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For beginners
While small, the section will be filled
For sticks HEETS
Hitaste P6
Switching on and off Hitaste P6

Turning on
Quickly press the power button 3 times within 2 seconds to turn on.
The apparatus vibrates once for preheating. Preheating of vibration is completed after the other, after which it is ready to smoking.

Power off
In standby mode, briefly press the power button 3 times.
The device vibrates once with automatic shut-off and displays OVER lettering.
Setting the temperature and time of smoking Hitaste P6

Setting the temperature
Adjustable temperature range: 200 В° C - 300 В° C
Press +/- to increase or decrease the temperature. We recommend using 250 В° C as the best heating temperature.

overheat protection
When the device or using the cleaning function displays TOO HOT. Please let the product to stand for 1 minute, then restart it.

Setting the time of smoking
Adjustable range of smoking time: 180 - 360 sec
In standby mode, press the power button 5 times, flashes the smoking time, click the "plus / minus" to adjust the desired time of smoking, press the power button once to complete the setting. Setting the time is not supported during the time of smoking.


automatic cleaning function Hitaste P6
There are two ways to start the cleaning function.

First way
Press the power button 8 times continuously in standby mode,
automatic cleaning device starts vibration with 1, showing cleaning after 5 seconds and the timer is running.
The surface of the heating element is automatically cleared, and the device vibrates again when automatic cleaning is completed.

Second way
After every 5 sticks of tobacco smoked, the system automatically notifies that the device needs to be cleaned. At the same time it vibrates 5 times, remove the stick and press the plus / minus to switch the Y and N, select Y to start cleaning.
After confirming the removal of the stick, press the power button to confirm and enter into a state of purification, select N or no operation for 15 seconds, and then return to the main interface. Do not forget to remove the stick before cleaning.

After the automatic cleaning is completed, remove the heat insulating cover, clean coal dust at the bottom of the heat insulating cover and lower holder tobacco sticks with a brush for cleaning, cleaning swab and t. D., Then put the lid back on the device for continued use.

Mysmok Ismod II Plus
Pluscig P7
Review avbad x
For sticks Neosticks

A small overview of Plum
Analysis Ploom
IUOC 2.0 plus
Glo Pro and glo Hyper
Estimated rating systems (in August 2020) concerning the transition from cigarettes to the CHT, the rate that smoking strong cigarettes (conventional).
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Request message promo codes / invitations are removed from the topic after the requested promotional code / invitation sent along with the message to send.
If you want to ask for a promotional code on Glo Hyper for 1p
Results of previous surveys
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Flea market

If the bluetooth does not work, install a more recent version of the program!
Attention! Experiencing problems Jouz 20S on the new firmware withTemperature initialization!- Be careful!
Simple rules everyone should know : rtfm:

In the topic, you can discuss "aikosy", compare their models, share impressions, and simply communicate on any topic (within the forum rules and topic rules) :)
We conduct ourselves culturally and kindly: friends: After all, we ourselves create an atmosphere for ourselves: drinks:
Not We are discussing vap devices here, for this there is a separate topic.
Not We arrange srachi on what is better aikos or vape, for this there is Meat grinder.
Is forbidden Topic publish ads for sale, purchase, or exchange something, too, is in the flea market.

This topic does not promote smoking! Smoking is bad for your health!

In the subject areForum Rules and rules

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Reason for editing: When you find a cheap sticks in the "cart"

Rep: (1)
* zebrev9 ,
I've been doing these repairs devices like help with advice
Well, since there is nothing to send it, not what

Rep: (83)
ArtemFX @ 09.05.20, 06:35*
sticks out when I switched to bronze them, but I started having headaches

long used glo yesterday vaporized bronze-nakurke strong and similar to the sensation of pain in the neck, and when hovered constantly aykos such feelings on these sticks were not, or get used to it or they do not fit

Rep: (2)
Since mid-February to postoyanke aykos (rarely more glo sticks in the evening), the tastes are constantly rotating: amber-bronze-amber-elou amber Gold-amber anything menthol-amber. While any allergies or even what was not.
There were problems in the beginning - the dryness in his throat. I thought all came, history repeats itself with feypom (4.5 years without smoking, then the symptoms started). But everything went the week of the test. Now, if this happens, it is only at about dehydrated state or if between the sticks was a small amount of time.

