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Xiaomi Mi AirDots Pro - Purchase
Bluetooth Headset Air, Mi True Wireless Earphone, Air, Mi Air, TWSEJ01JY
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Important information
Due to the fact that a large number of Xiaomi Mi AirDots Pro defects are found, it is not recommended to buy in foreign online stores, as You do not receive a guarantee, and you can not safely exchange headphones. It is recommended to buy from local outbits, with the possibility of replacement by law in a two-week period. It’s better to overpay than to play the lottery marriage or not. As practice shows, there is no dependence in which store you order, in each store the probability of marriage is the same.
Mi AirDots Pro comes in a small carrying case for storage and recharging. According to the manufacturer, they provide up to 10 hours of listening. Each headset is able to work independently of the other, so that they can be used alternately or divided between two people. Playback control is carried out using touch panels.
Device characteristics
Headphone weight with case: 58 grams
Weight of one earphone: 5.8 grams
Up to 3 hours of playing music on a single charge of headphones
Up to 10 hours of autonomy with a case
Case battery capacity: 410 mAh
IPX4 moisture protection
ANC Noise Reduction
AAC codec support
Touch control and voice assistant support
Work as a headset
Impendance: 16 ohms
Bluetooth 4.2
Range: 10 meters
Compatibility: Android, iOS, Windows, Mac

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A theme for waiters and exchange of links for purchase. We share discounts, discuss stores, which ones are better, which delivery, etc.

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Plus, the seller has a coupon, total is 3555.

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Plus seller coupon 3546.

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Someone writes that they fake, write shops that send fakes

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On Pandao sale, total 3233
XiaoMi Mi True Wireless Headphones

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* beardark,
This is probably the normal price for the headphones, it's just over

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On pandao temporarily 2500:
Xiaomi Air Mi True Wireless Earphones, wireless headphones
https://pandao.ru/prod... 4400-9b2b-faedd585c8ba

While in stock. It is a pity a couple of days ago I ordered with Ali from 3050 with a seller’s coupon.

The stock either disappears or appears.

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The discount appeared again on the panda, now 2500r.

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Xiaomi Air Mi True Wireless Earphones, wireless headphones

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* sam1984
Paid, but the order did not appear in orders: search:

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Effectmaster @ 06/25/19, 12:39*
order did not appear in orders

Everything is normal, on a panda it is usually always the case, after a while it will appear.
Unlike Ali, the whole system through it is made there, starting from the order, ending with a dispute and refunds. But there are good discounts.
And all that I ordered there at a discount, and this is about 50 orders - everything has come.

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* effectmaster contact support, they will correct.

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Greetings. Also ordered from PLUMERIA for 2576.
Everything appeared in orders, I wait for sending.
Horse discount. Sin is not to buy.

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* ellarair
* dimster
I have experience with pandao (ordered mi8), it seems to have always worked, this is the first time.
In addition to discounts, Pandao has good Russian support, unlike aliexpress. Another plus is that you don’t need to communicate with the seller, for many this is a minus of course, but it seems to me that this is not necessary, because I buy on the site and let her do everything for me.

I didn’t wait for the black version, I just bought it and with my luckcoming outblack color comes out.

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What is the chance through a pandao to run into a fake and how will they differ from the headphones in the store in Russia?

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Hello, tell me where can I buy the global version?

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I didn’t wait for the black version, I just bought it and with my luck black comes out.

and when do you plan to put on sale black?

never ordered on pandao, how long do orders go to Moscow? from experience.

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* pattt! ,
On the posters, everyone saw the black version and squealed because wanted not so catchy headphones, because the size is too big

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Effectmaster @ 06/29/19, 14:28*
pattt !,
On the posters, everyone saw the black version and squealed because wanted not so catchy headphones, because the size is too big

I haven’t seen black yet.
Who else bought where?

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