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IPad Pro Features
iPad Pro 11 inch
Weight - 468 g;
Size - 247.6 x178.5 x5.9 mm;
Display Liquid Retina - IPS - resolution of 2388 Г— 1668 pixels;
Brightness - 600 cd / mВІ;
Processor - A12X Bionic with 64 ‑ bit architecture;
Camera - 12 MP, aperture Ж’ / 1.8;
Interface - USB ‑ C

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Additional information / reviews / tests :

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In my opinion, just a fabulously good device, be sure to buy it!
Do not tell me how you can check the iPad for broken pixels in the store BEFORE its activation?

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* 3054216,
I do not know other ways, except for visual inspection of the screen. For the calibration test, you will need all the software, internet connection, or reference images. Yes, and check well at the front of the store is unlikely to succeed. Better at home / in the office and in which case in the SC.

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iv_neviz @ 11/10/18, 07:37*
Yes, and check well at the front of the store is unlikely to succeed. Better at home / in the office and in which case in the SC.

Just like even Apple itself allows up to 2 broken pixels on the iPad and the service center can safely refuse to return the money or exchange.

Maybe there is some way to start the camera BEFORE activating the iPad, take a white sheet of paper against the light, placing it close to the camera and then examine the resulting image, using it as a white fill of the screen to identify dead pixels.

I just don’t know if the iPad allows the camera to start BEFORE activation or in some other way to display a single-color blank image without any labels or icons? Maybe there is some clever and unobvious way to do it ...

Understand yourself, somehow you do not want to buy an expensive device, bring home, detect a broken pixel and be sent by the service center back home with the statement that they say 2 broken pixels are allowed!

Given that I live in Ukraine and we don’t even have an official Apple service, and we have to buy from outbid, then checking for broken pixels BEFORE activating and paying for the device is especially relevant.

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Good day, I bought a subject yesterday with a sim card rst with a kit. No dead pixels) If you have questions, I will be happy to help.

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* Yar2012,
With the acquisition! How is the overall impression? Have you ever used iPad Pro before?
Tried to connect with a computer through a standard USB-C? In a review of Rozetked 1:50, it was reported that the bundled cable is somehow like that.

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Yar2012 @ 11.11.18, 13:52*

Where did you buy (if not secret)? ;)

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* magnattt
Not a secret. On Thursday ordered on the official website, showed the nearest delivery on Monday. On the phone, he convinced me that I needed earlier and took it by self.

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* iv_neviz
Thank you, I can characterize the general impression as a baldezhnoe. Before that, a year ago, there was pro 10.5 This one, of course, cannot be compared, the changes are quite extensive. In the hands of the hold is very nice. When I got the cable, I got it - I noticed it and was a little surprised that it was thin. I would not be surprised if he really does not transmit data, but the complete type-c cable from the old xiaomi quietly allowed the computer to find the ipad.

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Ordered suchUgreen USB-C to HDMI cable
I have many products UGREEN. How come - accomplish your goal on performance.

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in this video, from this moment on, as you open the link, Sasha Lyapota talks about how much new iPads are bending

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* Yar2012,
If you have a macbook, is the cable bundled thinner than that of poppies?
A locked screen also responds to tap with a finger across the screen like an iPhone or do you need to press a button?
Did the screen activate on the iPhone when the device was lifted?

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3054216 @ 12.11.18, 05:26 *
Sasha Lyapota talks about how much new iPads bend

I watched the original videohow bent ipad pro 11. It is expected, so the cover is still mandatory for active use, and the protective glass will not be superfluous. 10.5 scratched from a pencil, so I just stick it in as it comes.

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People who have a tablet pliz ban on anttu

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* devil-2009
Yes, the cable is thinner than that of poppies. The screen responds to tap, but raise to wake does not. Personally, I feel no need for it here.

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* Jagadja
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* Yar2012 ,: D wow

Posted 12/11/2018 9:56 PM:

* Yar2012 , the second screen where in more detail you will not throw off? Well, there GPU skok separately dialing. thanks in advance

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* Jagadja
Hold on, tablet beast, of course)
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* Yar2012 , it's a pity that I bought xs max: ohmy: I had to wait: D this one is more powerful twice: rofl:

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* nikita800 ,. * nikita800 , worth it?

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