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Fluid Navigation | Navigation gestures with chic animations

Rep: (413)
Fluid navigation
Version: 1.4.9-5

Last update of the program in the header:12.04.2019

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Short description:
Navigation gestures with animation in the style of MIUI

The application allows you to assign different actions to gestures like any other similar application with only one distinctive feature - all this is accompanied by animations in the form of waves and looks much better than in alternative applications. It looks like MIUI gestures, but the functionality is much broader.

Android required: 5.1
Russian interface: Not

Developer: Francisco barroso
Google Play: link

Version: 1.4.9-5 GP Message в„–1039, author MONSTER_PC
version 1.2.1CPRO RUS/DARK:
Post Zatatul
version forTWRP :
Fluid navigation

Past versions

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Reason for editing: New version

Rep: (117)
Definitely a worthwhile application, but it would not be bad right away and the Pro version)
Beta 2 pro for example
Attached fileFluidNavigationGesturesPro.apk(1.56 MB)

As well as instructions on how to return the navbar, if you suddenly deleted the application)
PC / Mac instructions:
1 - Enable Developer Mode in Android settings.
2 - Enable USB Debugging
3 - Install Adb (links bellow)
4 - Run the following command
adb shell pm grant com.fb.fluid android.permission.WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS
./adb shell pm grant com.fb.fluid android.permission.WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS

This adb command allows you to restore the navigation keys:
adb shell wm overscan 0,0,0,0
./adb shell wm overscan 0,0,0,0

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Rep: (882)
* direzon I support.

* onevd but works with 5.1+ (minSDK 22)
Android required: 8.0

I have just 5.1

Rep: (117)
* Zaratul and access via PC is granted, i.e. without root?

Post has been editeddirezon - 17.09.18, 15:41

Rep: (882)
* direzon , I have not tested this function yet.

Rep: (413)
Toin the official clientsavagemessiahzine.com images were shown when opening in full screen, it is necessary to hide the virtual navigation bar not through the application i.e. either in the firmware, if such is provided, or by other applications (edit build.prop)

UPD:atnew versions can also be added customersavagemessiahzine.com in the black list of the application, so there will be no gestures in it (it will be navbar), but the images will be loaded.

Post has been editedonevd - 19.12.18, 14:30

Rep: (394)
Pro version of the pot beta 3 no?

Rep: (413)
* BaDiL_ Yes, there is, she LP patches at times, but I have not thrown such apk for a very long time, so I do not remember how to pull it out. I'll look for how to do, skin

Rep: (40)
Lower gestures do not work when hiding a new bar, when you turn on the bar, everything works
What the)

Rep: (413)
* akseonig MIUI?

Rep: (341)
wach animations

Rep: (40)
* onevd custom firmware

Rep: (232)
Pro from the guy in the telegram

Attached files

Attached fileFluid_N.G.Pro-v1.1_BETA_2_build_11.apk(1.56 MB)

Rep: (90)
* Ararva and how is it different from of this ?

Post has been editedOsanovSergey - 20.09.18, 21:59

Rep: (232)
* OsanovSergey honestly I do not know, laid out so that it was

Rep: (136)
* [just_smile] The wrong word is amazing! I have long been looking for gestures like miyuai. That's just what to do with accessibility tab switcher? I doubt that I have one problem ..
crdroid 7.1.2

Rep: (27)
* akseonig , did you not find the same solution?

Rep: (413)
* nikopolyak I dare to assume that this is purely your brother has such a misfortune)
Well, the devil knows that there you have on the firmware, on MIUI, something like this is done:
Gesture control (Post tsar_ # 73202378)

Rep: (27)
* onevd , on the box gestures from the box, why else do something like that? I myself am sitting on havok 9 pie

Rep: (413)
* nikopolyak , now download, check too.MB gugl as always namutil what

No, gestures work. So, locally on certain devices does not start.

Post has been editedonevd - 25.09.18, 16:32

Rep: (96)
I will ask a dibilny question. What is different from the free?

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