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This topic is created for those encountered on the forum with unknown terms, slang or simply spoken expressions and does not know how to decipher them. There are also technical terms and folk names, as well as deciphering some abbreviations and abbreviations. Some terms are generally accepted and explained to them can be easily found on the network, but here we tried to bring the most understandable and simple explanations. For each word or expression, only a general description is given, we do not apply for the completeness of the definitions and their accuracy. If desired, everyone can find a lot of information on each question of interest.
Despite the fact that the topic is devoted to conversational concepts, the compilers of this topic recommend the use of literary terms and expressions. This will help to clear our speech and make the forum more understandable for beginners.
Found a mistake? Have something to add? Met a new expression, but it is not here? Click on the "COMPLAINT" button and describe your question or comment in detail.
List of spoken device names
Android - Glossary - if you are the owner of a device running the Android operating system, do not forget to look at this topic

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0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

3РљР  (abbr. from the three-button mode) - a combination of three buttons on Samsung devices, which is used to enter the bootloader mode.

3G (from the English. Third generation - the third generation) - generalizing the name of standards UMTS and HSPA is, in this sense, synonymous with WCDMA . Less often 3G can be identified with the standard UMTS . 3G is a marketing abbreviation that does not have a precise definition. Used for promotional purposes and is not an official term.

4G (English fourth generation) - the fourth generation of mobile cellular communication, a synonym LTE . Previously, the term 4G was used in relation to technology. WiMAX , now this usage is obsolete.

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Avatar (from the English. avatar - impersonation) - the image that the user chooses as his avatar. It is mainly used in web forums, blogs and instant messaging (IM).

Account (zharg., from the English. account) - an account on the Internet that identifies the user and the services provided to him.

Alpha or beta (English alpha, beta - about a software product) - usually the addition in the form of a Greek letter means that this version of the software (program, operating system, firmware ) is test and inconclusive, i.e. The application will be unstable. The higher the letter in alphabetical order, the closer the version to the final one. For example, the beta version is later than the alpha version.

Andryusha , bucket , bucket , green robot Attached Image- the slang name of the Android operating system.

Apat(from English up - up) - to raise the topic in the list, by publishing messages that do not carry a semantic load, for example: "really nobody knows?" or "an!" Also used the Russian version of "up". Lifting the topic is a violationforum rules(paragraph 4.13). In each section of the forum, topics are displayed page by page and sorted by the date the last message was written (with the exception of the topics fixed by moderators, they are always on top). Members typically read topics on the front pages. Therefore, some are raising the topic in order to increase attention to the issue under discussion.

Upgrade(Eng. upgrade) - improvement, modernization.

Update(English update) - update.

Watermelon(talk from English browser) -internet browser.

hardware acceleration- execution of a program or decoding of a multimedia stream in the optimal mode for this hardware configuration. A program optimized for one hardware configuration will not run optimally on another, i.e. will be executed on software acceleration.
Modern central (computing) processors in computers, including in pocket (smartphones), can cope with any task from the addition of two numbers to the possibilities of artificial intelligence. However, the versatility of the central processor leads to the fact that some tasks it performs better, and some worse. Any processor is always better coping with the task for which it is intended. Modern central processors include many multifunctional blocks. If the processor processes the data stream using software acceleration, arbitrary blocks are activated. When tasks are performed on the blocks for which they are intended, they say that the task is performed on a hardware acceleration, which is several times faster than the software.

Attach(English attachment) - file attached to a message or letter.

Outlineers(English outlines) or otherwise this class of tools is called "free-form database" - "free-form databases", i.e. free of format and position limitations. It sounds scary, but in reality to come up with something simpler and useful hard - in fact an outlayer is an analogue ... a mechanism for managing a multitude of hierarchical file systems, each of which is stored in one physical file. To this, add "insensitivity" of a good outlayer to the formats of infined information fragments (it can be HTML and RTF fragments, images, etc.) and the property of the "non-discovery of the file", i.e. the compactness of the presentation (in fact Such a sharp "landing" from general ideas to the stringent reality requirements are not a whim - some implementations of outlines, for example, store one hierarchy in the RTF format file, characterized by an extremely inefficient presentation of binary data, which simultaneously "inflates" the file and leads to wilderness. The voraciousness "of the program, reducing all its advantages to zero).

Battery- short for battery, rechargeable battery, source of electrical energy.

AFAIK(English, abbr. from AFAIK - as far as I know) - as far as I know, as far as I know.

Ad-hoc- decentralized computer network. This is a computer-to-computer network where there are no controls, such as a server. In networks of this type, all devices connected to the network are equal.

Adb(Abbr., from the English. Android Debug Bridge) - a console application for the PC, which is used to debug Android devices, including emulators. Works on the principle of client-server. When you first start ADB with any command, a server is created as a system service (daemon) that will listen on all commands sent to port 5037. For more information about how ADB works, seehere

ADSL(Abbr., From English. Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) is an asymmetrical digital subscriber line) - broadband (high-speed) technology of Internet access via existing telephone lines. Requires an additional inclusion in the ADSL modem network, from the company providing telephone services, is the modernization of the PBX. To make it possible to simultaneously use telephone conversations and Internet access, you need to enable the filter in the telephone network (Splitter - separator). A distinctive feature of this technology is the low speed of the outgoing channel, an order of magnitude less than the speed of the incoming channel.

AS, AS- ActiveSync. A program for synchronizing mobile devices running the Windows Mobile operating system with a personal computer.

A-GPS(Assisted GPS) is a function used to speed up positioning (both during a cold start and a hot start). For A-GPS operation, hardware support is required (a special chip). A-GPS speeds up positioning in two ways. First, by downloading satellite position data (ephemeris) from the Internet (this can happen eitherWi-Fiso throughMobile Internet). The second, determining the location with an accuracy of 2 km to 20 m at the base stations of the cellular operator (measuring the distance to the stations by the signal level). For the performance of the second method, it is required that the device support the work in cellular networks and be connected to any network. For the first method to work, in addition, an active connection to the Internet is required. In most cases, A-GPS is used in conjunction withGPS, but there are devices in which only A-GPS is integrated, the positioning accuracy is greatly reduced.

AMOLED(eng., abbr. from active matrix organic light-emmiting diod) is a technology for the production of electronic devices for displaying graphical information in which each point of the image (pixel) is formed using organic light-emitting diodes. Unlike technologyLCD, AMOLED eliminates the use of screen backlighting, because own luminosity of the diodes is sufficient for most cases of domestic use. Therefore, AMOLED has a higher image contrast (several orders of magnitude higher) thanLCD, as well as the almost perfect brightness of black (almost zero).

AOSP(English, abbr. from the Android open source project) - an open source project of the Android operating system. The project allows anyone to get the Android code in its original form. Google, as the developer of the operating system, puts all Android sources into AOSP, including the kernel, operating system and applications. The operating system sources are needed to createfirmwaredevices, while the drivers themselves write drivers. Project sitesource.android.com

APN(eng., abbr. from Access point name - access point name) - identifier of a cellular mobile network that allows a subscriber to access data services (forMobile Internetand MMS). APN settings for each mobile operator has its own.

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B / AT

Bug (from the English. Bug - literally beetle) - an error, unplanned behavior of the application or operating system.
origin of the word
On September 9, 1945, scientists at Harvard University, testing the Mark II Aiken Relay Calculator computer, found a moth stuck between the contacts of an electromechanical relay. The work done required a description, and the word was found - debugging (debugging, literally: getting rid of an insect) - and now it is called the process of identifying and eliminating bugs - the causes of computer failure.
The extracted insect bug was pasted into a technical diary with the accompanying inscription: "The first discovered bug", and subsequently transferred to the museum of computing equipment.

Byte (eng. byte) - a unit for storing and processing digital information. A byte is eight bits. A bit is the basic unit of information.

