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Club members tobacco type heating systems IQOS, GLO and their analogs / Clone
Electronic cigarettes - General theme (vape) | Club pod system users | JUUL, JustFog MiniFit etc. | Quit smoking | Application for connecting your aikos with your android device | Installation experience for IQOS | Iqos connect
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For beginners
While small, the section will be filled
For sticks HEETS
Hitaste P6
Switching on and off Hitaste P6

Turning on
Quickly press the power button 3 times within 2 seconds to turn on.
The apparatus vibrates once for preheating. Preheating of vibration is completed after the other, after which it is ready to smoking.

Power off
In standby mode, briefly press the power button 3 times.
The device vibrates once with automatic shut-off and displays OVER lettering.
Setting the temperature and time of smoking Hitaste P6

Setting the temperature
Adjustable temperature range: 200 В° C - 300 В° C
Press +/- to increase or decrease the temperature. We recommend using 250 В° C as the best heating temperature.

overheat protection
When the device or using the cleaning function displays TOO HOT. Please let the product to stand for 1 minute, then restart it.

Setting the time of smoking
Adjustable range of smoking time: 180 - 360 sec
In standby mode, press the power button 5 times, flashes the smoking time, click the "plus / minus" to adjust the desired time of smoking, press the power button once to complete the setting. Setting the time is not supported during the time of smoking.


automatic cleaning function Hitaste P6
There are two ways to start the cleaning function.

First way
Press the power button 8 times continuously in standby mode,
automatic cleaning device starts vibration with 1, showing cleaning after 5 seconds and the timer is running.
The surface of the heating element is automatically cleared, and the device vibrates again when automatic cleaning is completed.

Second way
After every 5 sticks of tobacco smoked, the system automatically notifies that the device needs to be cleaned. At the same time it vibrates 5 times, remove the stick and press the plus / minus to switch the Y and N, select Y to start cleaning.
After confirming the removal of the stick, press the power button to confirm and enter into a state of purification, select N or no operation for 15 seconds, and then return to the main interface. Do not forget to remove the stick before cleaning.

After the automatic cleaning is completed, remove the heat insulating cover, clean coal dust at the bottom of the heat insulating cover and lower holder tobacco sticks with a brush for cleaning, cleaning swab and t. D., Then put the lid back on the device for continued use.

Mysmok Ismod II Plus
Pluscig P7
Review avbad x
For sticks Neosticks

A small overview of Plum
Analysis Ploom
IUOC 2.0 plus
Promotional codes
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If you need a promotional code / invitation
Write your message in the subject line that you want your promotional code / invitation and you gladly share. It is desirable to specify for which country need a promo code / invitation.

If you are looking for a promotional code on Glo Hyper for 1p
Results of previous surveys
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Flea market

If the bluetooth does not work, install a more recent version of the program!
Attention! Experiencing problems Jouz 20S on the new firmware withTemperature initialization!- Be careful!
Simple rules everyone should know : rtfm:

In the topic, you can discuss "aikosy", compare their models, share impressions, and simply communicate on any topic (within the forum rules and topic rules) :)
We conduct ourselves culturally and kindly: friends: After all, we ourselves create an atmosphere for ourselves: drinks:
Not We are discussing vap devices here, for this there is a separate topic.
Not We arrange srachi on what is better aikos or vape, for this there is Meat grinder.
Is forbidden Topic publish ads for sale, purchase, or exchange something, too, is in the flea market.

This topic does not promote smoking! Smoking is bad for your health!

In the subject areForum Rules and rules

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* syncmaster172 Well, then I will say that it is normal, I tried the aikos, the sky and the earth taste the cigarettes, I wouldn’t say of course how I chewed a bull. As for me, these heaters plus one does not stink and everything, the rest, and God knows what else there is in place, well, there is no carbon monoxide yet

Rep: (350)
* syncmaster172 , look at least the same YouTube iqos and glo two leaders, although the first is much more cheerful. Test shops are in large cities, and you can buy and return. In general, it is necessary to move on to steam, to begin with some kind of snuff and in the way. Straight so ask you and clarify the comparison iqos and glo

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* syncmaster172 sticks

Rep: (2729)
syncmaster172 @ 10/09/18, 20:22*
tried the store
If in your city there is noflagship store, better not to mess up (by the way, there you can take a device for a “test drive” if you are not sure). They are still lomuchie, in two years I have changed about 30 pieces: D And so, yes, here withsince thenTobacco I do not smoke, practically.

Rep: (2060)
* Shoore, There are shops: rolleyes:
Shoore @ 10/09/18 22:51*
They are still lomuchie, in two years I have changed about 30 pieces

and what else can not you go, the same glo?
According to reviews, by the way, for many, as I understand it, these disposable ikos are, in fact, a kind of probe for heating)
By the way, and tobacco for them only hits mostly?

