] Advanced Power Menu (Fastboot / Recovery / Fast Reboot / Interface Restart (System UI) / Restart Lancher)
[New] Returning вАЬIn PocketвАЭ mode to advanced lock screen settings on devices with an ultrasonic proximity sensor
[New] Changing the height of the status bar
[New] Customizable Fast Settings Grid (minimized and maximized)
[New] Hide all signatures in Quick Settings
[New] Hide button to clear recent application list and memory
[New] Hide the button in the curtain to delete all notifications
[New] Ability to disable (almost) any application from its page "About the application"
[New] Activate horizontal gestures and navigation bar together
[New] Actions: Clear Memory, Invert Colors
[New] Actions for a long press of the buttons Navbar Back, Home and Menu

Attached fileCustoMIUIzer_1.5.5.apk(361.2 KB)

Changes in version 1.5.5
[New] Switch in Quick Settings for pinning portrait or landscape orientation
[New] Disable music muting when playing notification sounds
[New] Disable actions on the fingerprint scanner in the Camera
[New] Automatically close folders in MIUI Lancher after launching applications
[New] [Improved pop-up notifications] Delay before hiding
[Improved] Display of selected applications at the top of the lists in the module settings
[Improved] Check for disabling resource substitution in the Xposed Framework
[Fixed] [Extended notification menu] Support for the latest stable version of MIUI
[Fixed] [Vibration Blocking] Android 7 Support
[Fixed] [Wallpaper album cover] Improved support for various versions of Android
[Fixed] [Hide in recent] Mod switched from dynamic to normal to prevent bootlops
[Fixed] [Modified Application Names] Bug Fixes

Attached fileCustoMIUIzer_1.5.4.apk(342.82 KB)

Changes in version 1.5.4
[New] Disable selected apps to use vibration
[New] Modifying Application Names on the MIUI Desktop
[New] [Disable lock] Use trusted Bluetooth devices
[New] Add an icon in the lancher or use a shortcut to unlock credentials (authorization in some applications requires access to the credentials, but when skipping a PIN / password / pattern key after downloading, they remain locked)

Attached fileCustoMIUIzer_1.5.3.apk(318.03 KB)

Changes in version 1.5.3
[New] Show notifications on lock screen even after it has been closed and then reopened
[New] New actions in the notification menu (opens on svaypu left) - open information about the application and forcibly close the application
[New] Do not show the icon with 3 dots when the option to hide the notification icons is active
[New] [Vibration feedback when switching settings] Strong / weak vibration option
[New] [Full-screen navigation gestures] Gesture area of вАЛвАЛthe gesture gesture Back
[New] [Android 8+] Setting the number of notifications from one application at which their automatic grouping works
[Fixed] [Background transparency from theme] Unlinked from the background blur value of the notification bar
[Fixed] [Detailed connection speed indicator] Excessive left indent
[Fixed] [Compact notifications] Bug with transparency after opening the notification bar
[Fixed] Improved error handling in mods
Module settings are better organized, a new indication of dynamic mods has been added.

Attached fileCustoMIUIzer_1.5.2.apk(296.46 KB)

Changes in version 1.5.2
[New] Compact Notifications
[New] Improved Hidden Applications
[New] Hiding apps from recent list
[New] Vibration feedback when switching Quick Settings
[New] Ability to hide the module icon in the lancher
[Fixed] fade animation when you rotate the screen
[Fixed] System setting "Vibration feedback" now affects vibration in mods
[Fixed] Bugs interface settings module

Attached fileCustoMIUIzer_1.5.1.apk(275.53 KB)

Changes in version 1.5.1
[New] [Expand Notifications] Black and White List
[New] [Control Input Cursor] Option to swap cursor directions
[New] [Hide mobile network type] Hide completely or only when there is no connection
[New] Do not hide the clock in the status bar on home screens with clock widgets
[New] Allow installation of old versions of applications over new ones
[New] The action of opening the system power menu (on the fingerprint scanner and additional buttons on the navbar)
[New] New shortcut icon :)
[Fixed] [Android 7] Advanced Notifications
[Fixed] Determining whether EdXposed Manager is installed