Balun - pop-up "bubble" (window) with text. Sometimes with control elements.

Bumper - tight protective case, partially covering the device. It has no moving parts. It does not close the side with the touch screen, it looks like a wide frame around the edges, which is why it got its name. It is used to use the device without removing it from the case.

Ban (from English ban - prohibit, outlaw) - blocking access accountbut to the forum. On our forum, banned people may appeal the decision in the relevant topic. Bans issued by the Super Moderators and Administrators will not be appealed.

Batnik (talk) - file with extension .bat

BB (abbr. Big Brother) is a personal computer, its small brother is a pocket personal computer (PDA), but sometimes BB is used in opposition to a laptop, in this context BB is understood as a stationary or desktop personal computer.
In another sense, abbreviation BB means white balance - the technical characteristics of the display, reflecting the correctness of the color balance of the displayed image.

White - the slang designation of a phone, PDA, tablet, smartphone, etc., which was among the official shipments in the country and was officially acquired, possesses firmware and the user's manual corresponding to the country is certified on the territory of this country and is entitled to warranty service in the manufacturer’s service centers on the territory of this country.

Benchmark (English benchmark) - a program for testing the performance of hardware (processor, video accelerator, memory). Most of the results computed by such programs are not an adequate measure of performance.

Bild (from English. build - build) - build a specific firmware program or operating system.

Pancake , pig - optical disk. A blank is usually called an empty disk.

Blut , bluetooth , BT , BT - the same as blue tooth .

Blupup - slang name Bluetooth , derived from the comic scene "Ural dumplings".

Bot (from English bot, abbr. from robot - robot) - a program based on artificial intelligence, imitating the enemy or partner in a computer game. The behavior of the robot tend to simulate as close as possible to the human. In another sense, a bot is an imitation of human speech behavior, a program that automatically generates and sends messages (for example, spam ) in conferences (forums) and online messaging tools in real time (ICQ).

Boyan or boynechek - the repetition of any question, topic, some kind of banal and long-overdue.

Browser or browser (from the English. browse - browse) - Internet browser, a program for navigation on the Internet, working on the HTTP protocol, etc. and allowing you to view pages in HTML format (Java, Adobe Flash, etc. are supported). Internet browser is a translation of English web browser . However, most often the first word is omitted, and the Internet browser is simply referred to as a browser. Although the term browser can be applied not only to the Internet browser. For example, the file browser is a program for navigating through the drive and working with files.

The brand (English brandname) is a well-known trademark of a major manufacturer.

Brick (eng. brick) - the same as brick . It is applied from ignorance of the English language.

Bootloader or bootloader (from the English. bootloader - bootloader) - the bootloader of the operating system, often used in a distorted sense: device mode, used to replace firmware or its parts. To enter the bootloader means to open the menu of the operating system loader. Also, the bootloader is called SPL or "mattress", the name went from the type of HTC device loader - color bars on the whole screen.
The origin of the word in pictures
Attached ImageAttached Image

Bootlup(from the English boot - boot and loop - loop) - an infinite cyclic reboot of the device, resulting from a system failure.

Backuporbackup(English backup) - backup data is used to save important data so that in case of a system crash you can recover. Backups are also used to facilitate system configuration and data transfer afterfirmware.

BeiDou, baidou- Chinese Global Satellite Navigation System. If your device is equipped with a Beidou receiver, then it allows using a special software (navigation programs) to determine your location with an accuracy of several meters in the area covered by the navigation system, this is China and adjacent areas. The accuracy of determining the coordinates depends on the quality of the Beidou receiver and the quality of the signals coming from satellites, which depends on your location, environment and weather. To accurate location, the presence of a stable signal is required at least from 3-4 satellites. Beidou satellites are numbered in the range from 201 to 235.

Bios(eng., abbr. from basic input / output system - basic input-output system) is a system program stored in the motherboard's ROM, which checks the operability of the hardware and loads the operating system. Immediately after turning on the power of the computer, it is the BIOS that receives control. It also allows you to configure the computer’s hardware, RAID configuration,overclockingcpu and more.

Bluetooth- A wireless standard that allows supported devices to exchange data at a distance of up to 100 m (in mobile devices up to 10 m). It is also used to connect with wireless headsets and for a number of other functions.

BSOD- the same asblue screen of death

Busybox(pronounced bizibox) is a program / add-on for the Android operating system kernel that expands the basic functionality. Some programs are required.

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AT / V, W

Wipe or wipe (from the English. Wipe - wash, sweep) - this is cleaning. The concept used in the Android operating system. To whip (Make Wipe) means Run Wipe. Most often, when they say about Wipe, they mean full Wipe (i.e. Wipe Data / Factory Reset - Reset to factory settings, full of the Hard Reset in Windows Mobile), when performing this action, it takes full cleaning of logical partitions DATA and CACHE On the built-in device drive, folders ".android_secure" and ext partition on a memory card (if it is created), i.e. All user data deletes and reset the settings to the factory state, only information on the memory card will remain.
Important note.If you changed the system data (the contents of the system logical partition), i.e. something was replaced in the operating system (for example, they installed the driver, got superuser rights), performed an update, or deleted the system files, such data will not be restored.

Varez (from the English. warez - slang version of "wares", an abbreviated plural of "software" - software) is a commercial program distributed free of charge by illegal means without the permission of the author. Be sure to contain changes or additions to use it for free.

Waffle - establish connection by Wi-Fi .

Wafer - slang name Wi-Fi .

Fan - slang name of the Android Wear operating system.

Weight (colloquy) - the amount of data / information on the drive, measured in byte Oh.

Winda - the slang name of the Windows operating system.

Vidyuha - video card or graphic card.

Screw , winch (English Winchester) - short for "Winchester", the same as HDD .

Vir - colloquial abbreviation from computer virus.

Hang - fall into the unresponsive state (of a computer or operating system), i.e. a state in which the program does not respond to user commands.

WCDMA (English, abbr. from Wideband code division multiple access) - most often used as a generic name for standards UMTS and HSPA i.e. WCDMA is synonymous with high-speed Internet access. Although in fact, WCDMA is not a data transmission standard, but a technology of broadband code division multiple access, on the basis of which all high-speed data transmission standards are built ( EV-DO , UMTS , HSPA , LTE ).

Wi-Fi , Wi-Fi , Wi-Fi (English, abbr. from wireless fidelity - literally wireless accuracy) - a wireless communication standard designed to organize wireless local area networks and transmit data wirelessly. A mid-range wireless channel, usually one transceiver, allows you to cover an apartment or office. Wi-Fi operation is carried out over the radio channel at 2.4, 5 GHz frequencies and is defined by the IEEE 802.11 standard.
IEEE 802.11 standard specifications
IEEE 802.11a
IEEE 802.11b
IEEE 802.11d
IEEE 802.11e
IEEE 802.11f
IEEE 802.11g
IEEE 802.11h
IEEE 802.11i
IEEE 802.11j
IEEE 802.11n
IEEE 802.11ac
Devices that support the IEEE 802.11a standard work in the 5 GHz frequency band and provide a bit rate of up to 54 Mbps.
Now the most common 802.11b, 802.11g, 802.11n.
The IEEE 802.11b support devices operate in the frequency range of 2.4 GHz and provide bit speed up to 11 Mbps. IEEE 802.11g support devices operate in the frequency range of 2.4 GHz and provide bit speed up to 54 Mbps. The 802.11 Super G support devices are capable of providing bit speed up to 108 Mbps. The 802.11n support devices allow to operate in frequency ranges of 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz (some devices support simultaneous operations in two ranges), provide bit speed up to 600 Mbps, support multiant technologies (MIMO), new coding and modulation methods. In fact, most devices that manufacturers assign support for 802.11n supports support its specifications only partially, therefore such devices are wicked by bit speed no more than 300 (less often 450) Mbps; There are no multiant systems in mobile devices, and therefore MIMO is not supported, therefore the maximum Wi-Fi connection speed is even lower. The 802.11ac device support devices are the most advanced solution, allow you to operate in frequency ranges of 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz (some devices support simultaneous operation in two ranges), provide bit speed up to 1300 Mbps.
Remark 1 . In order for the channel to transmit at the indicated speeds, both devices must maintain the required standard.
Remark 2 . The user data transfer rate is usually 2-4 times lower than the bit rate specified in the device characteristics. With the deterioration of the environment and noise conditions, the user data transfer rate decreases even more. Part of the bandwidth is allocated for service needs, even in ideal conditions, the user data transfer rate cannot exceed 98% of the bit rate at which the devices operate.
Remark 3 . The specified maximum bit rate in the 802.11n and 802.11ac standards is achieved only when using multi-antenna systems on both devices involved in data exchange.

