Camera talk (Xiaomi) Redmi Note 7
camera GCam
What camera do you use?
Stock MIUI Camera [ 826 ] ** [33,89%]
Google Camera 7.2.014 of Parrot043 [ 606 ] ** [24,87%]
Google Camera 7.0.009 of Parrot043 [ 371 ] ** [15,22%]
Google Camera 6.3.017 of Parrot043 [ 72 ] ** [2,95%]
Google Camera 6.2.030 of tigr1234566 and r0m10 [ 114 ] ** [4,68%]
Google Camera 6.2.030 of Parrot043 [ 80 ] ** [3,28%]
Google Camera 6.2.030 from BSG [ 175 ] ** [7,18%]
Google Camera 6.1.021 of Alexe070315 [ 60 ] ** [2,46%]
Google Camera 7.2.011 of onFire and tigr1234566 [ 52 ] ** [2,13%]
Google Camera 7.2.014 of cstark27 [ 82 ] ** [3,36%]
Total votes: 2437

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Discussion chamber Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 / 7S
PictureRedmi Note 7, RN7, HM7, Lavender

Description | Discussion | Purchase | Accessories | Firmware | Custom firmware | Bootloader unlocking | Mi Account | Camera talk | Power consumption (autonomy) | Owners Club | Catalog of themes MIUI v6 / v7 / v8 / v9 / v10

At the moment, Google no modifications cameras 48 megapixels. The only solution to use MIUI camera.

Applications for shooting photos / videos:
Camera specifications
  • Main dual camera:
    Module 1:
  • Main camera: 48Mp resolution, 0.8mkm (12MP, 1,6mkm in SuperPixel mode)
  • Sensor Model: Samsung S5KGM1
  • Sensor Type: ISOCELL PLUS
  • Sensor Size: 1/2 ", 0.8 microns
  • Pixel size: 1.6 microns (4 in 1 pixel binning)
  • ISO: 100-3200
  • Diaphragm: F / 1.8
  • Flash type: Dual LED
  • Image size: 8000 x 6000 (48 megapixel)
  • Video resolution: 1920 x 1080 (2.07 megapixel)
  • Frame rate per second: 60 fps

    Module 2:
  • Resolution: 5 megapixel
  • Sensor Model: Samsung S5K5E8
  • Sensor Type: CMOS BSI
  • Sensor Size: 2.9 x 2.15 mm
  • Pixel size: 1.12 µm
  • Diaphragm: F / 2.0

  • Front-camera:
  • Resolution: 13.2 megapixels
  • Diaphragm: F / 2.2
  • Sensor Size: 4.24 x 3.15 mm
  • Pixel size: 1.00 microns
  • ISO: 100-1500
  • Image Resolution: 4160 x 3120 (12.98MP)
  • Video resolution: 1920 x 1080 (2.07 megapixel)
  • Frame rate per second: 30 seconds
  • Focal length: ~ 3.86 mm
Useful / Instructions
Examples of the photo / comparison
Poll results
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Discussion of firmware, ways to get root and questions not related to this thread, please hold in the profile topics. All links are in the header. Respect yourself and others.

How to make a post with your photos?

Be sure to writewhich camera / Fashion used, and at least 3 photos
Subsequent positions with such violation will be deleted without warning due to offtopic!
Where to upload photos not on, is onlineis where.

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* Steve bark , The color rendition, that on Bulkina, that on Arnova goes a little bit to yellow, I like more on the stock. Ps again, we are probably talking about different stocks (xiaomi .eu 10.3.1)

Rep: (5)
I took three pictures of the first Hdr + on the mod boxer from the 85th page with its settings (only white balance from the 3rd pixel is on), the second to the extended Hdr with the same settings (12 frames glued together), the 3rd to the drain; firmware PFGCNXM.
P.s. added a couple more pictures - the view from the balcony is the first Gcam, the second is the drain.

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* IMVEKO This is a slow mo video setting

Rep: (10)
* koljnus ,, I go wildly red from Bulkina. + detailing is worse than a boxer

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Google Camera modification
On the basis of. Google Camera v.
For Android 9.x and up.

