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Xiaomi Redmi 7 - Discussion | Smartphone, 6 "
Android Q
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DiscussionXiaomi Redmi 7
PictureRedmi 7, Onclite, HM 7
Description | Discussion | Purchase | Marriage and Repair | Accessories | MIUI firmware | Unofficial firmware | Modifications and decorations | Camera talk | Xiaomi Redmi 7 Owners Club | Mi Account | Bootloader unlocking | Power consumption (autonomy)


Before asking a question, we should examine the cap and FAQ!
Probably there is a solution to your problem!

  • Dimensions: 158.7 x 75.6 x 8.5 mm
  • Weight: 180 gr
  • Display: 6.26 IPS LCD, HD 720 x 1520 dots (~ 269 ppi), 19: 9
  • Protection: Corning Gorilla Glass 5 (?)
  • Platform: Android 9.0 (Pie); MIUI 10/11

  • CPU: Qualcomm Snapdragon 632 (14 nm) (4x1.8 GHz Kryo 250 Gold & 4x1.8 GHz Kryo 250 Silver) generated Adreno 506
  • Main memory: 16/32/64 GB separate microSD slot 512 GB
  • RAM: 2/3/4 GB

  • Main camera: 12 megapixel, f / 2.2, 1.25μm, PDAF, flash, HDR
  • Additional: Mn 2 to blur the background
  • Video recording: 1080p @ 30 / 60fps
  • Front-camera: 8 Mp
  • Video recording: 1080p @ 30fps

  • Communications: GSM / CDMA / HSPA / LTE
    Bluetooth 4.2, A2DP, LE
    WLAN WiFi 802.11 b / g / n, WiFi Direct, hotspot,5GHz is not supported

  • Additionally: NFC NOIR port, radio, 3.5 mm audio jack
    microUSB 2.0, USB OTG
    Fingerprint scanner, accelerometer, proximity sensor, compass
    Two nano-SIM + microSD slot

  • Battery: removable, Li-Pol 4000 mAh
  • Body colors: black, blue, red

No quick charge:https://www.mi.com/global/redmi-7/specs/
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The culprit is sticking stitch protective glass. glass peeling corrects this problemu.Odnako 100% guarantee there is no

Found possible cause sticking stitch Cause

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Rep: (13)
* NiroWolf! , Probably. Apparently I confused the prefix Prime and Pro)))

Rep: (1)
I understand that, given the fact that the Chinese "nasamanili" with CN-firmware and Global-firmware, it does not make sense to take a "Chinese" for a flashing in the future on the globalku, right?

Rep: (13)
* Maslik2041, If it does not burn, and Gang 20 for 4G is definitely needed, then it is better to wait 3-4 months and take the globalku, and the prices will fall, and the jambs in the raw fix will be removed.

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Rep: (10)
If Redmi 7 Pro appears on the 660 Snap and type-c, it will be an unambiguous hit. I will wait for the global version.

Rep: (40)
* nash12, Redmi 7 Pro or Redmi Note 7 Pro? I'm already confused, which of them should be the first to go out. As for the first, there is such an opinion: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=YqH3iiUtSkM

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Rep: (59)
Maslik2041 @ 01.22.19, 12:24*
It does not make sense to take a "Chinese" for a flashing in the future on the global

You can take the Chinese, unlock the bootloader and flash the global, everything will work except band20.

Rep: (40)
I think there will not be 4000 mah, they will put 3000 as on 6 Redmi. It is better to let Snapdragon 636 than MTK

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Rep: (3)
Deslay @ 01/23/19 12:55*
I think there will not be 4000 mah, they will put 3000 as on 6 Redmi. It is better to let Snapdragon 636 than MTK

On Redmi 6 about akb costs 4000

Rep: (40)
I even agree on the 450 dragon with xd + and 140mm long: D, okay, and the 3300 battery.

Here is 450 and maybe in Redmi 7. Prots are no longer new in warehouses, many of them will be merged by anyone. Snapdragon 636 is definitely not worth it.

Posted on 1/27/2019 at 11:24:

Lias7 @ 01.25.19, 17:58*
On Redmi 6 about akb costs 4000

So you yourself write in Redmi 6 pro and not the usual one. Look at Redmi 5 and Redmi 6, is it worth 4000 mah there?