The standards define the typical range of wireless devices. For 802.11g indoor devices:
• 30–40 meters at a speed of 54 Mbps;
• 80–100 meters at a speed of 1 Mbps.

• 150–200 meters at a speed of 54 Mbps;
• 400–500 meters at a speed of 1 Mbps.

WiMAX (eng., abbr. from Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access) is a telecommunications technology designed to provide universal wireless communications over long distances. Combines the advantages of technology Wi-FI and technology data transmission in mobile cellular networks. WiMAX is a network of larger scale, such as the scale of a city, the range of a WiMAX transmitter reaches 50 km. WiMAX allows you to maintain connection and transfer data even when the user moves with great speed. One WiMAX transmitter provides a larger connection (rather than Wi-FI ) the number of users without losing speed. In addition to Internet access, WiMAX can be used for high-quality voice and video communications, broadcasting radio stations and television.

WP (English, abbr. from windows phone) - an operating system for mobile devices, developed by Microsoft. Often confused with Windows Mobile, even though these operating systems have the same roots, they are completely different and not compatible with each other.

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R / G,J

Gadget (From the English. Gadget - technical device) - the device, mainly about the technical novelty.

Gaps (from English. Gapps - abbr. from Google applications - Google applications) - a standard set of applications from Google, pre-installed as a rule in the official software of android-devices. This includes Gmail, maps, synchronization with your Google account, youtube, Google+, news and weather widget, etc. Whether Google’s applications will be installed on your device depends on the device manufacturer (software development developer).

Gamer (English gamer) - an avid player in computer games.

Gig or hectare (spoken) - gigabyte, the amount of information is equal to 1024 MB or 230 byte .

Geek (jarg. from English. geek - crazy) - a person indifferent to information technology, technical innovations, mobile devices. Such people like to dig into the device, as in gland , and in a software stuffing, often change firmware . Geeks can often change devices, as well as have several top-end machines on their hands at once, however this is not their distinguishing feature. Mobile devices for such people are not only a means of making calls, but also a hobby.

Gyroscope - a device for measuring angular velocities. Unlike physical gyro gyroscopes made in a circuit design and not possessing rotating parts are embedded in mobile devices. As well as accelerometers (devices for measuring acceleration) gyroscopes in mobile devices perform the function of determining the location of a device relative to the surface of the earth, i.e. determine its slope, but do it with greater accuracy and more quickly. In addition, the gyroscope allows you to measure not only the angle of inclination, but also the speed of rotation of the device, as well as progressive device speed.

GLONASS , GLONASS (Acronym from the global navigation satellite system) is the Russian Global Satellite Navigation System. If your device is equipped with a GLONASS receiver, then it allows using a special software (navigation programs) to determine your location with an accuracy of several meters anywhere in the globe. The accuracy of determining the coordinates depends on the quality of the GLONASS receiver and the quality of signals coming from satellites, which depends on your location, environment and weather. To accurate location, the presence of a stable signal is required at least from 3-4 satellites. Glonass satellites are numbered in the range from 65 to 96.

Glitch - engineering term denoting a problem, the cause of which is not possible to find out, but which nevertheless has a place to be. Usually the glitch is unstable, i.e. it is difficult or impossible to “catch” him, it comes and goes by itself.

Gnusmas - Samsung slang name (the word is written the other way around).

Google - Search the Internet using a search engine. Slang comes from the name of the largest English-language search engine - Google.

Googlephone or androidphone - a smartphone running the Android operating system.

GUY (English GUI - graphical user interface) - graphic interface user

Blue tooth - colloquial name Bluetooth from English blue is blue and tooth is tooth.

GB - same as gingerbread .

Goldcard - A specially formatted memory card from which you can flash any HTC device. A special code is written in the system area of ​​such a memory card. This area is addressed loader when trying to fill the phone firmware with a stranger CID .

GPE , gpe (Google play edition) - versions of devices with firmware developed by Google.

GPS (English, Abbr. from Global Positioning System) - American Global Satellite Navigation System. If your device is equipped with a GPS receiver, then it allows using a special software (navigation programs) to determine your location with an accuracy of several meters anywhere in the globe. The accuracy of determining the coordinates depends on the quality of the GPS receiver and on the quality of signals coming from satellites, which depends on your location, environment and weather. To accurate location, the presence of a stable signal is required at least from 3-4 satellites. GPS satellites are numbered in the range from 1 to 32.

GPRS (eng., abbr. from General packet radio service - a general-purpose packet radio service) - a standard for wireless data transmission (Internet access) in mobile cellular networks of the family GSM . GPRS allows batch communication. GPRS supports IP-protocol and allows data transfer with a maximum theoretical speed of 171.2 Kbit / s, but in practice it fluctuates within 56 kbit / s due to the difficult ambient and interference conditions.

GSM (eng., abbr. from Global System for Mobile communications) is a digital mobile cellular standard, with channel separation by time and frequency. It is the most common in the world. Allows you to transmit speech and data in digital form over the wireless channel.

Jailbreak (eng. jailbreak) or jailbreak or jail - removal of restrictions on access to system files in the IOS operating system. After the jailbreak procedure, the user is able to write to the system part of the device. Without jailbreaking, recording can be made only to the user part of the smartphone using iTunes and embedded applications.

Jb (English, abbr. from Jelly Bean - jelly candy) - the name of the Android operating system versions 4.1, 4.2 and 4.3.

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D / D

Dump (from English dump - reset) - a copy of the software, copied from the device as an image. Most often it is a copy of the official firmware or its parts.

Downgrade (from English. downgrade - decrease) - lowering the software version or switching to a weaker / less functional hardware configuration.

Engine - executive part of the program.

Debian (Debian) - operating system distribution Linux

Device (from the English. Device - the device) - the slang name of the smartphone, PDA, tablet and other complex electronics. It is used from ignorance of the English language, as well as in the case of the desire to trump with a buzzword.

Uninstall (from English. uninstall - remove) - remove the software.

Jay tag or JTAG (English, abbr. from the Joint Test Action Group) - specialized hardware interface designed for testing assembled printed circuit boards (using IEEE 1149.1 standard). Due to the wide functionality, JTAG has become widely used for debugging and programming.
Currently, the JTAG interface is used for peripheral scanning. This term refers to the testing of printed circuit boards, with processors installed on them, FPGAs, flash chips, etc., for the presence of short circuits, non-sealings, 0 or 1 in electrical circuits. BSDL file that is provided by the developer of this chip. In most cases, these files are on the websites of manufacturers of microchips.
Forum threadsavagemessiahzine.comResuscitating devices using JTAG.

Joine (eng. join) - connection, connection, connection, as an act of establishing a connection.

To join (eng. to join) - to join.

Long tap - long touch / press on the touch screen, usually no more than five seconds.

Firewood (English driver) - slang name of the driver.

Doumer (English doomer) - is a fan of the game Doom.

Dashboard - a modem control program for installation on a computer with a Windows operating system, but prepared for writing to the modem's memory.

