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Tv box
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Important information!
Attention! There are at least 2 revisions of the consoles:

Revision в„–1 - old (Issue Winter 2019 - Spring 2019) on Androyd 8.1 out of the box. DDR4 RAM. Lan 1 Gb
Revision в„–2 - new (~ May 2019 - present), on Androyd 9.0 out of the box. RAM DDR3. Lan 100 Mb

Revisions to each other are not compatible! those. official firmware is also not compatible themes of hats!
If you will perfectly sew together older version 8.1 of the new official firmware 9.0, you risk getting a working part prefix, the same kasaetsya and a new revision, if you decide to put it on the old official 8.1 firmware from the cap - you get polukirpich!

Carefully read the latest 50 theme pages before committing to any action with your console!

Photo device
Root, Recovery, Firmware
Root in the box out of the box. Rights are granted automatically.
Important!!! Do not try to install Super Su get a brick!
If you need a root rights manageris recommended to establish missing Super SU Attached fileUPDATE-supersu-2.82.1.zip (2.77 MB)

Custom firmware
How to install the firmware
Before installing patches of the firmware, any manipulations with the system, it is necessary to backup all partitions usingTHIS TWRPwith saving to a memory card or USB flash drive.
The easiest way to install firmware from TWRP recovery .
Downloadarchive with firmware[*] Unpack the archive is not necessary. Start TWRP.
Choose the installation and specify the archive with the firmware.
Before installing, it is desirable to clear the cache and divvik cache.

How to install TWRP recovery?
Guide to flashing Android TV-Box with SoC Amlogic

Lovers of difficulties and in the case of recovery
Three more ways to install the firmware, for lovers of difficulties, you need knowledge of English, a special USB-USB cable, a computer.
for those who have no English languageread Instruction # 1andInstruction number 2

Problem solving and how to avoid them?

There is no curator in the subject. For questions about filling the caps, please contact the section moderators via the buttonPictureunder the messages to which you want to add links.

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Reason for editing: How to skip the connection to the People's firmware

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hello who troling test odekvatno works prefix 4/32

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* sasvlad
Made a port for you ...

I saw everything and even read =)
for this port a special thank you!

I mean it is the port ATV firmware ...

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Prompt, who put custom firmwareVolksware v.0.2.0from SW.* sasvlad ,
How it compared to the drain?
There are noticeable differences?

Currently still can not deliver, there is no free sd card, and 128 gigs a pity to lose the data from the phone))

More would like to know if you have changed the launcher on what off?

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* StarPer007,
Launcher ATV PRO, for remote sweet deal, left a dozen programs that regularly use, for other prog. created a folder, put all the excess, and the desktop is not zagramozhden and everything at your fingertips

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* lexa2377,
ATV Pro also like stock lighthouse did not dropped.

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to drain the firmware on TQ20007_3 katabatic launcher set up a head searching through google atv and aeromysh microphone T1M, making google "system" = everything works great!
the results are displayed in the ATV on the main screen, looking in all applications that support voice, all clickable!
just 5-minutes without ATV is now =)

p.s. in the launcher ATV Pro, too, everything works great!

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nskws @ 11.02.19, 6:02*
looking in all applications that support voice, all clickable!

I haveYoutube smart versionnot clickable results of previousvanced version without adswell behaved, but the results were were not clickable.
Apparently this behavior is due to the fact that the application without advertising))
Do you have some version of you tube with a convenience store?

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* StarPer007,
I have a youtube stock

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* nskws , Added clear warning here

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StarPer007 @ 11.02.19, 05:19*
I Youtube smart version is not clickable results of previous ad-vanced version also behaved search results but were not clickable.

Youtube must be for AndroidTV. So it made API.

Attached files

Attached fileYouTube + Android + TV + 2.03.06 + armv7.apk(18.32 MB)

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All privet.prismatrivayus to this pristavke.poetomu want to ask the board whether to take it? How pokachestvu? Pros and cons? Reconsidered bunch of reviews, but still want to hear the opinion of a real pokupatelya.i even give a link to Ali, where pokupali.zaranee thanks .

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Teoss1 @ 11.02.19, 11:34*
whether to take it
It stands for 4/64 of the price of competitors it does not have. (Took 3 items of 3428rub. Pcs.)
Teoss1 @ 11.02.19, 11:34*
both in quality?

Quality is good, cool design, not a dull box, the top cover is made under the plate (grooved)
Set inside the iron is excellent, with a reserve for the future, all modern video easily reproduces, it does not get hot. Fast wi-fi and gigabiny lan. For those who do not want after purchasing the saw cut and solder, is a great option.
Teoss1 @ 11.02.19, 11:34*
pros and cons?
Cons: stupid light (color change) is not disconnected from the drain firmware is not supplied remote control with gyro, you need to buy more.
Pros: set up and have fun)), for those who like a lot pereproshit- suitable firmware, in addition to the drain, sink firmware is updated regularly.

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Hello. Boxing came with firmware TQ20007_1, whether sewn on TQ20007_3? Just generally not subject to these firmwares. And what difference it if it is difficult to write.

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* StarPer007 But what about the hdmi output? Wrote no protection and burns port?

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* Lyaksey88 If satisfied with everything, you can not be updated
20007 all stable
20004 is also stable
20006 seemed to me obtuse

p.s. backup only advisable to do through TWRP

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Dependency Unit, can someone tell me how to reset it? Button never found, and with the outlet off I'm afraid))

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partak2145 @ 11.02.19, 14:38*
what about hdmi output? wrote no protection and burns port?
I'm not an expert electronics, the answer to your question I do not know, but then saw the expert advice who advised never to pull hdmi cable with the power on. What is the difficulty? turn the power off, connect the hdmi cable, plug in the power.
Port of burns? I set up three set-top boxes, and each plug (cut off) several times using the algorithm described above, no problems, neither of which is not burned.

Posted on 11/02/2019, 15:51:

Lyaksey88 @ 11.02.19, 15:41*
and off to the outlet afraid))

ask to do that who is not afraid))

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StarPer007 @ 11.02.19, 13:50*
I'm not an expert electronics, the answer to your question I do not know

I am a specialist in electronics!: D

Connection rules for HDMI equipment

1. Isolate all connected equipment. And not just disable the button on the remote control or a toggle switch on the rear panel, and it is unplugged from the outlet!
2. switched equipment with cables. This applies to both HDMI cables, and others, such as audio, Ethernet or other cables.
3. Next, turn on all devices of the system into an electrical outlet.

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Hello. Prompt, it would be better T95Q or prefix from Xiaomi?

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Somebody connects via DLNA media center? And then I connected through time and the picture there and there is no sound. Where to dig?

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