Rep: (3)
Deslay @ 01/27/19 10:22*
So you yourself write in Redmi 6 pro and not the usual one. Look at Redmi 5 and Redmi 6, is it worth 4000 mah there?

the difference in price is insignificant for me, it is better to pay extra and buy pro

Rep: (561)
Optimization MIUI 11 (off advertising and unnecessary applications, battery optimization and RAM)

All manipulations of optimization you spend on your own risk!

On the "Optimization"
Friends! This post - not an instruction, but only a series of recommendations. And if you're reading this, it means you want to improve the performance of your devices, and it can lead to unexpected consequences, including the very unpleasant. Therefore, be prepared to reset to factory settings: for the experience you have to pay the time, patience and a waste of brain and nervous energy.
If you notice an error, inaccuracy or believe that some sort of information would be appropriate in the post - write in a mare.
I take this opportunity to thank everyone who contributed to the otshlifovki information:I bow to you to the earth!
General recommendations
  • Do not hurry with MIUI update. Too often began to appear negative reviews about updates (see. Eg Article"You Xiaomi smartphone? Do not try to be updated! "). If you are updating MIUI - be sure to putThe full version of the firmware.
  • Periodically empty the cache.
    Applications ➔ Settings ➔ applications ➔ All three points (top right) ➔ Display all applications ➔ application ➔ select Clear (bottom right) ➔ ➔ Clear Cache Ok.
    Settings ➔ About phone ➔ Storage ➔ ➔ data cache Tapai by name ➔ Ok.
  • Try as little as possible to use system utilities to clean, acceleration, and so on. In the first place comes to optimize application security. System utilities from Xiaomi reset user settings: include auto-update, give permission to "Background connect" to other system applications, etc. etc.
  • Do not abuse the Auto-Brightness. This option keeps a light sensor in the active state (excluding the sleep mode), thereby loading the battery.
  • Turn off notifications from apps, leave only really necessary (see."What you need to enable you to receive MIUI 11").
    ➔ Settings ➔ Notifications app, select Turn off ➔.
Removing applications through ADB
To remove the need a computer, additional software and a clear understanding of the fact that you can remove and what is not.
in the post"The simplest way to remove applications without root on MIUI 10-11»and"In-depth way to delete \ restore apps without root on MIUI 10-11 (Java)»discloses removal process. Differences: In the second variant list of applications for the removal of large, as well as ability to remove much deeper. Additional bonuses - in the version of Java, you can restore the application if the removal was a mistake, as well as disable and enable the application.
The Forum has a lovely"The list of applications that can be removed / freeze"Where you can get a recommendation for removal, and learn about the risks of removing the application.
Important:List of garbage you have to make yourself, and either borrow someone's already ready, or by trial and error search for his decision.
Important:when drawing up its list - note the two applications: msa and Analytics - This system advertisers.
Disabling applications
The most effective way to disable the application - programXiaomi ADB / Fastboot Tools in Java through ADB, Ie from your computer.
To disable the application without the use of a computer - you need to enter the System Manager application. You can do this in three ways (perhaps there are more):The end result is the same: to open a list of "On the application" where it is possible to disable the application. Available to disable the application in the list a bit, but it's better than nothing.
Important:if you go to the item "Save Battery" and not through the search settings ➔ password and security ➔ Privacy ➔ Special Access ➔ Saving the battery, it is gonna get it.
MIUI optimization menu for developers
Settings ➔ About the phone ➔ MIUI version ➔ tap several times according to the version until the message “You have become a developer!” Appears.
Settings ➔ Advanced Settings ➔ ➔ For developers, including the optimization of MIUI (at the bottom) ➔ Turn.
After switching - restart the phone.
Previously, this option has been enabled by default, always, now for some reason it is not so - check.
Important:Forum debates have long maintained (minimum two years) for this option is disabled, but the cons of such an action is much more than the pros, however - decide.
Disable ads at the system level
  • Applications ➔ Settings ➔ applications ➔ All three points (top right) ➔ Settings ➔ Get recommendations ➔ off.
  • ➔ Settings Passwords and security ➔ Privacy ➔ Advertising services ➔ ➔ Turn off solo ads.
Make a phone reset.
Disable advertising recommendations
  • On katabatic launcher in turn go to the folder on the desktop, Tapan by name to place it in edit mode, turn off the "Recommendations" (not available in all versions of MIUI).
  • At the time of the Play Market to download applications (or install apk-file), while checking on the safety of application "Package Installer": Gear ➔ Get recommendations ➔ off.
  • Safety Gear ➔ ➔ ➔ Turn off Get recommendations.
  • Safety Gear ➔ ➔ ➔ Cleaning Get recommendations ➔ off.
  • Downloads ➔ three points (top right) ➔ Settings ➔ Get recommendations ➔ off.
  • Conductor ➔ three stripes (top left) ➔ Settings ➔ Information ➔ Get recommendations ➔ off.
  • Topics ➔ Smiley (bottom right) ➔ Settings ➔ Get recommendations ➔ off.
  • Music ➔ three stripes (top left) ➔ Settings ➔ Advanced Settings ➔ Get recommendations ➔ off.
  • Browser (Mi) ➔ three strips ➔ Settings ➔ Security ➔ Personalize ➔ Turn off the service (default - OFF).