DC or DC HSPA (Dual-carrier HSDPA) is a designation used by some mobile operators to designate categories. HSPA + with support of two carriers (categories with doubled spectrum width). The speed from the base station to the subscriber is higher than 20 Mbps.

dialer - translated from English as dialer

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E / E

Eurotest — " Gray "a telephone intended for sales in the European Union.

Hedgehog (talk) - Edge .

EMNIP (abbr. if memory serves me) - the same as AFAIK .

Edge - standard of wireless data transmission (Internet access) in mobile cellular networks of the family GSM . EDGE is an evolution of the standard. GPRS . The theoretical maximum data transfer rate can be 473.6 kbit / s, but in practice it does not rise above 180-250 kbit / s, due to the fact that in reality the conditions are not ideal (complex ambient and noise conditions).

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Iron - mechanical part of a mobile device (for example, buttons, screen, camera, case, printed circuit boards, battery, etc.). Sometimes used to refer to the entire device without software stuffing. In computer terminology, iron is the slang name hardware .

HardHDD - information storage on hard magnetic disks (HDD).

LCD or LCD (abbr. from Liquid crystal display - liquid crystal display) - the production technology of electronic devices for displaying graphic information, in which each point of the image (pixel) is formed using liquid crystals. Currently, it is the most popular technology for stationary equipment (monitors, televisions), and for mobile devices (navigators, mobile phones, PDAs).

Asshole - slang derived from the English abbreviation GPRS .

Zhor - increased power consumption.

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H / Z

Locked bootloader - the state of the device, in which the device can not change the contents of some system partitions to unofficial, as well as to change the size of logical partitions and their order. In fact, it is not the bootloader that is blocked, but the ability to record unofficial data on some logical partitions on the internal drive. But since it does not allow the bootloader to do then the term unlocking bootloader . At the same time unofficial firmware you can still write, because There is always a part of the internal drive in which you can record any data. There is also a boot loader bypass without unlocking it.

Zabekapit or make a backup - create a backup copy ( backup ).

Mirror - An exact copy of the data on the Internet, used to provide multiple sources of the same information.

Animal - phone, smartphone, tablet, PDA and other mobile devices.

Animal killed - inability to turn on, normal / stable operation of a PDA, smartphone, tablet, etc. after user manipulations.

Dialer - A program to manage calls and contacts on the device. Includes dialer , notebook and graphic interface when calling (call).

Zina - Slang name of Microsoft Zune, a program for synchronizing Windows Phone devices with a computer.

Zip , zipped, zipovsky (from the English. zip - data compression format) - archive, convert to zip format, compress.

ZY - P.S. (from Latin. Post scriptum - after written) in the Russian keyboard layout, indicates an important addition after the main text.

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the Internet (colloquially) - short for Internet. The Internet, in turn, is the world's most famous and largest computer network.

IMHO (English IMHO - abbr. from in my humble opinion) - in my humble opinion (with which you are free to agree or not, arguing is not necessary, but I stick to it). In the Russian interpretation of IMHO: I have an opinion - you fucking challenge!

Interface (eng. interface) - a description of the method, nature, order and means of interaction of devices or elements of one system. A person can act as an interacting element.

ICS (English, abbr. from Ice cream sandwich - ice cream sandwich) - Android operating system version 4.0.

IP (English, abbr. from Ingress protection) - dust and moisture protection standards . In the code, after two letters follows a two-digit number, the first digit of which indicates the degree of protection against dust, the second - the degree of protection against water. Maximum protection provided by compliance with standard IP69.
In another sense, the abbreviation denotes an IP address (from the English. Internet Protocol - Internet Protocol).

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A rock or percent - central processing unit (CPU, CPU).

Card reader or card reader (English memory card reader) - a device for reading and writing data to memory cards.

Custom (English custom) or modified firmware - unofficial firmware devices. Used to change the system: updates, changes to the graphical shell, correcting errors, adding new features, etc.

Kvakalka - Qualcomm processor.

Quertiklava - This is a full-size qwerty-keyboard, it can be implemented both in software (for example on a touchscreen display) and in mechanical form - a real mechanical keyboard.

Keygen (English, abbr. from key generator) - a program for generating (calculating) keybut , which serves to activate licensed software. Using keygens is illegal.

Case - the same as Kies . In another sense, a case is a protective case, a case box, most often made of metal or hard plastic, but can be made of rubber or leather. Such covers are made so that the device can be used without removing the cover. The English word case is translated as a case, but in Russian the word "case" is used most often in a narrower sense.

Brick - an inoperative device that cannot be restored at home even flashing . Most often, bricks are obtained as a result of unsuccessful firmware . Return the device to life can only be in the service center.

Kitkat , QC (Eng. KitKat) - Android operating system version 4.4.

Key - This is a combination of characters that allows you to use licensed software. The need to enter the key is used by developers to protect against unauthorized use. It can be obtained in an official way (purchase), and informal ways (keygen - key generator, theft, and the like).

KVM - short for communicator, just like a smartphone. Used in opposition to the PDA - a pocket personal computer. Less commonly, KVM is used as an abbreviation for handheld multimedia computer, which is a narrower class of devices than a communicator or PDA.

The combination of three fingers (Ctrl + Alt + Delete) - call the task manager, in older Windows systems (up to 95) - reboot the system.

Connect (English connecting) - connection, connection.

Connect (eng. to connect) - connect, connect, connect.

Disk root or The root folder . Imagine the structure of all folders and files on the drive as a tree. The root is the beginning of such a structure. Example 1: on a logical drive C: There are many file folders on Windows. Folders are branches of a tree, and files are leaves. logical drive itself C - this is the root. Example 2: opening a memory card in a file manager (for example, explorer) you get to its root / sdcard To copy a file to the root of a memory card means to put it on a memory card without subfolders.

Crutch - unnatural solution to the problem, indirect. For the end user, the problem is solved, but the cause of the problem is not corrected.

Quack (from the English. crack - hack) - the same as medicine . From here grunt or to crack - hack the license protection of the application.

KoumissQMS messages - instant messaging service, forum mail. Currently the same as lichka .

To smoke - learn anything from here smoke mana (English manual), i.e. study instructions.

Kitchen - a program to simplify and automate the assembly firmware , graphic themes, etc. from pieces (packages). The kitchen can be realized both in the form of a program for a computer, and in the form of a website. Kitchen can be called as the collection system itself firmware or those - tools, and the designer for their assembly - materials. In this case, the kitchen as a set of tools to collect firmware not only allows you to simplify the process itself, but also allows the user to choose which of the presented components he wants to use, as well as allows you to configure some system parameters.

Kies , kitty , kitty , kies - a program to synchronize Samsung devices with a personal computer.

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L / L

Lamer (from the English. lamer - lame) - slang or slang nickname of a person who is not competent enough in a particular area, but carries out activities in it (as a result of doing it badly, "lame"). Most often we are talking about knowledge or experience, one way or another connected with the computer.

Lollipop (from the English. Lollipop) - the name of the Android operating system version 5.0.

Medicine - this is an unofficial modification of the application that allows you to use it without knowing the license keybut . The term comes from the phrase "cured from greed." You can find both versions of applications that have already been cured of greed and medicines for licensed applications as a separate program.

Treatment - application quackbut , keybut , keygenbut , pills , medication and so on. The process of "paying off" the program.

Paintwork (abbr.) - left-click.

Linux , Linax, Linex, Linuch, Lin, Luneks, Linups, Lyaleh (English) - Total Name of UNIX-like operating systems based on the same kernel, GNU project (General Public License) and User Environment: Library collected for it (drivers) and system programs. Unlike most other operating systems, Linux does not have a single "official" configuration and user environment. Instead, Linux comes in a large number of so-called distributions in which only the kernel is common. Distributions are parallel branches of development of different Linux. They are characterized by software, graphic interface om and opportunities. Almost all Linux distributions are free.
The most famous Linux distributions are Arch Linux, CentOS,DebianFedoraGentoo, Mandriva, openSUSE, Red Hat, Slackware,Ubuntu.