Prices however ... the initial set on the official website is 4 tr (at a discount), in our shopping center in the tobacco tray it is 3-3500, with 2 packs in the set

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Rep: (2729)
syncmaster172 @ 10/09/18, 23:14*
Tobacco for them only hits mostly?
Yes, they specifically did rebranding to distance themselves from cigarettes.
At the Shanghai airport I talked to the Japanese, they still have Marlboro, exchanged bundles: D
Attached Image

In Europe, too, there used to be such, they are nasty. Parliament was more or less, we Arabs bought boxes for smuggling, now only the Hits remained.

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Ikos can in the shop to take a drive for a week for free even?

Posted 10/09/2018 23:30:

and try not to give wipes ...: resent:

In heaters also use glycerin, as an evaporator only already? (In sticks)

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Rep: (225)
syncmaster172 @ 9.10.18, 23:29*
and do not give wipes
think about it: why are the owners of the tobacco company ready to give their device to a free-of-charge one for a week? clearly not out of the kindness of his soulful)

crap that's all, only your money later.

Rep: (2060)
Shoore @ 10/09/18 23:22*
talked to the Japanese, they have Marlborough still exchanged bundles

In Europe, too, there used to be such, they are nasty.

and how is marlboro?
we, by no office. According to data, I don’t know his (one or the other) 300-400 rubles per pack

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Friends are interested in such a question about IQOS who uses.
I ran out of alcohol swabs for cleaning IQOS. Buy a little expensive (149 UAH. For 30 pcs.)
I bought on Aliexpress for 80 UAH. 200 pieces, but they are dry, not alcoholized.
Can someone tell me the formula of the ratio of alcohol and water in order to alcohol them?
For example, I’m thinking of taking some jar to lay it with medical cotton and pour liquid from alcohol and water, and already in this jar poke dry sticks so that they are wet and don’t flow from them.
So I am interested in the proportions of the ratio of alcohol and water, can someone tell me?

Have a nice day, everyone.

Rep: (2060)
* maf1oza and what's there, a special proportion is needed?): wacko:
By the way, did they not compare aikos with GLO or the like?
There are no tobacco heaters on the forum, can you tell me about the relevant forums?

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Rep: (139)
I highly recommend renaming the smoking club of tobacco heating systems so as not to cross the topic of soaring (real electronic cigarettes).

Rep: (2060)
* dev1251, Ykos is an electronic cigarette like BE, unlike vape, which actually has nothing to do with cigarettes (tobacco is not there): scratch_one-s_head:
Write to the moderator, rename

Posted 10/14/2018 10:33 AM:

And you have a club of bathers who think with vape will not be mistaken by the name of the topic

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Rep: (6)
It has long been time to make for smokers iqos and similar systems a civilized smoking room on the forum.

Rep: (225)
syncmaster172 @ 10.10.18, 10:32*
ykos is an e-cigarette like ba, unlike vape, which essentially has nothing to do with cigarettes
read the history of creating electronic cigarettes at your leisure, and you will understand that tobacco heating systems in this matter belong to electronic cigarettes just like freon for washing feet

Rep: (588)
It is better to rename, because Tobacco heating systems are not electronic cigarettes.
Do not confuse people.

Rep: (139)
syncmaster172 @ 10.10.18, 10:32*
ykos and there is an electronic cigarette like ba

Well, let's still remember that the copier and the toilet is a company.
And what exactly electronic cigarettes called what soars, because it was created just earlier, and has grown much more than a soldering iron in a goby.
If you delve into the etymology, the very concept of an electronic cigarette implies an alternative device, rather than heating the stick with the same release of tar and other filth that is contained in the imitation of tobacco, tucked into a piece of cigarette without a filter
And even the heaters cannot be called an alternative, for these are the same cigarettes, smaller, non-burning and heated, from the same tobacco companies ...
Okay, this is a long conversation)
Just the community of bathers does not respect this type of device, and especially does not want to associate it with us)

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Cap Picture
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image

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Rep: (2060)
We stop the flood off topic, and do not try to arrange a provocation of the conflict.
Moderator please clean the topic.
I clicked the complaint, and indicated a different description of the topic, it will be renamed.
Someone who burns directly, that he called an electronic cigarette e (I do not argue that vape can also be called an e-cigarette), we just don’t go into this topic, and leave our critically negative opinion to aikos, (and even more so to those interested in it), yourself, and pass by, if you are not interested in ikokos.

More pictures natyril: [
http: // / 7361195.png
http: // / 7 ... 4b4d60e3811df7c137da33

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