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DVB-S2, DVB-T2, DVB-C, ISBDT Android 6.02, 2G + 16G, 2USB, built-in Wi-Fi 2.4Hz, Bt 4.0 Attached Image

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Reason for editing: firmware, flasher

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* klarnetas , tried to change the firmware and the cord?

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* klarnetas , I have to come one of these days, I can accomplish my goal, yes, I really took it for a $ 52 sale.

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found out why it turns on by itself - after turning it off, I put the remote control on the table in another room for the night, the anomalies are over, then the remote control is to blame

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I bought this pribluda and suffered a lot with it.
Think twice before buying. Their forum is littered with bugs that the Chinese are in no hurry to correct and all negative comments are attributed to the machinations of competitors to undermine their reputation.

Of the main disadvantages:
- Background application mode is disabled by developers. Ace Stream and other background programs will not work
- Android 6.0
- 1080p video in third-party players comes with a frame subsidence
- DVB application is quite specific with a bunch of bugs. Not all satellite channels find, import / export of the channel list works through time

Of the benefits:
- Nice launcher design
- Official updates
- Price

While lying in the box and waiting for custom firmware from vitmod

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I figured out how to find satellite channels, I need to edit or add to the list of frequencies, as not everything is in line, there is no blind and a single / manual scan, for this reason it does not find

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Maybe it's written hereAttached fileHow to edit the OSCAM GT serial box.rar(1.07 MB)

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* klarnetas , in the satellite settings, is there no adding a transponder? Or I do not understand something? What you need to find

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Yes, you can add and edit too, but there is no scanning one transponder, this is inconvenient

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* klarnetas , the question is how to set up dbb-t2 something the scale is at zero

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* Spectre43 ,
Spectre43 @ 02.13.19, 20:35 *
dvb-t2 something the scale is at zero
just signal strength 93, quality 0, do not understand anything ...

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Understood, the region put Finland and found everything. By the way, I did not understand the satellite, but I will also insist on abs, there I don’t need extra transponders either.

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DVB-S / S2, ANTENA SETUP, when we are on the right satellite, press the info button and the list of transponders appears and do what we want - edit, delete the colored buttons

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I could manage to set up the clock in the standby mode, I only have a red diode on

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* klarnetas , I haven’t got to it yet yet. Yesterday 4K was torturing, or codecs, or FIG know what, but dark scenes are some kind of kapets, then red goes, then gray, I checked the last 50GB afterburner

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* Spectre43
4k I only checked test channels from the satellite - it seems to be normal, I’m not at rest with the image quality on dvb-t. Openbox v8 combo shows excellent, but this one is only HD good, and SD is foggy, from the satellite - everything is good

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* klarnetas , dvbt2 is normal, I read somewhere, which may be due to the frequency, from 60 to 50 change

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Such a question, prodod sent sent free Sssam keys, who knows they are universal to all satellites or some particular ones ?!

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SMS is usually for everyone - a universal protocol and one port, and newcamd separately for each package, however, some ports are the same, I also received but do not use

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I use the prefix for 3 months. Came with 39. firmware. Internet twisted pair constantly fell off. After switching on, it disappeared after 10-30 minutes. it helped only by plugging the cord or a full reboot of the GTC. Wi-Fi is very weak after 5 meters and a brick wall speed of 3-5 MB. over cable 92-98 of 100MB.
I flashed through the air at 3.41. half an hour later, the cable completely fell off the Internet. Both LEDs in the LAN socket glowed green and yellow constantly. DVB t2 worked fine, found both multiplexes 98-95. I do not use a satellite.
new firmware 3.43 came. I requested the Internet again earned by cable but again briefly on the trail. A day after an hour of viewing, it refused again via wi-fi and cable.
By wi-fi, the network sees and is connected but can’t get to the Internet. according to the speed test does not see the provider. via cable the same thing writes the IP address but cannot enter.
watched only DVB. after a couple of days, the prefix itself rebooted and there was no BOOT inscription on the clock display on the TV jumping frisat screensaver. after 15 minutes, it also rebooted itself again and lo and behold, the Internet appeared again via cable and wi-fi.
Now, if you turn off the console completely from the network 220, the Internet is constantly without interruptions. if you leave it on duty after turning on after half an hour, the Internet again falls off, it helps either juggling LAN or rebooting.
He wrote to the Chinese about the problems, he said we will disassemble it, but as I understand it, he won’t do anything, he asked me to send at least the firmware while it’s silent.

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I checked the speed on wi fi, and the truth cuts the speed of 30-40mb / s. Have you tried resetting to factory? What is the temperature of the stone? It may be overheating, aide tested?

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