Log , Log file (eng. log) - log or file with records of events in chronological order.

Lolipop , lollipop (English Lollipop) - Android operating system version 5.0.

Lochny (from English. Lock - lock) - a phone that is locked for use only with SIM cards of a particular mobile operator. Most devices can be formal or informal methods. unlock .

Launcher or launcher (from the English. Launcher - launcher) - in Window Mobile program for the desktop (Today), used to launch applications. Usually refers to the program for Today (desktop) or Start, allowing you to quickly launch frequently used programs. Examples - Directory of programs WM. All about launchers (quick launch programs) .
In Android, a launcher is called a "desktop" - a program that is a collection of desktops and an application menu.

PM, lichka (short for private messages) - instant messaging service , forum post. Currently combined with QMS .

Ski - LG mobile devices

LAN or lokalka (from the English. Local Area Network - Local Computing Network) - a computer network that usually covers a relatively small area or a small group of computers.

LED (From English Light-Emitting DIODE - LED) - Applied to monitors, TVs and other display devices of graphic information This highlighting production technology is placed in the graphics matrix, consisting of an array of white LEDs. There is also an embodiment of the end LED backlight, where the LEDs are located only around the screen perimeter, and the uniformity of the backlight is achieved due to the placement of the graphics matrix of the reflecting surface; Such an execution of LED backlight has all the advantages of classical technology and also allows producing more subtle devices. Most often LED backlight used in LCD screens, while compared to the classic LED lamp lighting allows you to increase the brightness of the screen, to provide a more uniform level of screen backlight and lower power consumption. LED TVs and monitors on the production technology are LCD , LED is a type of backlight.

Locker , locker - a program that is responsible for the device lock screen, as well as visual information (widgets, alerts) placed on it.

LTE (abbr., from the English. Long term evolution - long-term development) - the standard of wireless high-speed data transmission (broadband Internet access) in mobile cellular networks. It is unified and is used both in the GSM family and in the CDMA family. Currently, LTE is the fastest standard for wireless data transfer over cellular networks. Supported by MIMO According to the 4x4 scheme, it is possible to transmit data in the channel from the base station to the subscriber with a maximum theoretical speed of 300 Mbit / s, in the channel from the subscriber to the base station - 75 Mbit / s. In mobile devices, the maximum theoretical speeds are 100 and 50 Mbit / s, respectively.

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M / M

Mango (English Mango) - the code name of Windows Phone 7.5, the second major update of the operating system, released in September 2011. Includes updating Internet Explorer to version 9 with support for HTML5, as well as some kind of multitasking introduced, you can quickly switch between applications, application execution in a minimized state is optimized.

Manila (English manila) - the unofficial name of the TouchFLO shell of HTC, released for the Windows Mobile operating system. Sometimes newer versions of the shell - TouchFLO 3D and Sense .

Mattress - the same as bootloader .

Mother , motherboard or less Mama , maman , MP (English mainboard) - motherboard.

Small - Microsoft's ironic name, modeled on an English-language word, from English. micro - micro (small) and soft, which literally translates as "soft."

Meter (spoken) - megabyte, the amount of information equal to 1024 KB or 220 byte .

Mobile Internet or data transfer - summarizing the name of Internet access in cellular networks by GPRS , Edge , UMTS , HSPA , LTE , 1xRTT , EV-DO .
block diagram of all standards
Attached Image

Maud (English mod - short for modification) - short for modification, change of software by the informal community.

Ice cream maker - the same as ICS

Motors - Mobile devices manufactured under the Motorola brand. Previously, it was an independent American company, now the brand is owned by Lenovo.

Soap (from English. mail - mail) - e-mail service, e-mail box or e-mail message.

Soap dish - non-specular camera.

Matroska (matryoshka) - cross-platform, unlicensed, open multimedia format. Matroska is not a codec (like MPEG-1, XviD, DivX or VP3), but a container (like OGM) in which you can put video + sound + subtitles. Supports Ogg Vorbis, AAC, MP3 and AC3 audio formats. The official site of this project - matroska.org . The name mkv comes from Matroska - abbreviated mk + v - short for video.

MD5 (English Message Digest 5) - data hashing algorithm. To verify the correctness and completeness of the download files lead hash sum (checksum) of the file. This is an alphanumeric code obtained using a special program, such as MD5summer. To verify the file is loaded correctly, you need to calculate the checksum of the file that you have on your computer, mobile device or any other drive, and compare it with the checksum provided by the user who uploaded the file.

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H / N

doesn't get up (about software) - not installed (game, program, firmware, operating system, etc.).

Dialer , typesetter - the program responsible for managing calls: dialing (including speed dialing), viewing and managing call history, quickly searching for a contact. Almost always part of dialers .

Noob - comes from the English word "noob", which in turn is a distorted "newbie", which from English translates as "newbie", "teapot". Having passed this chain of transformations, the concept of "noob" almost lost its original meaning and became close in meaning to the concept of "Loch". Often noobs are people who do not understand the topic of conversation and are unwilling to learn.

NoDo - the first major update of the Windows Phone operating system, which appeared in March 2011. Includes the function "copy / paste", an increase in the speed of the system and individual applications, as well as a number of advanced settings.
Full list of changes
  • Copy & paste. You asked for this feature, it is now in the system. To use, simply click on the word and drag the arrows to the right / left to select the desired piece of text, copy and paste it on your phone. You have the ability to copy text from emails, text messages, web pages and Office Mobile documents, and paste in any place where there is text input.
  • Faster apps and games. No one likes to wait. Therefore, we have focused our efforts on accelerating the load / recovery from the background of games and applications. This corresponds to our main goal, to make the system quick and easy.
  • Improved Marketplace Search. We upgraded our Marketplace search to make it easier to find specific applications, games, and music. Click on the "Search" button in the "Games" or "Applications" (App) sections and you will see only applications or games in the results. Click on the same button in the "Music" (Music), and the search will be carried out only in the catalog of musical compositions.
  • Additional Marketplace enhancements. We have improved the stability of the Marketplace when downloading applications. We also improved the download of applications that occupy more than 20 megabytes. Made changes to the migration process from trial to paid versions of applications. Added the ability to use to pay for credit cards registered outside the United States. We made an exchange of links to applications by email, sorting Xbox LIVE games by release date, creating an Xbox LIVE account from Games Hub.
  • Superior wifi. Now your Media Access Control (MAC) address is displayed in the settings. You may need this information if you try to connect to a Wi-Fi network that uses a MAC address filter. We also removed the limit on the number of Wi-Fi profiles and reduced the time required to load your phone with a large number of profiles.
  • Advanced Outlook. We have improved the viewing of iPhone attachments that are sent to you from non-Exchange mailboxes (such as Google Mail, Hotmail, or Yahoo! Mail). Added use of Global Address List (GAL) when connecting to Exchange Server 2003 using Exchange ActiveSync. Corrected work with e-mail boxes that contain square brackets in their names (for example, "David Alexander [Contoso]").
  • Improved MMS. We fixed the receipt of MMS messages in cases when your phone has a SIM-card with a closed PIN-code.
  • Facebook integration. We have improved the synchronization of Facebook accounts.
  • Improvements in the camera. We made the switching of camera modes more stable.
  • Audio output enhancements. We have improved work with Bluetooth headsets, so now you can make calls while listening to music or watching videos.
  • Improved performance. The update includes utilities from different manufacturers, which increase the performance of the respective phone models.

NFC (eng. abbr. from Near field communication - short-range contactless communication) - a standard of high-frequency wireless communication of short range, which allows the exchange of data between devices located at a distance of about 10 centimeters. It is used to pay for travel and other payments, as tags, to read information from cards, for example, travel cards, to transfer files and to pair mobile devices.

