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Samsung Galaxy S10 - Modification and decorations

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Samsung Galaxy S10e / S10 / S10 Plus (Android Pie) - Modification and decorations
PictureSamsung Galaxy S10 | Samsung Galaxy S10 +
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Welcome !
This branch is specially created for modifications for Android Pie,
so as not to clog the future parallel branch and not mix everything in a heap.
Here will be posted modifications (mods) for the Samsung Galaxy S10without ROOT rights .

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so far only the clock could be set in the center with the help of this program
Attached fileSystemUI_Tuner_280.apk(6.11 MB)

With BB, she needs to give permission (activate) through the adb command, which will be written on the phone screen when SystemUI_Tuner is started
Clock in the center and removed the speaker
Attached Image

the rest can not yet. No mod, font, theme changed are not installed.

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Partizan 777 @ 03/06/19, 16:26*
the rest can not yet. No mod, font, theme changed are not installed.

Not installed or not suitable?

Rep: (2702)
* Rezvan
es10 needs level 28, and mods are all at level 27. writes or syntactic error or not installed at all.

Rep: (25)
Guys, can I make a mod to remove my own clock from the lock screen? And then I have a clock on live wallpaper and they are superimposed on each other.

Rep: (2702)
* xs-lexx,
there is no one to do. all mododely on es8.
RequeLine bought es10 aquamarine, maybe soon they will trample fashion. let's hope for him.

Rep: (2702)
With the new version of Good Lock, you can slightly embellish the curtain. Move or completely remove the clock in the SAT
Attached fileGood_Lock_2019_patched_by_corsicanu.zip(56.53 MB)

Attached fileBadLock-v2.apk(1.05 MB)

Change the animation and scrolling view of applications.
Attached Image

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Rep: (37)
How to put third-party fonts?

Rep: (2702)
* Magis98 ,
No way yet. I also can not install. Tried all the ways, hopeless))

Rep: (37)
* Partizan 777,
It is sad

Rep: (2702)
* Magis98 ,
May find a loophole, wait, sir. The phone is fresh, not all modders have it yet.

Rep: (37)
* Partizan 777,
There are GXfonts. There is potential, but it is blocked at the program level (

Rep: (2702)
* Magis98 I wanted to change the font through the theme, but my font theme is not installed at all.
Have you met any thread with fonts in GA? Yes, even paid, I would just install the font GG Times, and then the theme can be demolished, the font should remain forever.

Rep: (37)
* Partizan 777,
By the way, no)))

Posted 08/03/2019 23:50:

Maybe someone should:Samsung SM-N960F / DS Galaxy Note 9 - Unofficial firmware (Post thommmasm_Thomas # 82245574)
Screen recording. Works, checked by me

Rep: (2702)
* Magis98 ,
I added a couple of buttons on the navbar
Attached Image

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Reason for editing: screen

Rep: (37)
* Partizan 777,
Through ADB?

Rep: (2702)
* Magis98 ,
On es9, the CustomNavigatorBar program did not work, but on es10 it works. Only here are the main buttons close to the center, not familiar.

The icons found at least beautiful and close to android8. Frozen them, now do not fly off.

Post has been editedPartizan 777 - 09.03.19, 01:37
Reason for editing: Additive

Rep: (37)
* Partizan 777,
Not bad.

Rep: (7)
* Partizan 777 ,
Hello. And it is possible in more detail and preferably in pictures how to do it all?

Rep: (2702)
* Khakim7777,
and what exactly you do not understand? Have you ever dealt with ADB ??

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