Frequently asked Questions
How to install the camera?
Delete the previous camera, then you can install a spoiler to install a new version. After installing a new version, go to the settings-all applications — check the camera application and clear the data, then you can safely use the camera.

My portrait mode crashes, what should I do?
Go to the camera settings and ideas along the way:
Advanced settings-We are looking for a portrait category and in the same category we find the Save function in DCIM / Camera, you can turn it on or re-select it and go back to the camera with the button back or gesture.

What settings should I prefer?
All the necessary settings are already exposed. Only for owners of Redmi Note 5 Global Version (whyred) and also Mi A2 (jasmine_sprout) install the base model of the front camera Nexus 6P or Nexus 5X.

How can I find out in detail about the library, what it does and its description.
Explanation of some libraries by @zeleit

I have RN7, Global Stable
I took pictures with all the libraries, the result is as follows:
• standard from Google.
On the whole, the saturation and contrast are slightly overestimated, the detail in the shadows is average, there are black holes.
• eszdman.
There are no problems with the standard, the saturation and contrast are just a little overstated, the colors are mostly transmitted fairly accurately
• xlib v3.
Weakly pronounced effect HDR, the picture is smooth, without sharp drops, the dynamic range is not wide, but I personally did not like it: somehow everything is gloomy, monotonous, however, you can find scenarios for use.
• xlib v3t.
Modification of the previous one with a pronounced effect of HDR, the colors are very contrasting, but the detail is below average. Good for all kinds of photos for insta: no need to process, and generally moderate
• Kuro LE Weighted.
Also great contrast and saturation. The difference in color reproduction.
• Kuro LE FlatLine
Top of detail in all parts of the image. The expected minus is a rather low contrast, without processing the photo does not look so impressive, because low contrast and little black - I recommend for shooting and subsequent processing and for raw lovers, for the rest eszdman will be quite enough in most situations
• FI - "what will happen if the sliders of contrast and saturation are unscrewed to the extreme limits"; very much to the amateur, but any graffiti for example, photographing with this library would be appropriate

My personal choice is eszdman, and then Google and Kuro LE FlatLine for the most detailed images for further processing.

What if my foliage is too saturated?
To turn off the foliage oversaturation, just turn off the White Auto Balance in the camera settings.
B-s-g - without him there would be nothing at all.
The rest to whom I am grateful are visible in the screenshot:
Attached Image

About the application
Camera version :
Author : bulkin043
Creation date : 04/16/2019 .
Signature of the application :
B-s-g- Without him, there would be nothing, if not too lazy, raise his reputation+ , he deserved it, because without it, there was no Google Camera with a working HDR +.

From 9/05/2019 19:58
• Added focus tracking.
• When 60 frames per second is selected in video stabilization is turned off. Thanks BSG.
• Updated Eszdman 2.2 to version 2.4.
• Selected in your opinion library such as:
- Eszdman v2.4
- xlib v3
- Kuro Le Weight
- Kuro Flat Line
- Fi
• Updated default values.
• Minor changes.

From 8.05.2019 23:01
• Added noise reduction settings. Thank you Wyroczen.
• Added item: Exposure compensation.
• Removed a couple of libraries.
• Temporarily removed the OIS (Optical Stabilization) item.
• Minor changes.

Frequently asked questions: what settings to install in the camera?
I can immediately say that the necessary settings are already set. No need to change anything. Install and take pictures.

From 7.05.2019 18:27
• Fixed the choice of libraries.
• Added turning off the function Movement in settings. Thanks Arnova8G2

Frequent problems:

Who flies the portrait mode, in the settings, find the Save to DCIM / Camera item and turn it on.

From 7.05.2019
• Fixed crashes when shooting at night.

Frequently asked question:
Many asked the question how to update the camera?

1-Download the last version of the camera to your device.
2-Install the new version of the camera on your device.
3-Then go to the settings and delete the data from the application.

From 6.05.2019
• Fixed the choice of the library Fi4.
• Turned off the motion function, forcibly, now doesn’t work at all. Due to frequent complaints about the shutter not taking the picture even after pressing, before focusing on the object.