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Overquoting (from English overquoting - abuse of quotations) - an excess of quotes in the message on the forum, or full quoting of a large piece of text, from which only a small part is necessary. The criterion is usually considered to be the excess of the volume of quoted material over the original text of the author of the message. Overquoting is also considered a meaningless quotation of a message located immediately before the answer, or multiple embedded quotations. According to the rules Abuse of quoting on our forum is prohibited.

Bit - Apple's smartphone from the iPhone series. The name comes from the company logo, which is a bitten apple.

PESP - short for Mobile Communication Operator.

OS or Axis - short for operating system.
English abbreviationOC stands for overclocked, which translates as overclocked, see definition overclocking .

Rollback - restore the previous state of the software (firmware, software, etc.), cancellation of the changes made. Rollback do to restore the previous working configuration and data recovery.

Offtopic, oftopik (from English off topic - off topic) - deviation from the topic, a message whose content is beyond the scope of the topic under discussion. According to forum rules Offtop on our forum is prohibited. For each question there is a separate topic, if you are sure that there is no such topic - create it.

OMG (English, abbr. from oh my god) - Oh, my God!

Ota or OTA update (from the English. over-the-air - update over the air) - update of the mobile device software via the Internet.

OTG (abbr. from the English. On the go) - type of USB connector with five contacts, where 4 and 5 contacts are connected. In mobile devices with support USB Host allows you to connect peripheral devices.

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P / R

Stick - jargon of the international payment system Paypal . Details about it can be read in FAQ on buying portable devices abroad .

Patch (from the English. patch - patch) - modification of the software (program, game or operating system), issued to correct existing errors and update, add new content and functionality.

Flashing , reflash - the same as flash .

PKM (abbr.) - clicking on the right mouse button.

Plugin (English plug-in) - addition to the application, extending its capabilities. It is downloaded and installed separately from the application for which it is intended.

PM (English PM - abbr. from privat message) - the same as private message .

BY - an abbreviation of software.

To marry - establish a connection between devices.

Poketovka - meeting of members of the forumsavagemessiahzine.comin real life. The name comes from Pocket PC (reads like " poket pi-si ") is a pocket personal computer. On our forum a section is devoted to these meetings. Poketovki .

Porting - the process of adapting software (applications, operating system, firmware etc.) for operation in a device (system) for which it was not originally intended, with maximum preservation of the initial state and capabilities.
Redevelopment of an application for another system from scratch is not porting.

Fast (English post) - a message on the forum, applied from ignorance of the English language. From here to post - leave a message on the forum, we have this function performs the button "ANSWER".

Fix (English fix) - fix.

Provider (English provider) - Internet service provider.

Prog (talk) - the program.

Flasher - the program for the personal computer with which help firmware devices.

PF (abbr.) - Forum Rules .

Firmware , ask , firmware - software filling device. Includes an operating system (OS), OS loader firmware radio module camera firmware and others. The operating system also consists of several parts: the core of the operating system, the necessary drivers, a set of programs already included in the operating system.

Flash - record or update data and software on the internal storage device. The term comes from the first storage devices, which were ferrite rings, on which a very thin copper wire was wound. Ferrite rings were very small and the wire was manually passed through them using a special needle. The term “flash” came from the sewing business, which means writing information into a ROM (ROM).

Pruflink (from the English. proof - proof, link - link) - this is a link to the source, which confirms (proves) the information of the linker. On the Internet, it is often understood that a hyperlink is a hyperlink to a website.

Gingerbread (from the English. Gingerbread - gingerbread) - slang name of the Android operating system version 2.3.

Guide - concept applied onsavagemessiahzine.comto indicate a list of links to interesting topics. The guide is placed in the topic header, usually on top, and contains links to topics that may be of interest to readers of this topic. For example, in the discussion thread of the device, the guide facilitates the work of searching for topics dedicated to this device.

PDA (English Personal Digital Assistant) - in the broad sense of the word, this is a pocket personal computer (PDA). PDA is also called the part of the firmware on Samsung android devices, which contains the Linux kernel with the environment (boot.img), the firmware of the radio module, a set of programs and components necessary for the system to work (drivers, libraries, etc.).

PIM Manager - a program for managing personal information, such as a calendar, tasks and contacts.

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P / R

Radio - part firmware responsible for the operation of all radio interfaces in the device, including the work with the network of the cellular operator. In some models, the term "radio" is replaced by the term modem , the essence does not change. May affect device power consumption and radio quality. Stitched as part of the official firmware and on most devices by unofficial methods can to flash regardless of other parts firmware . The radio is stored in a separate memory chip located in radio module that's why its firmware does not affect the operation of other parts of the system.
Comment. The term "radio" should not be confused with FM radio, these are different things.

Radio module - a special microcircuit responsible for the operation of the radio interfaces in the device, including the work with the network of the cellular operator.

Bootloader unlocking - is the process of opening new opportunities for firmware (changing the contents of partitions to unofficial, changing the layout of logical partitions on the internal drive), which replaces the device loader. "Unlocking the bootloader" does not untie the device from the cellular operator, if the binding exists.

Overclocking , overclocking (English Overclocking) is an increase in the clock frequency of the chip compared with the nominal operating frequency declared by the device manufacturer. It is performed to increase the speed of the device (computer), but can lead to unstable device operation and failure. Most often, overclocking applied to the central processor, but it can also accelerate a video source (video card) and RAM. The ability to overclock should be laid by the microcircuit manufacturer.

Unlock (English unlock) - remove the lock so that the device can be used in the network of any mobile operator. The expressions " untie from the operator ", SIM unlock , mean the same as "unlock". Read more about this in the relevant topic. FAQ on buying portable devices abroad (Post # 9266947) . There are no words losheny and unlocked in Russian, they are used only from ignorance of the English language.

To share (from English to share - to share something) - to make a folder, file, or any other device resource (for example, a printer or the Internet) available to other users of the network.

To rebut (eng. reboot) - reboot

Religion does not allow? (Zharg.) - The response of an experienced user on the membership of the forumchanin, who did not do something obvious or began to ask questions without testing the standard and long-described methods. Also use the expressions of the form: "This method I do not use for religious reasons" or "I don't use the company's products from religious considerations." The user's religion here is certainly not exactly what, in this expression, the word "religion" is slang. It is used to designate the unwillingness of the forumchanin to do something, based on its own principles that he is not going to change. In the examples "for religious reasons" = "fundamentally", "from religious considerations" = "Of the principle".

Ro (English RO - abbr. from read only - only read) - a mode in which users can temporarily be transferred. Used as a punishment for violation forum rules . In read-only mode, the ability to leave messages on the forum is disabled. On our forum in this mode, an instant messaging service - QMS .

Robit (ukr.) - works

ROM (English ROM - abbr. from read only memory) - a built-in non-volatile storage device for storing files firmware and some user data. Can also be used as a synonym. firmware .

Romodel or ROM's - creator (author) firmware . The author firmware is not always a programmer (developer).

Router (English router) - the wrong name of the router (obtained from the distorted reading of the English word) - a device that provides data transfer between elements of a local network, as well as to communicate with other networks. Besides, routers - this is a group on our forum. Users included in this group are representatives of the Administration.

PCT (ABBR. Rosstandart) - product certified for sale in Russia Rosstandard. It has not been obligatory for a long time. Eats came to replace the PCT - a certificate of compliance of the Eurasian Economic Union, whose member is Russia. Issued after checking compliance with the criteria established in the Eurasian Union for a specific product. This certificate shows that all the rules are performed. As well as the PCT certificate eats the quality standard. Eats is a practically complete analogue of PCT. Eats, as well as PCT, is evidence that the goods may officially be sold in Russia and is officially certified for this. Rostost is now doing at will. The PCT certificate is currently obtained not because it eats something worse, but because people know the PCT in the mass, very conservative and inert, and the presence of only eating mistakes the buyer.

