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For beginners
While small, the section will be filled
For sticks HEETS
Hitaste P6
Switching on and off Hitaste P6

Turning on
Quickly press the power button 3 times within 2 seconds to turn on.
The apparatus vibrates once for preheating. Preheating of vibration is completed after the other, after which it is ready to smoking.

Power off
In standby mode, briefly press the power button 3 times.
The device vibrates once with automatic shut-off and displays OVER lettering.
Setting the temperature and time of smoking Hitaste P6

Setting the temperature
Adjustable temperature range: 200 В° C - 300 В° C
Press +/- to increase or decrease the temperature. We recommend using 250 В° C as the best heating temperature.

overheat protection
When the device or using the cleaning function displays TOO HOT. Please let the product to stand for 1 minute, then restart it.

Setting the time of smoking
Adjustable range of smoking time: 180 - 360 sec
In standby mode, press the power button 5 times, flashes the smoking time, click the "plus / minus" to adjust the desired time of smoking, press the power button once to complete the setting. Setting the time is not supported during the time of smoking.


automatic cleaning function Hitaste P6
There are two ways to start the cleaning function.

First way
Press the power button 8 times continuously in standby mode,
automatic cleaning device starts vibration with 1, showing cleaning after 5 seconds and the timer is running.
The surface of the heating element is automatically cleared, and the device vibrates again when automatic cleaning is completed.

Second way
After every 5 sticks of tobacco smoked, the system automatically notifies that the device needs to be cleaned. At the same time it vibrates 5 times, remove the stick and press the plus / minus to switch the Y and N, select Y to start cleaning.
After confirming the removal of the stick, press the power button to confirm and enter into a state of purification, select N or no operation for 15 seconds, and then return to the main interface. Do not forget to remove the stick before cleaning.

After the automatic cleaning is completed, remove the heat insulating cover, clean coal dust at the bottom of the heat insulating cover and lower holder tobacco sticks with a brush for cleaning, cleaning swab and t. D., Then put the lid back on the device for continued use.

Mysmok Ismod II Plus
Pluscig P7
Review avbad x
For sticks Neosticks

A small overview of Plum
Analysis Ploom
IUOC 2.0 plus
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Rep: (411)
Demon 324 @ 21/05/20 09:30*
Just now I go with aykos, all happy, but to clean it every day for vybeshivaet.

Hitaste P6 solves the problem of cleaning.

Rep: (1468)
Chs177 @ 21.05.20, 08:05*
Hitaste P6 solves the problem of cleaning.

Oh wei, who else but the P6, it continually pours out trash, and on the cap bottom narostaet carbon build-up, not only outside but inside, on the part of the stick, which then gives a stunning taste of burnt branches.

Rep: (411)
* stas2z
I beg to differ - the self-cleaning 5-10 sticks it burns all that is possible. I was cleaning it every couple of weeks.

Rep: (1468)
Chs177 @ 21.05.20, 08:31*
. I was cleaning it every couple of weeks.

Clean needle is not necessary, this is the only plus
Coal is cleaned from the cap can only Dremel and a stench of burning tobacco can even get used to, but this does not change the facts, I have two p6 (proof in this topic is) and I do not use anymore, because the stench and nasty taste

Rep: (23)
Members hypera what silent? Talk about in pechatleniyah of sticks, etc.

Rep: (1)
I think this whole issue with ploom was laid in it.
See - I bought for the first time - exactly five sticks it hovered and were heavy zyatyazhki from which already dizzy.
After the fifth he has ceased to soar and reach. I reboot done to him all that is possible under the instruction - zero effect.

Yesterday each unsubscribed - says the same thing - after the fifth stick all over.

This demo mode is probably some weird. To the store to get wow effect and immediately buy.

Divorce is on the money.

Rep: (10)
Merlindn @ 21.05.20, 12:08*
I think this whole issue with ploom was laid in it.

I have two Plum with a week of use.
Experience 25 years of smoking.
Last year aykosom enjoyed, but to get it clean, and the stench after him. Well, I do not nakurival properly, often smoked in a row 2-3.
Plum I went straight to cheer. Right here are mine. If anyone remembers, n years ago, we were in vogue Weipa kangertech a cigarette puff, looked like such a long tube. That taste, and tightening in the Plume is very similar to it.
The battery is not just ice. One with plume rise to rebound not enough (about 30 sticks each ordinary).
When the battery of the village on the first evening, I decided to once again aykos smoke. And he could not. Burnt rags ... put it in a box, wait for the plume charge.
Replace it to the battery - the price it was not used. Who Feels capacity is less than 2.4 aykose 1.5-2 times, that I have enough for a day and another the next morning he could grab.

Rep: (411)
stas2z @ 21.05.20, 10:34*
and I do not use more than

I used more than the other way around P6, than IQOS Multi. Markers must. :)

Rep: (1)
Who tried to use Winston stick from Ploom device Glo hyper. The result pleased. Compared to the two devices by Ploom roasted stick better and more evenly. Now I understand that if my device from Ploom also worked, then there would be fit the device. Stick to Glo hyper enters without any problems and you can play with perforations closing the stick deeper into the device.

Rep: (40)
Kolyuchii @ 21.05.20, 14:30*
Stick to Glo hyper enters without any problems and you can play with perforations closing the stick deeper into the device

cool, that's all it is necessary to unify the way)) give sticks to the glo hyper - not available !, Ah, well then at ploom - Please, your packs of 5))

Post has been editedksifon - 21.05.20, 12:38

Rep: (1468)
Chs177 @ 21.05.20, 10:22*
I used more than the other way around P6, than IQOS Multi. Markers must. :)

Mother Soup without any comments, I also could not, after they n6 just space. But the problems it does not negate P6

Kolyuchii @ 21.05.20, 10:30*
Who tried to use Winston stick from Ploom device Glo hyper.

And I have not got stuck, barely out of his otkovyryat

Post has been editedstas2z - 21.05.20, 12:40

Rep: (11)
* Kolyuchii,
And you can picture this action? And then stick looks.

Rep: (1)
even ploom during ticking.

Scary: rofl:

Rep: (1468)
Merlindn @ 21.05.20, 10:40*
even ploom during ticking.

All Soup ticking pulse heating in all

Rep: (1)
* mgsm , This is how it looks when it is clear. To complete the picture it should be said that the second stick from the same pack went more tightly, but not harder than the native device. In general, the elementary need accuracy.

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Attached Image
Attached Image

Rep: (11)
* Kolyuchii,
The steam from the first puff appears?

Rep: (1)
* mgsm Yes, but in the second and then it anymore.

Rep: (277)
ksifon @ 21.05.20, 12:38*
let glo sticks to the hyper - not available !, Ah, well then at ploom - Please, your packs of 5))

* Kolyuchii,
It really works well and the sticks are inserted: thank_you: and if not climb, you need to mash a bit: D

Rep: (11)
What am I doing wrong?
Attached Image

Rep: (277)
* mgsm
The same, but may be due to the fact that I am the owner of this device.

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