From 6.05.2019
• Added new libraries such as:
- Kuro LE Weight (thanks to Eszdman)
- Kuro FlatLine (thanks to Savitar)
- Fi4 (thanks to san1ty)
(The libraries were taken in the Arnova8G2 application, for which many thanks to him!)
• Fixed saving video in format H265 / HEVC.
• Added saving portrait images to the DCIM / Camera shared folder. (Thanks to Arnova8G2). If you take a portrait shoot, turn off and turn on (or vice versa) the slider. After that, the crashes will be lost.
• Added item suppression flicker from 50-60Hz (thanks san1ty).
• Updated some of the default settings, so delete the data from the new version of the application because crashes are possible.
• Updated translation.
• Added some
• Removed the manual focus slider.
• Information in item updated "About modification".
• Updated icons.

From 05.05.2019
• Added new Eszdman v2.2 custom library.
• Fixed motion function.
• Added a selection of quality when shooting at night.
Thanks: san1ty, Eszdman, Arnova8G2, BSG

From 03.05.2019
• Disabled the Motion function, now does not work. Because of the breakdown of the extended HDR +. Thanks san1ty.

From 02.05.2019
• Returned disable HDR.
• Fixed the function "Movement", now there are no conflicts with enhanced HDR +.
• Fixed the front camera on Redmi Note 5 Global / Pro. Thanks @ Arnova8G2.
• Fixed lags on PFGRUXM firmware at 3/32.
• Fixed crashes when shooting at night.
• Updated some algorithms.
• Some changes.

May 1, 2019
• Removed the "Turn off HDR" item from the top HDR selection list, as it didn’t take a picture. Yes, and why did Google Camera without HDR?
• Fix flights on the front camera with a zoom on Mi A1 (tissot).
• Fixed a sub-item to open a folder with RAW files.
• Updated HDR + Quality options.
• Added the item "Turn off Saber on the front camera.
• Fixed sticking on the main camera with extended HDR +.
• New fix for departures for Redmi Note 4 (X) (Mido).
• Broke the "Movement" function, still no one used it.
• Removed focus tracking due to frequent blurring in the photo.
• Updated the application icon, now on MIUI it is rounded in Pixel style.
• Minor changes in the code.

From 04.29.2019
• Added a selection of the Auto White Balance (AWB) base, Pixel 2 / Pixel 3 is available for selection.
• Added manual focus.
• New patch from 625 snapdragon departures.
• Fixed all departures with portrait mode and serial shooting.
• Minor changes.

From 04/27/2019
• Correction point Auto Exposure is now working again.
• Fixed crashes during multi-shot shooting.
• Minor improvements.

1) Delete the old version of the camera.
2) Install a new version of the camera that is available at the moment.
3) Go to the settings and clear the data from the application that you just installed. Since the settings of the old version can be transferred to a new one, I recommend doing this manipulation.
4) Start the application and start using.

If you want to see in the new version manual focus in the next update, write @ snapdragon660_lavender. But there is one BUT. The focus after the correction does not work in the extended HDR +.

From 04/26/2019
• Fixed lags in the viewfinder.
• Fixed crashes portrait mode.
• Corrected ISO, now it will not have the minimum value.
• Minor changes.

• Added maximum viewfinder brightness.
• Added item Exposure Compaction.
• Added an item to remove ISO Restriction in the dark.
• Updated HDR + Quality, added a maximum of 30 frames.
• Added OIS optical stabilization (Made for individual devices having this support).
• Added Xlib v3t.
• Updated some icons.
• Minor changes in resources.

• Fixed sticking of extended HDR + with a flashlight, thanks to B-S-G.
• Updated HDR + options.
• Updated icons.
• Micro changes.

• Added HDR + Quality item.
• Fixed sticking / non-slip shutter.
• Fixed TopShot photo, work through Google Photos.
• Updated icons.
• Fixed errors from the logs.
• Updated translation.
• Minor changes.

Fix bugs:
• Fixed sound off, now after turning off tweak, there will be no click shutter after 1 shot.
• Fixed focus tracking.