Remove advertising recommendations from the cache
Clearing the cache is required because advertising could be pumped off to the recommendations, and to the restrictive action in relation to the system of advertisers.
Applications ➔ Settings ➔ applications ➔ All three points ➔ Show all applications ➔ Security ➔ ➔ Clear Clear cache ➔ Ok.
Also cleared the cache and the others:
Loading (first)
Browser (Mi),
Downloading (second)
Important:if you make the "Clear All" instead of "Clear Cache", then reset all settings, in which case the recommendation disconnected from the application will have to put back.
Advertising in browsers
So far I found three solutions (probably more of them):
  • Use a browser with a built-in ad blocker, for exampleMicrosoft edgeblocker with Adblock Plus, orSamsung Internet Browserwhich can be installed in one of several types of blockers Adblock fast, Adblock Plus, Adguard Content Blocker;
  • Use ad blocker, for exampleAdguardBut not from the Play Market, namely topicssavagemessiahzine.com. If you use Google Chrome, in combination with the correct settings (see."Several pieces of the Google Chrome») - leaves a very good result.
  • ATHidden settings MIUIfind the "Private DNS server", prescribe «dns.adguard.com», save, reboot the phone. In this method, there are some serious disadvantages: sometimes remain ad units, but without advertising itself; It works not always, and advertising still slips; can cause the blade of the Internet.
permit applications
Settings ➔ Applications ➔ ➔ Permits Permits applications.
Settings ➔ Applications ➔ ➔ Other Permissions permission.
In these two areas - thin application settings. What exactly should be allowed \ ban - is difficult to describe, and even harder to create a single scheme. But do not designate these options in the post about optimizing impossible. We wait and hope that someone from the members of the forum will make extensive post on this topic. In the meantime, the topic was not disclosed -Screenshots of my settings "Permit Application".
Data sharing settings
If you enable \ disable these options - the phone must be connected to the Internet(Presumably the action itself takes place somewhere on servers, but this is not accurate).
Access to personal data
➔ Settings ➔ Passwords and security Access to personal data ➔ ➔ Turn off the msa.
The list - Xiaomi applications, almost all - system. Besides - this option is very "stubborn" and refuses to shut down: sometimes works for the third time, and sometimes do not work.
Important:disabling this option - leads to the fact that the application is no longer collect data, which leads to improper operation (sometimes this is the only way to get the desired result, such as reluctanceMIUI update).
Access to notifications
➔ Settings Passwords and security ➔ Privacy ➔ ➔ Special Access Notification access Analytics ➔ ➔ off.
Background internet access
background connections
Safety Data transfer ➔ ➔ Network Connections ➔ three points (top right) ➔ Background connections.
All necessary applications, including - the System, messengers and others - the access is not limited. Other applications - 'Background connection' is switched off.
The essence of this option is - the uncontrolled access to the Internet, ie, without user intervention. It allows you to communicate with the servers, including for notifications, updates, weather data, check for updates, reconciliation time, etc. etc. In addition, applications are also malware-injected uncontrolled advertising transmitted to their owners some data for "analysts" and "improvement".
How it works
While the application is on the screen - it will work properly: data upload, download, update, etc. As soon as the phone will go into sleep mode, or the screen will be loaded another application - will become effective option "Background connect ', and if it is disabled - Android disable it to access the Internet.
It's easy to check spending two pairs of tests to check the cutoff of Internet access:
Before each test - remove updates from multiple applications of the same, for example from YouTube, Google Maps, Google-Finder, the Google Photos, the Google Drive, Gmail, Google Lens.
1. Start the Play Market, check the start time and start the application update (at least 6 minutes), wait for when the screen turns off and a minute later the phone goes into sleep mode after five minutes more awaken phone, complete the upgrade process do not turn off the screen and hold the Play Market on the screen, check the time of completion of the update. This test will perform twice: with the option "Background connect 'and off. Compare the time spent on the upgrade in both tests.
2. Run the Play Market, check the start time and start the application update (at least 6 minutes) without disconnecting the Play Market, go to another application and keep it on display on five minutes, go to the Play Market, complete the upgrade process do not turn off the screen and hold Play Market on the screen, check the time of completion of the update. This test is also swipe twice with the option "Background connect 'and off. Compare the time spent on the upgrade in both tests.

