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Amber selection [ 431 ] ** [18,06%]
Yellow selection [ 186 ] ** [7,79%]
Turquoise selection [ 117 ] ** [4,9%]
Green zinc [ 166 ] ** [6,95%]
Purple wave [ 408 ] ** [17,09%]
neo Classic Tobacco [ 94 ] ** [3,94%]
neo Ruby Boost [ 99 ] ** [4,15%]
neo Mint Click [ 40 ] ** [1,68%]
Crimi neo Tobacco [ 101 ] ** [4,23%]
neo Berry Boost [ 67 ] ** [2,81%]
neo Mojito Click [ 25 ] ** [1,05%]
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Club members tobacco type heating systems IQOS, GLO and their analogs / Clone
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For beginners
While small, the section will be filled
For sticks HEETS
Hitaste P6
Switching on and off Hitaste P6

Turning on
Quickly press the power button 3 times within 2 seconds to turn on.
The apparatus vibrates once for preheating. Preheating of vibration is completed after the other, after which it is ready to smoking.

Power off
In standby mode, briefly press the power button 3 times.
The device vibrates once with automatic shut-off and displays OVER lettering.
Setting the temperature and time of smoking Hitaste P6

Setting the temperature
Adjustable temperature range: 200 В° C - 300 В° C
Press +/- to increase or decrease the temperature. We recommend using 250 В° C as the best heating temperature.

overheat protection
When the device or using the cleaning function displays TOO HOT. Please let the product to stand for 1 minute, then restart it.

Setting the time of smoking
Adjustable range of smoking time: 180 - 360 sec
In standby mode, press the power button 5 times, flashes the smoking time, click the "plus / minus" to adjust the desired time of smoking, press the power button once to complete the setting. Setting the time is not supported during the time of smoking.


automatic cleaning function Hitaste P6
There are two ways to start the cleaning function.

First way
Press the power button 8 times continuously in standby mode,
automatic cleaning device starts vibration with 1, showing cleaning after 5 seconds and the timer is running.
The surface of the heating element is automatically cleared, and the device vibrates again when automatic cleaning is completed.

Second way
After every 5 sticks of tobacco smoked, the system automatically notifies that the device needs to be cleaned. At the same time it vibrates 5 times, remove the stick and press the plus / minus to switch the Y and N, select Y to start cleaning.
After confirming the removal of the stick, press the power button to confirm and enter into a state of purification, select N or no operation for 15 seconds, and then return to the main interface. Do not forget to remove the stick before cleaning.

After the automatic cleaning is completed, remove the heat insulating cover, clean coal dust at the bottom of the heat insulating cover and lower holder tobacco sticks with a brush for cleaning, cleaning swab and t. D., Then put the lid back on the device for continued use.

Mysmok Ismod II Plus
Pluscig P7
Review avbad x
For sticks Neosticks

A small overview of Plum
Analysis Ploom
IUOC 2.0 plus
Promotional codes
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If you need a promotional code / invitation
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Request message promo codes / invitations are removed from the topic after the requested promotional code / invitation sent along with the message to send.
If you are looking for a promotional code on Glo Hyper for 1p
Results of previous surveys
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Flea market

If the bluetooth does not work, install a more recent version of the program!
Attention! Experiencing problems Jouz 20S on the new firmware withTemperature initialization!- Be careful!
Simple rules everyone should know : rtfm:

In the topic, you can discuss "aikosy", compare their models, share impressions, and simply communicate on any topic (within the forum rules and topic rules) :)
We conduct ourselves culturally and kindly: friends: After all, we ourselves create an atmosphere for ourselves: drinks:
Not We are discussing vap devices here, for this there is a separate topic.
Not We arrange srachi on what is better aikos or vape, for this there is Meat grinder.
Is forbidden Topic publish ads for sale, purchase, or exchange something, too, is in the flea market.

This topic does not promote smoking! Smoking is bad for your health!

In the subject areForum Rules and rules

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Came my Ploom, who are interested here is the video review

Rep: (22)
1111alex1111 @ 21.05.20, 17:12*
People who need help. Somebody with cigarettes on glo passed?
I passed. 4 months cigarettes do not smoke. I tried as it is a cigarette while drinking, have not gone.

Rep: (15)
* 1111alex1111 2 weeks at the CHT. I smoke 2-4 cigarettes and 8-10 sticks per day. Before that smoked a pack assembly blue day, the experience of 20 years. A couple of years has been on veype the return on cigarettes due to allergies. Aversion to cigarettes in conjunction with CHT do not have, and from on veype was aversion to cigarettes. No saturation cigarette smoking as before, the taste of cigarettes became half empty. Not smoked cigarettes at all if ploom steadily soared. And not in single stick of 2-3. The quality sticks and lacks a stick of 4-6 puffs for the saturation and for 2-3 hours. Sometimes I forgot that I do not smoke for half a day, and sticks, too.

