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Bluetooth Headset Air, Mi Air True Wireless Earphone, TWSEJ01JY
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Mi AirDots Pro comes in a small carrying case for storage and recharging. According to the manufacturer, they provide up to 10 hours of listening. Each headset is able to work independently of the other, so that they can be used alternately or divided between two people. Playback control is carried out using touch panels.

  • Headphone weight with case: 58 grams
  • Weight of one earphone: 5.8 grams
  • Up to 3 hours of playing music on a single charge of headphones
  • Up to 10 hours of autonomy with a case
  • Case battery capacity: 410 mAh
  • IPX4 moisture protection
  • ANC Noise Reduction
  • AAC codec support
  • Touch control and voice assistant support
  • Work as a headset
  • Impendance: 16 ohms
  • Bluetooth 4.2
  • Range: 10 meters
  • Compatibility: Android, iOS, Windows, Mac

  • Recharge case
  • Headphones
  • Type-C cable
  • Ear Pads 3 Pairs
  • Instruction

Start of sales: January 11, 2019
Kit price in China 399 Yuan ($ 59)
Official retail in China

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Silicone Covers[1 option] [Option 2] [3 option]
Ear cushions[1 option][Option 2][3 option]suitable size T200

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How good that I found this topic.
Music interrupted every second - how to fix?

Sobsvtenno first sinned only to the player:Cayin N3 [Other]
On the phone works fine, but with another bluetooth source of trouble is the same as with Cayin.

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* guskov.da,
guskov.da @ 04.07.19, 10:54*
Has anyone encountered a similar problem?
When proigrovanii vocal goes to the left side with time.
When only connect headsets to the device and start playing then everything is fine, singing in the middle, everything sounds normal. Then about 10 seconds without any vocal signal goes to the left ear. All other sounds - bass, instruments are played normally. When you turn on instrumental music - it all plays as necessary.
Conversely, insert the earphone in your ears, the same situation but in the right direction.
iPhone is XR, but connected to the computer the exact same situation.

the problem is the same, and on the computer and on the phone android, her voice goes to the left channel, after some time after switching on or switching shumodava. I suspect the right earpiece that he discharged earlier, but I do not think it's related to this.

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Good day! headphones month, really could not take advantage. yesterday found that in the inserted carrying case is not lit in the right ear. the word at all. the phone can not see on the bluetooth headset. pair removed, and the new, he does not find. Reset tried - does not help, but I can not right to do something with these 30 seconds. what to do?

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Good morning.
Prompt what to do here, yesterday received the headphones feels good joined joined.
And now I put them in the morning and here begins to play music or video in the left ear sound disappears.
I tried both methods described here do not help the sound disappears and everything.
What to do ?
Or write prodovanu?

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* kruglova2611 ,
Read carefully the 2 point, try to "push" the earphone into the case. It does not help - most likely die.

* Wervol ,
Try to charge up to 100%. Keep 'em on the charge

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* amstel8 , But also the right one. All I tried to make out the remains

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* amstel8 ,
I loaded still does not help

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What is the difference between the pro version and easy ??

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calls from the headphones microphone and recording voice messages with earphone microphone is not very successful - hard to hear

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bubkin @ 06.07.19, 17:24*
I suspect the right earpiece that he discharged earlier, but I do not think it's related to this.

This is hardly, if switching shumodava resets the sound back to normal, and then he swims again in one of the earphones, then it is not a battery charge.

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* ClericGrammaton,
* bubkin,
After all, I said to solve the problem on the previous page. Well, e-my ...

Xiaomi Mi AirDots Pro - Discussion (Post VovanNK # 86750740)

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* Bossserga Shape and extended functional (IR sensor, an active noise cancellation system).

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Bought headphones, go happy, if not two "but".
1) Quiet sound. Uluchshalki on my phone, too, from Xiaomi, have not helped.
2) Not very convenient form for my ear. Left ear generally kept with difficulty.
Somebody compared with the ears of the Redmi? There's the same sound? Louder?

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ALS318 @ 04.07.19, 16:50*
to prove that the marriage is very difficult, even local dealer.

Why local to prove to you can simply return within two weeks, as Headphones are not included in the list of difficult and technical products.
Another thing if it is shown over time.
ALS318 @ 02.07.19, 08:59*
Here is a good article about the delay of the sound in any TWS

You have broken the link.

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Damn still torment his left earphone. He runs a campaign but apart from the speaker.
Since the assistant is called and when he pulled it out of the ear music is put on pause but no sound (((((

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effectmaster @ 8.07.19, 7:25*
link is broken.
just checked, the link works.

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* ellarair
https does not work in 2019 = broken

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* effectmaster , works. Where do you see https? http://android.mobile-review.com/articles/54427/

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effectmaster @ 08.07.19, 07:25*
Why local to prove to you can simply return within two weeks, as Headphones are not included in the list of difficult and technical products.

You respond Rospotrebnadzor
"Consumers need to know that now there are many types of headphones, some of which fall under the personal care and technically complex products, household purpose for which the warranty period. In this regard, according to the claim. 2, 11 "List of non-food products of good quality, not to be returned or exchanged for other items of similar size, shape, dimension, style, color or configuration" data type can not be returned or exchanged. For example, popular headphones with wireless data transfer, with the function of Wi Fi, for which the warranty period, referred to technically complex products and customer requirements for the exchange or refund of such good quality headphones are not satisfied, "- explained in the department. It is reported by Rambler. Further:https: //finance.ramble...re&utm_source=copylink

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* ALS318,
There is meant headphones with wi-fi? This earphone is used for the PC with its communication module.
If you use common sense, it is necessary to look at the official list.
https: //www.consultant...ac36216d643e24c7dc5cd/
The store can be said to point to paragraph 6
6. Navigation and wireless communications equipment for domestic use, including satellite communications, which has a touch screen and has two or more functions.

However, this paragraph applies to mobile phones and gps navigators.
I think if a person is competent and can easily defend its position in the store it will be good. Or you can become uproarious probably they will be afraid and will.

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