List, I will not lead, because everyone has his own. For example, I useM8 weatherAnd hence the drain Weather can turn off background Internet access. The same with all sorts of Mi Credit, Mi Recycle and other Mi Video - me they unnecessarily. Special attention to applications such msa, Analytics, and the like - they brazenly pumped into advertising and transmitted to the Old Xiaomi server about user activity on the phone (that's what makes this phone of relatively cheap).
Important:which way there is access to the Internet - does not matter for this option, and it operates in the mobile Internet and Wi-Fi.
Unlimited Mobile Internet
➔ Settings Passwords and security ➔ Privacy ➔ ➔ Special Access Unlimited mobile internet ➔ More ➔ Display system processes.
All necessary applications - includes, others - turn off.
How it works
Applications that have the option "Background connect '- have uncontrolled access to the Internet. When connected via Wi-Fi is going smoothly in the mobile Internet - it can be a problem (for example, from the small traffic). In this case - two choices: turn off applications to access the mobile Internet (see spoiler Mobile Internet.) Or limit 'Background connection' in the mobile Internet. This stop - option "Unlimited mobile internet."

Important:pay particular attention to applications already included, in particular the system.
Mobile Internet
Settings ➔ SIM-cards and mobile networks ➔ Data transfer ➔ send traffic reports ➔ off.
Safety Data transfer ➔ ➔ Network Connections.
The 3G / 4G section prevents applications (except system and those that use) access to the Internet via mobile phone.
To save traffic will have to turn off all but necessary.
Important:compulsory should be prohibited access to the Internet and Analytics msa, if that is not removed, otherwise ads will climb everywhere.
Important:if you use two SIM-cards, be sure to disable the output of all applications on the map without internet.
background activity
➔ Settings ➔ Power and performance monitoring activities ➔ three points (top right) ➔ Display system applications.
We pass over the list and scans all applications.
If the application needs to run in the background, or we need to notice him - leaving "Smart Mode".
If the application must run continuously (egWeather widget) - put the "No Limit". some applicationsto show notificationsalso requires the active mode.
Other applications put "hard limit".
How it works
"Almost any Android-application can be divided into two parts, visible and invisible to the user. With the visible part of you interact after clicking on the program icon, and in the memory at this time are stored graphic resources applications and a variety of temporary data. Application Manager allows you to switch between the last running programs without losing the current session data using the application. Of course, only until such time as you have enough memory as soon as the running programs are using all of the available RAM, the operating system starts to unload most legacy applications to make room for new ones. And when unloading the operating system software, and manual card swipe happens the same: from RAM unloaded the visible part of the application, any unsaved data will be lost and the next time you start the program you will see its main screen. Fully "score" memory of the smartphone, as sometimes happens on a PC - it is impossible.
With all of this, called "working" application from the list manager can not. In fact, it is only cached data, which does not perform any action and are stored in RAM only so that you can quickly get back to work. " (The full text:"True or not? Background applications need to be closed ")

