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Samsung SM-G970F / SM-G973F / SM-G975F Galaxy S10e / S10 / S10 + - Marriage and repair | Smartphone, 5.8 / 6.1 / 6.4 "

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Marriage and RepairSamsung SM-G970F Galaxy S10 / SM-G973F Galaxy S10 / SM-G975F Galaxy S10 +
PictureSM-G970F / SM-G973F / SM-G975F
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* masterlist, insist on a refund or a new phone

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* pv1213,
Money back.
I picked up the phone at another store.
It seems everything is in order, check. The only back cover vibrates when the bass and great sound - but that's OK.

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After two years of use (and particularly trouble-free use, really little shoals), began to pop up from time to time issue - buggy at the bottom center of the screen. It was there, where there is a fingerprint sensor. When you write text, inserts the chaotic space, the camera fotkaet without interruption, or vice versa, does not respond to the button, and how horrible and so on. No dirt. Pops up periodically, treated a couple of times up and down the side button to lock-unlock. On the imprint responds perfectly and quickly. The repair apparatus was never, no film on the screen scratches too.
Can someone meet seems to know what's the matter?

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* Dmitry.g84, it looks like a ghosting .poprobuyte do a full reset .mozhet you have it down when it is not very good

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McClaud777 @ 21.09.20, 3:52*
the original was found here
so what is the price? Without registration does not show prices. And delivery in Russia have they?

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* Dmitry.g84 , Try to update the firmware touchscreen. To do this, type in the dialer * # 2663 # in the window that appears, click on the TSP FW update button (General).
After the end of the process, restart the phone.
If does not help, unfortunately it is a marriage of the display module.

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Makaveli896555 @ 12.06.20, 19:08*
This problem, in a room with sunlight is not working correctly auto white balance, strong yellow and even green frame.

Same problem. Once we resolved the issue?

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Hello! Tell me what could be wrong? Became a bad sound to the earpiece, not very high quality, as though talking on the old Nokia ...

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    * Hichkoki, Trash can hit?

    Rep: (2)
    * pv1213 Everything can be ... well, how sharply it happened, than clean?

    Posted on 14/10/2020, 16:22:

    * pv1213 , With the volume all right, there is what that sound .... neopnyatny whether just zahripet speaker?

    Rep: (864)
    Hichkoki @ 14.10.20, 16:20*
    ... whether just zahripet speaker?

    Can of course.

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    He removed the film factory. It turns out that it really gave it a red-green rainbow angles. Pasted hydrogel, a rainbow never returned.
    But! Pink overflow has not disappeared. I muted it down in red in the settings screen. And distortion in the polarized glasses are also present in the hydrogel film, but is not nearly as critical as in the factory. The effect is similar to invert the colors / yellowing, especially in the place of installation of the first part of the film where it is smoothed. Previously, there was a strong redness and greening, depending on the view angle. Without the film distorted glasses is not observed, only the anticipated blackout.

    Post has been editeddimakiselev - 16.10.20, 08:42

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    Welcome all. Is it possible to restore IMEI without going to the SC?

    Rep: (864)
    zvyr @ 20.10.20, 16:11*
    repair IMEI

    Depending on how you lost .If at the time of firmware you have to flash the firmware that was

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    * MatrixIII I have over time (a few updates) itself is gone!

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