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TEYES SPRO / CC2 Android 8.1 Head Units - Discussion
Car and Android device
Discussion »»» | Purchase, delivery and connection | TEYES SPRO / CC2 Android 8.1 - Discussion | Hardware modification, auto sound, marriage and repair | GU club owners and Kingbeats Teyes SPRO / CC2 | TeyesTRPO - Discussion | Kingbeats K1 PLUS - Discussion | Teyes CC2L- Discussion | DVR X5 | Accessories (OBD2, TPMS, CAN, camera, etc.) | Other radio on Spreadtrum SC9853I processor

If you just ordered a State or are going to do it and you have questions about it - just goin the subject purchase and installation!

Floating sound of the radio?
PG does not turn?
It does not work Yandex Navigator?
Do not download anything PlayMarket?
Not sewn State?

First of all read the contentofficial sites :
  1. Official site of the device
  2. Latest versions of service utilities
  3. Official tech support

This topic discusses:

  • Operation PG modified or staffing software.
  • Modification of firmware and device software.

This topic will not be discussed:

  • Discuss the third-party software, personal preferences and everything that does not fit the profile so you can atClub.
  • The choice of carrier and tariff.
  • Choice questions, comparison, purchase, delivery, sending State and of its components,activate voice control and license CC2 .
  • Tips to take or not to take a good machine.
  • How to connect GU, camera, in which port to connect the USB flash drive, recorder and other components inneighboring branch.
  • Questions hardware modification of the device and auto sound. If you want to solder something, solder, unscrew or fasten (including the back cover) to the GU, please go to the topicHardware modification, auto sound, marriage and repair TEYES SPRO / CC2 - Discussion
  • Questions about the OBD, regular camera, TPMS, protective glasses, as well as on the periphery - in the subject lineAccessories
  • Questions on the DVR X5 -in the appropriate topic


Operating system: Android 8.1 API 27
Processor: 8 cores 1.8G 64 bits spreadtrum SC9853 Intel 14 nm Airmont

Memory: 2GB / 32GB and 4GB / 64GB
Display: IPS 1024x600 (9 '/ 10.2')
Radio module: NXP TEF6686 (RDS Netherlands)
Sound chip: TDA7851
Other: WiFi, GPS, 4G / LTE, Bluetooth 4.0
System support: TPMS, CarPlay, USB DVR
sometimes thereadjustable backlight touch keys.More videos.
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ZPhoto device

  1. Q: I have lost contacts in your phone! What to do?
  2. Q: Do I need to update the firmware?
    A: If it works, then do not.
  3. Q: I have an important question for Yandex Navigator !!!
    A: Take your time.Uninstall your existing version, then restart the PG. Place recommended version 3.68 or 3.96 or 4.35, and you can opt out. The latest version of which is not "finer" - 3.68! If you need is the latest version, download an assembly for the x86 architecture or ARM7a and not swing x86_64. In PlayMarket just not working x86_64! If the problem is with the alerts, select the voice of Oksana. Load faster navigator can install a lightweight fashion from here . Check the app on your phone, just whether the problem is related to the State? Take a look at I theme dedicated Yandex Navigator , Study it a hat, use the search by topics. Did not help? Then again, think twice and ask questions.
  4. Q: I have a great offer! How do I transfer it to the developers?
    A: For questions and suggestions please contact us by email [email protected]
  5. Q: What affects the item factory settings - Activate?
    A: No matter what, do not pay attention to him.
  6. Q: I have an application does not work YoutubeVanced / Poweramp / AngryBirds / Any other things that I do?
    A: First of all, go to the theme of your app, find and try different versions of it, doing a reset after each removal of the previous version. Use the search engine on the subject, if the only problem is you, do the formatting PG memory.
  7. Q: I constantly pops radio / navigator suddenly starts / change volume / other, what is it?
    A: This is a mistake in training key steering, reset their settings and train again.
  8. Q:I do not like the home screen! I do not work well in window mode window / need more icons / need more desktops / want to put your widgets as me all this achieve?
    A: Put a third-party launcher, Nova, CWG or Agama.
  9. Q: In the version with mechanical keys constantly zapuskaetsyaвЃµ player / radio / volume jumps, how to fix?
  10. Q: How to connect a third-party registrar for Wi-Fi?
    A: It is necessary to switch off the mobile internet (in the settings).
  11. Q: How to remove the curtain from a notice from TXZ program?
  12. Q: Can I in the standard launcher and voice control to change the default player?
    BUT:Not. MusicProxy
  13. Q: What password from the factory default settings?
    A: 168

Current issues

  1. When calling from the radio and on it using the built-in SIM cards, your interlocutornot hear . If this functionality is so important to you, write to tech support, they will take into account your wish.


Who will face the Chinese version of the firmware (without PlayMarket), not to demolish it immediately, and help in research related tomeorlekha1980.
Exemplary sample description.