View how much memory takes the application can be directly,phone settingsand throughHidden settings MIUI.
The graph on the use of RAM can be viewed using the applicationSimple system monitor.
Important:to ensure that the application is not unloaded from RAM - alone installation option "Keep-alive" to "No limit" mode -It may be insufficiently.
Mobile networks
Initial setup of the work of SIM-cards
Settings ➔ SIM-cards and mobile networks ➔ Dual 4G ➔ enabled.
Settings ➔ SIM-cards and mobile networks ➔ Internet ➔ select the SIM-card for the Internet.
Settings ➔ SIM-cards and mobile networks ➔ select the SIM-card for the Internet ➔ ➔ preferred network type set 3G or 4G (whichever is available).
Settings ➔ SIM-cards and mobile networks ➔ select the SIM-card for calls ➔ ➔ preferred network type set 2G (or 3G for Tele2 in the Moscow region).
Important:if SIM-card without the Internet to expose 4G, the mobile operator will charge you extra for short Internet connection.
Important:free mode is enabled, Dual 4G can not change the preferred network type to a second SIM-card.
available networks
application may be useful for monitoring mobile networksCellmapper. It will show the nearest antenna of your service and what frequency bands and your phone can receive.
The overall picture - can be seen onCoverage maps of mobile operators.
Settings ➔ Applications ➔ ➔ Permissions Auto ➔ More ➔ Display system applications.
You can disable all because messengers can bypass this setting, but if this is not the case (eg not come to the notice), then left on.
Auto sync
Settings ➔ Accounts & sync ➔ ➔ Turn off Auto-sync data.
Settings ➔ Accounts & sync ➔ Synchronize only on Wi-Fi ➔ off.
Plus to disable Auto-sync is that the phone will not sync after the slightest change, negative - will now have to do it manually.
Manual synchronization for all accounts at once:
Settings ➔ Accounts & sync ➔ Synchronize (bottom).
Manual synchronization for one account:
Settings ➔ Accounts & sync ➔ select the account to sync ➔ More ➔ Synchronize.
Manual synchronization for individual account options (eg only Contacts WhatsApp):
Settings ➔ Accounts & sync ➔ select the account to sync ➔ select option ➔ More ➔ Synchronize.
Important:Included mode "energy saving" disables the auto-sync (see. spoiler "energy saving schedule")
The curtain include GPS (in the future this way and should include this option, because the inclusion of Preferences why sometimes confuses the set mode).
➔ Settings Passwords and security ➔ ➔ Location set "Only the sensors."
As shown by the use of experience - geolocation by satellites, least of all consumes battery power.
Disable animation
Settings ➔ About the phone ➔ MIUI version ➔ tap several times according to the version until the message “You have become a developer!” Appears.
Settings ➔ Advanced Settings ➔ ➔ Developers windows ➔ Animation No animation.
Settings ➔ Advanced Settings ➔ Developers ➔ ➔ Animation transitions without animation.
Settings ➔ Advanced Settings ➔ Developers ➔ ➔ duration of the animation without the animation.
After switching - restart the phone.
Plus from a trip animation - to save battery power. Minus - open applications, transitions, etc. -. Will "pull is enough."
Energy saving schedule
Settings ➔ Power and performance ➔ cog (top right) ➔ Energy savings ➔ ➔ Use scheduled Enable.
Just below the set scope: Start (eg 1:30) and End (eg 5:55).
This option temporarily restrict background activity and disable sync, and that the desired application continues to run - System should be prohibited to suspend their work (see."What you need to turn on system does not unload the application from memory").
If the timer on \ off - is not important, and you want a deeper savings - try "Maximum Energy Saving" inHidden settings MIUI.
other recommendations
If the phone is started podtuplivat, slowly work, freezes, etc. - the simplest way to tweak - install the full version of the firmware through the three points. Data is not lost. If after that the phone will work is not good enough - will reset to factory settings. More information about this can be found in a post"Phone" as the out of the box ": the installation of the firmware through the three points plus a Hard Reset».
To set up the phone when you first start - there is a very brief post"A couple of recommendations for the first run - out of the box, or after a Hard Reset».
If you notice a serious energy consumption of Wi-Fi or Bluetooth - can help the recommendation of this post:"What if the Wi-Fi consumes battery excessively".
Additional materials

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Rep: (40)

Rep: (561)
The simplest way to remove applications without root on MIUI 10-11
Actually on a locked bootloader!