Swears - generates messages / errors (usually instead of the expected result).

Ram - RAM. Abbreviation from Random Access Memory, which is literally translated as "Random Access to Memory." Russian abbreviation - RAM - operational storage device. This is an energy-dependent memory in which programs are executed. For long-term storage, the ROM (ROM) is a constant storage device. In computer terminology, the word "Operational" and RAM is usually omitted, and the ROM is a disk, meaning the first drives on rigid magnetic disks.

Recovery or recovery - bootloader mode in Android devices that is used to perform wipe. Much less used is its function such as installing zip firmware (not to be confused with custom zip firmware). In essence, recovery is a system program located in the same logical partition on the device’s built-in storage device.
There are modified versions of recovery. The most popular ones are:ClockworkModand TWRP allow you to replace system files, installcustom firmware and more.

Rgb (English, abbr. from red green blue - red green blue) - a diagram of the formation of a graphic image in which each point of the image (pixel) is formed from three subpixels of blue, red and green colors. Thus, each color in the palette is formed due to the different ratio of the brightness levels of these subpixels.

Root or Ruth (English, literally root, basis) - superuser rights in the Android operating system (as well as in other systems on the core Linux , are analogous to the administrator account in Windows). They allow you to get full access to the operating system: changing system files, running some third-party applications, backing up the system. Make root means to get superuser rights. Superuser (superuser) is a program that gives other applications superuser rights. Most often, the installation of the superuser application occurs along with obtaining superuser rights. The terms superuser and root are often confused, root is the superuser rights, and superuser is the application.

RTFM (English read the fucking manual) - read the user's manual or literally "read this damn instruction" (the answer to the trivial annoying question).

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Sabzh (English subject) - a topic or thread on the forum (in this sense, too, as topic ). In another sense, a subject is a subject of conversation.

Swipe (English swype) - a gesture on the touch screen, as well as a way to enter text on the touch screen, without lifting your finger from the virtual keyboard. Svaypnut - perform a gesture on the screen.

Whistle - colloquial name USB-modem, which in shape and size resembles a whistle. May also be called bluetooth , Wi-Fi and other radio transmitters and USB devices that resemble an acoustic whistle.

KFOR or Sdk (English abbr. from Software Development Kit or abbreviated "devkit") - a development kit that allows you to create applications for a specific operating system (software package, hardware platform, computer system, video game consoles) without writing program code in relatively low-level programming languages . The SDK is used to simplify and speed up development by providing ready-made templates and development tools.

Save (English save) - saved game, record the current state of the passage of the game on the drive to which you can return.

Sens (Eng. Sense) is a shell from the company HTC, developed for Android and Windows Mobile operating systems. It brings many corporate graphics and animation to the operating system, your desktop and lock screen. Almost all standard applications are replaced by branded with advanced functionality, a variety of additional programs have been added to work "from the box". On the changed graphics and added applications, the shell does not stop, SENSE also introduces its drivers, expanding the basic capabilities of the operating system.

Gray - so called mobile devices that were intended for use in another state. Often such devices are imported illegally, but not always. Such devices are not certified by domestic growth, as well as are not serviced under warranty in official service centers. However, the world warranty on them applies, and often such devices are certified, but according to the standards of other states. It is important to distinguish Chinese fakes, from gray devices. The fake is a completely different device in which only the name coincides with the desired one. The gray device is a fully officially produced machine, but not intended for sales in a given country, so native firmware not localized and may not support the Russian language.

Surfing , to surf - Surf the Internet, roam the Internet. Navigate on the Internet, browse the Internet and search for information on the Internet.

Simba - colloquial name of the Symbian operating system. Currently not supported and new devices based on this operating system is not available.

Sinezub, blue tooth - the same as blue tooth .

Blue screen of death (English Blue screen of death) - a message in the Windows operating system about a serious error requiring a reboot. This is usually a raw interrupt in the operating system kernel.

Skin (from the English. Skin - skin, shell) - the same as skin .

Clip Monster - unfriendly artificial intelligence.

Screen or screenshot
(from English. screenshot - literally a screen shot) - the image received by the device and showing exactly what the user sees on the screen of the monitor or other visual output device.
Usually this digital image is obtained by the operating system or another program at the user's command.
Attached ImageAttached Image

Demolish - remove software.

Icicle (from the English. Lollipop - lollipop) - colloquial name of the Android operating system version 5.0.

Soft (from English. soft - literally soft, abbr. from software) - the general name of any software or operating system.

Soft buttons - virtual keys on the device screen, fixed areas on the screen that perform well-defined functions and operate in the same way as real buttons in the device, with the only difference being that pressing them requires pressing the touch screen.

Soft reset or CP (English soft reset) - device reboot.

Softbrick (from English soft - software, brick - brick) - the state of the device, in which the operating system does not load, but it can be restored at home, for example firmware . Softbrick can occur when system files are damaged firmware , as well as when cleaning data on the built-in storage device (it can happen both by chance and as a result of user actions). Softbrick is not brickom and is easily treated at home.

Statusbar (from English status bar) - status bar, element interface a, which is a strip, usually located above or below the screen, where various information is displayed, usually it is time, battery charge, network signal level, notifications and so on.

Stock (English stock) - native, built-in, out of the box. May apply to firmware , items configuration, applications. A stock application is an application originally built into firmware . Native or stock firmware is a firmware that was preinstalled on the device when it was purchased in a store. In online stores you can find the expression "In stock", translated as "in stock".

Spam - This is an email or promotional message.

Spoiler , Spoiler - most often used in the sense of the object of the Internet forum, folding / hiding part of the information (text, images, etc.). It is used to simplify the perception and to reduce the size of the message. May have a name. When you click on the spoiler, it opens and displays hidden information. The forum looks like a strip, for example:
this is the name of the spoiler, click here and it will open
here is the spoiler content
In another sense, a spoiler is prematurely disclosed important information that spoils the impression, destroying intrigue.

Stylus (English stylus) - colloquial name of a computer pen, a device for entering information on a touch screen.

SC (abbr.) - service center for the repair of equipment.

CDMA - most often used as a generic name CDMA-One and CDMA-2000 . Although such use is incorrect, CDMA is not a standard, but rather a code-division technology, which is also used in the latest data transmission standards in networks GSM .

CDMA-One or IS-95 (Eng., Abbr. from Interim Standard 95) is a standard for digital mobile cellular communications, code-division multiplexing. Allows you to transmit speech and data in digital form over the wireless channel. In the first revisions of the standard, the maximum theoretical data transfer rate was 14.4 kbit / s, in the last one the speed rose to 115.2 kbit / s. Is the predecessor of the family CDMA-2000 .

CDMA-2000 or IMT-MC - the second most popular after GSM digital mobile cellular standards family. Includes standards CDMA2000 1xRTT and CDMA2000 1xEV-DO .

CDMA2000 1xRTT or IS-2000 (eng., abbr. from Interim Standard 2000) or abbreviated 1x - the first standard of wireless data transmission (Internet access) in cellular networks of the family CDMA-2000 . Is an evolution of the standard CDMA-One . Allows you to transfer data with a maximum theoretical speed of 153 kbps. In reality, the speed is 80-100 kbps.

CDMA2000 1xEV-DO (Eng. Single carrier EVolution-Data Only - the evolution of data transmission on a single carrier) is often reduced to EV-DO or EV - standard of wireless high-speed data transmission (broadband Internet access) in cellular networks of the family CDMA-2000 . Is an evolution of the standard CDMA2000 1xRTT , doubles the channel capacity (data transfer rate) of each subscriber and the maximum possible number of subscribers. It uses both technology of code division of channels, and technology of temporary division of channels. Allows you to transfer data with a maximum theoretical speed of 3.2 Mbps, in practice, the speed is 500-1000 kbit / s.