Rep: (41)
Suddenly, instead of standard rods 10-12 7-8.
I checked without stick - 5 minutes 17 seconds.
Not exactly dirty, fad - brush often.
Aykos died?

Rep: (7)
* Scampik Version aykos what? Reset does not help?

Rep: (41)
* orlov27, 2.4+
The reset did not help
UPD helped cleaning, running through the app after otvyazki / bindings. I hope that just a glitch

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Rep: (5)
I tried here glo sticks to kz, though Peter released, but a campaign to have a different machine works more like

Rep: (40)
Who is on the hands of sticks and Plum Heights? They are the same size? I want to try Plume sticks Heights.

Rep: (7)
* State13, I tried. Must be inserted carefully to heat the tobacco only, and is not a filter. And be careful - very hard out, but without the usual taste.

Rep: (40)
* ifloMaster In Plume turns heat more than aykose? And that is not strange taste

Rep: (17)
After two weeks of hovering about Glo began to notice that the shake and starts sometimes nauseated. Put pressure jumps. Never before was not like this, so do not immediately understand. While cigarettes a smoke or something else try.
The fact that nakurke not feel like cigarettes. Smoked a pack a day sticks. Always strong cigarette smoke. After the arrival of the cigarette immediately felt, and he sticks by gradual and is not felt, but the nicotine out there more than strong cigarettes.

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Rep: (0)
After 3 days of use glo, conventional cigarette smoking became impossible. The sharp taste or straw or newspaper, and could not understand. It sticks to receptors such as vozdeystuyut?

Rep: (21)
MrSmi1e @ 10.05.20, 06:00*
It sticks to receptors such as vozdeystuyut?

What aykos that glo clog receptors which then chemistry. Displayed 3-7 days.

ADM11 @ 05/10/20, 00:39*
nicotine but there comes more than strong cigarettes.

I'm talking about it for a long time. And I said to the lungs lungs. Nicotine there really a lot of it or on the composition of the other in a more digestible form.

Post has been editedgraciagracia - 10.05.20, 06:59

Rep: (10)
* MrSmi1e ,
Just for a person who does not smoke cigarettes this way and look, the smell of burnt paper, etc you just came back normal charm.

Rep: (21)
Buksirr @ 10.05.20, 09:52*
Just for a person who does not smoke cigarettes this way and look, the smell of burnt paper, etc you just came back normal charm.

For a person who does not smoke cigarettes smell at all other. They smell of burning. But this does not cause disgust

Rep: (17)
* graciagracia , More noted that Glo about not pulling once woke up to smoke. I think the nicotine in it so that the slower of the body is derived. During the night all comes out.

Rep: (42)
And in St. Petersburg someone saw on sale Stick ploom. Or current with their purchase of the site.

Rep: (0)
Hello. I use glo pro three days, started after 1.5-2 minutes of easy off. Rebooting does not help, maybe someone else knows that?

Rep: (47)
timborvik @ 10.05.20, 12:52*
began in 1.5-2 minutes just use off

The problem acquires mass character ..
PS plume arrived today, tried 2 stick, blue and purple. Well is currently. The first one was purple. First, a sharp menthol berry, then as the heating became normal. Blue first, okay then weakly. Both tried to native mode. So like anything. Aykosa more pleasant taste and feels closer to smoking than glo. Continued use will

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Rep: (2)
DmitryVD @ 08.05.20, 23:55*
Opt device to stick to 22 aykosa rod could pull the duration of 4 - 5 minutes. they exist, tell me, please.

Lil hybrid, I do not know whether it is in Russia, Korea, in each store sold. Suitable sticks from aykosa ~ 25 puffs. They have their own sticks fiit, back approach to aykosu, but their own sticks miix not fit down there stick a plastic cap with a hole for the needle to tobacco does not spill out when removing

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