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Important information!
Attention! There are at least 2 revisions of the consoles:

Revision в„–1 - old (Issue Winter 2019 - Spring 2019) on Androyd 8.1 out of the box. DDR4 RAM. Lan 1 Gb
Revision в„–2 - new (~ May 2019 - present), on Androyd 9.0 out of the box. RAM DDR3. Lan 100 Mb

Revisions to each other are not compatible! those. official firmware is also not compatible themes of hats!
If you will perfectly sew together older version 8.1 of the new official firmware 9.0, you risk getting a working part prefix, the same kasaetsya and a new revision, if you decide to put it on the old official 8.1 firmware from the cap - you get polukirpich!

Carefully read the latest 50 theme pages before committing to any action with your console!

Photo device
Root, Recovery, Firmware
Root in the box out of the box. Rights are granted automatically.
Important!!! Do not try to install Super Su get a brick!
If you need a root rights manageris recommended to establish missing Super SU Attached fileUPDATE-supersu-2.82.1.zip (2.77 MB)

Custom firmware
How to install the firmware
Before installing patches of the firmware, any manipulations with the system, it is necessary to backup all partitions usingTHIS TWRPwith saving to a memory card or USB flash drive.
The easiest way to install firmware from TWRP recovery .
Downloadarchive with firmware[*] Unpack the archive is not necessary. Start TWRP.
Choose the installation and specify the archive with the firmware.
Before installing, it is desirable to clear the cache and divvik cache.

How to install TWRP recovery?
Guide to flashing Android TV-Box with SoC Amlogic

Lovers of difficulties and in the case of recovery
Three more ways to install the firmware, for lovers of difficulties, you need knowledge of English, a special USB-USB cable, a computer.
for those who have no English languageread Instruction # 1andInstruction number 2

Problem solving and how to avoid them?

There is no curator in the subject. For questions about filling the caps, please contact the section moderators via the buttonPictureunder the messages to which you want to add links.

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Friends welcome.
In your shelf Amlogic S905X2 replenishment.
An interesting and beautiful boxing cameT95q
The firmware in it turned out to be very unstable.
I decided on their own risk to flash Beelink. After a full reset to factory works. Night flew update to 112 version. No problems.
P.S. the only disappointment is the remote is not suitable from the T95Q. While on the mouse. Already ordered G10

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Etnogenez1994 @ 16.12.18, 19:50*
A friend also received t95q, after an hour of work, it hangs on my screen saver, the address does not help, I need to sew, right?

Greetings. Only if it’s not difficult, try flashing the date format before flashing, then write the backup of the original firmware via TWRP. If it’s not difficult, put it out, otherwise I can’t find the original firmware on our T95Q now. And so the firmware from Beelink is very good. LEDs are lit only in blue. I don’t know how to configure them. The native remote does not work, but they already brought me the G10 with a voice.

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Babay062 @ 12.19.18, 19:54*
fizra so give companions firmware from T95Q?

Friends all welcome.
For God's sake, use your health. Only if someone breaks something or HDMI burns out, then ...
Example: I installed the firmware from X96 Max on my T95Q and it periodically began to turn off and turn off the TV screen. Rebooting did not help. Then it generally hung. It’s just that LEDs have been added to my console. Maybe because of this conflict.
In short: at your own peril and risk ...

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Thanks for the firmware. And for your box, you can try bilink

Yes. I already tried everything) everything works and Bilink and Bilink ATV

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* kigba
Live calmly and use the box. What programs need a root - they will get it

I can’t remove ads in applications .. adaway, adblock do not work, in Beelink GT1 Mini advertising in applications does not just interfere, it’s impossible to use some applications because of advertising, they flicker like a Christmas tree ..

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If anyone decides to stay on the T95Q stock: everything in it works only the ancient market.
Replacement only with handles: Download the current market. Rename to Phonesky,
Using Р’В® Root Explorer (File Manager) we put in the system \ priv-app \ Phonesky folder with the replacement of an existing file (the system partition should be mounted as r \ w).
Change the “permissions \ permissions” of the new market to rw-r-r (644) (long file tap - Permissions \ Permissions - remove excess daws) ->exit the program.
Clear cache \ GP data (Settings - Apps - All - Market (Google Play) - Clear cache \ data).
Be sure to reboot!

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Fizra @ 12/12/18, 20:37*
Friends welcome.
In your shelf Amlogic S905X2 replenishment.
An interesting and beautiful boxing T95Q came
The firmware in it turned out to be very unstable.
I decided at my own risk to flash Beelink. After a complete reset to the plant, everything works, even the clock. At night, an update to version 112 flew in. No problems.
P.S. the only disappointment is the remote is not suitable from the T95Q. While on the mouse. Already ordered G10

Good afternoon, tell me please, if you do not flash the T95Q, will the G10 remote control work? interested in voice search

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I ordered myself a T95Q (4/64)
I asked the seller about the availability of new firmware and he said that he threw it to me.
Who can check pliz: new or stock ...
deleted, since it is in the header

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By stock I ordered even cheaper
Waiting for 2 pieces
I'd like reviews
There is also hope for Tanix firmware

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* nskws,
And what are the reviews? The prefix is ​​like a prefix. Honestly, I expected more after sitting for two years on a pair of boxes with the S905X. Therefore, I bought only one new one, I’ll wait for the release of boxes with S922.
By the way, to me in NSC)) in just eleven days from the moment of order came.

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* stepwgn247 ,
I’m generally moving from the dunes, if only the marriage didn’t come,
as well as to my kitchen and bedroom for iptv youtube and TV series movies, I think more than enough of them

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tell me whether the lack of autoframe is critical?
I wanted to buy it, but I read what autofreight is and thought about it.

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* stepwgn247,
Tell me, when will the 922 come out?

Posted on 1/15/2019 10:59 AM:

* stepwgn247,
Perhaps the price will be more than 912?

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Rep: (29)
* Vitalij St.,
I have not yet found answers to either the first or second question.

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Welcome, please write in more detail how to run AFR on the console.
And then the message on this occasion has disappeared somewhere.

Greetings friends.
I tried all the firmware and stopped at the drain.
1-stupid curtains (navbar) which with crutches on some programs must be forced to close.
2-does not work correctly ice-backlight.
3-remote control must be screwed with a replacement file.
In short, I just rolled the lignthome_Beelink launcher onto the stock and it's beautiful.
AFR is easy to drain throughKODI c script.
All good!

Posted on 1/16/2019, 01:52:

Who can check pliz: new or stock ...

firmware as on the Internet 20003

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I tried all the firmware and stopped at the drain.

Thanks for the hard work!
Tanix tx5 seems to have come out, have not you tried it yet?
I saw in the next topic

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* StarPer007 ,
on taniks, they are both out of the box, maybe it will get on our box and then there will be happiness =)
so Alice is quite a launcher

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* StarPer007 ,
Well then I’ll be on stock,
I haven’t arrived yet either

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I also ordered and wait for t95q 4/64. That is, while there are no new firmware, it turns out? (newer 20003)

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