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Samsung SM-G975F Galaxy S10 + - Official firmware

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Samsung SM-G975F Galaxy S10 + - Official firmware
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Important information!
  • This topic discusses the firmware of the SM-G975F smartphone as a process!
  • All firmware laid out and discussed in this topic are intended solely for the model.Samsung Galaxy S10 + SM-G975F Installing these firmware on other versions Galaxy S10 + may lead to a complete failure of the smartphone. This version of the smartphone can only be seen in mode Odin in line PRODUCT NAME . If you have written in this line is not SM-G975F , then all the firmware in this topic does not suit you.
  • Check the model of the device(do you have SM-G975F?)
  • There is a topic for discussing ways to reset / bypass / hack a Google account.Google Account Bypass (FRP) Ways After Reset .
Drivers and Utilities
  • Frija - program for downloading and checking firmware for Samsung devices
  • Samfirm - program for downloading and checking firmware for Samsung devices
  • Odin - for flashing Samsung devices (useful for firmware recovery)
  • Smart switch - a multifunctional program for Samsung devices, it will automatically install all the necessary drivers on your PC
  • SFWS (Samsung FirmWare Searcher) - A program to search for existing firmware for Samsung devices
  • Adb - A program to control the smartphone via PC, a detailed description in the link
  • Samsung USB Drivers for Mobile Phones - driver package for Windows to work correctly with the phone

Official firmware
All firmware presented below are 5-file (service and home).
They contain required for flashing 3 familiar files -AP , BL and CP as well as 2 files to choose from - CSC or HOME_CSC :
CSC - formatting all user data of the smartphone to the state of "out of the box"
HOME_CSC - all user data, including internal storage, will remain untouched
4 files are involved in the firmware process.
Single-file firmware does not exist !!

NB! In the OXM firmware, the regions are divided into two folders:
  • Regions from which (to which)CAN go with a sim card
  • Regions from which (to which)DO NOTgo over

Online services for searching and downloading official firmware. Direct links to SM-G975F model
Android 10
Android 9.x.x Pie

  • Log in to the recovery / DownloadMode
    • Download Mode (Odin Mode) - hold the volume down (sound -), press the "Bixby" button and connect the USB cable
    • Recovery - increase the volume (sound +), lock button, button "Bixby" at the same time

  • Reset to factory settings via Recovery
    1. Login to Recovery
    2. Select wipe data / factory reset
    3. Press the Power button
    4. Reboot system now

Change of region

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Reason for editing: G975FXXU7CTF1 (SER)

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Android 9.0 Firmware (ASBA)

  • A country:Russia (SER)
  • Model:Samsung Galaxy S10 + SM-G975F / FD
  • Type: Service 5 file (Service + Home)
  • Modem:G975FXXU1ASBA
  • Bootloader:G975FXXU1ASBA
  • Changelog: 15445945
  • Level security Android:01.02.2019
  • Build date: 24.02.2019

Google drive

Modem ASBA

Bootloader ASBA

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With this firmware will it be possible to change the region from Poland to Russia?

Rep: (1550)
Sasha5577 @ 03/09/19 21:45*
will it be possible to change the region from Poland to Russia?

It will not work, the firmware is the same for everyone (inside multiregions and single regions) and jumping from a multiregion to a single SER region will not work. Inside the multiregion, you can use the sim card of another region (included in this multiregon). Previously, it was possible to switch using the COMBINATION firmware, but now it does not work, Odin gives an error Re-Partition operation failed, maybe if you try to reflash with the pit-file, it will pass, but I have not tried it.

Rep: (49)
Tell me, pliz, took 9+ for the emirates and stitched ser (for Russia). Everything worked. Does this option work for 10+. And is there any information on model numbers / letters that can be flashed without problems for working with us?

Rep: (114)
* zgan,
there is no working method yet.

Rep: (39)
Is it too early to talk about installing TWRP and getting root rights?

Rep: (2345)
* Ros1,
Developmentis in full swing, but so far nothing has been published ..

Rep: (365)
Vintal2002 @ 03/09/19, 23:13*
Inside the multiregion, you can use the sim card of another region (included in this multiregon).

How it is implemented. Now there is a European, in the Russian Federation with a Russian sim card. CSC_ BTU firmware code, active CAU CSC_ code. Requires a working SPay in the Russian Federation.
To do this: we go to a country where SP is running (Sweden, Switzerland, Spain, Britain, Italy, France, Turkey are chosen), we take a SIM card there, insert it into the body, reset it to the factory ones. When you first start disabling auto-updates in Galaxy app. Got the desired region. We take out the European sim card and insert the Russian one. Install the .apk-shki Spay and SPFramework, say for the Russian Federation or an American. So? working option?

Rep: (1550)
Olegin_1968 @ 03.25.19, 12:39*
How it is implemented. Now there is a European, in the Russian Federation with a Russian sim card.

No idea, now they wrote to me in lichku with the same problem, a person with a BTU region (the shavers have SPay), but doesn’t work in the phone, did a reset with the Spanish sim card (there is a SPay in Spain) - it doesn’t work again This device is now in a European country that does not support SPay - the region in the phone may not be sufficiently correct, but the location is checked and if something is wrong, then SPay is not installed

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Yesterday just bought a smartphone security patch in February
Attached Image

All right? region seb

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mortan77 @ 26.03.19, 6:50*
All right? region seb

Strange! I SER region.
Attached Image

Rep: (460)
* Yur4ik79 ,
And saw that
Samsung phone info is already now writes
Attached Image

This means the regions have joined the boys

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Rep: (233)
mortan77 @ 26.03.19, 8:29*
And saw that
Samsung phone info is already now writes

So you're not from Russia. That region is not SER.

Rep: (460)
* Yur4ik79 ,
Wow, look at my screenshot, there now and ser and seb one firmware,

Rep: (233)
* mortan77 ,
mortan77 @ 26.03.19, 8:52 *
there now and ser and seb one firmware

Yes, I saw.

Rep: (114)
* mortan77,
SER is now just monoregion and SEB in Multiregion. Firmware with the March patch already in SF, can be rolled forward by one.

Rep: (114)
* mortan77,
already discussed)) SER is included in the firmware, but it is a mono region.
Attached Image

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* mortan77,
All right* DarthLexx says ... Samsung 10-kah for user nakosyachil with SER region ... he single region in general multproshivke, making it virtually useless purchase over the hill body and try to flash it under the SER. The solution has yet been found ... SPay, for example, be made to work in the Russian Federation on the "gray" phone does not work. :(

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Rep: (460)
* Olegin_1968 ,
Got it
I do not in Russia, so I just wanted to poradavatsya madhouse over, but no, all the Samsung Wise
We in Estonia easier with this, seb region in all Baltic,
Subject has been updated, update the weight already 450MB
The body is heated at the same time, I do not note9 basked we will see what is new ..

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mortan77 @ 03.26.19, 09:31*
Here is a list of regions and ser among them!

Does not know how to show Phone Info correctly, this is how it looks in the firmware file, SER in a separate folder Single
Multi OXM
Attached Image
Single folder with mono regions
Attached Image

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