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Huawei Mate 20 Pro - Firmware

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Huawei Mate 20 Pro - Firmware
PictureLYA-L09, LYA-L29
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Drivers and Utilities
HiSuite - utility for working with Huawei phones under Windows (update, edit, backup)
HUAWEI Multi-Tool- utility to unlock bootloader, replace Recovery, install Root
Huawei Update Extractor- utility for unpacking firmware files-Instructions for use
EMUI Tweaker- change settings, including hidden, via ADB on Huawei / Honor phones (ROOT is not required)
Android SDK Tools
Drivers:Driver 1 | Driver 2 | ADB driver | ADB driver

Official firmware
Unofficial firmware
Recovery / Root

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Where can I find the European firmware for LYA-AL00?

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Than to ruin the mate 20 pro European firmware?

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And how to russify the Chinese on it? Is it possible to update the Russian?

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Good day, can anyone know how to remove retail demo on mate20 pro

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Update has arrived. Improved scanner and face recognition

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Subject moved to subsectionHuawei

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Someone has already put the root, magic, modules are different? Firmware kangwip?

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* pawelek
And what, there was some way to unlock the bootloader?

Rep: (12)
* Kestl Just went into the topic, in the drivers and utilities it was written about unlocking the boot and root.

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How to deal with Chinese pipes? Has anyone managed to change the region and put it in Russian, or at least a European firmware? Or is it not real yet? Services refuse to touch Chinese phones. KingVip someone put?

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fedator @ 12/13/18, 16:00*
Has anyone managed to change the region and put it in Russian, or at least a European firmware?
What's the point?

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* fedator , I would love to put the Chinese firmware on the rst m20pro. Without a google battery, updates come more often, the battery lasts longer ...

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I have for the domestic market. Everywhere and regs. Even Mozilla in Chinese

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* ramana73 is still removed in the settings

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Where and how is removed?

Rep: (4811)
* ramana73 , the system language is Russian?

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Naturally LYA AL10

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ramana73 @ 18.12.18, 2:17*
Where and how is removed
Despite where you characters. If the lock screen, then turn off the lunar calendar. If the contacts, the Yellow Pages. In general, the phone is in your hands, not mine, try))

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* ramana73 Then place the Russian-language applications, and Chinese disconnect / delete.

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Good evening) Customers who use the phone more than a week, you can check the (global / European version)?
Do not become the active function "factory unlocked" in the settings for the developers?
There is an assumption that is implemented as in the recent Samsung - function becomes active after a while active using smartphone

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