All manipulations to remove applications you spend at your own risk!

About Xiaomi ADB / Fastboot Tools
Program Xiaomi ADB / Fastboot Tools v. - executable file exe. Download the archive with the program can be out of spoilers below or from the websiteGitHub.com, Including previous versions. For work - installation is not required, unzip the archive enough, run, remove unnecessary from your phone, and then you can delete the folder itself and the program from the computer.
In addition to the program (XiaomiADBFastbootTools.exe), located in the archive file with the instructions in English (Instructions.pdf).
Important:Program development continues in Java (link at the bottom of a spoiler), ability to remove significantly widened, and in addition - added new features such as the restoration of the remote, open, close applications, and others.
Download:program archive Xiaomi ADB / Fastboot Tools
Connect your phone to computer
Download to your computer and extract the archive.
On the phone, in the menu For developers, enable debugging via USB:
Settings ➔ About the phone ➔ MIUI version ➔ tap several times according to the version until the message “You have become a developer!” Appears.
Settings ➔ Advanced settings ➔ For developers ➔ USB debugging ➔ Turn on.
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image

We connect the phone to the computer and run the program.
Attached Image

Run the program interaction with the phone button Debloater.
Attached Image

On the phone we allow connection to a computer.
Attached Image

The program will detect the phone, Loader status, and will create a list of applications for removal.
If you do not popped window with a list - Press repeatedly Debloater.
Attached Image

Important:if the program does not "see" the phone with a message «No device found!» - download the driver from the ADB under the spoiler below or from the websiteadbdriver.com, Set atconnected (!)phone.
Download:archive with the ADB driver
Attached fileadbdriver.zip(9.22 MB)
Uninstall applications
Put a check mark to select the applications that want to delete.
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image

If you want to remove an application package that is not in the list, click the button «Add custom apps». In the window manually write the package name, and hit «Done». The package name is added to the list of applications that can be removed. If you pre-compile the list of packages, in the future, you can copy the whole thing in the program.
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image

An additional list of application packages can be borrowed from"List of applications that you can remove", or compile yourself by writing out the package names from the applications themselves:
Applications ➔ Settings ➔ applications ➔ All three points (top right) ➔ Display all applications ➔ ➔ select an application letter i in a circle at the top right ➔ Package name.
Attached Image
Attached Image

After have placed a checkmark in the application (including the extra packages), ie We prepared a list of candidates for deletion - Hit «Uninstall». The program will remove the fact that you have chosen (Result: Success), and at the end of the procedure the inscription «Done!» Appears.
After these manipulations - Hit «Reboot into System», and disconnect the phone from the computer.
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image

Important:a list of applications, which gives the program - built-in and does not change depending on the phone of the brand or version of MIUI.
Important:option «Add custom apps» can be added to the list of any package, but not the fact that the program can perform the removal procedure, and in such cases you may need a more powerful and sophisticated tool (see. below under spoiler).
Important:deletion will be valid until reset to factory settings.
Additional materials
see also

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Rep: (40)
>The report also indicates that it includes the Redmi 7, 7 Pro and even the Xiaomi Mi 9.


Rep: (198)
And it remains to please us with a small size ... Xiaomi, guess finally release a model of 140 mm or less!

Rep: (13)
* Karramiz
Your request is heard-REDMI GO)))

Rep: (198)
* Dimarikmavr
Why do I need the phone worse than it is now (Redmi 5)
1/8 unless the price can please.
We need 450/625 snap, and if 636 is super at all! 3/32 at least. Thickness doesn’t matter much, the redmi 4pro was 5 inches and the 4000th battery. You need something like that.

Post has been editedkarramiz - 31.01.19, 20:04

Rep: (13)
* karramiz , With a diagonal of 5 "there will no longer be sane phones, only defective Redmi Go types will be. I hope that there will be no more than 5.85" in a HOT 7 type case, ideally 5.45 "

Rep: (10)
if 636 is super!

And even better, 710;)

Rep: (40)
HA3ABP @ 31.01.19, 20:15*
And even better, 710;)

: D Not such balls will not be for $ 120, if 450 snap is already good.

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