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Oddmar | [Arcade] from Mobge Ltd.
How do you rate the program / game?
Fine [ 356 ] ** [86,41%]
Good [ 46 ] ** [11,17%]
Average [ 5 ] ** [1,21%]
poorly [ 1 ] ** [0,24%]
Terribly [ 4 ] ** [0,97%]
Total votes: 412

Rep: (2381)
Version: 0.99 build 73
Genre: Arcade

Last update of the game in the header:28.01.2020

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Short description:
Oddmar is an adventure platformer whose events unfold in a world inspired by Norse mythology.

You play as a Viking named Oddmar, who is struggling to find his place in the tribe. Oddmar's adventures begin after he gains magical power by eating a mushroom that the forest fairy gave him
Play on 24 hand-painted picturesque levels. Solve various puzzles based on the laws of physics. Each of the 4 worlds ends in a difficult battle with a giant boss. Choose your own style of transmission, using various types of magic weapons and shields, which you will find in the game.

You will meet many friends and enemies in magical forests, snow-capped mountains and dangerous caves.

The story was invented by Frank Gibson (Frank Gibson) and is served in the form of an animated comic strip. The story is led by Julian Casey (Julian Casey). The music was written and produced by Pär Svensson and includes Scandinavian folk instruments that perfectly complement the hand-crafted world of the Vikings.

The game was produced and developed by the team that gave you Leo's Fortune, which was warmly received by critics and won numerous awards.

Oddmar supports saving games on Google Play and game controllers.

Initially, you need an Internet connection to complete the download of application data for Oddmar, but for the game itself, an Internet connection is not required.

Oddmar has won the German Design Award 2019
Oddmar wins Apple Design Award 2018

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Russian interface: Yes
System requirements: Android 4.1+

Version: 0.99 build 73 Oddmar (Post Maks.hackdog # 93391390)

With requests to update the game, refer to the topic.Upgrade your game!
Before installing, please read the topicInstalling games with cache [FAQ]
sdcard / Android / obb

Past versions
Version: 0.99 with GP (Kenny)
Version 0.99 b.55 + obb: Oddmar (Post iMiKED # 82659100)
Version 0.99 + obb: Oddmar (Post iMiKED # 81631825)
Version 0.99 + obb [Only Full]: Oddmar (Post by Mr_Jasper # 82134286)
Version 0.99 Mod: Oddmar (Post vadimasus2017 # 81948495)
Version 0.29 (build # 43) + cache: Oddmar (Post iMiKED # 81377152)
Version: 0.29 Attached fileOddmar v0.29.apk (89.64 MB)

Version: 0.99 build 73 modmenu (Maks.hackdog)
Version: 0.93 build 73 Unlocked (Vologhat)

Post has been editedDelta - 19.02.20, 09:29
Reason for edit: Update: modification of the 0.99 build 73 modmenu

Rep: (88)
* vadimasus2017 , Put the launcher, allowing you to rename, and you will be happy

Rep: (116)
vadimasus2017 @ 01.02.19, 18:48*

Thank. Perhaps you yourself have podshamanil apk? I just have not discovered all at once an offer to buy.
Toy liked. Colorful, with good music. Jumping from the mushroom original) Looks like something on Rayman. Of heads is not enough, in this game you want to play a little longer)

Rep: (62)
* kalgan123,
Cash does not swing pishit in the basket ...
What is that cash with caps?

Rep: (3)
fouliaxel @ 03.02.2019, 05:27*
* kalgan123,
Cash does not swing pishit in the basket ...
What is that cash with caps?

Hold on
https: //drive.google.c...EOS9/view usp = drivesdk?

Rep: (2)
Hello ! Thank you for the full version of the game, everything is fine - only the names of the game at the installation in Chinese, well, gibberish. Who can change it? Repackage it as a day to "Oddmar"

Rep: (2)
kalgan123 @ 03.02.2019, 10:48*

Apk, too, in a basket (to share)

Rep: (3)
linkwink @ 03.02.2019, 13:24*
Apk, too, in a basket (to share)

https: //drive.google.c...PZEo/view usp = drivesdk?

Rep: (4)
* kalgan123 And a password from the cache?

Rep: (6)
If Shaw, the game automatically shakes the cache ....

Rep: (4)
* neeven , I mean, there is no password, I now unpacked

Rep: (3)
neeven @ 03.02.2019, 15:07*
* kalgan123 And a password from the cache?

There should be no password

Rep: (4)
* kalgan123 , Podtvepzhdayu

Rep: (4)
I have a problem in my game does not include a video story, I just zhmakat on them and nothing happens

Rep: (66)
https://t.me/apkfilefreeI publish here today for those who does not swing. Full version without immortality

Rep: (2)
On invalid link

Post has been editedScooterdream - 04.02.19, 12:01

Rep: (4)
It is constantly these videos show the insertion? Every time I look like a kid loses parents

Rep: (21)
I have no sound in the game. In the commercials OK, but the game itself was silence. Those who have the same problem? Phone Xiaomi Redmi 4 pro

Rep: (4)
* vadimasus2017 , It can be more specific, I now reached the second world and the game asks to buy, I click and nothing prosihodit

Rep: (12133)
Oddmar v0.99 Mod

Mod Info :
Only Full Version Unlocked

Apk - Attached fileODDMAR-MOD-APK-0.99.apk (76.11 MB)
Apk + obb :
https: //www101.zippysh...m/v/VqOXatWg/file.html

Rep: (116)
Crock after the passage of the boss and does not change color? Well, that is at this level do not have any job is impossible.
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