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Bluetooth Headset Air, Mi Air True Wireless Earphone, TWSEJ01JY
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Mi AirDots Pro comes in a small carrying case for storage and recharging. According to the manufacturer, they provide up to 10 hours of listening. Each headset is able to work independently of the other, so that they can be used alternately or divided between two people. Playback control is carried out using touch panels.

  • Headphone weight with case: 58 grams
  • Weight of one earphone: 5.8 grams
  • Up to 3 hours of playing music on a single charge of headphones
  • Up to 10 hours of autonomy with a case
  • Case battery capacity: 410 mAh
  • IPX4 moisture protection
  • ANC Noise Reduction
  • AAC codec support
  • Touch control and voice assistant support
  • Work as a headset
  • Impendance: 16 ohms
  • Bluetooth 4.2
  • Range: 10 meters
  • Compatibility: Android, iOS, Windows, Mac

  • Recharge case
  • Headphones
  • Type-C cable
  • Ear Pads 3 Pairs
  • Instruction

Start of sales: January 11, 2019
Kit price in China 399 Yuan ($ 59)
Official retail in China

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Silicone Covers[1 option] [Option 2] [3 option]
Ear cushions[1 option][Option 2][3 option]suitable size T200

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Threadripperr @ 22.05.19, 08:22*
Guys who changed the standard ear pads? Can you advise?
In case headphones normally intermeddle with other ear pads?

162.78 UAH. 40% OFF | New Bee Replacement Noise Isolating 3 pairs Memory Foam tips & 3 pairs Silicone Earbuds Ear Pads for Headphone Earphone Black

I took then, and foam and conventional complete. The sound is better than plus ears sit well.

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* HD_Rain , Thanks) but what about the briefcase, it intermeddle without any problems? And then, such as notches earpads abutting under standard

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Lost the case. Ears left. If anyone needs something, then Wellcome in PM

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After two months of use are dead headphones. A waste of money.
Constantly breaks connection with the phone.
Constantly interfere with the conversation.
Finally, they just stopped charging.
If you want to say that this is normal headphones for $ 60-70 .......
Battery lasts for two hours.
Bought conventional TWS i9S with Gearbest for $ 15: no fall-out from the ears, no interference, 3:00 battery holds, excellent call quality.

What is it? Xiaomei screwed up as the conveyor went to rivet all that handy.

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* balexanderu ,

shit these headphones.
So much for the explanation

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* GosKLD ,

Download appliquГ© Volume Booster. No problems will be no more.

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* GosKLD ,

Sleepin Volume Booster.

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* Bacha1990 ,

Do you have transformed your ears, you're just accustomed to their sound, and the sound in these Airdots pro to say the least not very much, but still good, even not bad. But if you listen to constant in expensive wired headphones that others can not hear just cheap.

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Pvl6953 @ 23.05.19, 06:45*
and the sound in these Airdots pro to say the least not very

These ears are three types of sound, the first normal, second when the sound floats in one ear and has a third more (after it clicks rewiring) he really "flat" and terrible, as though at a low bitrate.
By the way, AAC phantom here, he that is in the BT connection on your smartphone properties, then it is not.

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* ALS318 ,

This is the whole focus.
Should it be one sound.

Here I have theirs Bluetooth headphones sports. The cool thing. There are generally no complaints. Soon it will be two years. Battery 6-8 hours of music.
Well, only the Basque lacking. Well, it's the little things.

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Stopped themselves disconnected when closing of the case, had to constantly turn off Bluetooth,
That is, the lid shut and they can be connected ostayutsya play music will be played directly in a case
Not reset by holding down the button long
Who can faced need help

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* buzyaa , Reset to 30 seconds and standards will hold the button until the LED goes out and reconnect

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I wonder where the black headphones? May change your mind, because everything turned out badly.

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Good afternoon, just bought a headset and once the question arose as to determine whether or not included noise reduction mode?

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Malefecator @ 23.05.19, 16:07*
Good afternoon, just bought a headset and once the question arose as to determine whether or not included noise reduction mode?

By default, it is always off, the current state is reset to the default when the headphone placement in case. Then you only need to remember the sounds emitted by a Chinese woman (tm)

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* ALS318 That is, each time returning the headphones into the case, shumopodavdenie off? And you have to turn it on again?

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Guys, I do not understand how to monitor charge at all?
Headphones and case were charged, I listened to them, well, two hours. Thrust back into the case. Three days was not listening. Got - we got almost zero. They are discharged in a case in standby mode?
As generally understood, they are charged or not, visually? The lamp flashes or at all?

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* silonmay,
He dumped not once does not help

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* zakkvanaxel ,

Yes they are broken or something ??
It's broken, they have you.

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* zakkvanaxel , * Pvl6953 ,
Unfortunately it is so intended, when you close the cover, and they are not switched off, respectively, by charging 3-4-5 days to zero.
To completely turn off their need to hold the button for 30 seconds as in the reset diode goes out and as long as you do not open the lid of the case, they will be switched off.
It's not exactly, I could be wrong. Almost 3 months ears, listen to every day. I sleep in them)))

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