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Huawei Watch GT-9A0 (FTN-B19)
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CPU: ARM Cortex-M4, 2010 32 bit, single-core, 90 nm
Bluetooth: 4.2
Compatibility: Android 4.4+ / iOS 9.0+
GPS: There (Glonass, Galileo)
NFC: module is blocked

  • Barometer
  • G-sensor
  • Light sensor
  • The pulse sensor
  • Shagometr
  • Motion Sensor
  • Digital compass
  • Gyroscope

Weight: 46 g

Length: 14-21 cm
Composition: PU Leather + silicone

Touchscreen Type:
Technology: AMOLED
The size: 1.39"
Resolution: 454h454 pixels
Density: 326 PPI

RAM: 16 MB
ROM: 128 MB

Battery format: Li-ion
Volume: 420 mAh
Charging time: up to 2 hours
Working hours: up to 30 days (with minimal use of sensors) / 14 days (with maximum utilization of the sensors)
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Generally watch the rules. and parameters too. but there are two fat minuses:
1 - there is no way to pay them.
2 - new axis. it would be better to wear os.

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Eh, I could have switched from Pebbles to them, but Android 4.4 and higher ...

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I will write a mini-review or something.
Watches purchased on November 2nd on the ad site for 10t rubles. I think that they no longer cost. First, it is worth noting about the battery, because it is in the first place in all advertising brochures.
According to the seller, he did not charge the watch, but only played a little and updated the firmware. On the 2nd of November in the middle of the day it was about 90%. Now at the end of November 9th the charge is 27%, that is, the discharge is 9% per day.
It is worth noting that the latest update of the 7th of November was very long and ate about 7% at once.
The use was intense: a lot of notifications, playing with settings. All sensors are involved. Children begged, put on a cat, began to measure his pulse and track%). I myself shot a track (with GPS on) on a bike for 30–40 minutes and five tracks of walking in an hour total of 2.5–3. By the way about the tracks. The export of tracks goes in the form of various pictures and they cannot be exported to strava. But the accuracy and ease of management are excellent.

I was friends with Mate 10 ALP-AL00 (sewn with playful pens in the ALP-L29). And at first I was waiting for a vicious glitch. The pairing of hours and phone passes only through the Huawei Health prog. When I launched it, the Huawei Watch GT did not appear in the list of devices. No matter what I do: I rebooted the phone, downloaded HH again from the market nothing helped. But, having connected the phone at home to the local provider, HH, from the third time, I downloaded some update from China and it all worked. Apparently, the mobile MTS Banil access to these servers.

Now about the functional. The watch, in fact, is not smart, but a fitness bracelet. Something to customize, at least to download new dials or new training programs can not. May appear in the future .. hehe
There is no speaker and microphone in the watch. An incoming call can only be discarded. Options to repel and send a template SMS why not repulsed.

I will write about training programs later, or let advanced athletes write. They are a bunch, and they are seemingly more beautiful than the other. I will write better about notifications. The transmission of notifications to the clock is configured in Huawei Health. Immediately I did not manage to set up notifications from a regular mail client and Yandex. But I was not very persistent. Set up notifications from SMS, WhatsUpp and Skype. 95% of notifications to me from WhatsUp. It happens like this:
At the time of arrival of the notification clock vibrates once. The number of vibrations is not adjustable. If you raise your hand, the sender's (chat) name and the first ~ 40-50 characters of the message will be displayed instead of the dial, as well as the beginning of one earlier message. It's comfortable. If you click on the message, you can see about 200 characters. Well, if the message is very long,>200, 250, then it does not read on the clock. Totally.
If you chat, on the phone, then notifications from the active client in hours do not pass.
If you actively chat, for example, with three people and three chats, then the clock will be available only by the last message from each sender and the total number of unread messages.
If a picture or an animated smiley is in the message, the message will look like "Vasya: photo", but there will be no text!
Date and time of arrival of messages in hours are not displayed.
You can not reply to messages.
The clock shows the incoming audio call on WhatsUp and Skype. For me, this is mega-friendly, since the phone is used with a native smart case, and only standard calls are displayed there.

What have you tried yet ..
Sleep program It looks good.
Alarm clocks You can configure up to 5 alarms. Vibrates perfectly, but the intervals between the vibrations and the number of vibrations are not adjustable. 10 minutes and a point.
There is an atmospheric pressure sensor. It works fine, but it gives out data, infection, in hPa, not mm. Hg Art. You can adapt yourself.
The altimeter works fine, you can even estimate on what floor you are now, but ... there is no calculator in the clock and there is no place to take it from.
Pulse sensor. Works great. We immediately see where the person is, and where the cat is)) And it is clearly visible when I was in a hurry or was nervous.
Weather. Only current. For the next few days, no, alas.
There is a flashlight, phone search, compass, stopwatch and timer.

Pre-installed displays 11. One falls immediately, because it means an inscription in hieroglyphs and without them it looks ridiculous%)
The display can be forced to be "always on" no more than 5 minutes. On the wave of the hand reacts well. The screen is very juicy and pleasant. Auto brightness works well.

About the smoothness of work. Many people noticed on the first reviews that the watch interface was torn and thoughtful. After the update from of November 7, it was better. At least the children no longer say: Dad, your clock is lagging)

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vserg627 @ 9.11.18, 18:53*
The pairing of hours and phone passes only through the Huawei Health prog. When I launched it, the Huawei Watch GT did not appear in the list of devices.

