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Samsung Galaxy S10 owners communication club | The club was created for more convenient communication lovers Samsung Galaxy S10

Rep: (334)
Owners ClubSamsung Galaxy s10e, S10, S10 +
A SM-G970F / SM-G973F / SM-G975F
Description S10 | Description S10 + | Discussion ї |Purchase ї | Accessories ї | S10 + firmwareї | Marriage and repair of Samsung SM-G970F Galaxy S10e / SM-G973F Galaxy S10 / SM-G975F Galaxy S10 + Samsung Galaxy S10 / S10 Plus (Android Pie) - Modification and decorations
Samsung SM-G9700 / U / U1 Galaxy S10e, SM-G9730 / U / U1 Galaxy S10, SM-G9750 / U / U1 Galaxy S10 Discussion (Snapdragon 855)
Discussion camera Samsung Galaxy S10e / S10 / S10 +

Exynos vs. Qualcomm Snapdragon | everything about the Galaxy S10 with Exynos and Snapdragon chips

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We are open 24 hours a day,
seven days a week
without lunch break and weekend !!!

The club was created for more convenient communication between the Samsung Galaxy S10e / S10 / S10 +.
Any person here will be given all possible assistance in solving his problem with the phone.
There are no strict rules: if you do not understand something
or can not find what you need in specialized topics
- You can write here, they will help you. But here you can just chat on any topic that does not violate the rules of the forum!

01.Club Rules
(necessary to read)
In the club areResource rules and Rules section "Trepalka"
In the club prohibited :
1 . Rudeness, disrespect in communication, mate (including hidden behind symbols) and any foul language, as well as any clarification of relationships!
2. Any political discussion, as well as insulting the honor, dignity and nationality of the participants.
3. In order to prevent users from communicating, we remove all the images under the spoiler.
Section Trepalka is designed to discuss various issues - all that does not fit into the framework of the profile, technical sections of the forumand just friendly communication of userssavagemessiahzine.com.

02.How to join the Club
Club S10 accepts all phone owners. Samsung Galaxy S10 ,
who want to chat, gossip and just have fun!
There is no special ritual, just two steps need to be done:
01.Put the Club Signature in your personal profile, not in the post.
02.Write a post with a request to take to the Club. In the post indicate the phone model.
03.Press the "Complaint" fasting and point to his that want to join the club.
welcome if you provide your name and year of birth!
And also take an active part in the life of the club
From now on you are in the Club, you are with us.!

03.Club Signature
Option number 1 :
Attached Image
under the spoiler code - it must be copied
[font = "Segoe Print"] [i] [b] [url = "//savagemessiahzine.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=942640&view=findpost&p=82629902"urnDownload Club of Samsung Galaxy S10 [/ url] [/ b] [/ i] [/ font]

Option number 2 :
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under the spoiler code - it must be copied
[font = Print] [i] [b] [url = "//savagemessiahzine.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=942640&view=findpost&p=82629902"urnDownload Club of Samsung Galaxy S10 [/ url] [/ b] [/ i] [/ font]

Option number 3
For those who have little space!
Attached Image
under the spoiler code - it must be copied
[font = Print] [i] [b] [url = "//savagemessiahzine.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=942640&view=findpost&p=82629902""Club Club S10 [/ url] [/ b] [/ i] [/ font]

