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Xiaomi Mi 9 - MIUI Firmware

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Xiaomi Mi 9 - MIUI Firmware
PictureXiaomi Mi 9, cepheus
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Drivers and Utilities
Official firmware
Official firmware download pages:EU (EEA) | Global | RU | CHINA
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If you can not select the upgrade file "three points" - click 10 times on the great number 10 on the screen. You will see a full menu of "three points"
Differences of devices by installed firmware and their features

Beta / Developer

Localized firmware
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Xiaomi EU:



Revolution OS


Mi-globe - designer for self-assembly firmware based on Xiaomi.eu

Xiaomi-Miui Helas

Masik(Updated post) | Official site

Recovery, TWRP, kernel

Poll results
05.11.2019 - 03.03.2020 | Daylight MIUI 11
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* dniwe_zachiway , Attached filePackageInstaller.apk (1.82 MB)

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* Fatym elita ,

Masik в„ў X 8.1 Stable.
Does not workcloning .
Who this firmware is installed, check please.

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I confirm that cloning does not work! (

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* s1mpleeee , Can I put three points, and whether China beta waiting for the problem, whether it is to go back to Global, etc.? Question everything.

Posted on 29/10/2019, 14:06:

Otboy.ne managed to extract fayly.arhiv damaged.

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Guys right now, the transition between the firmware, RU EU Mi without unlocking zakruzchika possible? Who passed with
PFARUMX on global without unlocking?
According to the instructions in the header does not work unlock requests. And wait 7 days who faced?

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* wwzverww ,

Posted on 29/10/2019, 14:56:

* wwzverww I went from pv firmware on E firmware everything turned out right the first time and did not ask for unblocking.

Actually that's on this video

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* yarik1390,
As it vytsepit?

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Damn, shakes beta 11 pulled 64%, 40% watch battery left. I put on a charge going into the other room. I went to the phone 3% load firmware ... What kind of nonsense

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last Mashiko cloning does not work, a smartphone is turned off, megaphone could make a clone, and Watts APME passed out

Rep: (7019) Global
Android 10
Installation via Recovery
Download from bigota
Download from hugeota

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https: //hugeota.d.miui...29_fc0275f1d3_10.0.zip
China Beta

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Three points can be updated?

Rep: (129)
* mesk123 ,
You can, download select the firmware file and update.

Rep: (9)
TWRP 3.3.1-46 cepheus by mauronofrio:
- Fixed compatibility.zip error.

https: //www.androidfil...id=4349826312261609258

Rep: (1877)
koly @ nych @ 29.10.19, 17:26*
TWRP 3.3.1-46 cepheus by mauronofrio

If there are positive responses - Posted in hat

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Updated anyone interested in recording conversations, works on 11 stable.

Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image

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Origin glitch kindly assign an assistant on the button Al, an error

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* CET Where the information that slipped from google dialer instead of miyuay and there is no record of such conversations. But it is not exactly)))

Rep: (129)
* sanya.k ,
I do not know until the nominal dialer can and will with time, or other devices you've seen.

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At least 2 bug has already found in 11.0.1
1) Auto Brightness works disgusting
2) When you try to assign actions to button AI, configure fly

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