Attached fileCustoMIUIzer_1.5.0.apk(267.88 KB)

Changes in version 1.5.0
[New] [MIUI Desktop] Darkening Folder Background
[New] [MIUI Desktop] Unlock grid sizes from 3x4 to 6x7
[New] [MIUI Desktop] Number of columns in folders
[New] Animation when you rotate the screen (smooth transition or no animation)
[New] Opening the notification panel automatically when you receive notifications from selected applications
[New] Displays the cover of the current track as wallpaper on the lock screen
[New] [Improved pop-up notifications] Do not hide automatically
[New] [Improved pop-up notifications] Swipe down opens the notification panel
[Fixed] [Unlocking device lock] Selecting several trusted Wi-Fi networks

Attached fileCustoMIUIzer_1.4.3.apk(246.66 KB)

Changes in version 1.4.3
[New] Dynamic device locking (full shutdown, blocking only once after loading, disabling blocking in trusted Wi-Fi networks; you can also skip the lock screen)
[New] Detailed connection speed indicator (speed and various icons for incoming / outgoing traffic, setting a low speed level to change the display)
[New] Rate Update Rate

Attached fileCustoMIUIzer_1.4.2.apk(236.97 KB)

Changes in version 1.4.2
[Fixed] The mod that sets the action on the swipe up in the lancher replaces the standard action (search)
[Fixed] Extras. check for using a scanner in a fashion action on a fingerprint scanner
[New] Customizable delays for double and long pressing in fashion action on a fingerprint scanner

Attached fileCustoMIUIzer_1.4.1.apk(234.46 KB)

Changes in version 1.4.1
[Fixed] Quick Flashlight
[New] The action of switching to the previous application for the buttons of the navbar and the fingerprint scanner
[New] Optional vibration when performing actions for a long press of the volume buttons

Attached fileCustoMIUIzer_1.4.0.apk(231.6 KB)

Changes in version 1.4.0
[New] Customizable actions for single / double / long press on the fingerprint scanner when the screen is on
[New] Option to prohibit turning on the screen at any charging event, or only for those with no animation
[New] Customizable screen hold time enabled when charging animation starts
[New] The opening actions of the notification panel / quick settings / latest applications also close them if they are already open
[New] Increasing the number of volume steps for all types of streams multiplier

Attached fileCustoMIUIzer_1.3.1.apk(225.86 KB)

Changes in version 1.3.1
[Fixed] [Compatibility] MIUI 10.3
[Fixed] Duration of animation when the screen is turned off
[Fixed] Do not turn on the screen when charging is connected (including wireless)
[New] Do not turn on the screen when connecting headphones

Attached fileCustoMIUIzer_1.3.0.apk(225.15 KB)

Changes in version 1.3.0
[Fixed] [Compatibility] Loading module settings on devices with encrypted storage. Before installing this version, you should make a backup of settings, since they will be reset to default!
[Fixed] [Compatibility] Extras. application details
[Fixed] [Compatibility] Quick Flashlight
[Fixed] [Compatibility] Media actions on volume buttons
[Fixed] [Compatibility] All mods with custom actions / switches
[New] Two new buttons on the navigation bar with customizable actions
[New] The transparency level of the background of the notification bar from the current topic
[New] Hide mobile network type icon in status bar
[New] Increase right margin for traffic speed indicator

Attached fileCustoMIUIzer_1.2.0.apk(214.02 KB)

Changes in version 1.2.0
[New] Display seconds on the clock in the status bar
[New] Always show notifications in fully expanded form.
[New] Media actions for a long press of the volume up / down keys with the screen off
[New] The background blur level in the latest applications window and in the notification panel
[Moved] The "Manage Input Cursor" mod has been moved to the Management category, re-activation is required

Attached fileCustoMIUIzer_1.1.1.apk(206.77 KB)

Changes in version 1.1.1
[New] Separate volume in Settings for calls / notifications / system sounds
[New] Move text input cursor with volume buttons

Attached fileCustoMIUIzer_1.1.0.apk(204.38 KB)

Changes in version 1.1.0
[New] Double tap on lock screen to turn off screen
[Fixed] [Android 7.0+] Initializing the module, actions for the switches. Fashion may still not work.