This is an interesting point that should dopolnit..delo that until these new watch or bracelet model does not appear in the list of available devices, the interface in the right sense will not be. To the new models appeared in the list, you need to svaypnut list within the health bend (the old version, the new warning appears that the list of available devices need to upgrade) and wait for the status bar to update. Immediately I noticed that in some of Honor, this procedure requires multiple swipe, since the first time the list can not be updated. As now appears the actual list of available hours in the most prog ..

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Also on Avito for 10,000 took. Now they are coming to me. Before them ordered through an intermediary in China, amazfit verge was a pre-sale. Paid I waited 2 months. Then came the clock. I thought and decided that these suit me more. From verge refused. Waiting for a refund (lost 200 rubles for the return of goods from an intermediary to the seller).
Question. So is NFC in them or not?

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Also on Avito for 10,000 took.
Question. So is NFC in them or not?

Rhetorical question) in some reviews they write there, in others not.
The support of the huavei said that they don’t, but they don’t inspire me with confidence, because they know little about

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About NFC. Hammer in Google QISFTN-B19 and go to the FCC website. This is the type of SvyazNadzor in the USA, very serious guys. Judging by the reports laid out, Huawei gave them a watch with a fully working NFC. When it will work for us, month, year .. How will it work? Huawei Pay? Which banks will support him is a rhetorical question. I know that Huawei puts a lot on LiteOS, as an axis for the Internet of things. This watch is a gray horse and is experimental and may be an innovative product.

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Yes, 666nikki, thank you, this is it, I'm just on the road and it is difficult to search.

I also remembered about the clock. There is no player or headset control. From the clock you can not change the volume or watch the name of the track.

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Review .

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I GT is paired with iphon se, before there were pace. bip, garmin f3 and the frontier, but the apple axis did not give them to use to the fullest. Samsung do in fact become a fitness bracelet, with a day pack. Screens rest on the fan, after a month of use with Samsung amoledovskim dial, could not look at the pale transflektornye pictures. The HGT found everything he wanted from smartchasov: design, display, battery notification. Two days of use, the charge went up 12%, at a constant pulse. Training is not yet used. Displaying incoming calls on the screen HGT I liked more than the others. Event notifications are working, but there is a minus Huawei app for iOS, you can not select a notification about which events should come to watch, so flies everything that goes on the iphone screen notifications. Ali ordered a pair of bright silicone straps, a la the frontier. Clock clearly pleased !!!

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Link please ))

Posted 10/11/2018 07:46:

* Capzap

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The people, and someone on sale saw the black version? I don't like silver at all, but black is a credit! By the way, silver on the market already from 12990 costs.
And yes - the fact that there is no microphone and speaker in the clock - I have not seen an IP68 clock with these things. So this is not a minus IMHO especially.

Posted 10/11/2018 08:44:

Question to those who wear - protruding buttons do not interfere with life? And it’s too healthy looking (

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I ordered such straps, I took this for Samsung frontits, I liked it more than the original strap

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* nokipesh , in general, and not pressed accidentally

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I use the clock for about a week. Before that, there were Xiaomi Amazfit. I can compare ..

+ Bright screen, better finish, autonomy

- The clock is unfinished from the point of view, if viewed as a smart watch.
It seems that the development was answered by a person who has a superficial impression of how to use and what is needed.
Unreadable dials, or readable, but without the necessary information. But there are barometer readings or seconds.
If in the afternoon we put the clock on the table for half an hour, then he will consider that you had a nap of the day .. Generally tin.
With a night's sleep a lot of unnecessary information, but there is no basic things. For example what time you woke up ..
For sport it is inconvenient to use. Constantly something needs to be pressed and confirmed.
Messages saw and saw .. One SMS for some reason comes two times. When a message is received, the screen does not wake up, and it cannot be configured, just press a button, and make a screen swipe.
And so in everything.

I hope that after some time they will finish, new screens will appear, will pay attention to usability from the point of view of the average person, and not the programmer ..
While something like this ..

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KrabSE, I have a software version on the clock and notifications from SMS are not duplicated. Shot in the daytime sleep failed to enter. When I choose Sleep in my watch and make a svayp up, the second line from the top after the date will be the time of the beginning and end of sleep. In my opinion, it is accurate.
I was engaged in the applications of the bike and walking and I do not remember that the clock asked me something and stopped recording the track.
And so, yes, I agree, the product is damp. Finish and finish.

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I sit in the car, read reviews about watches in Chinese (through an auto-translator) and came across something interesting:
"In addition to the above features, HUAWEI WATCH GT also supports Alipay scan code, Huawei Pay traffic charge. This feature is very practical and convenient. Just take a brush with your watch when you board the bus. Alipay only pays for moving your wrist."

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vserg627 @ 10.11.18, 13:05*
I have a software version on the clock

And I also have
I would also very much like the notifications to be different, at least by the color of the icons.
Now all blue or blue, slightly different form. Unclear ..

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* vserg626 ,
vserg626 @ 9.11.18, 23:02 *
I also remembered about the clock. There is no player or headset control. From the clock you can not change the volume or watch the name of the track.
This is really a bummer! It is very good that I wrote this, because such nuances affect the decision to purchase!

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