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IPad Pro Features
iPad Pro 11 inch
Weight - 468 g;
Size - 247.6 x178.5 x5.9 mm;
Display Liquid Retina - IPS - resolution of 2388 Г— 1668 pixels;
Brightness - 600 cd / mВІ;
Processor - A12X Bionic with 64 ‑ bit architecture;
Camera - 12 MP, aperture Ж’ / 1.8;
Interface - USB ‑ C

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maybe someone will be interesting, but that's what gives the charging comes bundled with the tablet.
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and it outputs a normal charging
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I see no reason to force the battery to charge on the tablet an hour before.

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What is it you nasiluete interested, or know something more engineers EPL?

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* Myxa_TaHkyeT_B_noJleTe, look at the current radio-controlled models, which are 5-10 times more funny to read about the harm Apple charging at the same time, and I have already given conversion, because none of the controller is not charging voltage written you, this is just a way to deliver more power and burn the wires. Do not forget that the battery harm in the first place 1) the number of charging cycles of 2) time, since any battery "aging" even just lying down, being the least harmful to store it at a voltage of storage, all chargers for RC wheelbarrows have a "storage" mode this so that harmful store aypad with 100% charge than the charge "fast Chardzhev". RU I cite for comparison, since there is the most severe operating conditions of the available normal user and certainly there is something people natestirovalsya real dependencies. power management electronics peak current from a radio-controlled cars - 320A !!! And then you say that I'd rather be charged 2A and 4A are not ... there are batteries that allow them to charge current 6C (C - capacity BATT), and it is not anything to be, in the case BATTERY aypada capacity it would 48A ! Here it is necessary to stipulate that the maximum charge current is harmless is determined for each type of battery separately, depending on the technology used, we do not know it for aypada, but he definitely above what gives home charger. The difference for the BATTERY if you will, in the 0.0001% of its capacity, relatively ... It is old, or earlier or you have it as a whole "nazaryazhaete" more per year. Therefore sense to abandon the native charger zero. If you want, you can charge and 0.5A, just really noticeable it will not give results, but if you are so relaxed - please, just do not need to argue that Accum thus live significantly longer.

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Guys, tell me what could be the problem.
When you try to connect an external hdd drive is not seen by the system, although the wheels are humming, blinking diodiki ... There are 2 drive - 512 GB and terrabaytnik.
Stick through an adapter sees the SD card too, but Hardy does not.

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* Helico,

Power is not enough for the controller is likely.

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* Helico Which disc format. Ios is not friendly with ntfs in any way whatsoever.
If the format of the screws 2.5 in the pits without the external power supply, it must be supposed to see compliance with the supreme law.

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* djidai , Thanks! Really a problem in the file system. Formatted in exFAT and all took off!

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* Myxa_TaHkyeT_B_noJleTe,
I charge original charging 30W (commercially available, charges the tablet from 0% to about 80% per hourhttps://www.apple.com/...80%91c-мощностью-30-вт) 9 months from the date of purchase of the tablet, do not feel any problems. This unit is charging, the site of the manufacturer stated as recommended for use, I think the Apple company are not fools and engineers checked this is not 1 time, what would they then not condemned

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Prompt, where the back button on your tablet. Prior to that used for android devices, and programs that do not have a button exit / back, you can press the button on the phone. Here, playing PUBG I did not find out the buttons in the game during the game and in the lobby. How about this much-vaunted device do if I want to get out of the game until the end of the game?
If in the lobby go to the settings and there you can get out of uchetki. But I just need to get out of the game, from the comfort of uchetki. So, to get out without leaving uchetki, you need to keep your fingers were running applications and brush it off. But this is a crutch! I do not believe that so many heard about the super user-friendly interface of Apple, but here such a school from them. The third day I can not find the back button. As it is not intuitive than Android.

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White Alpha @ 17.04.20, 15:41*
you just need to get out of the game

In this game there is a strip at the bottom of the screen? She was always there, in all applications. Pull up for it and go out to the desktop

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igor52 @ 17.04.20, 16:44*
Pull up for it and go out to the desktop

There is a bar, but it's not out of the game, it continues to hang in the background at the same place where left on the desktop. If you click on the game icon, it will immediately start, as opposed to when to start it from scratch. I do not get to the desktop (this is no problem) and to leave the game.

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Then pull the strip and when the list of running programs, whisk up the game. Then you exit the game

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* White Alpha,
will have to get used to the gestures))) and close the game is not required))) the battery is not eating

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Myxa_TaHkyeT_B_noJleTe @ 17.04.20, 16:56*
will have to get used to the gestures)))

Do not have to, on android also gestures and bottom panel with menu keys / home / back just called a gesture from the bottom up. In addition, there is a gesture that just duplicates ago.
The battery is not eating as well as the same memory, which is just 4 GB. I do not understand why hide it in the specifications.
More Android-keyboard setup has any of the curtain either on the clave icon. Here's how I understood it all very convenient and it is necessary to look for the keyboard settings in the "Settings", instead they were always at hand?

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* White Alpha,
everything will be okay with memory ... again ... it's not androyd.

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Ios In general there is no concept of "close the application." Therefore, there is no such button. You can switch to another through multitasking or go to the desktop. Android you spoiled

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Myxa_TaHkyeT_B_noJleTe @ 17.04.20, 17:20*
everything will be okay with memory ... again ... it's not androyd.

I try to select text to quote the press. Very small droplets, it is difficult to grasp, as compared to android. And when you hover Lev top drops, closes the text with your finger and do not see what stands out. On Android, this droplet from the side, and what stands out is increasing and is shown next. More one point on the pope. More I can not get to the button>>to exit to the last page in the forum to have to increase. Android-Toli sensor better and more sensitive, more intelligent or omitted.
And yet I notice the screen is pressed in some places along the center. This is the norm? And if you push a little harder, then the dark background there are divorces, so I had last seen on the old bw lcd displays.
At the expense of the memory, no one has repealed the physical properties. If the application hangs in the background and takes up 3 GB, when minimized, and the opening of another, it is necessary to maintain the 3 GB flash memory. Hence subsequent opening will be at the rate at which the flash works. A flash works at times slower than normal memory.
Recently hooked hard, I wanted to see a movie with him, and the pain began. Application files podvisli tough. Then he discovered that the usual player play avi no, there are paid, and some conventional brakes. Just where Android-everything was simple and a lot of free players.
I will continue to penetrate the environment EPL so unfriendly. I hope to help local, this is my first device.

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igor52 @ 17.04.20, 18:02*
Ios In general there is no concept of "close the application." Therefore, there is no such button. You can switch to another through multitasking or go to the desktop. Android you spoiled

On Android, you can also press the home button and it will hang in the background until you need to free up memory. Well, eat in the background it will be, if you plan his work, and that is usually a penny. The same Vayber, myutorrent should work in the background, or sense about them.

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Well, in terms of convenience. On Android there is always a back button, which is always at the bottom. Do not look where each application naoditsya button back / exit. You can hold the tablet with both hands from the bottom and you have all the controls at the bottom. It is normal practice for devices with larger screen, so as not to drag on. As well as on the desktop can be configured to swipe down the notification curtain call not to reach for it.

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* White Alpha,
I had to then take 10.5 pro with the home button

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