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Rep: (1468)
KoshkinDmitrij @ 21.05.20, 15:22*
With adjustable heating temperature only "Pluscig P7" or even have any options? Smoke glo about Fortress (TX) is not enough.

as the owner plyustsiga n7 I can say that after glo need to take hyper, mx to be missed

Rep: (0)
Maybe someone can tell by aykosu such thing. I insert holder, charge, white flashes a button on the unit, allegedly charging. All rules stopped flashing, pull out the holder, and it is red, allegedly failed to recharge, it is necessary to insert the new charge. Thought that initially set correctly, followed, but as usual, and a holder of FIG not charged, tried with another holder and understood that jamb in the block. In general, the holder has to charge two times what would smoke. There is no guarantee as to fix fumbles can anyone?

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Rep: (22)
ksifon @ 21.05.20, 13:40*
I look in the ozone dare all hyper))

For that to "I take" all went on sale)

Rep: (3)
Came the same Ploom.
On smoking in comparison with Glo HYPER comfortable - not as an effort on his throat.
Sticks are uniquely tasty new for HYPER.
Smokes well.
In general, a large difference after IQOS DUOS and the Glo Pro is not felt.
The longer smoke SNT, the more drawn to the good tobacco - Today IUOC smoked with tobacco, cigarette tubes and then ordered different types of cigarillos.

Rep: (29)
* sewtings , 2.4? Pencil with eraser into the charger in a glass holder and twist neatly so as not to bend the pins, well, then wipe spirtikom them. Well, about the holder does not forget about the pad)))

Rep: (28)
bounguine @ 21.05.20, 22:11*
The longer smoke SNT, the more drawn to the good tobacco - Today IUOC smoked with tobacco, cigarette tubes and then ordered different types of cigarillos.
There is also the reverse)))) The longer smoke SNT, the less you want classic))) Regular tobacco that burns - is absolutely uninteresting. Smoking analogue look at people and think - as I finally smoked for 20 years this crap? ))))

Rep: (52)
Who on Hyper of.sayte ordered a courier delivery, all articulated in terms of delivered? Today I stood delivery, from 9 to 21h., One ..

Rep: (10)
* conung ,
Brought on sleyuschey day ... standing 20, brought 21.

Rep: (2)
* conung Also shipping today was only brought to a campaign tomorrow.

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Reason for editing:.

Rep: (52)
* Buksirr , OK understood * alexqverona , We will wait ..: unsure:

Rep: (52)
KoshkinDmitrij @ 21.05.20, 19:22*
With the adjustment of heating temperature
Use Uwoo Y1,4 degree heat, I was the last, 4.Po t somewhere like 320 В°

Rep: (7)
* 1111alex1111 Six months as the tears from cigarettes for 22 years. First glo 2.0 Proshka then again 2.0, then and now Plum hyper. Today received, sticks Bright Tobacco. Definitely Ladder !!! The fortress, saturation, and uniformity are no competitors. Aykos not take into account, himoza terrible.

Post has been editedVladimirmaximov21 - 21.05.20, 19:43
Reason for editing:

Rep: (1616)
Topic better not to read ..), I learned that in the KB sell ploom, took the block berry fresh, taste like, nice berry in the throat does not hit, and menthol not feel as analogue sticks aykosa.

Post has been editedVadimm77 - 21.05.20, 20:08

Rep: (1468)
Vadimm77 @ 21/05/20, 18:07*
Topic better not to read ..), I learned that in the KB sell ploom, took the block berry fresh, taste like, nice berry in the throat does not hit, and menthol not feel as analogue sticks aykosa.

oh well, your probably not warm Plum)
aykosov of my favorite purple, he gently plumovskogo Berry, exactly Berry first 4-5 rods rigidly menthol beats) but I, too, the NRA, I also block Barry took in KB, and a second Plum in the appendage, the truth had to signup to bar display, without it, the device did not give

Rep: (1616)
stas2z @ 21.05.20, 20:14*
really had to signup to bar display, without the device did not give

The same, the application asked KB barcode ..

Rep: (40)
Who decided to brush clean the hyper, and in the lower hole is not intermeddle. All right?

Rep: (1468)
favor83 @ 21.05.20, 18:28*
Who decided to brush clean the hyper, and in the lower hole is not intermeddle. All right?

I vlazit easily
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