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Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 - MIUI Firmware

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Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 - MIUI Firmware
PictureHmnote7, lavender
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Important information!

Before asking a questionread carefully the cap threads, Then usesearch by topicIf your problem has already been discussed earlier!

  • In no caseDO NOT BLOCKloader, if you:
    • Chinese version of the phone, and set global firmware.
    • global version of the phone, and set Chinese firmware.
    • modified sectionssystem, vendor, boot, recovery.
    • installedcustom / localized firmware.
  • Installing TWRP + ROOT, you are officially on OTA - not updated! And do not try !!!
  • Before you hit the "flash" button in the program Mi Flash Make sure that you have chosen"Clean all"Rather than "clean all and lock".
  • All copyrights of assembly, and the assembly of the different teams on Android 10, collected on the basis of the Chinese weekly beta, and stable operation without bugs and other surprisesNOT GUARANTEED!
  • On Android TWRP 10OrangeFox R10 can not decrypt the "data" section. The only thing that the decision to upgrade to version R11, or change in the rekaveri this .
Drivers and Utilities

Official firmware
MIUI 11/12, China Beta ROM
firmware are here purely for the fans to experiment with the device, and looking for somethingnew.
They are, so to speak, brought to readiness, so you can expect anything from the beta. In general, as well as from some localized firmware, based on the same Chinese betas.

Localized firmware

All Localized / custom firmware to set ONLY to unlock the bootloader of TWRP Recovery!
Please note that all copyrights assembly and assembly of the different teams on Android 10, collected on the basis of the Chinese weekly beta, and stable operation without bugs and other surprises NOT GUARANTEED !!!
Be sure to read before installing TWRP and firmware!
Differences localized firmware from official
Firmware repositoryKosmos2011 , Masik в„ў on google drive

Firmware archive
TWRP | Modems | Root

TWRP recovery FAQ
We kindly request! First of all readthis post!

  • After installing TWRP do not need to give a device to boot the system or you will get the encrypted partition data with password entry when logging!
    Therefore, after installing TWRP once we press "volume +" and "Power" button. If you did everything right, you boot into TWRP.
    To ensure that the installed TWRP does not fly off at the next boot and the fingerprint works, you need to install over the firmwareMagisk.
    You can read morehere.


Survey Screenshots
from 03.15.2020 on 05.06.2020
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from 01.15.2020 on 03.15.2020
Attached Image
from 12.18.2019 on 01.15.2020
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from 05.30.2019 on 10.08.2019
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What works best ROM
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* Aniu,
This is an internal beta? At the office site 9.8.1 ...

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If you put orange tvrp also need to fiddle with encryption?

Rep: (17)
* tlt-city , not

Rep: (24)
* Just a student,

Rep: (22)
Vlademar95 @ 10.08.19, 22:18*
loader can be unlocked only officially

Yes, there is other ways.

Rep: (28)
* "Joker" And put no lokalku impossible until unlock?

Rep: (22)
* Vlademar95 ,

Rep: (760)
* Vlademar95 You are on the XRN 3 pro like yourself custom set, too, on a locked bootloader?

Rep: (2)
* "Joker", it is quite a working version that you can throw in a hat)

Rep: (28)
* leobeck , There is no break-of-I mean, I put through it

Rep: (760)
* Vlademar95 , With the substitution of rekaveri, there is not a ride

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When the firmware is such a mistake comes in tvrp
-updater process ended with error: 7
error installing zip file
Tried to update tvrp until recently, did not help

Rep: (2)
* frai3er, shosh that something? Similarly, a file for your phone? What tvrp?

Rep: (0)
tvrp sew ordinary globalku 10.3.6

Rep: (0)
lot pereproboval.i firmware tvrp me and rolls back obnovil.hz..vpervye met with

Rep: (238)
MiuiMiX 2.0 9.8.8
Firmware from the Italians MMX Team
Made on the basis of Xiaomi.EU (Russian present).
The changes do not know. The team recommends a "date format" if by rolling on Xiaomi.EU.
A small description is,topicanother device.
Download (AFH)

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* frai3er ,
Wipe data do?

Rep: (0)
Yes of course

Rep: (7)
Install Xposed, Android 9, MIUI

1. Unlock the bootloader.
2. Install TWRP without encryption.
3. Reboot to TWRP
4. Set Magisk (in my case 19.3)
5. Reboot the system, check the job Magisk.
6. Ustanalivaem modules Magisk - Magisk Recovery for Recovery mode (mm) in case Xposed lead to butlup, then it can be turned off from the Recovery, Riru - Core and Riru - EdXposed.
7. Reboot.
8. Ustanalivaem EdXposed Installer.

9. Voila, you are delicious, use.
Attached Image

All used files attached, can be in the hat.

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Rep: (22)
* frai3er ,
Twrp what cost?
After a wipe data reloaded into twrp?

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