Dated 04/20/2019
• Fixed a black screen for MIUI firmware.
• Fixed mute in camera.
• Fixed crashes in the Ukrainian language in the settings.
• Updated a couple of icons.
• Minor improvements.

• Auto Exposure Correction;
• Quality / Parameters HDR +;
• Fix AWB from Pixel 3, now the bb is more correctly transmitted.
• Save images from portrait mode to / DCIM / Camera.
• Added ISO selection.
• Added item Lens distortion correction.
• Added focus tracking.
• Added item Maximum Memory Allowance.
• Added Xlib v3 library.
• Added advanced saturation setting.
Added Ukrainian language (perhaps there will be typos because the plugin worked).
• Dark theme paints all the icons, even those that are not in the vector.
• Temporarily hidden item quality HDR +, due to inoperability.
• Added AWBGains, suitable for those who are green front camera.
• Values ​​Rect () left updated for Note 4, you need to test for the presence of departures.
• Fix HDR + noise reduction;
• Fixed the shutter in HDR + extended, just go to the settings when you first start and exit.
• Cleaning unused code and something else on the little things ...
• Many irreplaceable changes for better application performance.

From 04.17.2019
Added by:
• AWBGains-need to test.
• Fixed crashes in the sun for Redmi Note 4 (X), crashes now like Google Camera 5.2.025 possible due to frequent clicking on the curtain (Just replaced the results of calling Rect (). Left and other similar methods with whole numbers).
• Once again fixed the sticking of the shutter in HDR + advanced mode.
• Updated translation.

• The first version of the modification.
Added by:
• Liby Xlib v3-first lib for 6.2.024
• Advanced saturation management (like gcam 6.1.021)
• Night Shot Correction
• Exposure compensation
• Sticking HDR +
• HDR + noise reduction
• Added a selection of 60 FPS on Redmi Note 7

Changes old over time are removed from this spoiler.
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Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
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Attached Image

Attached ImageDownload apk file: MEGA

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It seems there is such a theme that the 2aip camera is installed by default in android P, so there is an option that switching to Android 9 will install Gcam on many other devices with Snapdragon.

Will not give. API 2 was originally activated on devices that passed certification on Android 9 and, on it, went on sale. On the rest, as the manufacturer wishes. On mi 8 light, for example, with the arrival of the nine did not start.

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Hi people
put the firmware from mipro
so about google camera
Part of the mods - launch - black screen, block the phone, unlock - and then it starts, what could be the problem? Trouble with the latest mods ... on the globalka everything seems to work

Rep: (140)
* bulkin043, offhand: not enough dark themes (many have become accustomed to it) and a couple of shortcomings in syntax ...
Attached Image

And so - the next mod.thank : yes2:

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* Lavik The dark theme is included below.
Attached Image

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* Lord1988 , I also noticed this, so I switched to another.

Rep: (3)
* bulkin043,
Dear please tell me on the front XDR + and Night filming work?

Rep: (35)
Tell me if there is a manual mode in some gcam mode, like pro in stock, to set exposure, iso, etc. manually?
And if there is a mod from bulkin043, in order to install a fresh mod, do you need to clean, delete? Or just deleted / set.
Dear did not answer.

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* roman331 another camera or firmware?

Rep: (37)
* Lord1988 , Firmware, raw until they have firmware.

Rep: (0)
Tell me, please, and how to set up 48 megapixel on gcam? In stock there is a button, there is not visible.

Rep: (2)
Bulkin, add similar questions to the header answers, 48mp is not in Google cameras)
Just every second page is asked for 48mp ...

Rep: (867)
* West coast added.

Rep: (13)
I did not understand why in the mod from Boxer on page 96, the night mode is broken. Snapshots at night in HDR enhanced - get slop. How to take a picture at night then?

Rep: (867)
* SUser7 , Improved zoom (Sabre) turn off

Rep: (51)
I would be corrected in the first line of the header that is 48Mp interpolation. module SamsungS5KGM1on technologyIZOSELIt allows you to apply to each pixel of the 48M. As it is organized in our body is not known, but a strong increase in PRo48 mode, it is clear that the number of pixels is doubled. And clarity is increased.Cm.

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