CM - the same as Cyanogen

CSC - This is part of the firmware on Samsung android devices, which determines the regional firmware settings. It contains part of the programs with national localization.

Cydia - a program that comes with a jailbreak (iOS hacking), which allows you to install applications that are not officially supported by Apple. Third-party applications are installed from special sites called repositories.

S-off - method unlocking bootloader HTC devices running the Android operating system. Analog Hard SPL in windows mobile. S-Off allows you to use informal firmware by disabling authentication in loader and removing the secuflag protection, i.e. S-Off, makes it possible to overwrite the logical partitions "system" and "recovery" located on the built-in drive.

Soft-touch - the covering, to the touch reminding velvet rubber. This coating is less susceptible to the appearance of small scratches, fingerprints and does not slip in your hand.

SPL (English, abbr. from second program loader) - operating system loader (analog Bios on PC). Through it happens firmware devices. SPL also checks compatibility firmware and devices by checking CID i.e. does not allow to install firmware not intended for a specific device ( unofficial firmware and firmware for other regions). SPL is also called bootloader om, although the English word bootloader can mean any bootloader.

SSD (English, abbr. from a solid state drive - solid-state drive) - non-volatile information storage device without moving mechanical parts. Considered as a replacement for hard drives on personal computers. It is necessary to distinguish solid-state drives based on the use of volatile (RAM SSD) and non-volatile (NAND or Flash SSD) memory. Subject on our forum SSD - flash-based drives .
Architecture and operation

These drives built on the use of energy-dependent memory (the same as used in the RAM of a personal computer) are characterized by ultrafast reading, recording and searching for information. Their main disadvantage is extremely high cost (from 80 to 800 US dollars per gigabyte). Used, mainly to accelerate the work of large database management systems and powerful graphics stations. Such drives are typically equipped with batteries to save data when the power loss, and more expensive models - backup and / or operational systems.

A peculiar kind of such drives is the RIndMA disk — a secondary PC connected to a fast RAM network connection with a software RAM drive. Such a computer is an order of magnitude cheaper than specialized solutions, but is not recommended for use in data-critical applications.


The drives built on the use of non-volatile memory (NAND SSD) appeared relatively recently, but due to much lower cost (from $ 2 [9] for gigabytes) began confident gains of the market. Until recently, it was significantly inferior to traditional drives in reading and writing, but they were compensated for this (especially when reading) a high speed of information search (comparable at the speed of RAM). Now the Flash solid-state drives are already available at the speed of reading and recording comparable to traditional, and models are developed significantly superior. Characterized by relatively small size and low power consumption. Already almost completely won the mid-level database accelerators and traditional discs in mobile applications are beginning to be crowned.

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T, U / T

Tablet - from English tablet PC - tablet computer (tablet). In another sense, the same as medicine or quack .

Wash - slang name of the operating system Tizen.

Tank , be in a tank - be unaware, do not know anything about the subject of discussion.

Dance with a tambourine or shamanism - the process of obtaining the desired result in a non-standard and complex way requires a large amount of time and deep knowledge.

Tap (English tap) - touch / press on the touch screen.

Tach or digitizer (from the English. touch - touch or touch) - on-screen sensor of the mobile device, used to control and enter information by tapping the screen. Tachfonami called phones with touch screens, focused on the management of the fingers.
Touchscreen (English TouchScreen) - the screen of the device with touch control, the user interacts with the device by touching the screen. Onscreen sensors in mobile devices are of two types: resistive and capacitive. Resistive sensors allow you to enter with any object, as long as the upper sensor layer on the screen is closed with the lower one. The top layer must be flexible, therefore it is rather soft and scratch-prone, especially when using computer pen . Capacitive sensors have good sensitivity and responsiveness, but work only when you touch it with your finger (as well as other organic objects and special “big” styluses). They are located under the surface of the screen, so when using such sensors, it is possible to cover the device with glass or scratch-resistant plastic. Capacitive sensors are fundamentally less accurate than resistive.

Body - slang for the word "telephone". Sometimes it acts as a designation directly phone casing

Terminal - short for terminal emulator , a program that represents a command line in the Android operating system (and other operating systems based on the kernel Linux ). Examples of programs on our forum Android Terminal Emulator , Better Terminal Emulator Magic .

Tweaker (English tweaker) - program to tune the operating system or application. Often allows you to change application settings that cannot be changed by standard means.

Titanium (Eng. Titanium) - a program for backing up data in the Android operating system. Topic onsavagemessiahzine.com - В® Titanium Backup

Topic (Eng. Topic) - the topic on the forum. The structural unit of a web forum, which is a collection of messages in which discussion is devoted to one topic.

Topstarter (from the English. topic starter - the creator of the topic) - forumchanin who created the topic and wrote the first (in time) message in it.

Trample loaves (from the English. button - button) - work on the keyboard.

Trable (from the English. trouble - trouble) - the problem.

Trial (Eng. trial) - the type of paid software, in which for some time it is possible its legitimate free use. A trial version of the software is provided for the purpose of review without the need for payment.

Troll - A person provoking an emotional squabble, stalking other users or impersonating other people. This word originally comes not from the name of the mythological trolls, but from the fishing term trolling (trolling), but the consonance has taken root so that the identification of Internet hooligans with trolls has become a common place and even a theme for jokes and cartoons. Who are the trolls and how to deal with them?

Thudy (English Today) - the name of the desktop in the standard graphical shell of the Windows Mobile operating system.

Tuna - the slang name of iTunes, a media player for a personal computer for playing and organizing audio and video files, as well as for synchronizing mobile devices running the IOS operating system.

Carcass - Phone, PDA, Communicator, and other mobile devices.

UE (abbr.) - warning level.

TFT (from the English. thin-film transistor - thin-film transistor) - the production technology of transistors. It is used in microelectronics, the most well-known application is the production of a layer of control transistors in graphic information display devices made by technology. AMOLED or LCD . Very often, TFT technology is identified with LCD technology - this is absolutely wrong. All color LCD and AMOLED The displays are active matrix displays, so TFT technology is used in all modern color displays.

T_T - A crying smiley, the same as: '(

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F / F

FAK (eng. FAQ - abbr. from frequently asked questions) - frequently asked questions and answers to them. Russian equivalent: FAQ - short for frequent questions.

Fastboot (English fastboot) - mode for flashing Android devices. It also allows you to flash individual logical partitions on the internal storage device, format them and execute other commands from the computer.

Fake (eng. fake) - fake, falsification, deception; As a rule, it is used to identify modified (embellished, distorted) with the help of graphic editors of original photographs or video recordings. Often used with false news, statements, announcements.

Fix (from English to fix - to repair) - to correct former defects. Hence the "bugs fixed".

Feature (English feature) - function or feature. It can be an attribute of both an application and a device. Such a term is also known as bugofich - a glitch that developers are trying to "shape as a feature", or in an ironic context - a feature that is not useful and even harmful, but which the developer and / or distributor is presented as useful.

Flame (English flame - fire) - this is a "dispute for the sake of argument." When everybody forgets, because of what the conversation began and they begin to quarrel with each other fiercely - then the flame begins. We are talking about a person that he incites a flame, if he:
- goes on the course of the conversation on the individual;
- permits insults of a personal, national, religious, sexual or professional nature;
- leads the discussion unbalanced;
- provokes a scandal.

Flash drive , flash drive (jarg., from the English. flash) - was originally used as a compact USB flash drive. Now the word has practically lost its meaning and can be used in the sense of a drive made using flash technology (memory cards, ROM, SDD, etc.), or any compact USB drive (including HDD ).

Flood (from English flood - literally flood) - a message that does not carry semantic load, useful or new information. According to forum rules Flood on our forum is prohibited.

Window vents (from the English. Windows - windows) - slang name of the operating system Windows.

Froyo or Froyo (English, abbr. from frozen yogurt - iced yogurt) - the name of the Android operating system version 2.2.

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