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Lenovo Legion Y530-15ICH - Discussion
notebook: Windows 10 | IntelВ®Core в„ў i7-8750N 8th generation
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This 15.6-inch laptop, which optimally balances performance and portability, is an ideal solution for gamers. Incredibly stylish device equipped with the latest high-performance components. Lenovo Legion Y530 has a full-size white backlit keyboard, as well as the most efficient and quiet cooling system. Thanks to this gamer can be included in the game anywhere and at any time.
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IntelВ®Core в„ў i7-8750H 8th Generation
IntelВ®Core в„ў i5-8300H 8th Generation
operating system
Windows 10 Home or
Windows 10 Pro
15.6-inch FHD (1920 x 1080) display with IPS matrix (144 Hz, 300 cd / m2), or
15.6-inch FHD (1920 x 1080) display with IPS matrix (60 Hz, 300 cd / m2), or
15.6-inch FHD (1920 x 1080) standard display with IPS matrix (60 Hz, 250 cd / m2)
Video card
NVIDIAВ®GeForceВ®GTX 1050 up to 4GB
NVIDIAВ®GeForceВ®GTX 1050 Ti up to 4GB
NVIDIAВ®GeForceВ®GTX 1060 up to 6GB
52.5 Wh
32 GB DDR4 (2666 MHz)
Storage device
PCIe solid-state drive with a capacity of 512 GB (in the maximum configuration), with the HDD or separately.
Hard disk capacity up to 2 TB, optionally with support for Intel technology
Audio system
HarmanВ® speakers with Dolby Audio в„ў technology
Ports and connectors
3 USB 3.0 Type-A ports
USB 3.1 Type-C port
Mini DisplayPort 1.4 Connector
HDMI 2.0 connector
RJ-45 Ethernet Connector
Combo audio jack
Novo Hole Connector
Communication media
Wi-Fi 2 x 2 AC + Bluetooth.4.2
Wi-Fi 1 x 1 AC + Bluetooth.5
Dimensions (H Г— W Г— D) 365 x 260 x 24.2 mm
Weight 2.3 kg
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Reason for Editing: How to enable advanced settings 50 BIOS

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* ! i! OkS! i! , and me a link too)

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* vidmak_zorro,
* C @ ncer,
Relevant version. At least I have works and in other sources I have not seen today.But not, I have I do not know from where I took, therefore I will attach the installer (folder with the program, get files and enjoy) by the file.Attached filenvidiainspector.zip.(286.47 KB)

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* Proxodilka. Tell me, so found the causes of background interference in the headphones!

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* Anatomie , try to prohibit the disconnection of sounds to save energy in the device manager. In Lenovo Vantzh - Turn off the damage automatic setting - it when the equalizer switches can noise.

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How to speed up Windows startup? I have HDD

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* mitek5502
What kind of Windows? What prevents to put at least a ssd to the system?

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The laptop stopped seeing 5.0GHZ Wi-Fi (helped the driver, but a day later stopped seeing). Adapter Qualcomm atheros QCA9377. What can you come up with, except for replacing the adapter?

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* AlexDeluxe , right-click "Computer", Properties, Equipment tab, device installation options, Select "No".

This is a ban on Windows to put your firewood during updates.

Then stop the driver to the worker.

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* vidmak_zorro, I figured it out, the thing was in the phone, which too slowly turned on the distribution, I do not know why so, but it was necessary to wait oestole o.o

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What could be the problem, I7 8750, 1060 GB 6, 16 RAM. Previously, played without ultra low delay (in NVIDIA). Every good was in Dota, and now without her drawdowns often and sharply top and down. And as I turned on the best better, but still not that. What could be the problem ?

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* vidmak_zorro, But not, all the same in a laptop .. I tried to do what you would say - did not help, the adapter still refuses to see the 5GHz network ... Although at times (very rarely) shows ...
P.S. Updated BIOS and so far everything is in order ..

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Tell me which screwdriver is needed under the bolts in the case?

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* hobat111,
In the sense of? All ordinary crusades understand. If there is no dialing with a different cross section of the house, then buy it - it is useful to have.

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Please make screenshots vantage. I have little settings

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I7 8750, 1060 GB 6, 16 RAM. FPS drops which functions to turn off or enable for performance. Or how can you dispersed the RAM. And in general, what nuances are on setup? For example, according to the processor, what would work better, etc.

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Perhaps dried dust or dried the thermalcaste, or all together.

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Hello everyone, help solve the problem, sat in a laptop, then he sharply gained, did not turn off the minute 3, then he wrote a checking media when loading, then got a black screen and inscriptions, at the end of which PXE-MOF Exiting PXE ROM, climbed then in the BIOS, now gives an error 0xc00000e9, and when you click on F8 another error 0xc0000001, Lenovo laptop, thanks in advance for the answers

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* geniusiz, Hard disk fell off. Deadly or not - you need to watch.

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Guys, can someone know what bolts are used to mount the back cover? I do not know how sideways rejected central.

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