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Samsung SM-G970F / SM-G973F / SM-G975F Galaxy S10e / S10 / S10 + - Marriage and repair | Smartphone, 5.8 / 6.1 / 6.4 "

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Marriage and RepairSamsung SM-G970F Galaxy S10 / SM-G973F Galaxy S10 / SM-G975F Galaxy S10 +
PictureSM-G970F / SM-G973F / SM-G975F
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I will try to combine messages on marriages:
1) Conditional marriage - transfusion of the display with a pink / purple shade (Samsung SM-G970F / SM-G973F / SM-G975F Galaxy S10e / S10 / S10 + - Discussion (Post SWAT4 # 82992505)
2) Marriage screen - poorly glued. Several cases on the forum. There is one successful return. (Samsung SM-G970F / SM-G973F / SM-G975F Galaxy S10e / S10 / S10 + - Discussion (VeteR_OK # 82972914 Post) , Samsung SM-G970F / SM-G973F / SM-G975F Galaxy S10e / S10 / S10 + - Discussion (VeteR_OK # 82985943)
3) Conditional marriage - the factory film (with bubbles) is poorly glued
4) Conditional marriage - The screen is yellow / not as white as we would like (a few cases)

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I have a speed of 3/7 on s10, s8 60/80, the last measurements of s10 35/60, s8 187/42, the second one is probably probably the signal is better, the child’s s7 phone reads just like on s8, just as good. Operators and servers are the same. I drove to the store, showed how it works. In the end, they said to leave, take me to the service. Sadness .... waiting for information from the store. Took in samsung.

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89Rus @ 03/04/19, 19:19*
In the end, they said to leave, take me to the service. Sadness .... waiting for information from the store. Took in samsung.

If you acknowledge the marriage, then immediately ask for a replacement or money, do not agree to repair, since you surrendered within 14 days after purchase.

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I immediately said that I would not agree to repair, replacement and no action without my approval for repair. Now they will first of all flush with the firmware, if God will help with it, so I am very pleased with the phone.

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In the reverse charging mode, the phone cracks / snaps. It does not matter whether the phone is connected to power or not. The charge level of the phone is 50%.
reproduced when the watch gear sport. : unsure:

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* kentilo
This proximity sensor blinks under the screen.

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Good evening, I apologize, maybe this is not a marriage, only today I received a phone, the camera clicks the camera shutter when the photo mode is switched, and when the application starts, it also clicks. Thanks in advance for your reply.

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* ZIK32 ,
This is not a marriage. Rear lens opens

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89Rus @ 03/04/19, 18:28*
I immediately said that I would not agree to repair, replacement and no action without my approval for repair.

Did you fix this in writing? Very often, shops, giving for signing a form for quality control, which is so necessary when exchanging / returning, forget to mention that it says "an application for repair / quality control" and your signature says that you agree to both of these options . And what did you verbally say to them - then prove it.
When I handed over for the return of my iPad Pro 10.5 such an application for "repair / quality control" signed, but additionally attached a statement, where I clearly indicated that since 14 days have not passed since the purchase, then I demand a refund and refuse to repair or replace the product with a similar one. Well, do not forget to ask for a certified copy with a stamp, date and signature of the receiving person, otherwise the original will be lost and the store will be out of place here.
Do not think for paranoia, but the policy of the return of many trading organizations in the Russian Federation leaves much to be desired and you have to protect yourself in all possible ways.

As an example:
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image

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I also thought that the screen was faulty, but in fact it turned on the system sound when you touch the screenAttached file20190305_114442.mp4(41.8 MB)

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* kernel.error,
Yes, it is clearly visible that this is a factory marriage. Most likely the screen was glued badly and that was all

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* kernel.error,
I would like to add about clicks. I have them manifested in the off state of the smartphone. Heating is not particularly affected. What I noticed, obviously, clicks occurred if before that the lower part of the screen was actively used (typing, for example) and when clicked, these clicks appeared in the upper part.
I can assume that the case was in a slight curvature of the protective glass, when one part of it fell (lower) during operation, the second part (upper) peeled off. But these are all assumptions. No curvature errors "by eye" can be determined.

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There is also a similar sound, but in the lower left part of the screen. True to hear it you need to squeeze much more. While decided to score. If it gets worse then SC will address.

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Guys what is your average temperature cpu? Is it just that my phone is always warm, is it a marriage?

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Well, maybe the shoals of the first batch, the glue is not refilled)

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I do not see anything like this on s10e.
Does anyone have problems with the dog? In addition to autonomy: D

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Guys. I have low Internet speed. on the yota sim card in Kemerovo, in the same place, 9+ shows 212mb.s. and 10+ shows 10mb.s. lte is on, everything is configured by default. Both phones are reset to factory. I came to the store, take it for examination. But the examination is likely to say that the Internet is? There is! So get out of here. How to proceed? Someone like already faced with such a trap?

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* sensor2,
Yota Moscow - no problem. Write in support of Yota on the number 0999

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M_Clash @ 03/06/19 7:41*
I do not see anything like that on s10e
It will not be like this, there is a flat display, which is tightly glued to the chassis.

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Correspondence with the Officials !!!
You need to contact the store at the place of purchase or an authorized service center.
And what will happen next ??
Replacement or repair ???
Replacement is carried out only through the store.
The manufacturer offers only warranty repair.
Is this a problem?
While there were no mass complaints

continuation .....))
Clarified information. You can not contact the service. Developers will soon release a software update, in which the complexity will be eliminated

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