Attached fileCustoMIUIzer_1.0.1.apk(202.96 KB)

Changes in version 1.0.1
[Fixed] shortcut icon on some devices
[Fixed] Check for updates

Attached fileCustoMIUIzer.apk(201.27 KB)

Changes in version 1.0.0
First release

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Reason for editing: 2.2.1

Rep: (675)
Does not work on Miui 10, 8.1 on the last weekly

Rep: (1320)
An exhaustive description of course, but in the module there is the item "Send a detailed report", it is better to send bug reports through it.
It will be seen that it does not work. Or xposed log at least show, if you do not want to send data about your device.

Post has been editedMikanoshi - 16.03.19, 04:47

Rep: (1320)
CustoMIUIzer 1.1.0
  • [New] Double tap on lock screen to turn off screen
  • [Fixed] [Android 7.0+] Initializing the module, actions for the switches. Fashion may still not work.

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Rep: (1320)
CustoMIUIzer 1.1.1
  • [New] Separate volume in Settings for calls / notifications / system sounds
  • [New] Move text input cursor with volume buttons

Rep: (1320)
CustoMIUIzer 1.2.0
  • [New] Display seconds on the clock in the status bar
  • [New] Always show notifications in fully expanded form.
  • [New] Media actions for a long press of the volume up / down keys with the screen off
  • [New] The background blur level in the latest applications window and in the notification panel
  • [Moved] The "Manage Input Cursor" mod has been moved to the Management category, re-activation is required

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Rep: (13)
* Mikanoshi
Developer in the subject?

Rep: (295)
* John Doe KZ, * Mikanoshi and there is a developer. Look at the menu item "About" is not lazy.

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Rep: (13)
* Mikanoshi , Redmi 6, MIUI Global 10.2.2 DEODEX, 8.1. The background in the blind and recent does not change. Only when the brightness is twisted from the curtain, until you tap there is transparency.
Attached Image

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Reason for editing:

Rep: (1320)
* alexey.belarus,
When the brightness changes, the background is simply removed). A Xposed log or a detailed report from the module is needed.

Rep: (13)
* Mikanoshi sent

Rep: (13)
Add. information about the application also does not show

Rep: (1320)
In the log only error mod for the flashlight, and then not critical. It seems to have to download the firmware)

Rep: (13)
* Mikanoshi which one?

Rep: (1320)
Redmi 6 8.1.0 10.2.2

Rep: (13)
* Mikanoshi , Xiaomi Redmi 6 - MIUI firmware (Post MCMXCII # 81056393)

Rep: (1320)
* alexey.belarus, No, these cloaked ones, you can decompile)) xiaomi.eu 10.2.2 only for Redmi 6 Pro is there, for the usual

Rep: (13)
* Mikanoshi , https://yadi.sk/d/ofCnnEXRTsyyVQ

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Rep: (28)
As it is not enough useful features. I made myself only seconds in the status bar of all

Rep: (1320)
* IronShell,
Somehow all the same. All the mods I need are there.

Rep: (1320)
CustoMIUIzer 1.3.0
  • [Fixed] [Compatibility] Loading module settings on devices with encrypted storage.Before installing this version, you should make a backup of settings, since they will be reset to default!
  • [Fixed] [Compatibility] Extras. application details
  • [Fixed] [Compatibility] Quick Flashlight
  • [Fixed] [Compatibility] Media actions on volume buttons
  • [Fixed] [Compatibility] All mods with custom actions / switches
  • [New] Two new buttons on the navigation bar with customizable actions
  • [New] The transparency level of the background of the notification bar from the current topic
  • [New] Hide mobile network type icon in status bar
  • [New] Increase right margin for traffic speed indicator

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