04.Club members
muzontnt S10 +
v3910S10 +
Fein S10
Partizan 777S10 Peter (09/05/1970)
Magis98S10 +
pitoha51S10 +
Willy_mansonS10 +
LebronniS10 +
MixiaoS10 +
artyom45S10 +
George 28.06.1957
vladimir.dobrodejS10 +
taraskasymov S10 +
dim.shS10 +
wolframchegS10 +
vega1000S10 +
july-rS9 +
mihadovS10 +
mishko.rnds10 +
zuykows10 +
Vladimir MarchenkoS10 +
komanderS10 +
mortan77 s10 + 8/128 Mother of Pearl Leonid, 06/01/1972
Michael * S10e
Connors S10 +
Dmitri26091977 S10 Dmitry, 09/26/1977
RealPump S10 Anton, 27, exynos
galNote2 s 10
pyo165 S10 +
apelsin102 S10
tigr532 S10
mennew) S10e
Backtohell s10
Oleg6673 S10
Bazhenin S10 +
strann2007 10+
pygovka.87 S 10
begede s 10+
Kimex S10e
Rassel_053 s10 +
A7072T s10 5G 8/512
Joker121110 s10e citrus.Sergey, 10/13/1990
RonikSafary S10
vialkon, S10
Yogsothoth S10 + (onyx). Ivan, 40 years.
arbi97 S10 + Arbi. 11/20/97
alexbgrd S10
alfons30, S10 + ceramic black
tazmanchik S10 mother of pearl
andron28rus, S10
Redgene S10e prism black
Anatolij2011 S10 + 8/128
SWEEEEETMEAT S10 snapdragon
laskielle S10 +
weeed S10 +
malkin6311 S10
gamebat S10 +
Sanyasexy S10 +
Elephant S10 + 8/128 onyx. The black Vlad
eggikslv S10
EpicPanda S10 + 8/128, mother of pearl
i0675 S10 + 8/128, black Igor
Parradox_22 S10 onyx
cola56 S10
Bareti s10 +, Leonid 09/01/1990
Tvindek S10e
Sergeiromanov27reg s10 + 8/128 Mother of Pearl
Mr_happy_545 S10
Velstorm S10 onyx
sig-net S10e
moonrose S10 + black (8/512)
[676_DIMA_676S10 128GB Black
DmitryS10 S10 Dmitriy.
Felix74 S10e Lilian, 45 years old
stounzskriplen1 S10 + Dmitry, 27 years old
sergroza S10 +
Dedd543 S10 +
vayshi3 S10
volk-3 S10 +
_Maestro_ S10 +
ogged2458 S10
IcaRUS-FF S10 +
Igor-TLT S10e
han77 S10e
Torner38 S10 Snapdragon 08/15/96
Pashkoo1 S10e
Vipstorm S10 5G 512gb, Nikita, 02.27.1988
volowin S10 8 / 128gb Dmitry 01/16/78
aldr9090 Anton, 10/17/1990 S10 Exynos
Lucker216 S10 8/128
Rzk S10 8/128
stepanstepanov2 s10 on snapdragon version hong kong.
0069tgm S10 8/128
Mayags10e Sergey, 1986
limpieza s10 + Ceramic Black 512Gb.
crich.enh S10 snapdragon
Velstorms10 onyx
Romario1983 S10 +
Kvn-82 S10 +
GaniyevSS s10 + Ceramic Black 512Gb.
Serg_ES S10 +
Lissyusha S10 + Prism Green 128Gb
ibar62s10 +
Miser1667s10 +
MalakinS10e Exynos, Maria, 08.30.1994.
StuG75 S10
Androvista S10e, Rostislav, 01.24.2000
LostanDDamneD s10e, black and green, Lyokha,
IGNAT347S10e, Ignat, 1999
hardportS10 +
kvn6204 S10 +, Vladimir
vsemenow2019 S10e 6/128
stress_energyS10 Exynos, Alexander
botik000S10e Exinos
Japonec333s10 + Ceramic Black 1tb, Vladislav, 07/01/1978
s22ss10 green, exinos
Grigoriy Kudelkos10e Gregory 1977
matyashAntonS10e Yellow 6/128, Anton
GreedForwardS10 + 8gb, Igor 1993
antraksS10 +
STITCH_S10 + Exynos, 128 GB, white. Rostislav
BortprovodnicaS10 Exynos
segga9996S10 +
konovalovrgS10 5G / 512 Gb black
Simple_yoptS10 + 8/128, black, Alexey 1989
SkotoxinS10 + gnusmas
1Serga1s10 26.11.1971
lakec13S10 plus ceramic
Sergey3471S10 + Exynos, Sergey
Mister_tomS10 + Exynos 8/128 white
StuG75 S10 +
skmrx S10 Exynos 128gb, Alexander
Jolly Nero S10 + 1tv ceramics, black, Igor 1971
Lifer.5 2 s10 prism black Exynos, Vadim 2000
ballistol S10
sgAMTr_4964 S10
es4dx s10
yasha261998 s10e
Sergey Kozlov S10 + Exynos 8 GB
sodom71 S10 Black
rk4pc S10
botkoo35 S10 +
Djordjlee S10 +
boss.choki S10e Exynos 128gb, 15.12.1996
p.m.d. S10 + (Prism Black) 8 / 128Gb SD855, Arthur
Romik358228 S10
RexSem S10 + Ceramic
Charles14_88 S10e Citrus 6/128, Charles, 06/09/1994
Vigil_kz S10 +
Rustam_07 S10 Aquamarine, Gear S3 Frontier, Buds Black
maxsaimon S10
Wixej - S10 - Alexey
Naty37 - S10
dementiy78 S10 +
cyberbobsavagemessiahzine.com S10 + Black
lieutnt S10 + Snapdragon G9750
DMMx887 S10


Ladies and Gentlemen!
I urge you to check your club signatures and bring them in accordance with the captions in the cap! There are only three of them.

