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Device characteristics
Compatibility :
  • Android 4.4+ / iOS 9.0+
  • 4.0+ (4.2 recommended)
  • GPS
  • Pedometer
  • Heart rate monitor
  • Sensor swimming posture
  • Accelerometer
  • Gyroscope
  • Barometer
  • Size: 9.8h42.8x42.8 mm
  • Weight: 32.5 g
Moisture protection:
  • 5 ATM
  • Width: 22 mm ~
  • Technology: AMOLED
  • Size: 1.2 inches
  • Resolution: 390x390
  • Density: 326 ppi
  • Clock
  • Dock station
  • Cable
  • User's manual
  • Battery: 178 mAh
  • Working hours:
    • Active use - 7 days
    • In standby mode - 14 days
    • With included GPS - 10:00

Instructions and useful
Reviews and Reviews

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For questions and to replenish the "cap" in writingQMS

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* vadim0402
It's time to create a theme for this watch. I propose to rename the topic in Honor Watch Magic. I think that the title should be more informative, otherwise it will be lost among many

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Finally, the topic about them appeared, a manual in Russian is needed. And so pleased, I go the second day, until the picture has developed for autonomy.

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Who has already bought these? How do they function? Are there any problems?

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while I’m waiting in the waiting room) on December 4th they arrived in Moscow time, they won’t get to Peter in a week (

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Hello to all. I also look at these watches very much. I myself use Amazfit Pace. How are they compared to the Huawei GT? Also premium (or not worse).

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vadim0402 @ 11.12.18, 13:29*

Bought, use.
Charging lasts for 4 days of constant wear. Steps, pulse, sleep transmits to Health. In the sun, the screen is blind. And the weather did not work, the geolocation was turned on, permissions were given, but there was no weather. And vibro weak, subjective. Another would be the opportunity to remove unused chips from the list -alipey and travel. There is no GooglePay, so nfc is almost useless.

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I have been walking for 4 days and 40 more charges left. In the sun, too, the rules show. I did not try to put the training regime, but I will correct this case by spring. Vibro for me is definitely not necessary anymore, and so I shudder when messages arrive. Alipay is a normal thing if in China on Taobao or JD you buy. In general, while some advantages.

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The weather normally shows nothing conjured itself functioned. And with NFC, yes ... it doesn't. Vibro suits me. Also pleased with this device, according to my operation, the battery holds 4 days. The instruction is not rich in Russian? Maybe there are some "fine" settings?

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The photo on the hand who would have thrown. How do they look in reality? Fine? Like the classics? THX.

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* Derika , something like this

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Derika @ 12.12.2018, 14:19*
The photo on the hand who would have thrown. How do they look in reality? Fine? Like the classics? THX.

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Does anyone have info about how much they live and in what modes? week hold?

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They will not stand for a week, or they should not be used for their intended purpose, i.e. turn off monitoring of pulse, sleep and not train in them. 3-4 days is in my experience. In the morning, jogging is 20-30 minutes, in the evening, active interval training is 50-60 minutes, for a day, 25-30% of the charge flies away. I think Huawei Watch GT is enough for a week, but they don’t fit me in size, it’s not comfortable on hand. There is also a Stress function, I don’t understand how it works, it shows nothing.

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* Cheez_s
* Arab911,
Thanks for the photo. Somehow they look big. My hand is "dry". Amazfit Pace still in size somehow look normal. And the vitality is surprising. Race live 5-7 days on a single charge. I thought these would be at least the same.

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* Derika , My hand is not big either. Sit well. From the sleeves of the shirt is not particularly bulge. If you turn off the constant monitoring of the pulse can live longer, but this time suits me. Charge fast

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He also ordered such a watch. I'm going to order another bracelet right away, but everywhere I find different information, someone writes that 22 mm is needed, someone 20 mm. Question to those who already use the watch, what is the width of the bracelet?

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* Luna89, Ordered such https: //www.aliexpress....311.0.0.114e33edA3Ua4u , for me the most practical. And on the merits, as I understand 22mm.

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Finally came the watch)

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How are things going with Intfefeys?
And how do the notifications behave without waking the screen?

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tell me, is there mi mix 2s, c xiaomi.eu, there was a problem with the function of unlocking a bluetooth device
before that there was an amazfit bip watch, everything was set up elementary through mi fit,
The phone sees the clock, but because it is not the MI, the clock cannot send a pairing command there and stupidly writes and waits "press any key on the device" of course there are no notifications on the clock
who knows how to win?

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