Attention! If not updatecfg.txt file in the firmware from the official site, then take it out instructions . This will format the device memory But deliver us from unforeseen problems . Do not upgrade for FOTA It is important to do a hard reset!
# Development
( Useful posts

  1. How to get out of bootlup
  2. Correct operation of the navigator and radar detectors arrow in the background
  3. Radio is not showing the video in the player (black screen)
  4. How to make the text of all system settings visible
  5. How to put the application in autostart (volatile mode)
  6. How do I remove an application from autorun after sleep
  7. USB flash drive firmware and CANBUS setup
    Formatting internal memory
  8. For those who want to replace the boot animation and logo download, Still
  9. Selecting SPRO launcher after installing FIX, etc. on CC2
  10. After the reboot, incomprehensible numbers (code) appeared in the upper left corner of the screen.
  11. What to do if a whistle is heard in the speakers (noise is heard)
  12. I can't be heard during a Bluetooth conversation (speakerphone), review second review
  13. Life hacking for those who caught the bootloop.
  14. Installing multiple patches from one flash drive
  15. If you suddenly flashed launcher (or fixed with Launer, etc.) and it fails to start
  16. How to free up 12 GB of space
  17. Automation of the distribution of the Internet from the phone to the GU
  18. If applications are not loaded from PlayMarket
  19. How to change the width of windows
  20. CC2 launcher for the SPRO of 10.12.2019
  21. Player CC2 style SPRO
  22. If the State does not stitched
  23. Known problems and solutions
  24. How to change the call melody (ringtone)?
  25. The most used applications in the GU are recommended to be added to the UnKill list so that they do not end when the GU goes into sleep.
  26. File content value updatecfg.txt
  27. How to train key wheel run any application
  28. Connecting to a VPN server
  29. I stopped working besklyuchevry access

EChange history

04/07/2020: useful post: stops working keyless access
06/24/2020: Software: nokill + Radar + Radio for CC2 on 21/04/2020
25.05.2020: Firmware: Firmware based on the drain SPRO from 04/23/2020
05/22/2020: Major issues: floating sound of the radio?
05/11/2020: useful post: a VPN server connection
05/07/2020: Radio: noam events from 24.03.2020 RUS + UKR
01/05/2020: Software: MusicProxy (replacing regular player on the side)
29.04.2020: FAQ: What if I lost contact in the phone
04/28/2020: Caps Navigation: Club GU owners Kingbeats and Teyes SPRO / CC2
24.04.2020: Firmware: Root for the CC2 from 04/21/2020
04/21/2020: useful post: Player CC2 style SPRO
04/18/2020: Radio: the CC2 radio logo, based on the design SPRO
04/17/2020: Development: Connecting to a Computer
04/14/2020: Radio: SPRO Radio Mod by lekha1980 on 13/04/2020
04.06.2020: Firmware: CEUI (MOD)
04.05.2020: Firmware: TWRP 3.3.1
04/05/2020: Radio: noam events of 3/24/2020
02/04/2020: Drivers: Universal firmware SPRO / Kingbeats / CC2 on 03/24/2020

January March

03/26/2020: Software: nokill on 24/03/2020
26.03.2020: Firmware: Root for the CC2 from 03/24/2020
03/26/2020: useful post: How to train key wheel run any application
03/26/2020: Software: nokill events of 03.24.2020 (Radar / dialer)
25.03.2020: Firmware: Mirror G32 / G23 on 3/24/2020
24.03.2020: Firmware: the MCU on 03/01/2019
03/21/2020: Navigation: Added branch TPRO
18.03.2020: FAQ: I've got a great offer! How do I transfer it to the developers?
13.03.2020: FAQ: Is it possible in the standard launcher and voice control to change the default player?
29.02.2020: FAQ: How do I remove the notification from the curtain from TXZ program?
02/18/2020: useful post: Content value updatecfg.txt file
13.02.2020: FAQ: How to connect a third-party registrar for Wi-Fi?
02/10/2020: Software: nokill from 17/12/2019 (Radar / dialer)
02.09.2020: Firmware based on the drain SPRO from 18/12/2019
02/04/2020: Features: Video backlight touch keys
01/30/2020: Deactivated launchers CC2 on 12/10/2019
01/05/2020: Pictures of the viscera


30.12.2019: Firmware: DarkGreenGreyMOD v5
12/23/2019: Software: nokill on 17/12/2019
23.12.2019: Firmware: Root for the CC2 from 17/12/2019
12/17/2019: Navigation header: Added themes for DVR and accessories

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* Greck-tw Apparently you are not properly connected GU ... Five minutes after turning off the State goes to sleep, and the current consumption in the standby mode can not be discharged to zero gu Accum ... I have five days car now costs through 72 hours GU generally switched off, it is even in the description there ... See the leakage current when connected and disconnected State where the consumer you still eats ...

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* darkcats I wrote a service engineer in English with an attached video about his problem with Bluetooth on Wednesday. From him no answer, not a greeting.

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* Avandom , Read? Write to Ali and Novosib .. Pile who can write, support works fine compared to nouneym

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