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Reason for editing: new club members

Rep: (334)
Let's start by a little. Hello everyone, good and good luck with the new machine! And so the club is created, welcome to everyone!
And immediately about the signature, who is the whale, offer the font?

Post has been editedDronik - 21.02.19, 16:44

Rep: (23)
Hello everyone :) The owner of S9 + is already thinking about 10+)) Who, what thinks about the device? Worth moving on? It seems like Demo samples have already appeared in stores, you need to test. Who wants what color?

Rep: (2565)
Hello !
I will be the third))
I dream to buy es10 is not a plus.

Rep: (78)
Partizan 777 @ 02.21.19, 21:12*
no plus

Why so?

Rep: (1898)
Partizan 777 @ 02.21.19, 21:12*
I dream to buy es10 not plus
Peter, we must not dream, but plan: D And follow the plan: D You can dream all your life: D

Rep: (23)
You can hang such a picture in the cap :)

Attached Image

Rep: (2565)
* Sur fer ,
Very healthy, for me es9 + turned out to be a shovel.

Rep: (334)
* Mousesports ,

Rep: (334)
* Partizan 777 ,
I stole your picture).

Rep: (77)
Trade in will be only in Moscow and Moscow
Attached Image

Rep: (37)
Senshi535 @ 02.22.2019, 18:49*
Trade in will be only in Moscow and Moscow
[Attachment = "15453488: Screenshot_20190222-103908_Samsung Members"]

I want to say that Trade-In will also be in Kamchatka Region

Rep: (77)
* Magis98,
I wrote of. infu

Rep: (1898)
Senshi535 @ 02.22.19, 9:49*
Trade in will be only in Moscow and Moscow
Complete nonsense. In St. Petersburg, as ba, too, tryndyn works
Attached Image

Rep: (78)
* Partizan 777, I thought -oval holedual camera in the screen does not inspire;)

Rep: (0)
Hello everyone: blush:
The owner of S8, I plan to buy S10e (mother of pearl): D

Rep: (175)
Sur Fer @ 02.22.19, 14:55*
Very healthy, for me es9 + turned out to be a shovel.

I also thought so, but as I got used to it, after 9+, everyone else was a big boobie :) And 10+ seems to be even smaller and lighter.
Ordered 10 +, we are waiting

Posted 02/22/2019, 17:38:

How are we going to congratulate the first lucky one? : russian:

Post has been editedkhamurat - 22.02.19, 17:40

Rep: (2565)
Mousesports @ 02.21.19, 19:23*
Demo samples appeared in stores

Today was in Samsung they said that there are no samples, they will be after March 8, a strange boutique.
Euroset is the same. He also asked about trade-in in Samsung, they said the price list would be reception without a single scratch, in short, ideally es9 + would be accepted for 22,500, and es8 for 18,000

Posted 02/22/2019 at 10:38 PM:

Khamurat @ 02.22.19, 17:38*
little things are pot-bellied

I have es6 Ed and es9 +, here es6 Edge is an ideal, es 9+ when I hold in my hand, it constantly slides down if it is not supported with the little finger.

Post has been editedPartizan 777 - 22.02.19, 22:41

Rep: (175)
Partizan 777 @ 02.22.19, 22:35*
he constantly slides down if his little finger is not supported.

That's for sure, without a little finger anywhere :) Fingers are already set up, like a seat in a car! I use the Clear View book from the very beginning and I havenвАЩt tried to switch to the bumper for as long as I can, slips out of my hands, and with the book as a gambler with one hand! :)

Rep: (23)
Partizan 777 @ 02.22.19, 22:35*
Today was in Samsung they said that there are no samples, they will be after March 8, a strange boutique.
Euroset is the same. He also asked about trade-in in Samsung, they said the price list would be reception without a single scratch, in short, ideally es9 + would be accepted for 22,500, and es8 for 18,000

And where were you? I was in the Grand Canyon shopping center, they said they would be in the evening. I learned about trade-in too, not at all tasty. I will sell my s9 + through Avito.

Rep: (2565)
Mousesports @ 02.23.19, 14:38*
where have you been?

Bezhitsky Department Store (Bryansk)
we always have no demos before the start of sales.

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